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British boy names are rich in history and meanings. They’re also beautiful, making it hard to determine what suits your child best! In the British name pool, the options are also hugely diverse.

There are old-fashioned choices that stick around for thousands of years. Some names are adored and chosen by royals and aristocrats. And, of course, many whimsical yet no less meaningful titles are also present.

When you hear the phrase “the choice is yours”, you have the freedom to choose whatever you like, but it sometimes means a huge dilemma. With that in mind, I’ve narrowed down this large name pool so you can have some options to pay tribute to your honorable British roots.

Many Wonderful Choices
Expect to find many wonderful choices for your baby boy!

British Royal Names For Boys

British Royal
Royal names usually make great influence among parents.

British parents always favor names with a tie to British royalty. This is a nod to the monarchy that has served the nation for centuries. It’s also a British tradition that royals are named after their royal relatives.

Thus, it’s no surprise that many Kings and Princes have shared the same name throughout history. Below are the most common regal male titles that were passed down via generations of royals. Note that some don’t come from England.

1. Alfred

Derived from the Old English word “Aelfraed”, Alfred translates to “elf counsel” or “wise counselor”. Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, in southwestern England, bears this name. His reign spanned from 871 to 899.

Outside Great Britain, the name is also widely used in Scandinavia, Africa, and North America.

2. Canute

Canute (or Cnut), known as Son of Sweyn, undisputedly claimed the throne as King of England in 1016. This masculine moniker has Scandinavian roots and means “Knot”.

3. Edmund

Old English in origin, Edmund is built from two components “ēad” and “mund”. It translates to “wealthy protector”.

A Jane Austen character once said, “There is nobleness in the name of Edmund. It’s especially true as Edmund gets its noble touch from several Kings and royals. It was borne by two Kings of England, Edmund I and Edmund Ironside.

4. Egbert

This Old English name refers to “bright, famous sword”. Egbert has long been considered an aristocratic name. Egbert was the King of Wessex and ruled from 802 to 839.

5. Louis

The name Louis always enjoys a high status in the global name chart, and there are multiple aspects to explain that. This German/French name means “renowned warrior” and “famous warrior”. Plus, there were also two Louis in the British Monarchy.

6. Philip

This royal name is no stranger to British people in modern times. Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was the husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Derived from the Greek Φίλιππος, the name means “horse loving” and “fond of horse”.

7. William

This male title is also a household name in England. There have been 5 Williams in the British family so far. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is a current royal family member with this name.

William comes from the Germanic name “Wilhelm” and means “resolute protector” and “strong-willed warrior”. Introduced to England by William the Conqueror during the Conquest, this British darling has been around for over 1000 years.

Strong British Boy Names

Strong British Boy Names
Powerful meanings are always favored by parents.

Masculine names with power and strength never fail to impress, especially when it comes to male names. It makes for a huge source of inspo when parents welcome a new baby boy into their life.

8. Archibald

This long name is a modern English/Scottish version of “Ercanbald”, an Old High German name. The name can be interpreted in various ways: “brave”, “bold”, or “precious”. Archibald was once used to show the strength and solidity of a person’s Christian faith.

9. Averill

Interestingly, Averill is rooted in the female name “Eoforhild”, or “Everild”, which means “boar battle”. Perhaps this empowering meaning helps Averill become an appropriate neutral-gender name instead of an exclusively female name.

Averill is not a common choice in England and America, making it ideal if parents want something unique.

10. Baldwin

The name “Baldwin” traveled to England during the great migration wave from Normandy after the Conquest. Baldwin can be either an old English or Germanic name, with a consistent meaning of “brave, bold friend”.

11. Everett

Everett can mean “brave” or “strong boar” and is of Old English origin. The name is thought to originate from the Germanic surname “Eberhard”, denoting “the strength or courage of a wild boar”.

This three-syllable name will fit the bill for parents who want to nurture a brave soul in a baby.

12. Frederick

This multi-syllable name is a British version of “Friedrich”. Formed by two Germanic elements, “frid” meaning “peace” and “rīc” meaning “rule” or “power”, Friedrich refers to a “peaceful ruler”.

