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Levi name meaning and its origin matter, especially if you want this classic name for your baby. Thanks to its up vowel ending, Levi sounds more lively and energetic than many biblical names.

The name also has a solid religious connection, so it would be an option for parents to honor their faith. So, here’s everything, from the origin, meaning, and popularity you’ll need to consult before giving your newborn this name.

Besides, although not compulsory, choosing matching sibling names is a way to help the children feel more connected!

Levi Is Ideal For Families
Rooted from a prominent Bible figure, Levi is ideal for families of faith.

Quick Facts About The Name Levi

Before getting into a detailed explanation, listed below are essential info to know about the name Levi.

MeaningAttached, to be joined, joined in harmony
Pronunciation/ˈliːvaɪ/, /LEE-vie/, or /LEH-vee/
GenderSignificantly more popular as a boy name.
PopularityLevi is a popular choice among America’s baby name pool. In 2021, it was the 12th most used male name in the SSA’s list, which is also its current highest status.
VariationsLevon, Levey, Lewi, Levin, Levee, Leevi, Lewy, etc.
NicknamesEv, Eve, Evi, Lee, Leevy, Leo, Lev, Lili, Liv, Vie, Vivi, Weevi, etc.
Similar NamesSimilar names to Levi: Avi, Isaac, Jacob, Lee, Leo, Lev, Lew, Samuel, etc.
Similar names to Levi’s female variants: Drina, Ilania, Lavenia, Lavinia, Lavonia, Lenia, Leonia, Lovinia, etc.
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Abram, Asher, Blake, Finn, Henry, Neil, etc.
For Girls: Chloe, Danielle, Esther, Hannah, Naomi, etc.
Middle NamesFor Boys: Dean, Israel, Jackson, Hudson, Matthew, etc.

Origin & Meaning Behind The Name Levi

In the book of Genesis in the Old Testament, Levi was Jacob and Leah’s third son (after Reuben and Simeon). The name is derived from the word לוה (lawa), meaning “joined”, “to be joined”, or “connect”. Leah bestowed this name upon her son because she felt unloved by her husband.

The name expresses her hope that Jacob will grow attached to her because she gave birth to his sons. Levi later became the founder of the Israelite Tribe – the Levites (1).

Levi also appears in the New Testament, where it’s another name for Matthew the Apostle, one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ.

This classic name is also thought to have a Hungarian root. It’s an official diminutive of the word “Levente”, and translates to “hero”. While the word shares no etymological connection with the Hebrew given name “Levi”, it is pronounced the same way.

Is It A Male Or Female Name?

Gender-wise, Levi is a predominantly male name in the US, taking 12th in 2021. It is mainly because the name is derived from male figures in the Bible.

On the contrary, Levi is rarely used as a girl name. It was not in the top 1000 name choices for females since the 1900s. If you love “Levi”, however, you might also love its feminine versions like Levina and Levinia.

Levi’s Ranking On The Popularity Chart

Since 1900, when the SSA’s records began, Levi was mainly in the 500 most used boy names. A brief downfall occurred between 1955 and 1973 when the name slipped out of the top 500.

Yet, its popularity quickly rose again. Levi landed in the top 100 most common names in 2009 and has been on a steady climb ever since. In 2021, Levi, as a boy name, peaked at the 12th spot on the popularity chart (2).

The recent popularity of the name can be credited to American actor Matthew McConaughey. He and his wife Camila Alves chose this name for their eldest son. The second child of singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow, born in 2010, also shares this name.

During the same period, Levi was much less well-known as a baby girl’s name. In fact, it was not among the top 1000 US name choices for females.

Popular Spelling Variations

If you like the name “Levi” but still want a few more options, here are possible variations to consider:

  • Levon (Armenia)
  • Levey, Lewi, Levin (Hebrew)
  • Levee (English)
  • Leevi (Finnish)
  • Lewy (Polish)

Nicknames For Levi And Other Similar Names To Consider

Many Other Adorable
There are also many other adorable ways to call your little Levi.

Choosing a nickname is quite daunting if you have no clue about the baby’s first name. However, if you’re going for Levi, your options for nicknames are narrowed down to

  • Ev
  • Eve
  • Evi
  • Lee
  • Leevy
  • Leo
  • Lev
  • Lili
  • Liv
  • Vie
  • Vivi
  • Weevi

If you’re fond of the sound of Levi, you can widen your options by considering these similar-sounding alternatives. Note: they don’t necessarily share the same roots with Levi nor carry a close meaning. Alternatively, there are also many names rooted in the Bible that might somehow connect to “Levi”.

