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When it comes to Greek girl names, the sky’s the limit. From many terrific names rooted in ancient mythology to fresh choices that only appeared some decades ago, there might be many things to say about the kid and your Greek heritage.

As the birthplace of modern democracy and philosophy, Greece and its cultures have been a major influence in the Western world. This means that even when you’re not born into a Greek family, choosing a Greek name for your baby is still the right move.

Many of them have long been adopted by many generations of parents in the US, with beautiful interpretations that your kid will love to tell others. And I can assure you that any of the names below are amazing choices for your new arrival, so let’s get to it!

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Greek girl names run the gamut from ancient to modern and everything in between.

Greek Goddess Names Related To Power And Strength

These Greek names all have roots in mythology, so they undoubtedly come with strength, power, and intriguing backstory to tell. Your kid will also be inspired to lead a dignified life like those Goddesses!

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Ancient Greece and mythology inspire numerous beautiful names that now steal the spotlight in America.

1. Asteria

Asteria, meaning “of the stars” or “stars”, is worth a spot on your list if you love astrology. This name was borne by the Goddess of nighttime and falling stars (also whom Zeus fell in love with).

2. Athena

Athena enjoyed its most successful year in 2021, at 98th on the US’s popularity chart. This name will fit a girl who dreams big things.

In Greek myth, Athena is a Goddess known for wisdom, craftwork, mathematics, and warfare. The name encompasses all the great attributes that parents wish for their girl. It boasts a ton of power that will inspire your baby.

3. Aura

Aura started as the name of the Goddess of breezes in Greek mythology. Hence, you can interpret it as a “soft breeze” and “wind”. If you believe that your baby arrives with a new breath of air to your life, then Aura is a fantastic choice.

4. Artemis

The name Artemis means “butcher”. Artemis is also a major name in mythology, borne by the Goddess of the hunt, archery, and wilderness.

Also known as the twin sister of Apollo, this Goddess loves to embrace life in the wilderness. It’s a name that can help evoke the love for nature in its bearers.

5. Bia

A bouncy and cheerful name, Bia is still a less-favored choice than similar pals like Gia or Mia. Bia is the personified Goddess of force and raw energy. What do you think about naming your baby after this powerful deity?

6. Calliope

Calliope, also spelled Kalliope, is the Muse of epic poetry and eloquence. She’s also the oldest of the nine Muses and is normally depicted as holding an epic poem in one hand and a trumpet in the other. This lyrical name is pronounced “ca-lee-oh-pee” and means “beautiful voice”.

7. Chloe

Chloe is no stranger to American parents, ranking 24th in 2021. The Greek literal definition of this name is “young green shoot”, which points to new growth in the spring. Yet, Chloe is often interpreted figuratively as “blooming” and “fertility”.

While Chloe is not a straight-up mythological name, it’s commonly used as a byname of the Greek Goddess of agriculture and the harvest – Demeter.

8. Cora

Cora is now in the top 100 most popular names in the US. While its Greek translations of “daughter” and “maiden” are not the selling point, Cora has a cool association with classical mythology. It’s one of the epithets of Persephone, the Goddess of the underworld and fertility.

9. Cynthia

“From Mount Kynthos” and “moon Goddess” are the definitions behind this Greek name. This is an alternative way to call the Goddess Artemis, pointing to her birthplace on Mount Kynthos.

Cynthia sounds classic, sophisticated, and smart at the same time. The name’s decline in popularity might be good news for those seeking a unique name steeped in history.

10. Daphne

Translating to “laurel”, “laurel tree”, or “bay tree” in Greek, this moniker also comes from Greek mythology. Daphne was a nymph who grew tired of the relentless advances of the God Apollo. She later turned into a laurel tree and became the personification of this plant.

11. Doris

Here’s another choice for fans of Greek mythology. This sweet moniker points to “Dorian woman”.

The Dorians are a mythical tribe that lived around the 12th century. They’re known to occupy the land and sea of the Peloponnese area. Perhaps, for this reason, Doris goes with the translation of “gift of the ocean” or “gift from the sea”.

12. Gaia

Inspired by the mother Goddess, Gaia can be interpreted as “earth”, “mother earth”, “goddess of the earth”, or “rejoicing”.

Mythologically, Gaia is known for her compassion, love, and care for all children on earth. She also nurtured the young God Zeus when he tried to hide his father.