The name combines both strength and gentleness. It has appeared in several works of Jane Austen, Shakespeare, and Henry James. In the US, the name enjoys certain popularity, too, thanks to Frederick Douglass, an American ex-slave turned reputed abolitionist.

13. Finlay

Finlay hails from the Scottish word “fin”, meaning “white hair” and “lay” meaning “warrior”. The complete meaning is “fair-haired warrior”.

14. Finley

This moniker comes from Irish or Scottish and denotes “fair-haired hero”. If you know your baby will have fair hair, this would be a great matching name.

Finley has been chosen for both genders throughout history. This unisex name can be commonly heard in both the US and UK. In the UK, however, records for boys slightly surpass those for girls.

15. Gary

Gary is a classic British name that means “spear”. The name indirectly refers to strength, “spear” can stand for power, courage, and aggressiveness.

In the US, Gary was once commonly chosen for male births from the late 1930s to 1970s. However, its popularity has cooled down significantly, making it an exotic choice for parents. The name has a great vintage vibe, too.

16. Harold

Harold was carried to modern times through the Old English word “Hereweald”, meaning “army ruler”. With such an inspiring translation, this moniker will surely empower your little leader.

This name boasts timelessness and masculinity, yet, it’s not overused recently. Therefore, your kid will likely stand out with this name in his kindergarten.

17. Harry

This masculine name is a medieval English form of Henry. Henry, in turn, comes from the Germanic name “Heimrich” and means “estate ruler”. Thus, Harry is interpreted in the same way, or sometimes loosely, as the “home ruler”.

Thanks to the globally popular Harry Potter and Harry Styles (formerly of One Direction), Harry is an easily recognizable name.

18. Harvey

This English family and given name originate from the Old Breton “Huiarnviu”. It translates to “battle worthy”.

Harvey was among the names introduced to England by the Normans during the Conquest. It boasts a favorable reference, too. Harvey was a blind sixth-century saint thought to have the power to cure animals.

19. Hereward

Arising from Old English “Hereward”, this two-syllable name refers to “army guard”. In English and Norman legends, Hereward the Wake was an Anglo-Saxon rebel against William the Conqueror.

20. Lewis

If you’re familiar with the regal name “Louis”, then Lewis is one of its variations from England and German. “Renowned warrior” is the meaning behind this name.

Warrior or war-related names have never been off the trend. Parents who seek something powerful to inspire their offspring can consider this name.

21. Myles

Known as an English variant of “Miles”, this male title can mean “soldier” or “merciful”. If you want to imbue forgiveness and a fighting spirit into your little man, this short name will do the trick.

22. Wyatt

Derived from the Medieval name “Wyot”, Wyatt represents “brave at war”, “brave warrior”, and “war strength”.

In America, Wyatt got a big boost in use in the 90s, thanks to the 1993 film Tombstone and the 1994 film Wyatt Earp. Wyatt’s popularity has risen steadily at the turn of the century. It was the 29th most popular boy’s name in 2021.

British Occupational Boy Names

Occupational Boy Names
Many British occupational boy names are bound to impress and inspire.

These beautiful occupational monikers can be a way to celebrate an occupation passed down by generations in your family. Alternatively, they carry meaningful interpretations to inspire your bundle of joy, too.

23. Carter

Carter is another British occupational title that denotes “transporter of goods by cart”. This lovely name has been around for quite a long time with enduring popularity. It’s also well-loved in the US, securing the 39th spot in 2021.

When looking at Carter’s celebrity influence, you can easily understand why. It is shared by U.S. President Jimmy Carter and the famous couple Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z.

24. Chace

Consider this moniker if you want a short yet assertive name for your boy. Chace comes from either the ancient Anglo-Saxon language or Old French. It’s an occupational name meaning “huntsman” or “to hunt”.

Chace is also among the surnames developed in medieval England to serve taxation purposes. Chace is also occasionally used as a given name in the US, Australia, and Canada.

