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There’s a lot to say about Lauren name meaning, origin, and history. Lauren, which sounds pretty much the same way as Laurence and Lawrence, is a beautiful name that deserves more attention.

Walking down the street during the 80s or 90s, you would bump into a “Lauren” more often than now. Yet, what made this name so popular around that time? Does it have something to do with the name’s meanings or origin?

If you’re interested in the name Lauren, these facts are worth checking out!

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You should know all the facts behind Lauren if you already fall for this name!

Basic Information About Lauren

Lauren’s pronunciation is likely the first impression you get from this name. Yet, other related facts about it also matter. Here they are!

Meaning “Bay laurel”, “wisdom”, “victory”, and “sweet of honor”.
GenderLauren, in its early history, was only used for boys. However, it’s now a gender-neutral choice in the US. Surprisingly, more baby girls bear this name than boys in modern times. 
PopularityAs a girl name, Lauren was once a favorite during the 80s and 90s. The name now declines in popularity, at 336th spot in 2021. 
VariationsLaura, Laurena, Laurynn, Laurens, Loren, Lorens, Laryn, Lorin, etc.
NicknamesLo, Lar, Lor, Lolo, Lon, Ren, Lonny, etc. 
Similar NamesLaurel, Lauretta, Luna, Lyra, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Aaron, Hugo, Jean, Mark, Paul, etc. 

For Girls: Antoinette, Gabrielle, Georgia, Lily, etc. 
Middle NamesAudrey, Chloe, Marie, Paige, Rebecca, etc. 

What Does The Name Lauren Indicate?

Lauren is a derivation of the French name “Laurence”. The two names both mean “bay laurel”, “wisdom”, “victory”, and “sweet of honor”. Laurence comes from the Roman surname “Laurentius”, meaning “someone from Laurentum”.

The word “Laurentum” was a place name in ancient Roman, pointing to an extensive area near the sea coast between the two towns Lavinium and Ostia. This ancient city’s name itself, again, derives from the Latin word “Laurus” for “laurel” or “bay laurel”.

The laurel became an emblem of victory and honor in ancient Rome and Greece. Leaves and branches of laurel were woven into wreaths and worn on the heads of emperors and victors in major athletic competitions. Lauren is a common given name and surname these days.

Which Gender Is The Name Lauren For?

Today, Lauren goes as a unisex name. Yet, to many surprises, the name started as a masculine name until famous American actress Betty Joan Perske changed her name to Lauren Bacall.

She is known as the 20th greatest female star of Classic Hollywood cinema with a distinctively deep and husky voice. In fact, during the 1980s and 1990s, Lauren was a trendy name in the US.

While Lauren is considered a gender-neutral name, it is, more often than not, chosen for baby girls. As a boy name, its popularity waned after 1990, according to data from Social Security Administration (SSA).

The Rise And Fall Of The Name Lauren

Lauren has been used as a boy name in America since 1900, although it was only in low use. American parents only started to use it for baby girls in 1945, the year after Lauren Bacall’s debut film was released.

During the 1980s and 1990s, Lauren was a new hit name in America. This coincided with when Lauren Bacall was at the peak of her career. She received a Tony Award in 1970, Woman of the Year in 1981, and one nomination for an Academy Award in 1996.

Its most successful year was 1989, when the name was the 9th most popular choice in the country. Over the following two decades, Lauren was still a fairly fashionable name, securely sitting in the top 50.

In recent years, however, this French name is seemingly slipping out of fashion, as the ranking of 336th in 2021 shows (1).

The Most Common Variants Of Lauren

While Lauren is a derivation of another name, it still has several variations across cultures. If you’re after something that sounds slightly different but with the same meanings, here are your options:

  • Laura (Latin)
  • Laurena, Laurynn (English, Latin)
  • Laurens (Dutch)
  • Loren (Spanish)
  • Lorens (Swedish)
  • Laryn (Scottish)
  • Lorin (Italian)

Similar Names & Pet Names For Your Little Lauren

Beautiful Baby Girl
A sweet nickname can remind everyone of how incredibly cute your baby is!

Are you wondering what the best way to call your little Lauren at home is? There’s no lack of nicknames for this French name, but below are the most catchy choices to consider!