13. Hera

The name Hera is meant for a girl who dares to dream big things, as it denotes “heroine” and “hero”. A name steeped in Greek cultures, Hera, above all things, is known as the Queen of Gods, and the protector of marriage, birth, and women.

14. Hermia

Hermia is inspired by Hermes – the name belongs to the Greek messenger god. Therefore, it’s normally interpreted as “messenger”. There is also a Hermia in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, whose strength and confidence can inspire your kid.

15. Hestia

The firstborn child of the Titans Cronus and Rhea bears this name. She’s the Goddess of civic hearth and home, and that’s why the name Hestia means “fireside” and “hearth”.

16. Iris

Iris is a gorgeous name, like the purple flowers that it represents. Yet, this moniker is not confined to one hue, as it means “rainbow” in Greek. In ancient Greece, Iris is the Goddess of The Rainbow and the messenger of Hera.

She’s often described as a lovely maiden with wings on her shoulders and hands holding a pitcher. Thanks to this deity, messages from the realm of the gods can be passed to the mortals.

17. Ida

Plucked out of pages of Greek mythology, this brief female name means “hardworking”. In mythology, Zeus was born on Mount Ida of Crete and nurtured by nymphs.

18. Irene

Irene comes from the Greek word for “peace”. The name also appeared in the form of “Eirene” – the title of the Greek Goddess of peace revered by the ancient Athenians. Later, in the 8th century, there was also Irene of Athens, a Byzantine empress sharing this name.

While its heyday is far behind, Irene is still a classic name worth considering. It has a modern touch, and a girl with this name feels effortlessly serene to be around.

19. Melia

Here comes the choice for those after nature names. Melia is the Greek word for “ash tree”, but it can mean “plumeria” in Hawaiian. On top of that, Melia is a Greek Goddess, an Oceanid. She’s the daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys.

20. Penelope

This Greek title means “weaver” and has been around since the days of Homer’s epic poem – The Odyssey. In the poem, Penelope is a faithful wife to Odysseus. She has refused many suitors during the 20-year-long absence of her husband at Troy.

While the meaning is not the highlight, Penenlope is often seen as the symbol of faithfulness. It also shows a woman’s inner strength when facing adversity on her own.

21. Persephone

Persephone, in mythology, is another daughter of Zeus (with Demeter). She is the Goddess of spring and the underworld in ancient Greece. The most common meaning of this name is “bringer of destruction/death”.

22. Phoebe

This is not just the name of the favorite character in the sitcom Friends, Phoebe Buffay! Mythologically, Phoebe is among the first Titan generations, identified with prophetic power and the moon. There are several connections between this deity with other Gods and Goddesses.

But above all, she’s best known as the daughter of Gaea (Earth) and Uranus (Sky). The modern meanings of the ancient title are “pure”, “bright”, “clear”, “radiant”, and “shining”. It’s an apt choice for a girl born in full-moon.

23. Rhea

Rhea is originally a Titan’s name in Greek mythology (mother of Olympian Gods and Goddesses). Translating to “a flowing stream” or plainly “flowing”, Rhea is a beautiful name that represents motherly energy.

24. Selene

According to Greek mythology, Selene is the personification of the moon, like Phoebe. She’s the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia. Selene, therefore, plainly translates to “the moon” or “moon Goddess”.

This Greek name rolls off the tongue and feels mystic and feminine simultaneously. It’s a nice choice for moon lovers.

25. Thalia

This blissful Greek name refers to “blossoming” or “to flourish”. It can give any girl the confidence to grow strong and thrive.

Thalia is among the Nine Muses of ancient Greece, also known as the Goddess of comedy and pastoral poetry. It is also a Hebrew name meaning “dew from heaven”.

Beautiful Greek Names For Your Little Girl

It’s challenging to pin down the prettiest Greek names among many options. Sophia is a beautiful name with perhaps the most enduring popularity in the US and many English-speaking countries. Yet, other lesser-known names are no less gorgeous; let’s take a look!

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These Greek names are beautiful, but which will strike you the most?

26. Bryony

Bryony sounds sweet and amiable, but it’s still a rare choice in the US. This Greek word is for “climbing plant”, whereas it also means “to sprout” as a Latin name.

