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I am sure the Henry name meaning will fascinate you immediately because it is exhilarating. If you are looking for a name for a lovely baby, this post is an excellent suggestion since you can pick your best-loved name from it.

You just need to scroll through the post to have a detailed view of this incredible name. I am sure that the information I am about to provide will not let you down.

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Is Henry a wonderful name? Let’s find out the answer by exploring its meaning

Check The Overview Information Of The Name Henry

The critical thing you should do before entering the following sections is to have a clear idea about the general information about Henry in the table below. Please take a look!

MeaningHenry means “home ruler”, “estate ruler”, or “ruler of the home”. Some of Henry’s variants refer to “powerful” or “distinguished”
OriginIts origin is uncertain. But, it is said that Henry stems from the French names “Henry” or “Henri”, originating from the Old Frankish name “Heimeric”. Another idea said that it is also an Irish and English-root name
Pronunciationhen-ree in English

hein-rick in German

ahn-ree in French
GenderHenry is more popular as a boy name
PopularityIn 2021, it came in the 9th place for the most popular boy’s names in the US
VariationsHenri, Henny, Hennie, Herry, Henriette, Henrietta, Harriet, Harriett, Heinrich, Hendrick, Heimirich, Henning, Hattie, Hettie, etc.
NicknamesHank, Harry, Henny, Hal, Rye, Hen, Huck, Heinz, etc.
Similar namesThomas, Edward, Robert, John, Richard, George, Jack, Samuel, etc.
Middle namesMichael, Patrick, Archer, Carter, Mason, Scott, Ellis, Dylan, Douglas, James
Sibling namesFor boys: Adam, Franklin, Noah, William, Oliver, etc.
For girls: Elizabeth, Sarah, Charlotte, Alexandra, Lucy, etc. 

The Fascinating Secrets Behind The Henry Name Meaning

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There are many secrets you might not know about the meaning of Henry, so please check it now!

Do you know the story behind Henry’s name meaning? This French masculine name implies “home ruler”, “ruler of the home”, or “estate ruler”. Plus, you can find some variations with the meaning of “distinguished” or “powerful”.

The exact origin of Henry is uncertain, but the earliest information shows that it is a French-origin boy’s name. For more information, this popular given name comes from the names “Henry” or “Henri” in Old French.

Specifically, these Old French words come from the name “Heimeric” in Old Frankish, which stems from the word “Haimarīks” in Common German. The mix of 2 elements, “Heim” and “Ric”, meaning “home” and “ruler” creates the name “Heimeric”.

Also, another opinion said that it is an English and Irish-based male name. Henry is a noble and royal name since it was the name of some kings and noblemen in European nations, like the King of England (Henry VII).

Are you wondering about the pronunciation of this name? It has several pronounced ways in different languages. You can pronounce it as “hen-ree” in English or “ahn-ree” in French. People in Germany pronounce it as “hein-rick”.

Find Out The Popularity Of The Name Henry

You can find many people or babies named Henry in English-speaking countries, like the United States, Wales, England, or Australia. It started becoming popular in the late 1800s. This name has been used for hundreds of years.

In 1881, this masculine name gained peak popularity in the United States, ranking 8th. Although its popularity declined later, it was still in the top 50 popular names for boys in the United States.

The name Henry has been one of the priority options of many parents in the United States. It was in the top 9 common boys’ names in 2021 in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration (1).

In other countries, like England, Wales, and Canada, Henry had a spot on the 15 most popular names list for little boys in 2020.

Harry is the most common short version of this manly name. It was one of the 5 hot names for boys in Wales and England in 2007.

Is Henry A Boy Name?

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The meaningful and strong name Henry is a great option for your boys.

Henry is a gender-neutral name. Nevertheless, it is primarily given to baby boys. Parents often prioritize Henry’s feminine versions, such as Harriet or Henrietta, for their daughters.

According to the data of the Baby Name Uniqueness Analyzer, the United States recorded about 11,307 newborn baby boys bearing the incredible name Henry in 2021. For girls, there were about 15 kids named Henry (2).

Other Variations Of Henry In Different Languages

Henry has various spellings or variants in many languages. Below is the list of common vảiations you might know.

