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Various Hawaiian boy names come with enchanting sounds and interpretations. Like many cultures, the naming practice is usually tied to the local traditions.

For example, Inoa ‘ūlāleo is a tradition when a family member comes up with a name through a mystical voice or sounds from nature (like the wind or the ocean waves). This results in many beautiful, unique monikers that can transport you back to the beautiful islands.

If you set out to find a perfect name for your kid, I bet you’ll be amazed at your options. Whether you’re from Hawaii or have a special connection to the archipelago, here is some naming inspo for your next newborn.

Pacific Islander Names
These Pacific Islander names are bound to impress any new parent!

Hawaiian Boy Names That Come With Strength

Names With Meanings
Names with strong meanings will raise a brave and resilient man.

Throughout the history of human beings, strength and prowess have been highly valued. This is applied to virtually any culture. The variety of powerful boy names in the Hawaiian native language also helps reflect that.

1. Alaka’i

Translating to “leader” or “guide”, this name is meant for soon-to-be leaders. This genderless moniker can also be used for baby girls or any gender.

2. Alekanekeio

This multi-syllable name is a Hawaiian version of “Alexander”. Thus, it shares the meaning of “defender of mankind”. Alexander the Great is among the most prominent military commanders in history.

If you want to inspire your Hawaiian boy to chase success and greatness in his life, Alekanekeio is a good start. Or else, you can choose shorter forms like Aleka and Alika.

3. Amosa

From its Hawaiian roots, this three-syllable moniker refers to “strong”. This is considered a Hawaiian interpretation of the Hebrew spelling “Amos”.

Amosa is also an Arabic/Muslim masculine name that means “encumbered”. Therefore, if your family has ties to both cultures, this is a nice name for your little bundle of wonder.

4. Haoa

Haoa means “hot as the sun” – a name inspired by the sun and reminds you of those sunny holiday beaches. Others also believe Haoa is a form of “Howard”. In this case, the common interpretations are “watcher”, “exalted guardian”, and “protector”.

5. He pohaku

The lava rock “Pohaku” is a pivotal material for the Hawaiian people. This rock is held in high regard and inspires this ethnic masculine name.

He pohaku, as a result, also translates to “stone” and “rock”. As you might know, rock symbolizes strength in various cultures. In Hawaiian, it’s also the foundation of the islands and a core resource for many purposes of Hawaiian and Oceanic culture.

6. Ikaika

Ikaika, pronounced as “ih-kay-kah”, simply denotes “man of strength”, “strong”, or “powerful” in the Hawaiian language. Pronounced as “ikeika”, the name boasts a powerful sound that reflects its meanings.

Ikaika is gender-neutral, which means it flexibly goes as a boy or girl name. However, it’s now preferred as a male name.

7. Ka’eo

With the Hawaiian translation of “strong”, Ka’eo is another option if you’re heart set on an empowering name. Also interpreted as “full of knowledge”, Ka’eo can help inspire an enduring pursuit of wisdom in your baby’s life.

8. Kalākaua

Kalākaua was originally the name of the last King of the Hawaiian Kingdom, also known as David Laʻamea Kamananakapu Mahinulani Naloiaehuokalani Lumialani Kalākaua, or shortly The Merrie Monarch.

The name means “the Day of Battle” in reference to the King’s birthday and, coincidentally, the date when King Kamehameha III was forced to sign an unfair treaty.

However, Kalākaua is known for his patronage of Hawaiian music, dance, and culture. So, choosing this name can be a way to honor this monarch.

9. Kale

This mostly masculine name means “strong and manly” in Hawaiian. Of Gaelic origin, Kale can also be interpreted in various ways, like “calm”, “affectionate”, “fair”, “ocean”, or “sea”. Also, Kale means “free man” in German language.

Facts you might already know: “Kale” is also the name of a leafy green veggie. If you love this green, why not join the food-item-inspired naming trend? Football player Kale Ane and actor Kale Browne are two notable American figures with this name.

10. Kane

The name Kane in Welsh, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Irish languages similarly means “warrior” or “little battler”.