25. Harper

Harper can be a male or female name. In Medieval England, many occupational names were used for musicians and entertainers. In this case, Harper means “harpist” and “minstrel”.

26. Hunter

Hunter is an effortlessly strong and masculine name. It has straightforward meanings of “one who hunts” and “pursuer”. This masculine title is excellent for parents who value living off the land. Alternatively, it can also inspire the little kid to chase after what he longs for in life.

27. Mason

From its British roots, this vintage-sounding name means “stone worker”. A boy named Mason is a busy bee who will engage in work with high skills and absolute eagerness.

Mason also gained certain traction abroad, too. It was the 18th most-used male title in 2021. However, Mason’s most impressive position was in 2011 and 2012, when it was the first runner-up on the boy’s name chart.

28. Parker

As an Old English surname, Parker translates to “park keeper”. Thus, it somewhat has a nature-related meaning. Like many British titles, Parker was also initially used as an occupational name, pointing to those engaged in professional hunting.

29. Tyler

Tyler is also a surname-turned-given name. This old English name arises from the French “tieulier” and means “tile maker”.

There’s no lack of inspiration for a child with this name. He can look up to famous people like singer-songwriter Tyler James, singer Tyler Rix, or footballer Tyler Hornby-Forbes.

This two-syllable name was also among the favorites of American parents. It ranked 157th on the popularity chart in 2021.

30. Walker

This male title is traced back to the Old English word “wealcere”, translating to “cloth walker” or “cloth washer”. So, it’s an occupational name. There are some novelists, playwrights, and astronauts sharing this title.

Walker is an old name that has been around since the 13th century. And guess what? It’s enduring, too. The 2021’s ranking of 129th in the US helps reflect that.

British Boy Names That Started As Habitual Names

Habitual Names
Habitual names are also a source of inspiration, especially regarding British names.

Many British names originally referred to places or sites. Most of them also began as surnames and evolved into given names with time. Take a look at the options below to see what can tick your fancy!

31. Boston

As a derivation of the Old English name “Botwulf”, Boston means “town by the woods”. Contrary to the glamorous and hustling image of the city of Boston, the meaning effortlessly feels homey and peaceful.

Ranked 601st on the SSA’s chart, this place name is a noteworthy choice for those who want their little kid to stand out.

32. Bradley

Bradley means “broad meadow” and has an interesting history to it. The name was first widely used as a given name in the US in the mid-late 1900s before succeeding back in its hometown England. Yet, this male title first started as a surname and dated back to 1086.

33. Braxton

Braxton is a name with history and culture. The name supposedly began as a habitual name. Experts believe Braxton points to Browston, situated in the southeastern county of Suffolk. In this case, the name means “Brown’s settlement or farm”.

Following the Norman Conquest, using place names as a surname was common for taxation purposes. The name Braxton also joined this practice in the 13th century. Not until the 19th century did it transform into a given name.

34. Brooks

Originating from an old English surname meaning “dweller by the brook”, this is a cute nature name for your little boy. Brooke is the common female equivalent of this British boy’s name.

Brooks is also a Hebrew name commonly heard among English-speaking Ashkenazi Jews. It is typically interpreted as “blessed” and borne by the Jewish filmmaker Mel Brooks.

35. Colton

“Swarthy person” and “coal town or settlement” are the meaning behind this given name. This exotic meaning perhaps harks back to the industrial revolution. It conjures up the images of workers in coal factories in the Midlands and Northern England.

36. Dalton

Dalton is among a few names that combine nerdy and cool factors simultaneously. The name denotes “the settlement in the valley”.

37. Dean

Dean is a moniker of varied origins. Dean perhaps sounds familiar as it’s an honorable title used in college and university faculties. This arises from the name’s previous use for a “church official” in the past.

This masculine English name also means “valley”. It’s also believed to come from Hebrew דין for “verdict”, “justice”, and “law”.

38. Denver

It can’t be denied that British names are hugely inspired by nature. Denver, meaning “green valley” or “from Anvers”, is a good example. Also, as the name of a city in the US state of Colorado, Denver is a choice to celebrate where your baby was born, too.

