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When it comes to Chinese boy names, your options feel almost limitless. That is understandable, especially when you know your family heritage belongs to one of the oldest human civilizations.

Throughout its long history, China has recorded an overwhelmingly increasing number of baby names. You can stumble on some of the oldest names that stretch back to the era of bronze. Conversely, there are brand new ones to perfectly suit contemporary tastes.

It only goes to show that naming a boy and honoring your Chinese heritage at the same time take a bit of work. With that in mind, this gallery will help you ace the name-choosing process this time. I bet you’re heading for something you’ll love on this page.

Chinese Boy Names
Chinese boy names might tell you about a huge legacy behind it!

Super Cool Boy Names That Draw From Mother Nature

Do you and your spouse have a mutual love for the great outdoors? Or do you hope your boy will appreciate the marvelous world around him? If yes, nature-inspired names are the way to go.

Cool Boy Names
Chinese nature boy names are often tied to popular Chinese beliefs or philosophies.

1. Bo

The simplistic, one-syllable Bo gained some traction in China and the US in the late 1970s. It was thanks to the preference for single-character names at that time.

Bo translates to “wave” in Mandarin, which will be a lovely choice for your future wave surfer. Yet, the name can also come from Scandinavian, meaning “dwell” or “to live”.

2. Chen

The birth of your newborn can herald a new dawn in your life. If this resonates with what’s on your mind, then the name Chen, meaning “dawn”, is worth considering.

Yet, if you know something about Taoism, you might know that this moment of the day carries certain meanings. Dawn arrives with the sunlight, which is believed to channel warmth and nourishment from the universe. Your little Chen will hopefully come with this positive energy.

3. Chun-Chieh

Chun-Chieh denotes “spring”, the threshold at which people welcome new chapters in life. It also means “life” and “youthful”. Choose this moniker if your baby is due to arrive during this season or if you simply wish he will be full of energy and zest for life.

Besides mainland China, Chun-Chieh is also commonly heard in Taiwan. Chun-Chieh Wu is a Taiwan-born scientist who helped popularize this name.

4. Feng

One of the meanings of this Chinese title is “summit”, making it a strong contender for adventurous parents. Inspired by his name, your little boy will conquer many heights and mountains in his life.

Feng also connects to nature in other ways. It can otherwise translate to “wind” or “sharp blade”.

5. Jiang

Jiang is a common male name that primarily means “river”. It appears in the names of many rivers in China. One example is Chang Jiang, the other name of Yangtze – the longest river in Asia that flows only within China.

With a name connected to water, your little one will surely be adaptable and easily go with the flow of life.

6. Jiao-long

This exotic name means “looks like a dragon” and is exclusively meant for boys. Dragons are sacred animals in Chinese culture and are usually mentioned as the symbol of Chinese emperors.

While there’s no human being who will visually resemble a dragon, the name can inspire your kid to live a phenomenal life (like dragons).

7. Hai

This common Chinese name evokes those leisurely times on an exotic beach. Hai, written as 海 (hǎi) in Chinese, literally means “ocean” and “sea”.

8. He

A personal pronoun in English turns out to be a flexibly pretty name in Chinese. When used for boys, He carries the meanings of “river”, “stream”, “harmony”, and “peace”. Yet, as a title for the opposite sex, it represents the elegant flower “lotus”.

One renowned bearer of this name is Zheng He – a Chinese explorer and mariner in the 15th century. He was the captain of a great armada that set out to display the splendor of the Great Ming to foreign powers.

9. Hong

Hong is perhaps the most flexible on this list. As a nature name, it carries aquatic vibes with the definitions of “flood” and “water”. Yet, Hong also soars high above and represents the “rainbow”.

On the other hand, when written as 弘 (hóng), Hong points to “great”, “enlarge”, and “expand”. The fourth Han dynasty emperor, Emperor Houshao of Han, has Liu Hong as his birth name.