Avi/ah-vee/My God, father, sun and airHebrew, Sanskrit
Isaac/ˈaɪzək/One who laughs, one who rejoicesHebrew
Lee/lee/Meadow, pasture, clearing in the woodsBritish
Leo/lee-oh/Brave people, lion-heartedLatin
Lew/lew/Famed warriorBritish
Samuel/ˈsæmjuːəl/God has heard, name of GodHebrew

Are you expecting a baby girl? Then, you’re probably leaning toward female variants such as Levina and Levinia. However, beyond that, add to your list some of these similar names, too:

Name PronunciationMeaningOrigin
Drina/d-ri-na/Defender of humankindBritish, Greek, Spanish
Lavenia/l(a)-ve-nia/Woman Of RomeLatin
Lavinia /luh-vin-ee-uh/Woman of Rome, the legendary mother of the Roman peopleLatin
Lavonia/l(a)-vo-nia/Young archerFrench, African-American
Lenia/lehn-ya/Bright, shining, lionessGreek
Lovinia/l(o)-vi-nia/Wife of Trojan hero AeneasLatin

Sibling Names

Selecting sibling names for Levi is also another set of tasks. However, it’s incredibly rewarding and joyful to know your children are bonded by their matching names. Below are some nice considerations that might help you with this parenting duty.

For Son

  • Abram: This is another Biblical boy name, with the meaning of “exalted father” in Hebrew. In the Bible, Abram was the first Hebrew patriarch. Later known as Abraham, he was guided by God to the promised land.
  • Asher: This name is derived from Hebrew “osher”, meaning “happiness”. Thus, “Asher” refers to “happy” and “blessed”. “Asher” has a close biblical connection with “Levi”. In the Old Testament, Asher was the eighth son of Jacob and Leah. Thus, it’s a perfect sibling name for your little Levi.
  • Blake: Blake goes well both as a surname or given name. Interestingly, it carries quite conflicting meanings: “black”, “dark”, “bright”, and “shining”.
  • Finn: This masculine name is an anglicized name for an Irish mythological hero – “Fionn mac Cumhaill”. The meaning is “fair”. This one-syllable name sounds simple and affordable, which is a nice choice if you love short male names.
  • Henry: Henry is rooted in the Old Frankish name Heimeric, which means “ruler of the house”. Both the name and its translation can remind anyone of King Henry VIII (3). He’s arguably one of the most famous British rulers.
  • Neil: Neil has both Gaelic and Irish roots. Whether translated to “champion” or “passionate”, this name surely inspires your kid to succeed in his life.

For Daughter

For Levi’s daughters, check out these feminine names (with or without Biblical roots) that are equally pretty:

  • Chloe: Chloe is brief and adorable at the same time. This Greek-origin girl name means “young green shoot”, “blooming”, and “fertility”. The name signifies new growth and a promising future for your little one.
  • Danielle: As a female French variant of Daniel, this girl’s name means “God is my judge”. With such a solid meaning, the name can be guidance when your kid loses her bearings in life.
  • Esther: In the Old Testament, the queen of Persian, Hadassah took on the name Esther to hide her identity. Thus, it means “hide” or “conceal”. Besides, Esther also comes from the Old Persian “stāra”, translating to “star”.
  • Hannah: Hannah is also a well-loved name in the US (ranked 44th on the popularity chart in 2021). Of Hebrew origin, Hannah means “grace” and “favor”.
  • Naomi: “Naomi” shares the same Hebrew root with “Levi” and means “pleasantness”. In the Bible, this is the name of Ruth’s mother-in-law. Naomi also means “straight and beautiful” in Japanese.

Middle Names That Goes Perfectly With Levi

Levi Is A Great Choice
Levi is a great choice, but it’s even more fantastic when paired with the right middle names.