However, there are also other interpretations in each of these cultures. In Japanese, it’s “golden”; in Welsh, it’s “beautiful”; and in Hawaiian, “man of the Eastern sky”. In Hawaiian mythology, Kāne is the highest of the four major deities.

11. Kapena

Kapena means “captain”, and it’s only meant for those born to lead. In the past, Kapena was occasionally chosen for girls, too. Yet, now it’s almost exclusive for boys.

12. Kekoa

The two first letters, “ke” are a definite article, whereas the remaining cluster, “koa” means “koa tree” and “warrior”. Yet, more often than not, the name is preferably translated to “the warrior” or “brave warrior” instead of the meaning of the plant.

Anyway, a fighter spirit is highly valued, not only in times of war but also in hard times these days.

13. Koa

Koa is not only appealing on the islands, but it’s also made it to the mainland nationwide. The name ranked 546th on the SSA’s popularity chart in 2021. It boasts fierce meanings of “fearless”, “brave one”, and “warrior”. It’s a great name for your strong-willed baby.

Here’s an interesting fact. Koa is a plant native to the Hawaiian islands. The locals use it to build canoes and surfboards for exploration and transportation. So, it holds a special role in real life, too.

14. Lokela

Lokela stems from “Roger”, a Germanic name that means “renowned spear user”. Thus, Lokela takes on the same translation too. Lokelah, Lokella, and Lokellah are all nice alternatives to this Hawaiian name to consider.

15. Maleko

Maleko is a variation of “Mark”, a shortened form of “Marcus”. “Warlike”, “of Mars”, “the god of war”, and “warrior” are the meanings behind this name.

16. Nākoa

Nākoa literally translates to “warriors” and “fighters”. The name can inspire your little boy to stay resilient and determined to beat any odds in life. Otherwise, this is also a suitable name if you and your boy had to fight it hard during labor.

17. Nikolao

Nicolas is a classic name that you might’ve heard more than once. Are you looking for something more exotic but with the same meaning? This Hawaiian “Nikolao”, which is only a letter away from Nicolas, is a nice choice. Both mean “victor of the people”.

Hawaiian Boy Names For Traditional Parents

Traditional Names
Traditional names are deeply meaningful and prize some of the best human virtues.

Traditional Hawaiian male names are favored not only by the native Hawaiian parents but also by those on the mainland.

Some come directly from the islands’ cultures, while others derive from the names of other languages and cultures. Many of these Hawaiian monikers are genderless, so they can work with any child, too.

18. Aalona

Aalona is a variation of “Aaron”, a Hebrew boy’s name. In the Bible, Aaron was the founder of the Israelite priesthood and Moses’s brother.

The Hawaiian definitions of Aalona are “exalted” and “high mountain”. Aalona is a name with class. Plus, such a name denotes majesty and gives your kid the inner drive to conquer any ambitious goals in life.

19. Aikeni

This moniker is a phonetic version of Aiden. The name Aiden, in turn, is a US version of Aidan. Aikeni also means “little fire”. The name represents one of the most important elements of life and has gentle strength. Thus, it is a nice choice for your little ball of fire.

20. Akam

Akam is derived from the classic Hebrew name “Adam”.

Another supposed root of Akam is Tamil, where it is interpreted as “love”. Akam is also a Kurdish boy’s name that means “result” and is fairly common among Islam and Muslim communities.

21. Akamai

Akamai is a Hawaiian word for wisdom, translating to “intelligent” and “clever”. Naming a child with something that means smart is an everlasting trend.

22. Akoni

Akoni is a Hawaiian name that means “inestimable” and “priceless”. In fact, it is shortened from “Anakoni”, also a word of the same origin. Akoni and Anakoni are both variants of the Latin name Anthony, with similar meanings.

23. Analu

Analu embodies strength and masculinity at the same time. It is a Hawaiian word for “manly”. The name is an alternate spelling of the Greek name “Andrew”, which comes from the word “andros”. “Andrew” also similarly translates to “manly” or sometimes “virile”.

24. Ano

Ano is a short, idyllic name that means “peacefulness”, “reverence”, and “awe”. It evokes a sense of calm and tranquility in your baby, which he’ll especially need in trying times.