10. Lei

Originating from Old Chinese, the name Lei directly represents “thunder”. Leigong (“God of Thunder”) is one of the most popular deities in Chinese mythology and folk religion. Your little Lei may be on par with Thor!

Lei also means “pile of stones” if you write it as 磊 (lěi) in Mandarin. This masculine name will teach its bearers the inner strength and resilience to succeed.

11. Lin

As a romanized form of the Chinese character 林, Lin can be interpreted as “woods” or “forest”. If you want to bestow the love of nature on your children, this name is an excellent candidate.

12. Qui

Whether written as 秋 (qiū) or 丘 (qiū), this Chinese male name is inspired by nature. The former signifies “autumn”, while the latter means “mound” and “hill”.

Qui has long held a high status in the Chinese name pool. The reason is simple: Kong Qiu, also known as Confucius, is a significant Chinese philosopher and the paragon of Chinese sages.

13. Tao

Tao is a Chinese word that represents the harmonious order of the universe, according to Taoism. So, the name can imbue a sense of peace and balance in a new little human being.

Besides, Tao also translates to “large waves”, “peach”, and “symbol of long life”. The name offers so much room for interpretations for its bearers to choose from.

14. Xiang

Derived from the Xiang River in southern China, this gender-neutral name boasts interesting definitions of “lucky”, “fragrant”, and “soars above others”.

While the meaning “fragrant” is mainly preferred for girls, it’s sure that all parents hope luck and success will be on their kid’s side regardless of gender.

15. Xuesong

This compound name connects to Mother Earth in more than one way. Xue is a Mandarin word for “snow”, whereas Song is for “pine tree”.

Xuesong is a picturesque title that conjures up images of pine trees covered in glistening snow. If either of these elements holds special sentiments in your memories, it is a nice choice.

16. Yang

Yang is one half of the natural world, together with yin, to create contrasting forces in any facet of life. This Chinese word means “the male principle of the universe”.

“Ocean”, “light”, and “sun” are other interpretations of this moniker. Not only in Chinese philosophy, but Yang is also a rising name on the screen. Chinese actor Yang Yang has been the top actor from 2017-2020, according to Forbes China Celebrity 100.

Most Common Names Right Now To Jump On The Trends!

There are plenty of popular names to choose from. Consider these options if you love following the trend or simply want a highly recognizable name for your kid to wear!

Most Common Names
These super trendy Chinese boy names might spark your interest!

17. Haoran

Haoran has yet to make it big in the States, but it’s hugely popular in mainland China. Translating to “grand in manner” and “vastness”, Haoran is meant for an extraordinary human being.

Meng Haoran is a celebrated poet who lived during the Tang dynasty. He’s considered the critical force in the “High Tang” era – the golden age of Chinese poetry.

18. Hao-yu

Hao-yu, alternatively spelled as “Hàoyǔ”, means “vast universe”. This beautiful and mighty connotation will inspire your kid to reach for the stars. But its fame isn’t sudden. It has been in the prestigious league of most common titles since the 2010s.

19. Mingze

Mingze refers to “tea leaf benevolence” in the Chinese language – a wonderful choice for a Chinese tea connoisseur. The birth of Xi Mingze, the daughter of China’s president Xi Jinping has helped Mingze more widely known as a neutral-gender moniker.

20. Muchen

Muchen is having its moment in mainland Chinese as the top male title in 2021. It boasts an exotic and poetic meaning – “bathe in celestial abode”. The name should be pronounced as “moo-chen”.

21. Muyang

Muyang can be broken down into “mu”, meaning “bathe” or “cleanse”, and “yang”, meaning “sun”. This name, therefore, adopts the meaning of “bathe in the sun”. Sun lovers should take note of this name!

22. Yichen

With otherworldly interpretations like “moon”, “stars”, and “grand sun”, Yichen is another lovely choice for astrology lovers.

Choosing this name means your boy will share it with a great Sui general Yang Yichen. He’s known for defending the great yet short-lived Sui dynasty against agrarian rebels and attaining mounting political influence.