39. Easton

In the past, people from settlements to the east were normally given this name. Easton, as a result, means “East town” or generally “east-placing place”.

40. Lincoln

Lincoln initially started as a habitual name in England. This explains its definitions of “settler by the lake”, “lake colony” and “town by the pool”. In the US, people will think about the President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, when mentioning this name.

41. Nash

Nash refers to someone living “by the ash tree”. Ash tree is a magical plant in the British Isles, known for its healing properties. The name boasts a rustic and friendly vibe to it.

42. Paxton

Paxton was previously used to identify those from the village of Paxton in Huntingdonshire. The name means “peace town” derived from “Pœcces tun”. Paxton can also translate to “peaceful settlement”, which will remind its bearer of his tranquil homeland.

43. Preston

With the meaning “priest’s town”, Preston is an apt choice for those who want to set their kid apart. It’s simultaneously old-fashioned and posh in British culture. This British name was chosen as a surname by Britney Spear for her 1st son, Sean Preston Federline.

44. Remington

Remington connects to marvelous nature in more than one way. One definition is “raven-family town”. This refers to the blackbird, which symbolizes spiritual insights, prophecy, and God’s provision.

Another common meaning of Remington is “place on a riverbank”. This serene image will provoke love for the great outdoors in your kid.

45. Stanley

This male name stems from “Stan” for “stone”, and “Leigh” for “meadow”, and thus, means “stony meadow”.

Stanley refers to those residing near Stonehenge or any place surrounded by stone circles in the British Isles in the past. These marvelous standing stones give the name a sense of fortitude.

Stanley enjoyed a long streak in the top 100 choices in America from 1900 to 1959. It slipped back to 791th in 2021, making it an ideal choice if you prefer something not-so-popular.

46. Sutton

Another male title that implies directions and places! Sutton means “southern settlement” or “southern homestead”. Common variations of this masculine name are Suton and Suttone.

British Boy Names That Reveal Wisdom

Wisdom is an ingredient for success in life.

Regardless of where you’re on Earth, intelligence and wisdom are highly valued assets of a human being. If you love names belonging to this theme, there are a few British options that can reflect that!

47. Alfie

Like Alfred, Alfie also comes from the Old English “Aelfraed”. Thanks to the cluster “-fie”, it sounds slightly sweeter and more approachable. Alfie similarly means “elf”, “wise”, or “counsel”. In English culture, elves are spiritual beings that symbolize wisdom.

48. Avery

Avery is a traditionally masculine British name. It’s rooted in an Old English surname, which itself is a derivation of the Old French “Alfred” or Old German “Alberich”. The name means “elf counsel” and “elf King” and dates back to as early as the 16th century.

49. Cuthbert

If you wish a dazzling future ahead for your son, Cuthbert is a way to reflect that. This name might be less common than years ago, but it seems that it will gain more exposure with the rise of other old-fashioned names like Arthur or Jasper).

When looking at its beautiful meaning, “bright”, “famous”, and “brilliant”, you might wonder why it hasn’t been widely used so far.

50. Hugh

Hugh is of diverse origins, namely English, Irish, and German. Names symbolizing wisdom are perennial favorites to many parents. If you’re one of them, Hugh, meaning “intellect” or “mind, is worth considering.

51. Keyon

Keyon is only reserved for those born to lead, as it means “guide” and “leading”. Those bearing this name will surely have enough ability to take the lead, whether it’s at work or in his life.

52. Lawson

Translating to “son of Lawrence”, Lawson can be regarded as a British or Scottish name.

“Lawrence”, in turn, denotes “from Laurentium”, with Laurentium being an Ancient Roman famed for beautiful laurel trees. The name “Lawson”, as a result, is also linked to these shrubs. In other words, Lawson can be an emblem of wisdom and achievement.

53. Ralph

Ralph exudes an air of wisdom and strength with the British translation “wolf-counsel”. Wolf, a powerful jungle creature, will imbue your kid with inner strength. Ralph also has a presence in literature; it was the name of a Shakespearean character in Henry IV.