Bryony is a strong climbing vine and can inspire your kid. The name is quite common in the UK, where parents seek a refreshing alternative to the familiar “Brittany”.

27. Catherine

From the Greek word “katharos”, Catherine means “pure” and sounds appropriate to a Greek girl. In modern times, The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, is the best-known bearer of this name.

Not only a royal name, but Catherine also has a notable presence in literature, such as the 1847 novel Wuthering Heights and Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms.

28. Daria

Daria exudes a luxurious vibe, not just in the sound but also in meaning. It’s a Greek word for “kingly” and “possess well”, which can signal a wealthy life ahead for your girl.

Daria also appears in the Persian language as a word for “sea”, so it sounds nice on a girl born in a breezy beach town.

29. Dorothy

Dorothy’s divine meaning – “gift of God” – will resonate if you’re a parent of faith. The popular fantasy musical The Wizard of Oz features Dorothy as a young girl leaving her homeland Kansas for a magical land.

30. Eleanor

Of Greek and French origin, Eleanor can be an amazing choice if you have the two heritages to honor. The name typically translates to “sun ray”, “shining light”, and “light-hearted”.

There are a few Eleanors throughout history that give the name a big spotlight. The most famous ones should be Eleanor of Aquitaine and former US first lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

31. Eleni

While little heard of in America, Eleni is a long-standing name back in Cyprus and Greece. “Sunray”, “shining light”, and “torch” are the meanings behind this name. Dating back to ancient Greece, Eleni is tied to Helen of Troy, the most glamorous and beautiful woman of her time.

32. Evangeline

The arrival of your girl might unveil a new, better chapter in your family’s life. If you feel the same way, then Evangeline, meaning “bearer of good news”, couldn’t be more fitting.

Evangeline is a vintage name that has become new again in the US. After four decades of absence, it’s making a more promising comeback. The 2021’s ranking of 237th is also the ever-highest spot of the name.

33. Georgia

As the feminine variant of “George”, this female moniker commonly means “earth-worker” or “farmer”. From the 1930 song Georgia On My Mind to jazz standard Sweet Georgia Brown, there’s no lack of inspiration for your little Georgia.

Still in doubt about this charming name? Celebrities like Amy Ryan, Zac Brown, Harry Connick Jr., and Amy Ryan have a daughter with this name. And I can assure you that they have good taste.

34. Karisa

Derived from the Greek “kharis”, this one can be interpreted as “grace”. Its close variant, Charissa, was featured in the epic poem The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser. Karisa is quite off the beaten track, but if you love its meaning, there’s no reason to ignore this name.

35. Katrina

This pleasant-sounding name comes from the Greek “Aikaterina”, meaning “pure”. Yet, it also goes as a Scandinavian and German version of the familiar “Katherine”.

Scientists chose this name for the major hurricane in 2015, which is not always a negative association. Tied to this hurricane, the name also represents a mighty force of nature and empowers your little girl.

36. Leda

Is happiness the ultimate thing that you wish for your little girl? Then this Greek name, which means “happy”, is worth considering. Leda also denotes “woman”, on the other hand.

37. Maria

Maria boasts multiple roots, one of which is Greek, where the name presumably translates to “rebellious”. It is also a Latin name with different meanings like “bitter”, “beloved”, and “of the sea”.

38. Melissa

Melissa sounds as sweet as your little sweeties, meaning “honeybee”. This one also steps out of Greek mythology, borne by the nymph who fed the young god Zeus with honey. There’s also a good fairy with this name in Ludovico Ariosto’s epic poem in 1532.

39. Sophia

Standing at number 6 on the popularity chart in 2021, Sophia is the most popular S name in America. Derived from the Greek “Σοφία”, this name represents “wisdom” and dates back to as early as the 4th century.

Italian actress Sophia Loren is among the famous bearers of this name today.

40. Zoe

Translating to “life”, Zoe was a favorite among early Christians as it connects to the concept of eternal life.

The lively muppet in Sesame Street also helped further popularize this name during the 1990s. This bouncy name has been solidly in America’s top 100 female names since 2000.

41. Zoey

Zoey is an adorable variation of the name Zoe if that’s what you’re looking for. Lately, this one is even slightly more popular than the original. In particular, Zoey was four spots ahead of Zoe on the baby name chart in 2021. The name similarly refers to “life” in Greek.