This Hawaiian-rooted name is also commonly used in Armenian cultures. It carries different meanings, including “chaste” and “immaculate”.

25. Ekewaka

Ekawaka derives from the English spelling “Edward”. Pronounced as “eh-keh-wah-kah”, the name means “guardian of riches” or “protector of wealth”. With such a meaning, a boy named Ekewaka should play an important role in the house.

26. Ezio

Ezio boasts a varied etymological history. Of Italian origin, Ezio represents the “eagle”, a powerful bird of prey.

With a Hawaiian root, the name means “friend”. This means a person named Ezio is surely a good buddy. Plus, who doesn’t want to be their kid’s friend to bond with him better?

Ezio is also an iconic Master Assassin in the popular franchise Assassin’s Creed The Ezio Collection.

27. Hanale

This male title is the Hawaiianized form of Henry. Henry is itself an English name stemming from the two Old Germanic elements: “heim” for “home” and “ric” for “rule”.

As a result, the name Hanale indicates “ruler of the house” or “Lord of the manor”.

28. Hani

Hani is a name of multiple origins, which is a plus if you’re after a flexible choice. The name can come from the Arabic language, where it’s got the blissful translation of “full of joy”, “happy”, or “delighted”.

It means “move lightly” or “to touch” when traced back to its Hawaiian roots. This multicultural name can also be heard in Hungary, Indonesia, and Korea with varied definitions.

29. Kaleo

The Hawaiian boy’s name means “the sound” and “the voice”; its musical, soothing sound also helps to mirror that. The cluster “leo” literally means “voice” or “sound” in the Hawaiian language.

30. Label

This is a bold Hawaiian version of “Leo”, and as you might guess, it similarly means “lion”. This King of animals is highly revered across cultures, symbolizing power and strength.

The Most Common Boy Names In Hawaii

Boy Names In Hawaii
Names that are trending always make for a huge source of inspiration for new parents.

If you love trending names, here are the most popular options from the islands right now. Besides the shining star Kai, there are also other names that are equally amazing.

Whatever name you choose for your little monster, it’s bound to be pretty and meaningful.

31. Alelo

Alelo means “tongue” or “language”. This Hawaiian spelling also points to the leading edge of a conventional canoe paddle in Hawaiian, the part that cuts through the water and propels the canoe forward.

This lends “Alelo” a positive interpretation, too: keep moving forwards no matter the odds a person has in his life.

32. Haikili

This is another Pacific Islander name commonly heard among native Hawaiians. Haikili is the Hawaiian God of Thunder. Thus, a kid bearing this name should have a big personality and a strong presence no matter where he goes.

33. Ino

This straightforward boy’s name comes from multiple cultures. In Japanese, it translates to “wild boar” (mainly as a girl’s title). Meanwhile, Ino was the wife of the King of Thieves, Kadmos, in Greek mythology. It’s also a Hawaiian word for “storm”, and is used for boys.

34. Kahiau

This male name represents “selfless generosity”, an excellent virtue for a man to possess. It’s a common choice among Christian families in Hawaii and nationwide.

Giving without expecting something back is an art of living that not many can master. It’s one of the keys to happiness for many people.

35. Kai

Kai is arguably the most popular name in Hawaii. It’s lovely, short, yet still assertive to impress people. In Hawaiian culture, Kai represents the “sea”. This straightforward name also has roots worldwide. For example, it’s often considered a Japanese male name, meaning “shell”.

Other possible definitions include “warrior” in Frisian and “keeper of the keys” or “earth” across Scandinavian, Greek, and Welsh.

36. Kainalu

The meaning “ocean that billows” sounds poetic, doesn’t it? This name is among the most common (and loveliest) in the State of Hawaii. It’s easy to understand why! A state that’s made up of multiple islands will love the sea more than anywhere else in the nation.

37. Kamaha’o

This adorable moniker refers to “amazing and wonderful”. A little kid named Kamaha’o will surely possess a lively personality and leave a mark on this world.

