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Knowing Samantha name meaning before giving it to your child is important. Besides, parents should also find out the popularity, origin, nicknames, middle names, and other information relating to the name Samantha.

Samantha seems to be a classic name appearing for a long time. However, until now, not many clearly know about its meaning and origin. This post will give you detailed information and facts about this name.

Samantha Mean
What exactly does the name Samantha mean? Is it a lucky name?

Overview Of The Name Samantha

This part provides general information about the name Samantha. Keep reading for comprehensive details about this name.

MeaningSamantha means “God has heard”, “name of God”, “flower”, or “blossom”.
OriginIts origin is disputed, but the name may be a feminine form of the Hebrew name Samuel and influenced by the Greek name Anthea.
GenderSamantha is predominantly a name for girls.
PopularitySamantha was in the top 10 most popular girl’s names from 1988 to 2006. The popularity of the name has recently declined, but it was still ranked 105th in 2021.
VariationsSamanta, Szamanta, Samanda, Samansa, etc.
NicknamesSam, Sammi, Simmy, Ami, etc.
Similar NamesScarlett, Skylar, Sonia, Samara, etc.
Middle Names Brooke, June, Oakley, Daisy, etc.
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Jonathan, Theodore, Edward, Joseph, etc.

For Girls: Florence, Helen, Margaret, Josephine, etc.

What Does The Name Samantha Mean?

Samantha (pronunciations suh-man-thuh) is predominantly a girl’s name. But its root is unclear. It is considered a feminine version of Samuel and is influenced by the Greek girl’s name Anthea.

The Hebrew name Samuel means “God has heard” or “name of God”. Moreover, the name Anthea indicates “flower” or “blossom”. These interpretations can therefore be considered as the meanings of Samantha.

The Origin Of The Name Samantha

The exact origin of the name is disputed. However, most people accept the speculation that it is the combination of the Hebrew name Samuel and the Greek feminine name Anthea.

Samantha first appeared in Newton Regis, Warwickshire, England, in 1633. Until the 18th century, people found this name was used in New England, United States. At that time, it remained an uncommon name. (1)

The Popularity Of The Name Over Decades

The first novel in a series about a lady named Samantha by Marietta Holley contributed to the popularity of the name in 1880. However, later it dropped out of the top 1000 most popular female names in the early half of the 20th century.

The success of the TV show Bewitched caused the name to climb from 474th in 1964 to 179th in 1965. In the show, Elizabeth Montgomery portrays Samantha Stephens as a pretty witch who marries an ordinary mortal man.

The name remained in the top 10 most common names for girls from 1988 to 2006. It peaked in 1998 and was ranked the 3rd most frequently picked name. Despite a recent decline in rankings, it was still placed 105th in 2021. (2)

Name Variations For Samantha

You can find many variations of the name Samantha in various languages worldwide. Some of them are:

  • Samanta (Italian, Spanish, Latvian, Portuguese, Esperanto)
  • Szamanta (Hungarian)
  • Samanda (Korean)
  • Sàmànshā (Chinese)
  • Samansa (Japanese)
  • Sāmænt̂ā (Thai)

Cute Nicknames For Samantha

There is a wide range of short and adorable nicknames for babies named Samantha. Here are the popular ones.

  • Sam
  • Sammi
  • Simmy
  • Ami
  • Anthy
  • Matty
  • Mimi
  • Mantha
  • Manni

Similar Names To Samantha

This part is a collection of sound-alike names to Samantha and awesome names starting with the letter S.

Similar Names To Samantha
What are other beautiful names that have similar sounds to Samantha?
Scarlettskahr-litScarlet, redEnglish
Skylarsky-ler or sky-larStudent, scholarGerman and Dutch
Soniaso-ni-aWisdomRussian and Greek
Samarasuh-mah-ruhGuardian or protected by GodHebrew and Arabic
Serenasuh-ree-nuhClear, tranquil, sereneLatin
Sarahsair-uhNoblewoman, princessHebrew
Stellastel-uhStarLatin and Italian
Savannasuh-van-uhLarge, grassy plainSpanish

Perfect Middle Names For Samantha

Because the name Samantha is quite long, short and simple middle names seem perfect to match. Here are my recommendations.