The Most Common Greek Girl Names

Many of these Greek names are on-trend in either the US or Greece. Depending on where you live, let’s check out the best one!

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If you love trendy names, these options below will fit the bill!

42. Angeliki

Angeliki is still rare in the US but is widely used at home. The name arises from the Greek word “aggelos”, translating to “messenger”. Angeliki is also a Greek adj for “angelic”.

43. Demi

Demi is a French word for “small” and “half”. Yet, when traced back to its Greek roots, Demi derives from “Demetria” and means “follower of Demeter”.

Much of Demi’s spotlight in the US during the 1990s is credited to celebrity Demi Moore – a pioneer for equal pay in the Hollywood film industry. Later, American singer Demi Lovato also helped popularize this name.

44. Eudora

For parents who feel the baby is the best gift they’ve ever received, Eudora, meaning “generous gift”, can be the way to go. This name is shared by several Greek goddesses and one Pulitzer Prize winner (Eudora Welty), so there’s no lack of inspiration for your girl.

45. Katerina

This one is a name to celebrate any newborn’s pure beauty and innocence. As an anglicization of the Greek “Κατερίνα” and a variation of “Ekaterini”, the name denotes “pure”.

Katerina is among the top name choices back in its homeland Greece. The shorter appellation “Katie” is also among the close cousins of this name.

46. Elena

As a variant of “Helen”, this sweet name also signifies “sun ray”, “shining light”, and “bright”. Like Helen, Elena also reminds folks of the legendary beauty of Helen of Troy. This Greek title is more trendy than ever in the US, ranking 53rd in 2021.

It’s also no less popular in Spain, where the pronunciation is slightly different – “eh-leh-na”. American lawyer Elena Kagan is a shining example of this name. She’s an associate justice of the US Supreme Court, the fourth woman who managed that powerful spot.

47. Ella

Ella is now an on-trend Greek name in the States. The name belongs to the daughter of Athamas and Nephele in Greek mythology. However, you can also regard it as a Norman or Hebrew name.

Ella is a multi-faceted name, with the meaning spanning from “goddess” and “terebinth tree” in Hebrew to “other” in Norman. The name is inherently feminine, as it’s a Spanish word for “her” or “she”.

48. Hermione

The blockbuster franchise Harry Potter has given incredible exposure to this Greek girl name. “Earthly” and “messenger” are the meanings of this witch’s name.

Yet, even before Harry Potter, Hermonie is already featured in ancient Greek myth as the name of the daughter of Spartan King Menelaus and Helen. There is also a Hermonie in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

49. Maya

Sometimes spelled “Maia”, this one is initially the title of the legendary Greek mother of Hermes by Zeus. That’s why Maya got the meaning “mother” in Greek.

This name is also no stranger in the Sanskrit language, meaning “dream” and “illusion”. A much-loved Greek name in America, Maya ranked 55th in 2021, as per SSA.

50. Melody

With its ranking of 113th in 2021, it’s safe to say this melodious name is moving into fashion again. Melody is Ariel’s curious daughter in The Little Mermaid sequel.

Therefore, it can be a flashback to childhood for many young parents (and hopefully your kid). The meaning of “Melody” is also easy to guess – “song”.

51. Nicole

Nicole has both Greek and French roots. As a feminine equivalent of Nicolas, Nicole means “victory of the people” and “people of victory”.

Tied to triumph and glory, this feminine title will perfectly accompany your girl in every life journey. Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman is a bearer of Nicole that lives up to these meanings.

52. Ophelia

This name can remind Shakespeare fans of the tragic heroine and her wretchedness in the play Hamlet. That said, Ophelia is still an awesome choice that means “aid” and “help”. It is also a nice pick for astrology lovers, as Ophelia is a small moon on the planet Uranus.

53. Phoenix

Phoenix is a neutral name that goes on both boys and girls. It boasts many cool associations, one of which is the mythological bird that symbolizes immortality and renewal.

On the other hand, Phoenix also points to a place in Arizona. In Greek, this is a word for “crimson” and “dark red”. Lastly, the “x” at the end adds to the name’s appeal.

54. Stephanie

Stephanie is in the same spirit as the popular Latin “Victoria”, as it signifies “victorious”, “garland”, and “crown”. Princess Stéphanie of Monaco is the current bearer of this name.