38. Kanye

Kanye has a celebrity influence, as it’s borne by the American rapper Kanye West. The name denotes “freedom” in Hawaiian, encouraging your child to reach for the stars.

This island-rooted masculine name appeared twice in the SSA’s popularity chart, at 486th in 2014 and 893th in 2015.

39. Makana

Makana is also a current favorite of parents in the State of Hawaii. Meaning “gift from God” or “reward”, Makana is a special way to mark the arrival of a little angel, especially a long-waited one. Makana is also the name of a mountain on the northern shore of the island of Kauaʻi.

40. Makoa

This favorite native language name refers to “bold man”, “brave man” and “fearless”. It’s a name not for a fainted heart. If you want to encourage your baby to stand strong during difficult times, then call him Makoa.

Hawaiian Boy Names That Means Heavenly Or Divine

Faith-related names also make a huge category for parents to consider. Whether you want to introduce the newborn to the family’s faith or want a magical meaning that provokes the inner strength of the kid, you’ll find some interesting options right below:

Names Means Heavenly
Names with religious connections are well-received among parents of faith.

41. Apekalmoa

Apekalmoa is a unique Hawaiian name. It’s typically interpreted as “my father is peace”. This long moniker is thought to be a form of “Absalom”. In the Old Testament, Absalom is the third son of King David.

42. Elta

Elta in Hawaiian culture refers to “the Lord is my God” and is mainly selected for male births. On the other hand, from its Hebrew roots, Elta is preferred as a female title and means “merciful” and “graceful”.

43. Iokepa

Iokepa has origins in Hebrew through St. Joseph, and means “God will increase” or “Jehovah shall add”. Joseph is a biblical figure famed for mercy, kindness, and open heart. If you hope your kid grows up with these virtues, call him “Iokepa”.

44. Ionakana

This long name should be pronounced as “ee-o-nah-kah-nah”. It is the Hawaiian spelling of the Hebrew “Jonathan”. Thus, Ionakan means “gift of God” or “Yahweh has given”.

In the Old Testament, Jonathan was the eldest son of King Saul, who led the Israelites to defeat a garrison of Philistines at Geba. This is an apt choice if your kid is born into a Hawaiian family with faith.

45. Kalani

This Hawaiian moniker means “the heavens” or “sky”. Consider it if you believe your baby is a blessing from the heavens.

Moreover, the name can inspire its bearers to reach for the sky and have ambitions in their paths. While Kalani is quite gender-neutral, it also has a feminine equivalent – Kalanie.

46. Kana

Kana is shortened from the original Hawaiian name “Kanaiela”. This adorable boy name means “God has judged” or “God’s judgment”.

In Hawaiian culture, the name was borne by a Maui demigod who could transform into a rope that could stretch from Molokai to Hawaii. Kana is also a word of Japanese origin. It’s gender-neutral and means “powerful”.

47. Kealakekua

Kealakekua is a multi-syllable name rich in history. Firstly, Kealakekua Bay is a sacred site for the ancient native inhabitants. The name is inextricably tied to this place, as is its meaning – “pathway of the God”.

There is a belief that a God slid down a cliff there and left a visual mark, and many Gods also chose the same path to cross the Bay faster. The Bay also marks the death of Captain James Cook, the first documented European explorer to Hawaii.

48. Keoni

Keoni is a derivative of the timeless Hebrew name “John” and similarly means “God is gracious”. It is a beautiful option to connect your little kid to your faith.

John is a biblical name rich in culture and history. It was shared by one England king (King John) and many former American presidents. Keoni, as an alternative, also shares a certain flair. Yet, this Polynesian word also has an easygoing nature of the islands on its own.

49. Kimokea

The name just rolls off the tongue with its melodious sound. The definition is beautiful, too – “honoring God”. This would make a wonderful choice to honor the family’s faith.

50. Lono

If you seek a short and simple name that is still full of meaning, Lono should be on your roster.

Lono the God of peace and agriculture in Hawaiian or Polynesian mythology. He was one of the four major Gods before the Earth’s formation. This masculine typically means “news” or “new information” in Hawaiian culture.