54. Reginald

Of Old English origin, this multi-syllable name means “counsel and rule”. Reginald belongs to the old-fashioned name groups, and it was highly favored in the Middle Ages.

Parents who love unique names or beautiful meanings can go for it! It’s a long name, so call your little boy Reg or Reggie at home!

55. Skyler

Skyler is a unisex moniker that is favored by both boys and girls. This British title presumably has ties to the Norse name “Skylar” and the common Dutch surname “Schuyler”.

Feel free to interpret the moniker as “sky” if you want to encourage your little one to aim high and reach for the sky. Alternatively, translate it as “scholar”, to inspire him in a long pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

The Most Common Names In England And Wales

The Most Common Names
These names are the most chosen in England and Wales right now!

Of course, this gallery also keeps you updated with the most popular British male names at the moment. These names are arranged based on popularity, with Noah being the most often used in 2021.

56. Noah

This chart-topper name in England and Wales originates from the Hebrew “Noach” or the Babylonian word “nukhu”. It means “rest” and “repose”. Noah, in the Bible, was a righteous man who God instructed to save his family or other animals from the punishing flood.

57. Oliver

Oliver is inarguably a darling in the country. It had reigned as the most chosen name for boys for eight years before being taken over Noah.

This male name has various interpretations. One is derived from the old Norse name “Áleifr”, meaning “ancestor’s descendent”.

Oliver is also from an Old French form of the Germanic name “Alfhar”, translating to “elf warrior”. The name, however, is most likely known with the meaning “olive tree planter” and “olive branch bearer”.

58. George

Translating to “farmer” and “earth-worker”, this earthy and timeless name is also well-loved in the country.

The Greek name was borne by the English patron saint, Saint George. It’s also the regal title of British kings who ruled the nation for 116 years straight.

59. Arthur

King Arthur was the legendary king of Britain. While it’s still uncertain if this figure was based on a historical person or not, the name Arthur has a warrior spirit to it.

Of Celtic origin, Arthur is commonly interpreted as “bear”, “the eagle”, “Thor” and “strong man”. All directly or indirectly symbolizes strength.

60. Muhammad

This popular moniker stems from the Arabic language and means “praiseworthy”. The name garnered attention worldwide, as it is famously associated with the founder of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad.

The name is so popular among Muslim families that there’s even an adage that goes: “If you have a hundred sons, name them all Muhammad”.

61. Leo

Leo never fails to impress if you want a short, powerful, and fashionable name. Derived from the Latin “leo”, the name straightforwardly means “lion”. Representing the King of the jungle, the name effortlessly exudes strength and authority.

Leo is also a Zodiac sign, so you can deliberately choose it for your baby boys born in Leo’s months, too.

62. Oscar

Oscar might strike many as the Academy Award, but the name is more than that. As a quintessentially Irish name, Oscar represents “God spear”, “deer-lover” and “champion warrior”.

This name is attached to legends, literature, and also the elite. In Irish legend, Oscar was one of the greatest warriors of his generation. It’s borne by icons like Wilde, Isaac, and de la Renta, etc.

63. Archie

In 2021, there were 2,928 male births named Archie in England and Wales. This earned the name 9th place in terms of popularity. Of German origin, this popular title in Britain means “truly brave” or “bold”.

The current royal family member with this name is the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

64. Henry

This boy’s name can be traced back to the old German “Heimeric”, which means “house ruler”. The most famous bearer of this name is perhaps Henry VIII, a controversial King of England. However, there are also seven other great England Kings who share this name.

Other Fantastic British Boy Names To Consider!

Other Fantastic British
Consider these amazing names for your upcoming newborn, too!

All the themed names above won’t do justice to the variety of British name pools. So, here are many other choices, with equally pretty and meaningful definitions, for you to consider:

65. Alden

Rooted from the Old English spelling “Ealdwine”, Alden can be interpreted as “old friend”. In fact, the name Alden is one of the oldest in the British name pool. It’s also not heavily used, too.

