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If you wonder about Elias name meaning and all the related information, this name analysis is all you need. Lately, Elias has been more frequently heard. It’s not to the point of being overused, but the name is probably at the top of many parents’ name lists these days.

If that’s also your case, welcome to the club! Yet, before writing Elias down on your next kid’s birth certificate, here’s some information about Elias’ history, its common interpretations, and other useful facts to check out first.

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Elias seems to take off in popularity, but it pays to explore the name first!

A Quick Glance At The Name Elias

If you can’t wait to discover the meaning and origin of Elias, this table is a summary of all the basic facts you’ll need.

Meaning “The Lord is my God”, “Jehovah is Lord” and “Yahweh is God”.
OriginGreek and Hebrew
GenderElias is generally a choice for boys of many modern parents.
PopularityElias has been a pretty common boy name recently. It cracked into the top 50 choices in 2021, as per SSA statistics. 
VariationsEelis, Eljas, Elis, Helias, Ilias, Elia, Elie, Eliane, Elijah, Eliyahu, Eliya, Eliasz, Elisedd, etc. 
NicknamesEli, Lias, Ellie, Lee, etc. 
Similar NamesElisha, Ethan, Silas, Tobias, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Asher, Caleb, Felix, Noah, Matthias, etc. 

For Girls: Eleanor, Eliana, Josephine, Laura, Lucy, etc. 
Middle NamesDaniel, Jasper, Griffin, Lennox, Nathaniel, etc. 

The History And Meanings Behind Elias

Elias is a Greek or Spanish variant of “Elijah” – a Hebrew name of a 9th-century prophet in the Northern Kingdom of Israel.

The name “Elijah” dates back to the Old Testament times and means “Yahweh is God”, “Jehovah is Lord”, or “the Lord is my God”. In the Hebrew Bible, the word “Yahweh” (Latinized as “Jehovah”) is the appropriate name for God.

This Hebrew name appears in the First and Second Books of Kings, to be specific. The Bible describes Elijah as a prophet who defended the worship of the one God of Israel (1)

Elijah is the one who restored the Israelites’ faith in one God instead of other deities. He’s also known for performing several miracles in the name of God. The prophet later ascended to heaven on a chariot of fire in a whirlwind.

The Hebrew name Elijah is also swiftly mentioned in several biblical texts of the New Testament. The most notable reference is during the Transfiguration, where Elijah appeared alongside Moses and Jesus.

Apart from these biblical connections, the name Elias also appears in many scriptures of the Quran and other religions. Many early Christian saints also shared this Greek name during the Middle Ages.

Is Elias Suitable For Boys Or Girls?

Elias is a typically masculine name given to baby boys. It originates from the name of a male prophet of the Bible. This fact makes it a popular choice among religious families for their boys. However, you can still use it for a kid of any gender.

Is Elias A Common Name?

Yes, Elias has risen to be a frequently used name in modern times. Like the original Elijah, Elias appeared very soon in the early 1900s, when the Social Security Administration (SSA) began to keep track of naming trends.

Elias didn’t particularly stand out during the 1950s, as it only hovered among the top 500 most popular names. The year 1957 saw its ever-lowest usage, at only 642nd place. Yet, from this point, Elias also reversed its course, growing consistently from the top 100 in 2016.

The name is now in high gear to climb to the top of the SSA chart. As per SSA records, it stood at the 48th spot in 2021 (2).

Numerous Variations Of Elias That You Might Know

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Elias has many spelling manifestations in different cultures, which partially reflects its status and popularity.

Both Elias and Elijah are quite widespread among religious communities. Elias alone gets a long list of spelling variants, so you’re likely to find one or more in your language. Let’s take a look!

  • Eelis, Eljas (Finnish)
  • Elis (Swedish, Welsh)
  • Helias (Latin)
  • Ilias (Greek, Malaysian)
  • Elia (British, Italian)
  • Elie, Eliane (French)
  • Elijah, Eliyahu, Eliya (Hebrew)
  • Eliasz (Polish)
  • Elisedd (Welsh)

Similar Names And Pet Names For Elias

While most parents often go for Eli as a nickname for Elias, there are also a few other possibilities you can consider.

  • Eli
  • Lias
  • Ellie
  • Lee

For more inspiration to name your kid, you can check out similar names below. Some might even share two similar roots with the name Elias.