23. Yize

With its written form 奕泽 in Mandarin, Yize represents “grand benevolence”. It’s borne by an ancient Arab-Chinese astrologist and astronomer who served under the Song Dynasty.

Yize also functions as a feminine name; in this case, it cheerfully translates to “happy” and “shiny as a pearl”.

24. Yuxuan

Yuxuan is usually interpreted as “high house” or “universal high”. It was among the most used names in 2021 across the mainland, with nearly 11,000 baby boys born in that year sharing it.

25. Yuze

Yuze is a charming male name with various ways of interpretation. It can mean “rain”, “friend”, and “brilliance”. Whether you love the cleansing power of the rain, appreciate the company of trusted friends, or hope your child will live a brilliant life, Yuze is the way to go.

These Long Chinese Boy Names Might Catch Your Eyes, Too!

Long Chinese titles are typically constructed by two or more monosyllabic characters. The main advantage of such names is that they can encompass several nice interpretations (from each word forming them).

Chinese Boy Names 2
If long Chinese names look or sound more captivating, you’re in for many options.

26. Bingwen

Bingwen expresses common hopes from parents for their offspring – “bright” and “cultivated”. Chinese parents always acknowledge the importance of educating their kids to succeed. If you also share this perspective, Bingwen is a good way to start.

27. Bojing

Bojing, alternatively spelled Bo-jing, refers to “win admiration”. It’s important to have successful people to look up to, but Bojing will remind your kid of the other side of the coin. Being an admiration or inspiration for others can also be a huge motive to move forwards in his life.

28. Bo-wen

Bo-wen is a friendly Chinese name that means “literate”, “abundant”, and “rich”. Not only does Bo-wen capture attention in mainland China, but the name also makes it far from the islands of Hawaii.

When going without the hyphenation, Bowen also adopts a Welsh nationality and means “son of Owen” or “son of the young one”.

29. Chaoxiang

This classic masculine name means “expecting fortune”. People with this name are action-oriented ones who know that fruitful results should only be expected if they pour in hard work first.

30. Chia-Hao

Chia-Hao is typically interpreted as “having a great objective in life”. Sung Chia-Hao is a Taiwanese professional baseball player who plays for the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

31. Chonglin

If you prefer uniqueness and individuality, Chonglin is a nice recommendation. It exotically means “second brother unicorn”. Bonus: unicorn is an adorable and simple nursery theme for your boy, too.

32. Feiyu

“Fly across the universe”, “fly in the sky”, or “fly to space” are the meanings behind this free-spirited name. Your little buddy might not become a pilot or astronaut in the future. Yet, bearing a name like Feiyu, he will have boundless energy and enthusiasm for anything he goes after.

33. Huateng

Huateng, pronounced as “hwa-tang”, represents “rise” or “transform”. With implied potential and growth, this Chinese male title will empower your son to find his place in this world.

While talking about this name, Ma Huateng, also known as Pony Ma, is a namesake worth mentioning. He is a Chinese billionaire business magnate who co-founded Tencent Holdings.

34. Huizhong

If you want to set your boy on the right path, start with a name with coveted traits like Huizhong. When broken down, this Chinese masculine name carries two definitions – “wise” and “loyal”.

35. Jiahao

This charming appellation is formed by 家 (jiā) for “home” or “family” and 豪 (háo) for “chivalrous”, “brave”, and “heroic”. Jiahao, therefore, can go with any of these meanings.

Associated with the family on one side and strength and bravery on the other, this Chinese name represents critical cultural values that no boy should fail to uphold.

36. Jianyu

While “building the universe” might sound intimidating to the name’s bearers, Jianyu can inspire a boy to establish his world with every decision he makes.

It’s a name that projects a sense of freedom, ambition, and hefty endeavors, which will be a great company for a capable man for the rest of his life.

37. Jinhai

Jinhai is most frequently associated with males and means “golden sea”. Inspired by the vast body of water, your boy will ebb and flow as they move through life. The element “golden” adds a touch of luxury to such a nautical name.