66. Aspen

Aspen, meaning “shaking tree” or “aspen tree”, sounds perfect for nature lovers who want to honor their British roots.

Interestingly, the name reminds many of an upscale ski resort town in Colorado. Who knows, your little Aspen might become a great downhill skier in the future.

67. Barnaby

This adorable male name is made of the Saxon element “beorn” for “young warrior” and the Danish suffix “by” for “settlement”. Therefore, Barnaby means “son of consolation”.

The moniker also has a close tie to the New Testament name Barnabas. He was an Apostle companion of St. Paul on his missionary journeys. So, if a baby was born into a religious family, this name is a perfect match.

68. Blake

This British name interestingly has contradicting meanings: “black” or “dark” and “white” or “pale”. It’s a sophisticated name shared by British celebrities like actor Blake Harrison and poet and author Blake Morrison.

The massively popular 80s TV series Dynasty also gives the name a posh identity. The rich, silver-haired character Blake Carrington really impressed many parents.

69. Bobby

This cute name comes from the classic name “Robert”. German and English in origin, Bobby refers to “bright fame”. It’s an apt choice for those born for the spotlight. In England, “bobby” is also used as slang for a policeman.

70. Brian

Brian came to England thanks to Breton companions of William the Conqueror during the wake of the Norman Conquest.

The name comes from the Old Irish “briíg” or “Celtic root brixs”. Popular translations include “noble” and “high”. Brian will inspire your kid to yearn for unimaginable heights in his life.

71. Bruce

This British male name has come a long way from medieval times, initially as a Scottish surname, but now preferably as a given name. In fact, the name boasts multiple origins, including Scottish, English, and French. It means “the willowlands” in these cultures.

72. Chance

When traced back to its Middle English roots, Chance represents “good fortune” and “good luck”. So, this male title can be the first lucky charm your baby ever received. Alternatively, it can be a way to show how lucky you felt when he arrived in your life.

73. Charles

Rooted from the Old English spelling “ceorl”, Charles denotes “free man”. In early times, “ceorl” was used to differentiate a free man from the nobles and slaves.

Another widely-accepted root of the name is French. In this case, Charles is a version of the Germanic “karilaz”, with the same meaning as “free man”.

Charles is both a classic and royal British name. For this reason, it has left a huge mark on English and French-speaking countries. The best-known bearer of this title is inarguably medieval emperor Charlemagne or Charles the Great.

74. Charlie

The name originates from both English and German. It’s essentially a diminutive of “Charles”, and translates to “free man”.

As mentioned, Charles has a regal credit to it, thanks to the fame of Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne. However, for parents who want to shy from the very common, Charlie would be a lovely, genial appearance on your baby’s birth certificate.

75. Christopher

Christopher is an English version of the Greek name Χριστόφορος or Christóforos. It translates to “Christ-bearer”. This name boasts a major religious connection.

In the Bible, Christorpher is the patron saint of travelers who also carried the Christ child across a dangerous river.

76. Dayton

Dayton is typically interpreted as “a bright and sunny day”. This title will cheer your little one up when he wakes up each morning.

Another common definition of the name is “Ditch or dike settlement”. This cool and unique way of interpretation will set your little kid apart in his kindergarten.

77. Darwin

Darwin is a title that needs no introduction. The name boasts a strong association with the Father of Evolution, Charles Darwin. This British name also represents one of the most natural and dearest bonds, meaning “dear friend”.

78. Davis

Just one letter away from David, Davis is actually an English diminutive of the Hebrew name. Thus, it shares the same interpretations of “son of God” or “beloved”.

Whether you want to connect your baby to your faith or want something to show your endless love for him, Davis is a refreshing option from its ultra-popular relative.

79. Dawson

Originally used as a surname, Dawson shot to fame after the teen-angst series “Dawson’s Creek” was aired in 1998. This male name comes from “Daw”, an early nickname for “David”, and means “son of David”.