51. Makaio

If you’re familiar with the name “Matthew”, this three-syllable moniker is its Hawaiian alternative.

Both mean “gift of Yahweh” or “gift of God”. Having a baby is one of the most magical things ever to happen to most parents. If you believe he’s sent from above, this name will perfectly reflect that.

52. Mana

This multicultural name appears in Hindu, Hawaiian, Persian, and Japanese languages. Mana refers to “spiritual powers” or “psychic gifts”.

It means “everlasting” in Persian and “truth” and “Nara” in Japanese. Of Hindu origin, Mana boasts varied interpretations: “respect”, “consideration”, “assumption”, or “conception”. Finally, in Hawaiian, it means “supernatural power”.

53. Māui

In Polynesian mythology, Maui was a male trickster god. It’s also the name of one of the famous Hawaiian islands. This Hawaiian male title means “trickster god” thanks to its mythological tie and alternatively “God of fire”.

Hawaiian Boy Names Inspired By Nature

This list of Hawaiian boy names shouldn’t be complete without a section for nature-inspired names. Surrounded by the water and boasting marvelous lush greenery, Hawaiian islands bring out some of the most beautiful nature names on Earth.

Names for the baby islands can come through vision and sound, and thus, when hearing and calling them, you can feel the vibe of nature:

Boy Names Inspired
Nature is an endless inspiration for Hawaiian boy names.

54. Ahe

Ahe is a name that reflects the deep connections between natural elements and Hawaiians. The name also means “soft breeze” and “soft blowing breeze”, and is sometimes chosen for girls.

55. Akamu

While it spells differently (except for starting with “A”), the name is supposedly a Hawaiian form of the ultra-classic Adam. It translates to “of the Earth” or “of the Red Earth”.

A person born with this name surely greatly appreciates the planet he was born on. Aka and Kamu are shorter versions of this name if you prefer brevity.

56. Anuenue Akua

Rainbow has cultural significance for Hawaiians. It is believed to be the celestial pathway between Earth and Heaven. This also means that it’s a symbol of hope and transformation. Hence, Anuenue Akua, meaning “rainbow’s spirit” and “God’s rainbow”, is a noteworthy choice.

57. Aolani

This unisex name is made of “ao” for “cloud” and “lani” for “sky” or “heaven”. Aolani, meaning “heavenly cloud”, is a nice choice if you’re seeking something sweet and magical.

58. Aukai

This Hawaiian boy’s name refers to “seafarer” or “sailor”. While not directly pointing to nature, this occupational name likely instills a spirit for adventure or, at least, a love for the vast ocean in a man.

59. Kaimana

Etymologically, this male name is built from “kai” meaning “sea” and “mana” meaning “power”. Therefore, the complete meaning is “the power of the sea”.

For such a community closely linked to the sea, this name carries significant weight to Hawaiian families. Also of English origin, Kaimana means “diamond”. The name can be given to any gender, but less common as a girl’s name.

60. Kahawai

Bodies of water symbolize the flow of Hawaiians’ life. Earlier in Hawaiian history, the right to water use provoked fights among the natives. Water, as a result, is a sacred thing on the islands.

This nature-inspired name, meaning “the river” or “stream”, is a way to honor that heritage and culture.

61. Kalai

As a native translation of the English moniker “Clay”, Kalai also represents the sticky earth, clay.

It’s unlikely that your child will be in the same kindergarten class with someone who shares this rarely-used name. However, with its earthy definition, this is a way to help your boy appreciate the natural resources that form the foundation of life.

62. Keahi

Keahi carries such strong meanings as “fire” and “flames”. The good news is that this is still a relatively undiscovered name if you seek something unique for your kid. Like many Hawaiian names, Keahi is quite neutral-gender, so you can choose it for a baby girl, too.

63. Keanu

Compared to its Hawaiian counterparts, Keanu enjoys considerable popularity nationwide. It has been on the SSA’s chart since 1994 and was the 532nd most-used name in 2021.

With the meaning of “cool breeze”, or “cool breeze over the mountain”, it’s an airy and refreshing choice to mark the baby’s arrival.