38. Li-ming

Li-ming is a name with several ingredients for success. This includes its clear pronunciation, flexibility to work for both genders, and many meanings to choose from.

On the one hand, rooted from 黎明, Li-ming can denote “daybreak”, “dawn”, and “brightness”. With such a huge source of light from within, your little Li-ming will have a sense of clarity in whatever he’s engaged in.

“Beautiful”, “power”, and “capability” are other favorable meanings of this name. So, your little one will be spoiled by choice when talking about his name.

39. Long Wei

“Dragon’s greatness” is the meaning of this special name. Long Wei is a badass and unique name with a cute nursery theme for your kid’s bedroom.

40. Ming-yue

Ming-yue is a poetic celestial name that translates to “bright moon”. For millennials, the planet moon symbolizes strength, beauty, and mystery across cultures.

Your little Ming-yue is bound to shine through in his journey of life. Thanks to its gender-neutral nature, this moniker can be used for baby girls, too.

41. Shu-hui

Names that mean wise or wisdom are never-go-out-of-style choices. In a cut-throat educational environment and the labor market like China, intellectual assets matter even more. Shu-hui carries this wish, as it means “intelligent”.

42. Teng Fei

This bold and sweet name means “soaring high”, which will inspire your kid to aim ambitiously at whatever he’s doing. The sky is full of marvels and possibilities, just like the baby’s life, especially when he’s willing to spread his wings.

43. Xing-fu

If one of your strongest desires for your kid is that he’ll be happy as he grows, Xing-fu should be high on your list. The name translates to “one who is joyful”, which will fit your little ray of sunshine on the way.

44. Zixuan

Zixuan has a simple and plain meaning of “cute”. Choosing something sweet like Zixuan to call your sweet little soul makes great sense. With such a name and agreeable disposition, he’ll become a darling company in your life.

Chinese Patriotic Names That Flourished In The 50s & 60s

Many Chinese names reflect cultures and political transformations as the decades progressed. During the 50s and 60s, for example, names that carried patriotic sentiments were all the rage as parents wanted to support the nation via their name choices.

Chinese Patriotic Names
These Chinese boy names can give you a sneak peek of cultural and political shifts in the past.

45. Bin

This sweet and friendly moniker translates to “well-bred”, “cultivated”, and “scholar”. Of course, your boy doesn’t necessarily aspire to be a scholar when wearing this name. However, having something to spark his interest in building knowledge will never be redundant.

46. Deming

Translating to “virtue brilliant” or “virtue bright”, Deming can serve as a moral compass for its bearers.

As a given name, Deming is shared by Li Deming (founder of the Tangut state in the 11th century), Chinese/Taiwanese official Chen Deming, and Chinese statesman Sun Deming (better known as Sun Yat-sen).

47. Guohua

Guohua, meaning “splendid country” and “national glory”, is among the best ways you want to honor the thousand-year-old legacy of China.

Guohua’s definitions resonated during the 50s when people geared toward patriotic names to express their support for their country. Yet, they still hold relevance in modern times.

48. Guoqiang

This Chinese male name means “strong country”. A name with ambition and patriotism, Guoqiang is destined for a soon-to-be leader who’ll put the welfare of his land and people high on his mind.

49. Hongbing

As a military-inspired name, Hongbing translates to “red soldier” and is a lovely name for your brave little warrior. Shu Hongbing is a well-known Chinese cytologist and immunologist.

50. Jianguo

Jianguo is a masculine name with old-fashioned charm. Translating to “building the country”, Although unrelated to the mega-popular Greek “Alexander”, Jianguo is sometimes considered a Chinese version of it.

51. Jianjun

The luminous Jianjun is formed by 建 (jiàn) for “establish” or “build” and 军 (jūn) for “army”. Together these elements create the meaning “build the army”.

With such a strong connotation, Jianjun is an exclusive title for males. Famous namesakes include Chinese material scientist Jianjun Cheng and screenwriter and film director He Jianjun.