Given the 207th ranking in 2021 on the SSA’s chart, Dawson is not an overexposed name in the US if that’s what you’re looking for.

80. Drake

Drake is a cool name that any little boy will love. British in origin, the name represents “dragon”. Drake also has an adventurous feel. It was credited to a bold and daring English explorer in the 16th century.

While not native to Britain, Canadian rapper, who has great influence in contemporary pop music, encourages wider use of the name.

81. Dustin

Old Norse name Þórsteinn, this classic name means “thunderstone” and “Thor’s stone”. The name boasts a strong association with the Norse god’s famed hammer, Mjölnir.

In Norse mythology, the hammer Mjölnir was associated with the fearsome Thunder God who can bestow divine blessings or wreak great havoc.

82. Edward

Edward is a classic male title throughout the history of British royals. There were three Kings Edward before the Norman Conquest and eight Kings with this title afterward.

The name is derived from the Old English “ead” for “fortune” or “wealth” and “ƿeard” for “protector” and “guardian”. The complete definition is “wealthy guardian”.

In contemporary pop culture, this name has been given a refreshing and cool factor. The credit goes to the vampire Edward Cullen from the sensational Twilight series.

83. Edwin

Edwin comes with the meaning of “wealthy friend” or “rich friend”. Therefore, it can serve as an inner drive for its bearer to chase wealth, prosperity, and abundance in any form he desires. The name is borne by St. Edwin, a seventh-century Northumbrian king.

The name seemingly never goes out of style throughout history. In the US, this retro-sounding name enjoyed a long stretch in the top 100th from 1900 to 1941.

84. Emery

Emery was once a mostly masculine name, but now it can be used for any sex. The common interpretations are “loving”, “power”, and industrious”.

Emery comes from both German and Anglo-Saxon roots. It has developed over the centuries from “Emmerich” into what people use as a given name today.

85. Emmett

Emma is mega-popular both in England and America. If you love it, Emmett is the masculine version you might be looking for.

Emmett similarly means “whole” and “universal”. If you want a lesser-known option, Emmet (minus a “t”) carries the same interpretations above.

86. Franklin

This classic name bears the translation of “free landowner” or “free landholder”.

The name also traveled West, to the US, and received double presidential credits. To be specific, it’s shared by Franklin Pierce (14th U.S. President) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd U.S. President).

87. Jack

This boy’s name is rooted in the English boy name “John”. The name means “God is gracious”.

Jack was in frequent use in the Middle Ages. Interestingly, the name took on many forms before landing on “Jack”, such as Johnkin, Jankin, and later Jackin.

88. Jackson

Originally as a surname, Jackson is now preferred as a given name in modern times. The meaning is “son of Jack”.

Jackson has gained certain traction in America, ranking 14th on the SSA’s chart in 2021. The credit should go to the USA’s President Andrew Jackson, General Stonewall Jackson, and legendary musician Michale Jackson.

89. Jameson

Jameson gains global attention as it’s the title of the famous Irish whiskey distillery. Of English origin, Jameson means “son of James”. In the Bible, James was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus.

With his zeal for Jesus, he was the first one to be martyred in the New Testament. So, if you’re looking for something other than James to honor the Saint, Jameson is a great choice.

90. Jefferson

Of Old English origin, Jefferson is a masculine name that means “son of Jeffrey”. The name dates back to the Middle Ages as a patronymic surname. This is the name of the Founding Father and the third US president, Thomas Jefferson.

91. Jeremy

This cute-sounding boy’s name has significant biblical roots. It comes from the Hebrew name “Jeremiah”. In the Hebrew Bible, Jeremiah, also known as the “weeping prophet”, was among the major prophets.

Also, translating to “lifted up”, Jeremy also encourages and cheers up its bearer during those trying times.

92. Julian

Julian is an English derivation of Julius, a Roman family name that existed in the 4th century. The name means “youthful”, “downy-bearded” or “sky father”. Among the celebrity bearers of this name is British solo cellist Julian Lloyd Webber.