  • Brooke: This name is of English and German origin and refers to “water” or “small stream”. It ultimately comes from the Old English word broc. Some celebrities having this name are Brooke Anderson (CNN news anchor), Brooke Shields ( American actress and model), etc.
  • June: June does not only mention the name of the month but it’s also derived from Juno, which means “youth”. In Roman mythology, June is an ancient goddess. People usually depict her equipped with a weapon and wearing a goatskin cloak.
  • Oakley: The name Oakley can indicate “oak clearing” or “meadow of oak trees”. Its origin is from an English place name and surname. Other variations include Oaklyn, Oaklan, Oaklee, Oakleigh, and more.
  • Daisy: Daisy can be a nickname for Margaret or a flower of Old English origin. Its meaning conveys “day’s eye”. This name appears in many literary works, like Daisy Miller, the title character of Henry James’ novella, or Daisy in Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women.
  • Ivy: The name Ivy is predominantly given to girls and is common in many English-speaking countries, particularly England and Wales. It comes from the name of climbing woody plants called Ivy or Hedera. The plants can also symbolize eternity and fidelity.
  • Ruth: Ruth is a Hebrew girl’s name derived from the word re’ut, meaning “companion” or “friend”. In the Book of Ruth, Ruth is the daughter-in-law of Naomi and is known for saying, “Whither thou goest, I will go”.
  • Grace: Grace is rooted in the Latin gratia and denotes “gracious”. Besides, it’s also considered a reference to “God’s grace”. Some explain that the names also mention “charm”, “goodness”, and “generosity”.
  • Jade: This unisex name originates from the Spanish phrase “piedra de la ijada”, meaning “stone of the bowels”. It also refers to a precious green stone jade used for jewelry-making. The name is popular in England, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, France, etc.
  • Rose: Taken from the Latin word rosa, this name means “rose”. In addition, it can originate from the German name Hrodheid and conveys “fame-kind”. It’s associated with the name of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, the mother of John F. Kennedy.
  • Faith: This English name is interpreted as “faith”, “trust”, and “devotion”. It has an association with the name of Saint Faith and her two sisters, Hope and Charity. They are seen as the three theological virtues in Christianity.

Sibling Names For Samantha

To choose ideal names for Samantha’s siblings, parents can pick the ones that sound nicely when going with Samantha. These are several suggestions.

Sibling Names For Samantha
Let’s find out which names match Samantha and bear great meanings!

For Boys

These old-fashioned names for boys are suitable to name Samantha’s brothers. They have associations with many notable persons or figures in the Bible.

  • Jonathan: Jonathan has a religious meaning, “God has given”. In the Bible, Jonathan is a heroic figure who is the son of King Saul and a friend of King David. Furthermore, this name was the 78th most common male name in 2021.
  • Theodore: Theodore stems from the Ancient Greek Theódoros, which indicates “gift of God”. Two warrior saints bearing this name are Saint Theodore Tiron and Theodore Stratelates. Also, it’s the name of the 26th U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Edward: Edward is the name of many royalties and nobilities such as Edward I of England, Prince Edward (the son of Queen Elizabeth II), etc. The meaning of the name refers to “riches”, “prosperous”, “fortune”, “guardian”, and “protector”.
  • Joseph: The name is derived from the Hebrew Yosef and refers to “God will add”. According to the Book of Genesis, Joseph is the son of Jacob but is sold into slavery in Egypt by his envious brothers. Later, he gains a high place in the kingdom of the pharaoh.
  • Charles: Charles means “free man” and originates from the word Ċeorl in Old English. It’s a popular name in English and French-speaking countries. Today, it’s associated with Charles III, King of the United Kingdom, who took the throne after Queen Elizabeth II’s death.
  • Thomas: Thomas is a Hebrew masculine name meaning “twin” and “alike-looking man”. Besides Saint Thomas the Apostle (one of Jesus’s twelve apostles), it’s also the name of the 3rd U.S president, Thomas Jefferson.

For Girls

Most recommendations below are classic names for baby girls and perfect when paired with the name Samantha.