52. Jun

Jun, also called Joon, is an Old Chinese title reserved for boys. While less common in its homeland China and Taiwan, Jun earned some favor in Southeast Asian nations like Malaysia and Singapore.

This name translates to “ruler”, “king”, “talented”, “handsome”, and “army”. It’s a stellar choice for the descendants of a military family. Alternatively, if you simply want to honor those honorable men who helped China become what it is today, go for it!

53. Ming

Ming is a Chinese word for “bright” and “shining bright”, as you can otherwise guess its definition from compound names like “Ming-yue”, “Li-ming”, or “Deming”. The Ming Dynasty is a critical piece of the big Chinese cultural picture, so this name is a way to honor your roots.

One famous namesake is Yao Ming – belonging to a talented Chinese basketball player who played for the Shanghai Sharks. Ming can also be a Vietnamese and Japanese name with the same meaning (the latter changes to Minh, though).

54. Ping

If you’re a fan of Walt Disney’s movie Mulan, you’ve probably known “Ping” is the pseudonym Mulan used while disguising a man to join the army. Ping evokes calm and serenity as it means “level”, “even”, and “peaceful”.

It’s also a regal title borne by King Ping of Zhou – the 13th ruler of the Zhou dynasty.

55. Qiang

Qiang is a traditional moniker used mainly for boys. If strength and an energetic spirit are two beautiful things you hope to nurture in your boy, Qiang will fit the bill nicely. This one means “powerful”, “strong”, or “energetic”.

56. Wei

Wei, as a feminine name, humbly translates to “small”. Yet, it adopts several astounding and mighty definitions when serving as a boy title. Your options include: “power”, “towering”, “lofty”, or “extraordinary”.

57. Yong

Yong is a name with nobility and a long history. Two prominent figures of the Tang Dynasty share this name, namely Prince Li Yong and chancellor Li Yong.

There are two possible ways to interpret the name. When representing the character 永, Yong means “perpetual” and “eternal”. Meanwhile, as a transliteration of 勇, it refers to “brave” or “courageous”.

58. Zhi-ming

Zhi-ming can be loosely interpreted as “having a clear goal in life”. Chih-ming is the other way to spell this name (in Mandarin Wade–Giles).

With the same connotation, Zhi-ming is a lovely alternative to Chia-hao if Z-starting monikers are more eye-catching to you. This long boy name was quite popular in Taiwan during the 2010s.

More Options For Fascinating Chinese Boy Names!

If you still need more options, here are some random suggestions with beautiful meanings to consider. Hopefully, you’ll find something in this section to love!

Fascinating Chinese Boy Names
How about these awesome Chinese boy names? You might find something that piques your interest here!

59. Ailun

This cute moniker is thought to be a variant of “Alan”, meaning “handsome” and “cheerful”. Alan is a common name in the US (ranked 197th in 2021, as per SSA). Yet, if you love the name but want to honor your Chinese heritage, consider Ailun.

60. Bai

Bai is an adorably succinct name. Its written form 柏 (bǎi) represents “cypress tree” or “cedar”. It can also come from 白 (bái), meaning “pure” and “white”.

If you’re someone born into a Chinese family, you probably have heard about poet Li Bai, one of the greatest Chinese poets of all time.

61. Chao

Names holding lofty dreams for their bearers will empower them to get far in life. The Chinese name 超 (chāo), meaning “leap over” and “surpass”, are one such thing you should consider.

62. Cheng

Wanderlust souls should take note! Cheng, meaning “journey”, is a cute choice if you’re hoping your son will desire to explore the world like you.

Depending on the character connected to this name, it can also mean “succeed” and “accomplish”. These auspicious connotations will help your baby reach his high goals in life.

63. Cheung

Parents normally choose Cheung in the hopes of attracting some luck to their offspring. The name translates to “good luck” or “fortunate man”. In the US, Cheung is preferred as a surname.