93. Kelvin

Kelvin means “ship of friends”, “river”, and “narrow or wooded river”, and comes from Scottish. Physics lovers will be instantly reminded of the unit of temperature (K).

In fact, this unit was named after the famous British physicist Lord Kelvin or William Thomson. He was the one who invented the Kelvin Scale in 1848.

94. Hudson

Hudson is also among those turning from a surname into a given name. The translations include “Hugh’s son” and “son of Hud”. Hudson never fails to exude a retro vibe. It also sounds solid and masculine. Hudson Lowe, a British army general, is a famous bearer of this name.

Since the 2000s, Hudson is also riding a new wave of popularity, too. It climbed to 34th place in 2021, the highest ranking of the name ever since.

95. Landon

Of British origin, Landon conjures up the image of vast nature since it means “long hill”.

Landon has been in the top 100 choices since 2003 in the US. Soccer superstar Landon Donovan of the Los Angeles Galaxy is a well-known namesake, especially among soccer fans.

96. Marley

“Marshy meadow”, “marten wood”, and “pleasant wood” are the meanings behind this exotic name. This name seems to have many ways to provoke love for nature in your kid.

97. Mitchell

Mitchell is a British variation of the ultra-popular “Michael”, translating to “gift from God” and “who is like God”. It is believed that this version has been in circulation as a first name since the 19th century.

Saint Michael was a major spiritual warrior who championed justice. A boy named Mitchell will have the inner right to pursue fairness, too.

98. Nelson

Nelson supposedly means “champion” or “son of Nell”. This name might remind anyone of freedom fighter and human rights activist Nelson Mandela. A man with this British name will surely champion what he believes in.

99. Ryan

Ryan is an English name via Irish. The name inherently has an air of nobility, as it means “little king”. Ryan is also a popular choice in the US’s name pool for decades.

100. Riley

Irish and Gaelic in origin, Riley has two different translations. It can mean either “woods clearing” or “courageous” and “valiant”. This British moniker can be used for both sexes.

101. Sonny

Of Anglo-Saxon origin, this snappy boy’s name comes with unexpected interpretations: “son” or “young boy”. There’s also a less-known origin of the name, which is the Proto-Germanic word “sunuz”, meaning “to give birth”.

Sonny is also commonly heard outside England. For example, you might know about boxer Sonny Liston from America or boxer and former rugby player Sonny Bill Williams.

102. Steven

As a popular variation of the classy “Stephen”, this moniker translates to “crown”, “wreath”, and “garland”. The name is borne by major figures like the chivalrous King of England, Stephen, and the Christian martyr Saint Stephen.

With such empowering meanings and namesakes, a child named Steven is bound for success and glory.

103. Sterling

Sterling can either be translated to “pure”, “of high quality”, or “little star”. It is the name of the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor who starred in This Is Us.

Whether you wish all the best qualities for your baby or want him to shine through, Sterling is a cute choice.

104. Trey

Trey is an exotic title from England. It represents “three” and was initially used as a pet name for a third-generation son. Plus, instead of saying “three-point shot” in basketball, you can use “Trey” for short.

105. Wade

“Ford” and “to go” are the most popular definitions of “Wade”. It boasts English and Scandinavian roots. In Germanic folklore, Wade was a legendary sea giant.

Wade Allison is among the famous namesakes. He was a British physicist and professor at the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. So, your little bundle of wonder can look up to this sage man, too.

106. Waylon

Waylon can get an earthy meaning like “land by the road”. However, if you want something more empowering, this British moniker also translates to “courageous fighter”.

107. Wilson

“Son of William” or “son of Wil” is the meaning behind this boy’s name. In modern times, Wilson has evolved from a surname into a common gender-neutral given name.

What Is The Perfect Name For Your Kid?

Regarding British male names, well, I would say the sky’s the limit. I hope this gallery is more than enough for you to make the decision. They are all beautiful, and it’s all about your (and your partner’s) preferences.

If you’re still struggling to find the best one, I’m always ready to help. Just write down your comment right below. Finally, please share this compilation with those parents who are still not sure about what British name is the best for their son.

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