Elisha/ee-lie-shuh/ /ee-lai-shuh/ /ee-lish-uh/ /ih-lahy-shuh/God is my salvation, my God is salvationHebrew
Ethan/ee-th-uh-n/ /ee-th-in/ /ee-thuhn/Solid, firm, strong, safe, long-life, enduringHebrew
Silas/si-las/ /sahy-luh s/Forest, wood, of the forest, prayed forLatin, Greek, Aramaic
Tobias/to-bias/ /toh-bee-uhs/ /to-bai-uhs/ /tuh-bahy-uh s/God is good, the goodness of GodHebrew, Greek

Best Sibling Name Suggestions You’ll Love

When naming Elias’s siblings, there aren’t any steadfast rules. You might pick a random choice that catches your eye at that moment, but careful thoughts will always count. Fortunately, you don’t need to pour much effort as these monikers seem to fit the bill nicely.

Parents Sitting On Floor
If Elias gets a sibling, you can turn to these awesome baby names.

For Sons

If you’re having another boy on the way, don’t miss out on these matching sibling names. They are the favorite choices of many parents who already have an Elias in their family.

Asher: In the TV drama How to Get Away with Murder, Asher Millstone is a likable man with a hysterical sense of humor.

Thanks to this character, this Hebrew name enjoyed a boost in popularity. Asher also goes back to the Old Testament, with blissful meanings of “blessed” and “happy”.

Caleb: Caleb also shares the same Old Testament roots with Elias. A few positive associations with this name can justify Caleb’s recent popularity. It means “bold”, “brave”, “faithful”, and “wholehearted”.

If you’re a man of faith, the meaning “devotion to God” might sound the most relevant to you. There’s also a reference in the Bible to Caleb with Moses. In the Bible, Caleb and Moses are the only two followers who weathered years of roaming in deserts to reach the Promised Land.

Felix: Felix sounds playful and amiable at the same time. The factor x at the and also makes the name extra special. This Latin moniker means “happy”, “fortune”, and “lucky”. And who doesn’t want these blessings bestowed upon their little boy?

Noah: You would hear little about Noah on the playground if you traveled back a couple of generations ago. But now this charming name has landed at the top of the SSA chart, only behind Liam in 2021.

The story of the righteous man chosen by God to survive the Great Flood in the Bible is bound to inspire your little one. Derived from the Hebrew “Noach”, Noah means “repose” and “rest”.

Matthias: If faith is important to you and your spouse, Matthias and Elias will help spell that out. Translating to “gift of God”, this Hebrew name can be a nice way to celebrate your new arrival.

Besides this divine meaning, Matthias is also rooted in Celtic and means “bear”. So, it also sounds strong and edgy.

For Daughters

These feminine names might not be etymologically related to Elias, but they make a nice duo with the Greek name.

Eleanor: This name is a throwback to France’s Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine – one of the most glamorous and influential medieval women (3). While its meanings are still unverified, Eleanor normally goes with the meanings of “shining light” and “light-hearted”.

The name might come from Greek and France. Eleanor was a trendy choice in the 12th century, and now it’s enjoying a strong revival. Its 2021’s ranking is 15th.

Eliana: Eliana is a sibling name that rhymes with Elias. This Hebrew name sounds strong and feminine simultaneously and translates to “God has answered”.

Lately, Eliana has gained pretty good momentum in popularity. It ranked 48th in 2021, a big leap from the bottom of the popularity chart during the late 1990s.

Josephine: You might be familiar with the ultra-trendy Joseph. This one is its feminine version, and similarly means “Jehovah increases” and “God will increase”.

Josephine sounds as vintage as “Eleanor” and also rises in popularity these days. Josie, Joey, and Jojo are all adorable ways to call your little girl at home.

Laura: “Bay laurel” or “laurel plant” is the Latin definition behind this classic girl name. As a symbol of wisdom, achievement, and honor, Laura will be a good omen for your little girl’s future.

Lucy: A girl with this name surely brings a lot of light into the family’s lives. Lucy derives from the Latin word “lux” and plainly denotes “light”. You can save this name for a girl born at the break of dawn.

Middle Name Choices If You Go For Elias

Elias has been around for a long time, so many tried-and-true middle names pair well with it. However, if you seek the most outstanding choices, here they are!

Daniel: Daniel should top your list if you’re after a D-starting moniker. Of Hebrew origin, it translates to “God is my judge”. Many parents go for this name for this reverent meaning. Some others, however, simply love the cute nickname choices, like Dan or Danny.