64. Chong

Depending on the Chinese character it represents, Chong can mean “lofty”, “high”, “sublime”, “hurry”, and “plenty”. This Chinese name is fairly common, not only in China but also in Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

65. Cong

This Chinese title goes with the meanings of “clever” or “intelligent” – one of the most coveted qualities for any parent. The word also functions as a noun qualifier, signifying “thicket”, “bush”, or “clump”.

66. Da

The reign of Emperor Zhang of Han is recognized as bringing out a flourishing and prosperous ancient Chinese society. This highly praised Emperor was born with the name Liu Da.

Emperor Zhang of Han had certainly lived up to his birth name, whose meanings are “intelligence”, “big”, “great”, and “attainment”. Hopefully, your little Da will follow in his footsteps, too.

67. De

Virtue names are highly favored as they represent traits and qualities that the kids will embody or at least they’ll aspire to. The minimalist De directly means “virtue” will be the guiding light on how your boy should and will become.

This Chinese name is also spelled as “Te” if you want. De is one of the pillars of different philosophies in China. Confucianism considers it “moral character”, “virtue”, and “morality”, while Buddhism interprets it as “merit” and “virtuous deeds”.

68. Delun

This two-syllable name also belongs to the virtue category, indicating “one who lives by being just to all” and “virtuous order”. Delun primarily serves as a male title in mainland China.

69. Dong

When traced back to its Chinese roots, this minimalistic name has the meaning of “winter” or “east” (written as 东). However, it also means “pillar” and “beam” when written as 栋. Dong also indicates “east” and “winter” when used as a Vietnamese name.

70. Fai

Welcoming a newborn can be a great way to start a clean slate in your life. With the arrival of this new member, everything can optimistically take a turn for the better. In this case, Fai, meaning “beginning” and “growth”, couldn’t be more fitting.

71. Fen

The name Fen, when given to girls, can be interpreted as “fragrance”, “perfume”, or “aroma”. However, it means “exert” and “strife” when accompanying boys.

This simplistic moniker transcends China’s border, however. It can be a Dutch, Frisian, or British unisex name that means “peace” and “marshland”.

72. Heng

Heng instills the value of persistence in achieving success in your little buddy. Its literal meanings are “constant” and “persistent”. When traced back to its Cambodian roots, this moniker translates to “lucky”. So, Chinese-Cambodian parents might want to take note!

Heng is the personal name of two Chinese Emperors. The 8th-century Emperor Zuzong of Tang was born Li Heng. The other is Emperor Zhenzong of Song in the 10th century, whose birth name is Zhao Heng.

73. Jian

Jian is a name of diverse interpretations. It bears a strong resemblance to the mighty Hebrew name “John”, which means “God is gracious”.

In Chinese, Jian also serves as an independent name. It refers to “establish” and “build” when written as 建 (jiàn) or “healthy” and “strong” when written as 健 (jiàn). Choosing Jian can make a good start if you want to establish a strong foundation for your kid’s life.

74. Jie

Considering tons of pretty meanings like “pure”, “outstanding”, “excellence”, and “heroic”, it’s hard not to love this Chinese name. And did I mention Jie can be used for both boys and girls? So it’s great if you still don’t know about the baby’s gender!

75. Jin

This monosyllabic moniker primarily means “gold” – a hue with many auspicious meanings in Chinese cultures. You can also interpret Jin as “beautiful” and “bright”. Surely, the baby with this name will possess these innate beauties coming into life.

In Japan, Jin has a gender-neutral nature. Its Japanese translations are “gentleness” and “tenderness”.

76. Kai

The popular Kai might be better known as a Hawaiian boy name, meaning “sea” or “from the sea”. Yet, it’s also a manifestation of the character 凯, signifying “victory” and “triumph” in Chinese.

Chinese gymnast Zou Kai has spread this name to the world of sport. His five times winning the Olympics and another five times winning world championships are obviously impressive achievements.

