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Even when you can’t exactly tell the Eden name meaning, Eden very likely sounds familiar to you. After all, it’s the famous garden’s name tied to the very first humans on earth, Adam and Eve.

However, if Eden lies on your roster as one of the most potential choices, you know you shouldn’t settle on the simple explanation – “it’s the name of a garden”. Go into detail as much as possible! At the end of this post, you can decide if it’s worth a better place on your list!

Baby Girl On Picnic
Eden neither leans toward masculinity nor femininity, making it a great unisex name that any parent can go for.

Common Facts To Know About The Name Eden

This table will give you a general view of Eden before you head to more detailed explanations. Let’s give it a look!

Meaning “Place of pleasure”, “garden of God”, “paradise”, “fruitful”, and “well-watered”.
OriginEden is a well-known Hebrew name from the Bible. It also has an Aramaic root. 
Pronunciation/ed-en/ or /ee-din/
GenderEden is a gender-neutral name that sounds awesome on both boys and girls.
PopularityWhile Eden is among the oldest names in the Bible, it is still a newcomer in the baby name chart. 

According to SSA data, this Hebrew name only appeared some decades ago and has recently started to capture more attention. 
VariationsEdin, Edini, Eaden, Eadin, Edinia, Edenia, etc. 
NicknamesE, Ed, Edie, Edee, Eddie, Den, Denny, etc. 
Similar NamesAbilene, Aiden, Arden, Ember, Ethan, Hayden, Jaden, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Emmet, Danny, Julian, Theo, Zachariah, etc. 

For Girls: Autumn, Lily, Isobel, Quinn, etc. 
Middle NamesFor Boys: Atlas, Isaac, Jackson, Ray, etc. 

For Girls: Claire, Dior, Pearl, Penelope, Romina, etc. 

Meaning & History Of The Name Eden

Not everyone exactly knows what Eden indicates. However, most people will instantly be reminded of the earthly paradise inhabited by the first man and woman – Adam and Eve.

That’s exactly where the name originates from. In the Bible, Eden was described as a beautiful garden full of luscious fruits. Adam and Eve enjoyed a blissful life there before getting expelled for breaking the one (and only) rule – eating the forbidden fruit.

The garden of Eden is believed to lie somewhere in modern-day Lebanon. The Bible also describes Eden as where the four rivers Euphrates, Pison, Tigris (Hiddekel), and Gihon cross.

The Hebrew translations of Eden are “place of pleasure and delight”, “garden of God”, or plainly “paradise”, which exactly depict the heavenly life that Adam and Eve were blessed with there.

Another less-known origin of Eden is Aramaic, where the name often translates to “fruitful” and “well-watered”.

Is Eden A Girl Or Boy Name?

American parents have been using Eden for both genders for quite a while. Yet, strictly speaking, Eden is preferred as a female name. As the Social Security Administration (SSA) statistics show, out of five babies named Eden in 2021, four are girls, and only one is a boy.

Eden didn’t start as a name for a particular gender in the past. The name doesn’t have a distinct masculine or feminine sound, either.

For this reason, there’s every possibility that the naming preferences might shift in the future. Whatever happens next, Eden is still a lovely androgynous name to consider.

Is Eden A Popular Name In Modern Times?

As an antique, deeply rooted name in the Bible, Eden has a decent place in the US name pool these days. The name is a fairly fresh choice in the country, as it only drew the attention of the masses in 1986.

As a female name, Eden has grown in popularity throughout time. This persistent climber on the SSA chart is now heading toward the top 100 most popular names.

In 2021, the name ranked 121st, according to the SSA (1). If Eden can maintain the same momentum, it’ll soon find a place in the 100 most popular names.

Not until recently did Eden become a unisex name. In other words, the name only appeared on the boy name chart in 2008, at 895th place. Eden, as a masculine name, progresses quite slowly, and now it’s among the top 500 names in the US with this role.

Other Spelling Versions Of Eden 

Over its long history, Eden has welcomed a few spelling variations along the way. Here are the most common off-shoots you might come across in your culture.

  • Edin, Edini (Albanian)
  • Eaden, Eadin, Edinia (Hebrew)
  • Edenia (Spanish, Hebrew)

Consider These Nicknames And Similar Names, Too!

Happy Little Child
A good nickname for Eden will help create a special connection between you and your kid.

Of course, you can go for just about any nickname you’re drawn to. It’s only a matter of preference to decide what to call your kid at home. However, a pet name shortened from the given name Eden will be easier for her/him and everyone to remember.

  • E
  • Ed
  • Edie
  • Edee
  • Eddie
  • Den
  • Denny

There are many other boy names similar in sound to Eden. They all can make for nice alternatives to the Hebrew name if Eden’s pronunciation is something you’re particularly fond of.

Aiden/ai-den/ /ay-duhn/ /aiden/The fiery one, little fireIrish, Gaelic
Ethan/ee-th-in/ /ee-thuhn/Long-lived, firm, enduring, strongHebrew
Hayden/heyd-n/ /hhey-dehn/ /hay-den/ /hay-duhn/Fire, of the hay fieldsBritish
Jaden/jhey-dehn/ /ja-den/God has heardHebrew

These feminine names also resemble Eden in certain ways. It’s worth taking time to go over their meanings and origins to see if there are any other nice choices to put on your list, too.