Keanu also boasts a huge celebrity connection. The famous Canadian actor Keanu Reeves is the one who brings the name closer to the public. His American father is from Hawaii.

64. Keola

Names that mean “life” are inherently deep and give a powerful aura to their bearer. Chances are you know the classic Hebrew name “Eva”.

“Keola” is a noteworthy choice for a more exotic and masculine version. The name means “the life” or “alive”. Alternatively, you can interpret it as “health” and “well-being”. While Keola is more common for boys on the islands, it also makes a cool gender-neutral moniker.

65. Konane

Categorized as a unisex name, Konane translates to “bright” and “glow as moonlight”. With such a glowing definition, the name is right for a baby born under a full moon or a family that loves astrology.

66. Koukakala

This long moniker is a Hawaiianized version of “Douglas”. Etymologically, “Douglas” comes from the Gaelic Dubhglas and means “black stream” or “one who comes from the dark river”. Koukakala is certainly close to nature but has a mysterious vibe (thanks to the word “dark”).

67. Mahi’ai

This Hawaiian name is supposedly a variation of “George”, a Greek name that means “farmer” or “earth-worker”. George is a favorite among US parents, and I hope that Mahi’ai is due for greater attention, too.

68. Makai

Maikai is another choice for sea lovers. It is a Hawaiian name that means “towards the sea”. It is also considered a variant of “Michael”, which means “who is like God?”.

69. Makani

Makani belongs to the genderless group of names so you can use it for any gender. The name means “breeze” and “wind”, so if your kid is a breath of fresh air to your life, why not think about it?

70. Mamo

Mamo represents the “saffron flower” and “yellow bird” in the native language. Whichever way you choose to interpret this name, it’s a nice choice to connect your baby to the great outdoors. The name also has two other origins: it means “uncle” in Kurdish and “little boy” in Ethiopian.

71. Nahele

In the native Hawaiian language, Nahele means “woods”, “forest”, or “tree grove”. It leans towards a unisex name and can be used for any gender. If parents love all things green, Nahele is a lovely option.

72. Oliwa

If this name looks familiar to you, then you’re right! Oliwa is a variant of Oliver”.

Oliver itself comes from multiple roots. The name means “elf army” or “army” in Germanic and “Descendant of the ancestor” in old Norse. Nevertheless, its perhaps easiest-to-remember meaning is “olive tree” which the name gets from Latin roots.

73. Pika

Derived from the Greek name “Peter”, this intrepid moniker means “stone” or “rock”. Peter itself is a name of major significance across Christain families. It is closely tied to Simon, one of Jesus’s apostles, as he was also known as Saint Peter.

74. Uluwehi

Translating to “lush and beautiful verdure”, Uluwehi represents thriving and growth. Thus, it can be a great omen for your son’s future. Uluwehi is associated with nature in more than one way, though.

It is also the name of an enchanting waterfall in Hawaii, also known as Secret Waterfalls.

Other Special Hawaiian Boy Names To Consider!

Last but not least, here is a miscellaneous collection of Hawaiian boy names to consider. Take a look for more inspiration!

Special Hawaiian Names
These special Hawaiin names, with their exotic meanings!

75. Alapai

Alapai has its roots in English and is mainly used in Hawaiian. It nicely fits your smart and thoughtful little boy as it translates to “Elf counsel”, “counselor”, and “advisor”. If you want something longer, consider its close variant, “Alepeleke”.

76. Aloiki

Warrior-related meanings are highly sought-after among parents who love strong boy names. Aloiki comes from Hawaiian and Old Germanic, meaning “famous warrior”. A kid with this name won’t just simply survive in his life battles; he’ll thrive!

77. Ali’i

In early times, “Ali’i” was the title of chiefs or leaders on the islands. There were different tiers of “Ali’i” in charge of different aspects of the community’s welfare.

For this reason, the boy’s name comes from this historical usage, meaning “chief” or “leader”. If you envision your boy becoming a capable leader someday, why not think about “Ali’i”?