Jasper: This lively and sweet Persian name means “bringer of treasure” or “treasurer”. The word Jasper itself is also a fine-grained, opaque gemstone, so the meanings above make great sense.

Griffin: Tied to the mythological creature half lion and half eagle, Griffin sounds strong and fierce. It’s a name from Welsh and means “prince” and “lord”. Griffin is the name of many celebrity kids; it’s the choice of Teri Polo, Brendan Fraser, and Joey McIntyre for their sons.

Lennox: Not many names end with the “x”, which makes this Scottish name extra posh and special. The name translates to “with many elm trees” and “elm grove”, with elm trees being culturally important among the Celtics.

Lennox is quite flexible, as it can be a last or given name. British boxer Lennox Claudius Lewis and Scottish singer-songwriter Annie Lennox are wonderful examples.

Nathaniel: This name is featured several times in both the Old and New Testament in the form “Nathanael”. “God has given” or “Gift of God” is the meaning behind it. The name has enjoyed quite a solid status throughout time; it ranked 133th in 2021.

Elias And Its Popularity In Fictions

Elias is a well-loved name in real life and the fictional world. Many characters bear this name, making it all the more popular to the wide public.

Elias Acorn: King of Mobius in Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series.

Elias Ainsworth: the main character in the Manga series Ancient Magus’ Bride.

Elias Bakkoush: a character in the fourth season of Skam.

Elias Bogan: a mutant in Marvel Comics.

Sergeant Elias Grodin: a soldier in the 1986 film Platoon.

Elias Grover: a fictional character in Clerks II and Clerks III.

Elias Veturius: a soldier in the book series An Ember in the Ashes.

Famous People Named Elias

Elias is the middle name of the American animation film producer Walt Disney, which is a way to pay tribute to his father, Elias Disney. Besides, due to huge biblical associations, there are perhaps one or two famous Elias in many spheres that you might have heard of.

Elias Canetti (1905–1994): Bulgarian writer awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1981.

Elias Dayton (1737–1807): American military officer and politician.

Elias Disney (1859–1941): Canadian-American entrepreneur and construction worker, also known as the father of Walt Disney.

Elias James Corey (born 1928): American-born organic chemist and Nobel Prize recipient in Chemistry in 1990.

Elias Gottlob Haussmann (1695–1774): German painter and portraitist in the late Baroque era.

Elias Harris (born 1989): German professional basketball player.


These commonly asked questions will reveal more about the name Elias. So, you might want to stay a little longer to understand the name better!

Is Elias a Hispanic name?

While Elias is mostly associated with its Greek roots, it’s also a Spanish name with the same interpretations. Elias will make an apt choice if you have a Spanish heritage to honor.

Is Elias a Catholic name?

As mentioned, Elias was worn by several early Christian saints. The most notable one should be Saint Elias, also known as Elijah, the prophet revered as Saint after ascending to heaven. His feast day is July 20th.

Orthodox Church and Catholic Church also worship another Saint with this name – the 9th-century Saint Elias of Enna or Saint Elias the Younger.

Are Eli and Elias the same?

Hebrew names like Elias, Elijah, Eliezer, and Elisha can all be shortened to Eli to create a nickname. As a stand-alone name, Eli also has an interesting biblical tie to the high priest in the Books of Samuel. In this case, the name can be interpreted as “my God” and “ascent”.

Is Elias a cool name?

Yes, considering its religious connection, Elias gets reverent meanings and is a good example to teach kids about your faith. The name is also on the rise, which means it’s well-received by many parents.

On top of that, Elias never has the cutesy feel that you don’t want for a boy. It’s cool for a teenager, but it still feels appropriate when he grows up.

What is the personality type of a person named Elias?

Individuals with this name usually have remarkable independence and determination. They’re competitive and action-oriented born leaders. People sharing this name are creative enough to come up with brilliant ideas. Yet, they also tend to abandon their plans half the way.

Elias: A Handsome Greek Name!

Given the ranking of Elias in the SSA chart so far, Elias is not yet over-used but still widely recognizable. It’s a name that will age well with your kids, not to mention its religious meanings and connections.

This Greek-Hebrew name has already gained traction among families of faith, but don’t hesitate to go for it even when you’re not a follower. If you feel it is a perfect match for your upcoming baby, let’s take your pick.

You can share your decisions with me in the section below. Plus, every like and share will motivate me to write more articles like this. Thank you!


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