  • Florence: This given name is of Latin origin and can imply “blossoming”, “prosperous”, “flourishing”, “blossoming in faith”, etc. A famous bearer of the name is Florence Nightingale, an English social reformer, the founder of modern nursing, and statistician.
  • Helen: Helen means “light” or “bright” and originates in Greek. Some notable name bearers are Helen of Greece and Denmark (Queen Mother of Romania), Saint Helen of Serbia (the queen consort of the Serbian Kingdom), Helen Keller (American author), etc.
  • Margaret: Margaret is another name having its root in Ancient Greek. People explain its meaning as “pearl” and have used it as a girl’s name since the 11th century. The name is reminiscent of the queen of England and wife of King Henry VI, Margaret of Anjou.
  • Josephine: Josephine is a feminine equivalent of Joseph, so it also carries the meaning “Jehovah shall grow” or “Jehovah increases”. The name has many variations in other languages like Joséphine, Josephina, Josefina, Josefine, etc.
  • Sidney: Sidney can be rooted in the Old English locational name, meaning “wide water meadow”, or derived from the French place name Saint-Denis. Some believe this name also means “Wide Island”: south of the water.
  • Julia: Julia is the female variant of the Roman family name Julius. You can understand its meaning as “of the gens Julia” or “a descendant of Julus”, “supreme God”. Besides, Julia can be derived from the Latin word “iuvenale”, meaning “youthful”.

Samantha In Popular Culture

Aside from the lady Samantha in Marietta Holley’s novel and the lovely witch Samantha Stephens in the TV show Bewitched, this name also appears in countless artworks.

  • Samantha Carter: A scientist and soldier portrayed by Amanda Tapping in the TV show Stargate SG-1
  • Samantha Fitzgerald: A fictional character in the soap opera Neighbours
  • Samantha Jones: The main character portrayed by Kim Cattrall in the HBO franchise Sex and the City
  • Samantha Mulder: A younger sister of FBI Special Agent in the TB series The X-Files
  • Samantha Spade: A FBI Special Agent played by Poppy Montgomery in the TV series Without a Trace
  • Samantha “Sam” Taggart: A nurse and single mother in the NBC television drama ER

Famous Samanthas

Notable people having the name Samantha can be famous artists, talented sportswomen, influencers, etc.

  • Samantha Harris (born 1973): American television presenter, reporter, actress, and model
  • Samantha Fox (born 1966): English pop singer and former glamor model
  • Samantha Bee (born 1969): Canadian-American comedian, television host, and writer
  • Samantha Irby (born 1980): American comedian, blogger, and television writer
  • Samantha Ruth Prabhu (born 1987): Award-winning Indian actress
  • Samantha Smith (born 1971): English former professional tennis player
  • Samantha Cristoforetti (born 1977): Italian European Space Agency astronaut


This part is my answer to common questions asked by many parents. It can help you broaden your knowledge about the name Samantha.

Besides being the feminine equivalent of Samuel, Samantha can also be derived from the Sanskrit name Samanta. In this case, the meaning of the name is “universal” or “adjacent”.

In Sri Lanka, Samantha is a name for boys and is a variant of Saman, the name of a god. He plays an important role in the indigenous belief and worship of the Sinhalese people and Buddhists. His name means “the rising morning sun”.

The numerology of the name Samantha is 5. This number reveals Samantha is a freedom-loving person. She will grow up and become an independent, powerful, adventurous, and visionary lady.

Samantha isn’t only common in the United States. It’s used in many regions worldwide and popular in Mexico, Australia, Canada, England and Wales, Chile, etc.

Even though the origin of this name is unclear, Samantha has been given to many children for a long time. It’s unquestionably a great name with lovely spelling and great meanings.

Do You Think Samantha Is A Beautiful Name?

If parents are looking for a lovely name that is neither too common nor too rare, Samantha is one of the best options. What do you think about this name? Will you give it to your child? Let me know your opinions by commenting below.

You can spread this helpful information by sharing the article on social media. It doesn’t only support me but also helps many parents who are struggling to find suitable names for their children. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you in the next posts.


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