78. Bane

Bane is a name of diverse roots. Hawaiian parents can choose this name to welcome the first boy they have long waited for. Bane literally means “long-awaited child” in the Hawaiian language.

With the English translation of “glorious defender”, it’s also a choice to channel strength and resiliency into the kid. For lesser-known meanings, Bane also refers to “large hampers” and “large baskets”, if you consider it a French name.

79. Hailama

This pretty-sounding moniker is the Hawaiian form of the word “Hiram”. In turn, “Hiram” in Hebrew is typically interpreted as “exalted brother”.

A boy bearing this name must be exemplary for his siblings to emulate or be proud of. Why not, when his name means “famous brother”?

80. Hilo

Hilo is both of obscure etymology and rare use. Yet, it takes on several identities. Hilio is a locational name, pointing to the largest town on the island of Hawaii, at the eastern corner.

A Polynesian navigator in Hawaiian mythology also bears the name. As a male given name, Hilo is typically interpreted as “first night after the new moon”.

81. Iulio

With an abundance of vowel sounds, Iulio is among the most adorable monikers on the list. This Hawaiian name hails from the old Roman family name, Julius, meaning “downy-bearded” and “youth”.

Youth usually represents hope, liveliness, and exciting adventures. So, regardless of physical changes, you may hope that your kid will always remain young at heart.

82. Kahale

Of Hawaiian origin, Kahale means “the home”. For many parents, a newborn is the final piece of the puzzle that turns a house into a home. This name is the right fit for your firstborn son.

83. Kaipo

Kaipo was highly favored by females back in the 19th century. But these days, it’s more frequently used as a male title. Pronounced as “kie-poh”, Kaipo literally means “sweetheart” and “darling”.

Thus, Kaipo is not solely a means of identification; it’s also a way to express your love for the baby.

84. Kamehameha

Kamehameha is a regal title shared by five kings of the Hawaiian Islands. It’s also the name of the dynasty that these Kings ruled over itself, spanning 1795 to 1872.

Two elements form the name, “ka” as the definite article, and “mehameha” for “solitary”. The ultimate interpretation is “the one set apart”.

85. Kapono

In the Hawaiian language, Kapono is a word for “righteous” and “virtuous”. The name is a great place to start if you hope your boy grows up with these virtues.

Among the well-known figures is the iconic musician Henry Kapono, who is famous for Hawaiian music. He was born and raised on the island. His achievements include one Grammy nomination and 14 times winning the Na Hoku Hanohano Award Prize.

86. Kawika

This Hawaiian form of David means “beloved of the Lord”.

Kawika Kapahulehua is a Hawai-native sailor. He is known as the seasoned captain of the first ocean-voyaging canoe sailing from Hawaii to Tahiti in around 600 years.

There are other notable American figures to inspire your little bundle of joy. The name is shared by footballer Kawika Mitchell, volleyball player Kawika Shoji, and singer Justin Kawika Young.

87. Keaka

Keaka is another moniker with unique meanings – “person of shadows”. This Hawaiian name is neutral-gender but was once more common for girls in the 19th century.

Besides, there is also a belief that the name originates from “Jack”, which is a pet form of “John”. Thus, it can be interpreted as “God is gracious”.

88. Kekipi

Kekipi is a cool and chaotic moniker that means “the revolt” or “rebellious”. The name has a character and is suitable for an intelligent yet naughty boy.

89. Keonaona

Keonaona is another name for irregular use. This long name is formed by two elements: “ke” for “the” and “onaona” for “gentle” and “fragrant”.

Pronounced as “keh-oh-nah-oh-nah”, this moniker means “soft aroma”. The name can be used for both males and females. If you want a name with a one-of-a-kind meaning, then go for it! It’s also a female given name.

90. Keone

Keone is a flexible moniker in terms of gender. Yet, it’s more commonly heard as a male name. This nature-themed name means “the sand” and “the homeland”. Thus, naming your boy “Keone” is a way to pay homage to your ancestry and homeland.

Keone is also a masculine name in Irish, traditionally interpreted as “warrior”.

91. Kimo

Native Hawaiians consider “Kimo” as a variant of the stylish names James and “Jim”. Thus, the translation of this Hawaiian moniker should be “supplanter” or “replacer”.