77. Kaili

Kaili is widely known as a Hawaiian appellation that refers to a deity/ god in the native culture. Nevertheless, it’s also a lesser-known Chinese name with beautiful interpretations. Translating to “victorious” and “beautiful” in Mandarin, Kaili is a name that deserves more recognition.

78. Kang

Kang carries the good wishes of any parent for their offspring, including “peaceful”, “healthy”, and “abundant”. If you and your son together weathered a rough pregnancy, names related to health and peace will hit the right note.

79. Kun

Kun is flexible enough to fit well on both boys and girls. Among two of its common interpretations, “earth” and “female”, you might want to reserve the latter for girls.

With the meaning “earth”, Kun represents fertility and nourishment – two favorable elements for building a happy life.

80. Wen

Wen is the transliteration of 文 (wén) – the Chinese spelling that denotes “writing”, “literature”, and “culture”.

While its exact root is still uncertain, Wen possibly emerged from the ancient King Wen of Zhou or Tai Wen, a famous prince living in the Warring States period. No matter where it comes from, Wen is a bold choice for literature or culture lovers.

81. Jing

Jing is rooted in the place name “Jingzhou” – an ancient city whose importance began in the Zhou dynasty. As a cradle of Chu culture, Jingzhou and, thus, the name Jing are names steeped in legacy. Jing gives off a peaceful aura as it means “gentle”, “tranquil”, and “peaceful”.

82. Hui

With just three simple letters, Hui carries powerful connotations that strongly resonate with Confucianism. Its Chinese translations are “wise”, “intelligent”, and “brightness”.

In Confucianism philosophies, hope and wisdom are regarded as the two backbones. Hui is a gender-neutral name that fits amazingly on both boys and girls.

83. Gang

This Chinese word means “hard”, “strong”, “rigid”, and “unyielding”. With such meanings, your little ones will be aware of their inner strength and tenacity, especially during trying times.

84. Guo

The name Guo is a Chinese name with mixed etymologies, depending on the Chinese character(s) used. It can come from a place name in Shanxi province. Around 1046 BCE, King Wu of Zhou granted his uncle Guo Shu land at Yong. The land was therefore referred to as Guo.

Guo can also mean “kingdom” or “state” and is normally adopted by descendants of the founder of the state of Qi as a surname. There was also a state existing in the Xia dynasty with this name.

85. Gan

Gan means “daring” in Chinese, which will accompany your little brave one in many of his adventures. There are two potential etymologies for this masculine name.

One is the personal name, Gan Pan, belonging to a senior minister who lived and served during the Shang dynasty of king Wu Ding. The other is from the Gan town Shaanxi province. Gan also means “garden” as a Hebrew boy name.

86. Guang

Guang translates to “light” or “bright” and is fairly common in the US. If you feel that your little boy is a new light in your life or simply love the guiding power and positive influences of light, Guang is a nice option.

Bonus fact: it’s also the name of an ancient drinking vessel in China or a language widely spoken by the Guan population in Ghana and Togo.

87. Liang

“Good”, “fine”, “excellent”, and “bright” are the meanings behind this name. This moniker stems from the Liang Mountain ranges that lie in Shaanxi province. Liang is also the name of two Chinese dynasties: Nan Liang (502–557) and Later Liang (907-923).

88. Lixin

Translating to “a glorious and beautiful sunrise”, Lixin will perfectly accompany a boy with a buoyant and sunny disposition. This is especially more suitable if he arrives on a bright, sunny day.

89. Rong

Rong boasts many auspicious meanings, including “harmony”, “prosperous”, and “flourish”. The name gears towards gender neutrality, so you can use it for a girl. When written as 容, Rong functions as an exclusive girl name that means “form” or “appearance”.

90. Shan

Of Gaelic origin, Shan denotes “wise” and “old” and is open to both genders. When used as a Chinese title, Shan also has gender-neutral nature and means “mountain”.

Like many Chinese names, Shan doesn’t have one single root. It might have come from the name of the fief that a prince received from his father, King Cheng of Zhou (reigned 1042–1021 BC).