55. Teresa

While the origin of Terasa is still uncertain, it presumably comes from the Ancient Greek “theros”, meaning “summer”. It’s also multicultural, rooted in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.

In this case, Teresa is a word for “to harvest”. Saint Teresa and Mother Teresa helped spread the name across religious families.

56. Theodora

Like “Dorothy”, this gorgeous moniker also translates to “gift of God”. If you want to remind your kid of how precious she truly is, this one is a nice choice.

Theodora is also a name of strength and glamor. The ninth wife of Emperor Justinian also bears this name. This empress is among the most powerful women in Byzantine of her time.

57. Thea

Thea has two possible etymologies. For one, it can be a spelling alternative to the Greek goddess “Theia”, which means “godly” and “goddess”. Otherwise, Thea can be a shortening of other longer Greek names like “Anthea”, “Dorothea”, or “Althea”.

58. Vasiliki

You’ll frequently hear this name in Greece more than in the US. Its Greek translation is “regal” and “the royal one”, which will perfectly fit your little princess. Vasilios is the male equivalent of this Greek name.

Old-Charming Or Exotic Names That Deserves A Comeback

There are many appealing names from Greece that are still overlooked these days. Whether you’re after something old-fashioned or slightly less common, you’ll love these names.

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Are you someone fascinated by the old charm? You’ll probably find a favorite here!

59. Calista

Calista is a sleek name that indicates “most beautiful”. So, it’s a great title for any little lady. Thanks to actress Calista Flockhart, Calista received a notable boost in use during the early 2000s.

60. Cassandra

This old-charming title possibly emerges from Greek words for “the one who shines and excels over men”. In ancient Greece, it was known as the name of an Apollonian princess who was bestowed with prophetic abilities.

61. Cassia

Cassia is a warm and vibrant vibe as it’s interpreted as “cinnamon” in Greek. The Cassia tree is an evergreen plant that produces a spice similar to cinnamon.

The name bears some relation to the Hebrew “Keziah”, which similarly derives from this plant. In the Old Testament, Keziah is the daughter of Job.

62. Dimitra

“Follower of Demeter” is the common interpretation of this name. Dating back to ancient times, Dimitra is an old-charming, and antique name. If you choose this name, your baby will share it with the former First lady of Greece, Dimitra Liani.

63. Lanthe

If you love floral names like Lavender and Violet, but seeking something less common, consider Ianthe. The name similarly represents “purple flower” but comes with a story to tell.

Ianthe was the name of Oceanus’s daughter. The beauty of this woman moved gods, so when she died, the deities made purple flowers appear around her grave.

64. Iliana

Also tied to the gorgeous Greek ancient women Helen of Troy, Iliana means “ray of light” and “sun”. The name still has little presence in America, making it an attractive choice if you prefer something special for your kid.

65. Myra

The very first use of Myra is in the work of the poet Fulke Greville 1st, Barone Brooke. In this case, the name dates back to as early as the 17th century. Myra can be a Greek name that means “myrrh” – an aromatic shrub.

66. Leona

Leona is a Latin/Greek feminine form of “Leon”. As you might guess, it means “lioness”. While Leon sounds assertive and powerful, Leona feels graceful and feminine.

67. Lissandra

This graceful name deserves a greater spotlight in the US. It carries the warrior spirit, thanks to the translations of “release of man” and “man’s defender”.

While your little Lissandra might not set out to save the world, she still has the strength and courage to stand up for what she believes in.

68. Petra

Translating to “rock” and “stone”, Petra will teach resilience and inner strength to your kid. Petra is normally regarded as a feminine version of Peter. However, in the early 19th century, there was also an ancient city in Jordan with this name.

69. Zephyrine

The Greek name Zephyrine means “west wind”. It can also be a French name with the same interpretation. Of infrequent use, Zephyrine is a lovely choice that will help your kid stand out.

A-Starting Greek Girl Names To Consider!

Whether the letter A carries sentimental value to your family or you want to consider more options, this group of A-starting names is worth exploring!

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The Greek language favors A-starting names over anything else!

70. Acacia

Acacia might feel feminine and dainty, but it comes with the edgy meaning of “thorny”. The name conjures up the gorgeous bloom that protects itself with thorns. Acacia trees also symbolize immortality and resurrection.

71. Adara

This one is another pretty choice that is still well under the radar. Adara can find a home in Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew. It means “noble”, “praised”, “exalted”, “virgin”, and “beauty”.