  • Henri, Henny, Hennie, Herry, Henriette, Henrietta, Harriet, Harriett (French)
  • Henrik, Hinrik (Scandinavian)
  • Heinrich, Hendrick, Heimirich, Henning, Hattie, Hettie (German)
  • Enrico, Enzo (Italian)
  • Enric (Catalan)
  • Henricus (Latin)
  • Hendry (Scottish)
  • Harri (Finnish and Welsh)
  • Henrique (Portuguese)
  • Hinkik (Icelandic)
  • Henryk (Poland)
  • Harry (English)

Expand Your Names List With Henry’s Nicknames And Similar Names

Instead of calling your baby with the name Henry, here are some simple and short ways you can use:

  • Hank
  • Harry
  • Henny
  • Hal
  • Rye
  • Hen
  • Huck
  • Heinz

What are the similar names of the name Henry? If you are searching for the answer, please look at this table now!

Thomastho-mas or taw-muhsTwinAramaic
Edwarded-ward, ed-werd, or ed-wurdWealthy, guardian or prosperous protectorOld English
Robertraa-bert or roh-bertBright fame, glory bright, or shining with gloryOld German
Johnj-aa-n or jonGod is gracious or graced by GodHebrew, Semitic
Richardr ih-ch er dBrave ruler, hardy, or powerfulGerman
GeorgejawrjEarthworker or farmerGreek
JackjaekGod is graciousEnglish
Samuelsam-yoo-uhlGod has set, God has placed, God has heard, or name of GodHebrew

Incredible Middle Names Go With The Name Henry

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Let’s start the journey of finding a suitable middle name for a baby named Henry.

If you choose the name Henry for your kids, finding a suitable middle name to mix with it is important. I’ll give you some fantastic suggestions in this part.

  • Michael : This is a long-standing name for baby boys since it gained popularity in Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the 12th century in England. This Hebrew masculine name is interpreted as “gift from God” or “who is like God”.
  • Patrick: The name means “noble”, “son of Patrick” or “patrician”, an anglicized form of the common name “Padraig” in the Celtic alphabet. For more information, “Padraig” has roots in the Latin language.
  • Archer: It is an English and Latin-based name for little princes. “Bowman” and “one who excels at Archery” are the translations of this occupational name. It is regularly used as a surname.
  • Carter: This English origin name implies “transporter of goods by cart” or “tourist”. Many believe this name derives from the Gaelic word “Cairtear”. US President – Jimmy Carter is one of the notable people getting this name.
  • Mason: People often translate this masculine name as “stone worker”, “brick layer”, “a tradesman” or “artisan who works in stone”. In 2021, this English root boy name was ranked 18th in the list of most popular male names in American.
  • Scott: In the Latin language, this name refers to “Gaelic speaker”. You can find this name in the Scottish alphabet with the meaning of “a person from Scotland” or “a Scotsman”. You can give it to your baby boys or girls.
  • Ellis: This fantastic name existed in the Middle Ages in Wales. It is a unisex name of Welsh origin, which means “kind”, “the Lord is my God”, or “benevolent”. In addition, it is a variant of the names Alice and Elijah.
  • Dylan: It is a proper name for baby boys. This name comes from the mix of 2 Welsh words “dy” and “llanw”, meaning “great” and “flow”. In short, you can translate Dylan as “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean”. It is a common choice for babies who have a connection to the sea.
  • Douglas: “Black river” or “dark stream” are the translations of this Scottish origin name. Douglas results from the Gaelic words “dubh” and “glas”, which imply “dark”, “black” and “stream”. Many famous people named Douglas include Douglas Noel Adams (an English novelist), Douglas Coupland (a Canadian novelist), and Douglas Fairbanks (an American actor).
  • James : It is a biblical given name since James was the name of the two Jesus’ apostles. This Hebrew name, meaning “supplanter” or “substitute”, is the English form of the name “Jacob” in Hebrew origin.

Wonderful And Meaningful Suggestions For Henry’s Siblings

Suppose you are about to welcome Henry’s brother or sister, you can choose your favorite manly or girly name from this list to give to Henry’s sibling.

For Boys

There are many masculine names you can use for other sons in your family. You can see some common options below.

  • Adam: This male name stems from the word “adamah”, translated as “earth”, “soil”, or “ground” in Hebrew. In short, Adam means “son of the red Earth”. It was in the 104th position for the most popular names for baby boys in the US in 2021.
  • Franklin: One of the fantastic English-origin given names you can give to Henry’s brothers is Franklin. It originates from the medieval English word “Frankeleyn”, derived from the word “fraunclein” in the Anglo-Norman alphabet. This name means “free landowner”.
  • Noah: The Hebrew word “Noach”, meaning “repose”, “peace”, or “rest”, is the origin of this male name. Also, another theory says that Noah stems from the Babylonian word “nukhu”.
  • William: The root of this name is the Old German word “Wilhelm”. This fantastic name is defined as “strong-willed warrior” or “resolute protector”. William has existed for a thousand years. Currently, it is still one of the most famous names in the US and other nations.
  • Oliver: “The olive tree” and “ancestor’s descendant” are the common translations of this male name. It is believed to be a variation of the Latin word “olivarius”. Also, another opinion said that Oliver is a Medieval and Old French-origin name.