  • Lo
  • Lar
  • Lor
  • Lolo
  • Lon
  • Ren
  • Lonny

If you’re still open to more names, let’s see if these similar “L” names can spark your joy the way Lauren did!

Laurel/lau-rel/ /lau-rel/ /lawr-uhl /laor-ehl/Bay tree, laurel treeLatin
Lauretta/lau-ret-ta/ /luh-ret-uh/Sweet bay tree, symbol of victory, bay laurelItalian, Latin
Luna/lu-na/ /loo-nuh/MoonLatin, Italia, Spanish
Lyra/lie-rah/ /lahy-ruh/ /lay-rah/Harp, lyreGreek

Sibling Names For Your Little Lauren

Is that you a thoughtful parent who loves to plan ahead? If yes, for many kids arriving after Lauren, you can take note of these lovely, matching sibling names.

For Sons

Any of these names will fit well together with Lauren. There’s no matching theme or obvious connection here, but their cute coordination with Lauren can surprise you!

Aaron: Aaron has always been in the top 100 choices for over 5 decades. There are many factors to explain the enduring success of this name.

It’s a biblical name that belongs to the oldest brother of Moses in the Old Testament. Plus, the empowering meanings will fit any little man – “exalted”, “strong”, and “mountain of strength”. Finally, it packs plenty of vowels that speak to modern naming tastes.

Hugo: Hugo can be a Spanish, Portuguese, or German that means “intellectual” and “mind”. Although not a huge hit in the US, Hugo is a favorite in Sweden, France, and Spain. With its hip and modern air, you might never guess this name dates back to the Middle Ages.

Jean: Jean also makes a great match with Lauren as it’s also rooted in French. As a variant of the classic Hebrew name “John”, it translates to “God is gracious”. Jean Paul Gaultier is a popular French haute couture designer who also gives Jean a fashionable touch.

Mark: Mark has been among the most popular boy names well over the last century (2). It’s simple, smart, and never goes out of date. Meaning “warlike”, Mark boasts a brilliant namesake today, American business magnate and co-founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg.

Paul: Paul is a prominent name in Christian communities. It was borne by Saint Paul, a major leader of the early Christian churches. Paul sounds simplistic and unpretentious, just like its interpretations of “small” and “humble”.

For Daughters

These female names already get approval from parents who have a girl named Lauren. And they’ll soon convince you, too!

Antoinette: You’ll love all the beautiful meanings of this French name: “priceless one” and “highly praiseworthy”. In this case, Antoinette goes as a spelling form of the Latin name “Anthony”. That said, Antoinette also presumably stems from Greek and means “flower”.

Gabrielle: This adorable name carries the powerful and divine meaning of “God is my strength. Also rooted in French like Lauren, Gabrielle is a feminine version of the Hebrew “Gabriel”, as you might guess.

It belongs to the archangel who announced the divine pregnancy to Virgin Mary (3). Therefore, this name and its variant, Gabrielle, can be a messenger of good news to your life.

Georgia: Georgia comes with a sweet southern vibe, but it actually derived from the Greek “Γεωργία” for “earth-worker” and “farmer”. Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles is also a memorable song many people think about mentioning this name.

Lily: This British girl name comes from the Latin word “lilium” and directly refers to the flower “lily”. Lily, in the flower language, represents innocence and purity.

In the Bible, Saint Joseph is often described as carrying a lily, showing his relationship with Virgin Mary. Lily is a floral name that is blooming in the US (its 2021’s ranking is 31st).

Pretty Middle Names For Lauren

Are you looking for a middle name that is pretty, meaningful, and flows well with Lauren? For your convenience, I’ve included middle names that are just perfect for Lauren!

Young Mother And Child
Lauren is already gorgeous, but a great middle name will make it sound even better!

Audrey: This classy British name might remind many of the iconic actress Audrey Hepburn. Audrey, along with many other vintage names, is riding a new wave of popularity. The name has been a solid choice in the top 100 since 2003.

Chloe: Chloe is a distinctive Greek name that has garnered a lot of spotlights today. Specifically, standing at 24th place in 2021, this classic choice was the third most popular “C” name, only behind “Camila” and “Charlotte” on the SSA chart.