72. Agatha

Here comes a lovely virtue name! Agatha bears the meanings of “good woman” and “honorable”, which can inspire any to become her best version. Agathe, with an “e” at the end, is a more popular variant of this name in French (just in case you live there!).

73. Agnes

Agnes goes back to medieval times when a highly revered Saint Agnes first bore it. It also left a mark in literature, thanks to the novel Agnes Grey by Anne Brontë. It’s hard not to love its beautiful connotations, too. The name means “pure”, “ virginal”, and “holy”.

74. Alcina

Alcina is an exciting Greek name that means “strong-willed”. Shared by a sorceress who oversees a mythical island, this name exudes power and authority that can inspire your girl.

75. Alena

As a variant of “Helen”, Alena signifies “ray of light”, “light” or “bright”. The name also means “tower” when traced back to Russian and Hebrew roots.

76. Alexandra

This list won’t be complete without mentioning this distinguished Greek name. As a feminine version of Alexander (also a Greek original), this name similarly means “ defender of man” and “defending men”.

It’s also an epithet for the Greek goddess Hera. In real life, this Greek name becomes more fashionable thanks to Alexandra of Denmark, the wife of the British King Edward VII.

77. Alexis

This variant of Alexandra was hugely popular at the turn of the 21st century. It even outshined the original during that time. You’ll get the same meanings as Alexandra – “protector”, “defender”, and “defender of man”.

The name feels more laid back and playful with the crisp sound. Alexis Bledel or Rory on Gilmore Girls or Tony-award-winner Alexis Smith are two famous namesakes.

78. Alethea

Alethea captured the attention of England during the 16th century when virtue names were a new fad. This female name simply denotes “truth”; hopefully, the name will teach a kid the importance of respecting the right things.

79. Amara

Amara is a stylish, appealing, and versatile choice. With several identities in Igbo, Sanskrit, and Arabic, this name means different things like “everlasting”, “grace”, “immortal”, and “to love”, among many other meanings.

In Greek alone, Amara normally denotes “eternal” and “grace”, which are beautiful connotations to inspire your little one, too.

80. Amaryllis

This long, distinctive name will draw attention everywhere she goes. If anyone asks for the meaning, your girl will also be glad to tell. The name beautifully denotes “to sparkle” and “fresh”. It’s also shared by the heroine in the epic poem Ecologues by Virgil.

81. Ambrosia

Ambrosia in Greek myths is not a God or Goddess but a drink or food reserved only for the deities (and it’s believed to bring eternal life). The name, therefore, means “immortal”.

82. Anastasia

Anastasia is perhaps best known as one of Cinderella’s stepsisters in the 1950 Disney animation Cinderella. Despite this unfavorable tie, Anastasia is still an awesome name from Greece.

The name translates to “resurrection” and comes from the word “anastasis”. Thus, this name is a frequent pick of early Christians for a girl arriving around Easter or Christmas.

83. Andrea

Although Andrea means “virile”, “strong”, and “manly”, it’s a fairly common female name in America. It’s a Greek variant of the Greek name “Andrew”. Outside of the US, Andrea is also a gender-neutral choice. This use is particularly common across Europe.

84. Angelina

This multicultural name can come from Greek, Spanish, Italian, and Russian. Despite several roots, Angelina typically goes with these meanings – “angel” and “messenger”. Angelina Jolie is the one who shines a lot of spotlight on this name.

85. Arianna

A heavenly, melodious Greek/Italian name, Arianna translates to “most holy” or “very holy”. Arianna boasts noteworthy musical connections. At least four times, Arianna appears in opera, the most notable of which is Handel’s Arianna in Creta.

86. Aster

As a Greek word for “star”, Aster will fit a girl born on a starry night. This is the choice of comedian Gilbert Gottfried for his daughter Lily Aster.

87. Aria

Aria is super flexible and allows several possibilities of interpretation. In Greek, the name adopts a powerful meaning of “lioness”. Meanwhile, it can be a Persian name for “noble” that can go on both girls and boys.

This name is also a favorite choice in fiction. Aria is the main character in Pretty Little Liars. The name also appears in Game of Thrones, in its alternative spelling, “Arya”.

More Great Greek Girl Name Inspos!