For Girls

The collection of girly names for Henry’s sister is diverse. Please check what they are right now!

  • Elizabeth: This Hebrew name appeared in the Old Testament. It means “God is my oath” or “God is abundance”. It is a variation of the name “Elisheva”. You can find Elizabeth in the New Testament as the name of the mother of John the Baptist.
  • Sarah: It is a biblical girl’s name. This Hebrew name, meaning “princess” or “noblewoman”, is the name of Abraham’s wife in the Bible. It is said that Sarah is a girly version of the word “Sar” in the Hebrew alphabet.
  • Charlotte: This feminine name evolved from the French male name “Charles”. It is interpreted as “free man” or “petite”. This given name is a famous noble and royal name. It became more popular in the 18th century as it was the name of the English Queen – Charlotte.
  • Alexandra: It is a feminine version of the Greek masculine name “Alexander”. For those not in the know, Alexander roots in the word “Alexandros”. “Defender of mankind” is the common meaning of Alexandra. So, it implies a strong, brave, and powerful woman.
  • Lucy: The Latin masculine name “Lucius” is the origin of this girly and cute name. It means “light”, “daylight”, or “shiny”, and it appeared in England in the 11th century, thanks to the Norman invaders. It has other spellings, including Luci, Lucia, Luzia, or Lucie.

Illustrious People Having The Name Henry

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Henry is a familiar name since it is the name of many famous people.

Henry is a famous name and is associated with many famous people. It is the name of well-known kings, nobilities, or modern celebrities. Perhaps, you can know the following people I am about to show in this part.

  • Henry I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII: Kings of England from 1100 to 1547
  • Henry: King of Portugal from 1578 to 1580
  • Henry Compton: bishop of London from 1675 to 1713
  • Henry de Audley (1175-1246): an English baron
  • Herbert Henry Asquith (1852-1928): Prime minister of Great Britain from 1908 to 1916
  • Henry Leach (1923-2011): a British Royal Army officer and a commander of Falklands War
  • Henry Harcourt (1873-1933): British politician
  • Henry Cavill (born in 1983): a British actor
  • Henry King (1886-1982): an American actor and director
  • Henry Hunter Hall (born in 1997): an American actor
  • Henry Jackman (born in 1974): an English composer
  • Henry Rollins (born in 1961): an American singer
  • Henry Miller (1891-1980): an American writer

The Role Of The Name Henry In Popular Culture

Many novelists, film directors, or authors have given the name Henry to the characters in their movies or books. Here are some prominent fictional characters you can hear before.

  • Henry Branwell: a character in the trilogy The Infernal Devices
  • Henry: a character in the TV show KaBlam
  • Henry Baker: a character in the comedy film Cheaper by the Dozen
  • Henry Desmond: a character in the TV sitcom Bosom Buddies
  • Henry Crabbe: a character in the famous series Pie in the Sky
  • Henry Francis: a character in the TV series Mad Men
  • Henry Hart: a character in the comedy TV series Henry Danger
  • Henry Mills: a character in the TV series: Once Upon a Time
  • Henry Warnimont: a character in the TV sitcom Punky Brewster


Don’t skip the answers to these frequently asked questions in this section as you can boost your knowledge about the name Henry. Who knows, you may uncover the remaining hidden secrets of this name.

Yes, it is actually a royal name because there are many kings, princes, and nobilities who bear it, like Henry I of England or Prince Harry.

In 2023, the masculine name Henry still remains on the list of the top 10 most common names for boys in the United States. However, its ranking is predicted to rise to 8th compared to the 9th of 2021.

Each name has a lucky number or color. Regarding the name, Henry, red, light green, and rust are the best colors for people named Henry.

Henry has different spellings and forms in various languages. In Irish, you can find this name with the spelling of “Anrai”.

How Do You Feel About The Name Henry?

In general, the name Henry is the favorite of many parents worldwide since it is meaningful. What do you think about this name? Do you want to give it to your baby? Please make your decision instantly after reading this article.

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