Throughout history, James has been the title of many kings, presidents, entertainers, and regular folks.

It’s a heavily used moniker these days. Therefore, whether you want something less regular with the same interpretations or want to honor your Hawaiian heritage, Kimo is worth considering.

92. Koi

Koi, also spelled as “Coy”, is a Hawaiian boy’s name that means “urge” and “implore”.

In Japanese or Choctaw, this name also translates to “carp” and “panther”. As Japan’s favored ornamental type of carp, Koi is regarded as a sign of good fortune. So, this name can also serve as a lucky charm for your little kid.

93. Lonakana

Lonakana is the Hawaiian equivalent of “Jonathan”, a Hebrew name for “gift of Jehovah” or “God has given”.

Jonathan is a heroic figure in the Hebrew Bible. He was the eldest son of King Saul, a close friend of King David, and also known for his victory over the Philistines at Geba.

94. Lopaka

Lopaka is a mostly male name representing “bright fame”. This Hawaiian name derives from the popular European name “Robert”.

Robert itself is made of the compound of “hrod”, meaning “renowned or famous” and “Beorht”, meaning “bright”. A child named Lopaka is destined for a bright future ahead.

95. Maka’ala

This exotic-sounding moniker means “vigilance” or “watchful”. Great care and being vigilant at work or in life is often an often-overlooked trait.

Yet, those who can master them are bound to succeed in their jobs sooner or later. Hui Makaala is also an Okinawan scholarship organization in Hawaii to promote Okinawan culture and spirit.

96. Mano

Mano is a spunky name that stands out with its unique meaning of “shark”. Go for Mano if you love something nautical (but not oh-so-popular like those meaning “sea” or “ocean”).

Moreover, the ruler of the sea symbolizes authority and majesty (if that’s what you hope your kid embodies). Mano is also a Hebrew name that means “God is with us” and a Japanese name that means “true field”.

97. Māhoe

Are you looking for matching twin names? This name is a fantastic choice if you have already set your heart on one perfect name. Māhoe means “twin” in the Hawaiian language, making it ideal for one-half of the twin pair.

Māhoe is rarely used, partly due to its distinctive definitions. Your kid won’t likely share his name with others in kindergarten.

98. Mālama

Mālama is a word of Hawaiian origin and means “to take care for” or “to protect”. Mālama is usually heard through the phrase “Mālama ka ‘aina”, translating to “take care of the land”. Or it’s in the parting words “Mālama pono”, meaning “take care”.

It’s a moniker for parents who want to raise their boy into a caring and thoughtful man.

99. Nohea

If you are looking for a name that can boost the self-image and confidence of the child, consider “Nohea”. It’s a pure Hawain name that means “handsome”. After all, a boy is effortlessly the apple of their parent’s eyes.

Nohea can also be used for girls, and it translates to “beautiful”.

100. Pakelika

This Hawaiian name is rooted in the name “Patrick”, which is of Latin origin and means “nobleman”. If you wish your kid to grow up into a noble gentleman, start to instill the spirits with this name!

101. Palani

A free-spirited man will likely achieve anything he desires in life. If you want to nurture a sense of liberty in your child, Palani, meaning “freedom”, can be the first step in the process.

102. Piiholo

Mountain-inspired names are also a nice choice, whether you’re a nature-loving parent, enthusiast hiker, or simply someone who wants something strong and majestic.

The name Piiholo sits far above the ground, meaning “mountain summit”. There is a mountaintop on the island of Maui in Hawaii with this name, elevated up to 689 meters (2,260 feet) above sea level.

Which One Strikes You The Most?

The Hawaiian archipelago is beautiful and culturally rich, which is also reflected in the vast name pool. Whether you’re of Hawaiian descent or someone obsessed with the charm of the islands, choosing a Hawaiian name for your kid makes great sense.

So, has any of this lively, melodic moniker impressed you? Feel free to write down your comments and share them with me. If you think other expectant parents can get some naming inspo out of this list, why not click the share button to spread it on your social media?

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