Chloe represents rejuvenation and new beginnings, as it means “fertility”, “blooming”, and “young green shoot”.

Marie: Of French origin like Lauren, Marie encompasses different meanings like “drop of the sea”, “bitter”, and “beloved”.

As a form of the Hebrew name “Mary”, Marie also has an indirect tie to the holy virgin mother of Jesus in the Bible. So, if you want to honor your French root on one side and your faith on the other, Marie will speak to your needs.

Paige: Paige is a British occupation name, pointing to “servant” or “page”. Yet, the name can find its roots in Old French, with similar meanings – “young servant”.

Paige is a sleek name that is well-loved in fiction. The name appears in Pretty Little Liars, the TV series Charmed, and the nighttime soap Knots Landing, among other fictional works.

Rebecca: Rebecca leaves a memorable mark in the Bible, as it belongs to the wife of Isaac and the mother of Esau and Jacob. “To bind” or “to tie” are the Hebrew translations of this name.

While there are countless ways to shorten Rebecca for nicknames, Becca and Becky seem like the most obvious choice for many parents.

The Name Lauren In Fictional Works

This French name also frequently appears in popular culture, including soap operas, TV shows, animation, etc. Your little Lauren will likely come across many characters sharing her name in her favorite shows.

  • Lauren Ackerman: a history teacher in the TV show iCarly.
  • Lauren Branning: a teenage girl in the British TV program EastEnders.
  • Lauren Cooper: a young schoolgirl in the British TV show The Catherine Tate Show.
  • Lauren Fenmore Baldwin: a movie character in the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless.
  • Lauren Mallory: a popular schoolgirl in the Twilight novels and movies.
  • Lauren Strucker: a mutant in the American TV series The Gifted.
  • Lauren Valentine: a fictional character in the British soap opera Hollyoaks.

Notable Celebrities Named Lauren

Given strong preferences towards Lauren during the 80s and 90s, it’s not surprising to see many famous Laurens born around this time. Here are many celebrities who help shine more spotlight on the French name:

  • Lauren Ackerman (1905–1993): American pathologist and physician.
  • Lauren Adams (born 1982): Also known as Lauren Conlin Adams – an American actress.
  • Lauren Albanese (born 1989): American tennis player.
  • Lauren Aquilina (born 1995): British singer-songwriter.
  • Lauren Bacall (1924–2014): American actress whom the American Film Institute named the 20th-greatest female star of classic Hollywood cinema.
  • Lauren Cohan (born 1982): American-British actress who starred in The Walking Dead.
  • Lauren Kleppin (born 1988): American long-distance runner.
  • Lauren London (born 1984): American actress.


Don’t skip these related questions about this French name, as they will assist you in making a better decision!

What does Lauren mean in Christianity?

The name Lauren doesn’t show up on any Bible page. However, the laurel is often mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as a symbol of fame and posterity. Laurel also represents the resurrection of Christ, so the tree also plays an important role among Christians.

Is Lauren an old name?

Yes, it is. Lauren is an antique name that possibly goes back to the ancient Roman city of Laurentum. Lauren and its cousin Laurence were both a symbol of victory in ancient Rome and Greece.

What is the numerology number of people named Lauren?

Born with this name, your little kid is related to the number 8 in numerology. Number 8 people are confident, ambitious, and self-determined.

They are social human beings who are charming, entertaining, and compassionate. These traits make them great companions that everyone will love to be around.

Is Lauren a German name?

No, Lauren is a French name that originates from the Roman surname “Laurentius”. This gender-neutral name is also believed to come from England, although it’s a lesser-known origin.

Is Lauren a rare name?

No, it’s not. As a female name, this French name was sitting at 336th in 2021, which means it’s now in moderate usage. The name, however, once had a moment during the 80s and 90s.

Lauren – A Pretty French Name To Inspire!

There are many things about Lauren that can set your little girl up for success. It is an ancient name that comes with the sophistication of French and empowering meanings.

While Lauren’s popularity seems to reverse its starting point in the past, it’s still an attractive choice for your girl. If you love this name, there’s no reason not to add it to your list.

If there are still any concerns that this article has yet to address, you can drop them in the comment box. Please also click the like and share button before you leave! Thank you!


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