Choosing the right middle name is just as difficult as the first name. If you already settle with “Levi”, you can use these options as a reference. Because Levi is almost exclusive for boys, this list only includes suggested male middle names:

  • Dean: In the Anglo-Saxon language (English), this masculine means “valley”. Yet, as an anglicized of the Hebrew noun “דין”, Dean also refers to “justice” or “law”.
  • Israel: Rooted from the Hebrew “Yisrael”, Israel means “God contended” or “one who struggles with God”. This middle name is closely linked to “Levi” in the Bible. It was given to Jacob by God after he wrestled with the Angel of God at the river Jabbok.
  • Jackson: Jackson is of English origin and means “son of John/Jack”. Yet, you don’t have to be Jack or John to give your boy this adorable name. From president Andrew Jackson to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and many more famous Jacksons, this British masculine name is an endless inspiration for your boy.
  • Hudson: The name Hudson should be pronounced /hu(d)-son/, with a vintage vibe. The meaning is “son of Hudd” or “son of Hugh” based on its English root.
  • Matthew: This Hebrew name means “gift of Yahweh” or “gift of God”. Thanks to its spiritual attachment, Matthew is a nice choice if you want to honor your faith.
  • Oscar: Oscar, alternatively spelled Oskar, is an Irish boy name with a flair for royalty. In the past, half-dozen members of Scandinavian royal houses were given this name.

With its derivation from elements “os” and “cara”, the name means “friend of deer” or “deer-loving one”.

Levi In Literature And Pop Culture

Apparently, Levi doesn’t frequently appear in literature, TV series, and contemporary artworks. Yet, there are a few Levis in popular culture that you might recognize:

  • Levi: Character in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey.
  • Levi Ackerman: Tritagonist in the Attack on Titan manga series.
  • Levi Fisher: Character in American fantasy drama TV series Siren.
  • Levi Schmitt: Character in drama television series Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Levi Weston: The main protagonist of Power Rangers Ninja Steel and Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel.

Notable Personalities Named Levi

The most well-known Levi is perhaps the great father of blue Jeans, Levi Strauss (1829-1902). He is the man behind the globally famous brand – Levi. In addition, there are also a few celebrities bearing this name, as listed below:

  • Levi Celerio (1910-2002): Filipino lyricist and composer.
  • Levi Coffin (1798-1877): American Quaker, Republican, abolitionist, businessman, and humanitarian.
  • Levi Johnston (born 1990): American actor and model.
  • Levi Leiter (1834-1904): American businessman, notably known as the co-founder of Marshall Field & Company.
  • Levi Lincoln, Sr. (1749 – 1820): American lawyer, also known as Thomas Jefferson’s first attorney general.
  • Levi Miller (born 2002): Australian actor and model.
  • Levi P. Morton (1824-1920): American politician, US ambassador to France, and the United States Vice President.
  • Levi Porter (born 1987): English footballer.
  • Levi Roots (born 1958): British-Jamaican reggae musician, author, television personality, and businessman.
  • Levi Seacer, Jr. (born 1961): American musician.
  • Levi Stubbs (1936-2008): American baritone singer, also known as the lead vocalist of the Four Tops.


Regarding this classic name, there are also a few other common concerns. So, let’s take a look at them right below for more insights:

No, it’s not rare if you’re talking about it as a boy’s name. In 2021, 9469 baby boys shared this name, which approximated 0.509 of total male births. Nevertheless, Levi can be considered an uncommon female name, at least in the US.

Individuals named Levi are supposed to be outgoing, optimistic, and inspiring. With their cheerfulness and charm, they can easily become the spotlight at any gathering.

In addition, Levis also possess uncanny abilities to convince people. Many people bearing this name are also creative, especially in the realm of writing.

Not really. It’s on the masculine side and also mainly given to boys. Its popular feminine versions are Levina and Levinia.

As mentioned, Levi is also a short version of the Hungarian name Levente. So, the name can carry the meaning of “hero”, though it’s a much less-known interpretation.

With the meaning of “united in harmony”, Levi symbolizes unification or the founding of something. It’s an amazing name, meaning-wise.

The name has longevity, too. It thrives even after thousands of years. And just like an old pair of Levi’s 501s, it’s enduring and classic at the same time. All in all, it’s a cool name to have.

Is Levi The Perfect Name For Your Boy?

Levi has been trending up in the SSA’s chart recently, so parents might want to consider it if they search for something trendy. However, with its Biblical root and beautiful meanings, it’s a nice choice for religious families or any families.

So, what are your opinions about this name? Does Levi (or any of its variants) strike you as the perfect one? Please share your thoughts in the comment box right below. Click the share button to let me know if this post is helpful. See you in my next post!


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