Are you still figuring out the perfect choice? These adorable names don’t fall into a specific group, but they still bear meaningful connotations and deserve a spot on your name roster. Let’s check them out!

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Here are more wonderful names to consider if you’re still on your search!

88. Bronte

Bronte is a fantastic name if you have both Gaelic and Greek roots to honor. It means “thunder” in Greek and “bestower” in Gaelic. Bronte appears in Agnes Grey, Wuthering Heights, and Jane Eyre, so literature lovers might also want to take note of it.

89. Callie

As pretty as it sounds, Callie literally means “lovely” and “most beautiful”. This name combines elegance, beauty, and simplicity all at once.

90. Delia

The name refers to “born on the island of Delos” or “from Delos”. Delos is a name with great significance in Greek myths, as the birthplace of the gods Artemis and Apollo.

91. Dido

There’s a touching story to be told about Dido. Legends have it that Dido is the mythical queen of Carthage who rejected the advances of every suitor but the wandering Aeneas. The name translates to “virgin” and “wanderer”.

92. Evanthe

A beautiful Greek name that can inspire your girl to flourish Evanthe represents “fair flower” and “blooming”. This floral name is rarely heard in the US, but it’s still a favorite among many native parents in Greece.

93. Helen

Helen was the daughter of Leda and Zeus in Greek mythology. As the phrase “the face that launched a thousand ships” describes, the breathtaking beauty of Helen is out of the question. This name means “torch” or “light”.

94. Lois

There’s a lot going for the name Lois. It boasts several favorable meanings like “superior”, “most desirable” and “most beautiful”.

Its presence is everywhere, from the New Testament to DC Comics Superman (Lois Lane). And don’t you think it looks pretty much like the strong name “Louis”?

95. Lydia

“A noble and beautiful woman”, “woman from Lydia”, and “beautiful one” are the Greek translations of Lydia. In Pride And Prejudice, the name was borne by the youngest girl of the Bennett family.

In the New Testament, Lydia is known as the first European convert of Saint Paul. Parents of faith might want to take note of this religious significance.

96. Lyra

Lyra is a sleek, dainty Greek original still finding its place in the US (it ranked 489th in 2021). Not only does it sound lyrical, but Lyra also has strings to a Greek myth about musicals.

A tale as old as time: Orpheus was known for playing music that could move trees, animals, and even deities. This myth inspired the name Lyra and its meaning “lyre” (an instrument similar to a small harp).

97. Margaret

Margaret is a name of multiple identities. In Greek, it’s a name that means “pearl”. Yet, its etymology is quite complex, spanning several languages, including French, German, Hebrew, etc.

98. Melanie

Melanie was brought to England during the French settlement in the 16th century, and has been a common choice ever since.

The name denotes “black” or “dark-skinned”. Melanie’s use, however, is not necessarily limited to those with such a complexion. It can also be suitable for a girl born during night hours.

99. Tessa

Tessa is a spelling alternative to Theresa, meaning “to gather” and “to reap”. Tessa is a lovely way to go if you feel Theresa is slightly serious. Tessa and Theresa can also be interpreted as “fourth child”.

100. Theresa

Translating to “late summer” and “to harvest”, Theresa can be a choice for a summertime baby or when you simply wish a bountiful life for her (or both).

It’s also a Greek appellation steeped in mythology, as the Greek island of Therasia is the very first woman to bear this name.

101. Tiffany

Thanks to the renowned jewelry brand, this name has a luxurious feel. A distinctive Greek appellation, Tiffany holds reverent meanings of “appearance of God” and “manifestation of God”.

102. Yolanda

Here it is if you’re looking for a beautiful floral name from Greece! Yolanda comes with a distinct aura and means “purple flower”, “violet flower”, and sometimes simply “violet”.

The name also has a Spanish root with similar connotations. Yolanda is a beautiful woman in the 1945 movie Yolanda and the Thief.

Greek Names Always Come With History And Pretty Meanings

Whether you’re of Greek descent or not, you can never go wrong choosing a Greek name. I’m confident you’re already in love with one (or perhaps many) items on this list. Why not? They’re Greek, gracious, and steeped in history.

So, if the decision is still hard to make up to this point, don’t hesitate to drop your comment. I’m more than ready to discuss your potential choices. If not, please hit the share and like button before leaving, as it’ll encourage me to create more content like this. Thank you!

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