But according to another theory, there was a designated post called Shan Shi (“Mountain Master”) during the Zhou dynasty. The people in charge of the job adopted the title as their surname, giving it the mountain-related meaning.

91. Sheng

This Chinese name represents “to be successful” and “victory”, which can be an omen for your competent child. One ancient king of China had the land of the same name as his fief, so Sheng was adopted as a surname by many of his descendants later.

92. Shi

Depending on the characters used, Shi can point to different things. Written as 实 (shí), the name means “real” and “honest”, while the word 时 (shí) means “season”, “era”, and “time”.

As a unisex name, this sweet-sounding name works well for any gender. Shi is a good name, as it not only raises a kid to be a trustworthy man but also reminds him to appreciate every precious moment in life.

93. Shuai

Shuai can be a Chinese word for “handsome”, “good-looking”, “commander in chief”, or “to be a role model”. This spelling also appears in “Yuanshuai”, a military rank used until 1965. It equates to a marshal in other countries.

94. Tai

Pronounced in a similar rhythm to the lovely name “Kai”, Tai is also a neutral-gender name that many parents will love. It means “vast” and “great extreme”, which will inspire its bearers to yearn for greatness.

Tai is rather a multicultural moniker. The name can find a home in Romanian, where it’s normally interpreted as “yours”, or in Maori, where it jovially and dynamically translates to “the tide”. The Hebrew translation “a dew from paradise” will fascinate many soon-to-be parents, too.

95. Tian

In Chinese, Tian carries the spiritual definition of “heaven”. This dated Chinese word appeared in several ancient philosophies and mythologies in China.

A memorable bearer of this name is Meng Tian – a reputed general of the Qin dynasty who was also involved in building the Great Wall.

In Slovene, however, Tian normally goes as a variant of “Sebastian”. With this etymology, it means “person from Sebastia” or “venerable”.

96. Ushi

With this simple meaning of “plant”, Ushi leaves much freedom for you to interpret it. This botanical name will help your child connect better to the natural world while inspiring him to keep growing and thriving.

97. Wu

Wu denotes “martial” and “military” and is a predominantly male name. Many rulers of China have shared this name from early times.

The most notable one is the Emperor Wu of Han, who greatly expanded his empire. This king also made Confucianism the national philosophy.

98. Xiao

Xiao can go by several different meanings. Representing the most calming and transformative time of the day, “dawn”, Xiao should draw morning lovers’ attention.

It also means “little” and “reverent of the elderly”. This is also a word that the elderly put before a younger person’s name to call him affectionately.

99. Xin

This brief moniker means “prosperity” or “heart and mind”. Xin Yun Lai is a rising Chinese actor who has starred in various films.

100. Xing

Xing was an ancient region in China that existed during the Zhou dynasty. It means “a spark” and “a star”, making it a great choice for astrology lovers. However, if you seek something to inspire your ambitious kid, Xing also carries the meanings of “thriving”, “successful”, and “prosperous”.

101. Xu

Xu in Chinese culture means “brilliant rising sun”, which will fit nicely with your bright and shining little boy. It can root in the ancient state of Xu or a philosopher named Xu You (who lived in the 23rd century BC).

102. Yan

Yan is a lovely female name meaning “gorgeous” and “beautiful”. As a boy title, it also represents a few aspects of masculinity, meaning “rocks” and “cliff”.

103. Zhen

Zhen is a Chinese name that flatters both baby boys and girls. With a traditional title that means “virtuous”, “rare”, and “precious”, parents can daily remind their son how treasured he is in their life.

What’s Your Pick To Honor Your Lineage?

Like many cultures, naming a baby in a Chinese family is a serious affair. This list has rounded up some of the best choices from the Chinese name pool, with their interpretations and roots for you to consider.

If you still have concerns about Chinese boy names, feel free to comment in the section below. Last but not least, give this post a big thumbs-up and share if it has aided you in your name-picking process.

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