Abilene/a-bi-lene/ /ah-bee-lene/ /a-buh-leen/Grassy area, stream, meadow, grassHebrew
Arden/ahr-duhn/ /ar-den/Great forest, high, valley of eagleBritish
Elodie/ell-ah-dee/ /e-lo-dee/Foreign richesFrench
Ember/em-ber/Burning low, sparkBritish

Sibling Names That Are Just Perfect For Eden

Finding kid names that go together might not be easy, especially if you’re a new parent. Unless you already have family-approved names saved for the next kids, you may want to consider these potential choices.

For Sons

If the baby is a boy, you can narrow down your choices with these special boy names. They don’t stick to the same theme or share the Hebrew roots with Eden but still sound amazingly congruous with each other!

Emmet: This old-school name is initially a male version of “Emma”, both of which come from Britain and means “universal”.

In modern times, Emmet took on a more gender-neutral nature and can be used for any gender. The name is also interpreted as “truth” as a German, Hebrew, and Irish name.

Danny: For whenever your little boy loses his bearings in life, Danny can be a reminder of where he can turn to for guidance. Translating to “God is my judge”, this adorable name is a diminutive to the more familiar “Daniel”, with its roots in the Old Testament.

Julian: Just as buoyant as the way it sounds, Julian means “young at heart” and “youthful”. As per SSA data, the Latin name was the 33rd most popular choice in 2021.

Theo: Theo is normally a pet name of “Theodore”, but it also has a life of its own. The Greek definition of this name is “gift of God”. In addition, Theo can imbue strength into your little one, as it also means “bold people” and “brave people” in German.

Zachariah: A Hebrew name that means “God has remembered”, Zachariah can help connect you and your kid with faith.

In the Book of Zechariah, the prophet Zechariah helped strengthen Israel’s faith in God. He was the one who told the masses that God would remember and keep his promises.

For Daughters

If a sweet little girl is among the next plans of you and your spouse, you might want to settle on any of these options!

Autumn: Autumn and Eden will make for a great match, thanks to their nature theme. The name indicates “fall” or “season of the harvest” as it originates from the Latin word “autumnus”. It’s also the most popular season name, at 66th on the popularity chart.

Lily: Along with other floral pals like “Daisy” and “Violet”, Lily is also moving into fashion. The name has been solidly in the top 50 since the early 2000s. Easter lily, in particular, carries many symbols in Christianity. But above all, it represents the purity of Christ.

Isobel: Isobel is among many variants of the more popular Elizabeth. The name indicates “pledged to God” and “God’s promise” and comes from either Scottish and Italian. Isobel is a refreshing alternative to Elizabeth if you want to raise your child with your faith.

Quinn: Q-starting female names are not particularly popular, as the SSA data shows. Standing at 80th on the SSA list, Quinn is perhaps the most recognizable in this name group. Of Irish/Scotting origin, the name represents “descendent of Conn” and “chief”.

Middle Names For Baby Boys And Girls Named Eden

As a modern parent, you have the freedom to add a middle name for your little Eden or not. If you want to make your kid’s name extra special, the answer should be a resounding yes!

Laughing Children In Park
There’s no need to think long and hard about the middle name for Eden. You will find the right pick here!

For Sons

Here are the best middle names to flow well with Eden. Depending on what you’re envisioning your kid to become growing up, you can choose a middle name that matches.

Atlas: Atlas is a rising star in the American name pool. It’s a fresh choice that only appeared in 2013 but stood at 149th in 2021. In Greek mythology, Atlas is a Titan who carries the world on his shoulders.

Thus, the name is a nice choice for your little adventure. It commonly means “bearer of the heavens” or “to carry”.

Isaac: Isaac is meant for a cheerful little guy, considering its meanings of “one who rejoices” and “one who laughs”. Like Eden, Isaac is a name with a deep root in the Bible. It belongs to the only son of Abraham with Sarah (2).

Jackson: Jackson is among those British names that first started as surnames. You can interpret it as “son of Jack”. It is also a popular family name, like Andrew Jackson or Micheal Jackson!

Ray: Ray is a succinct Old German name that doesn’t beg for any nickname. As a shortening of “Raymond”, the name normally means “wise protector” or “counsel”. In addition, it possibly connects to “rœge”, a British word for “roe deer”.

For Daughters

As Eden is fairly common as a girl name at the moment, so there’s no lack of inspiration regarding good middle names to pair.

Claire: Claire is a chic, one-syllable French name that has been serving as a common middle name since the 1990s. It means “bright”, “clear”, and “light”.

You can see the last translation in the French phrase “clair de lune”, meaning “light of the moon”. Actresses Claire Danes and Claire Bloom are two women who help put this name more into the limelight.

Dior: Not simply a fashion icon, Dior is a gender-neutral name from the French. Dior has long been attached to the French luxury fashion house; surprisingly, the name has just appeared on the SSA list since 2018.

However, with its meaning “of gold” and “golden”, this feminine name is a lovely choice for your precious little one.

Pearl: Representing the fine, precious gemstone, the name Pearl feels timeless and graceful. It comes from the British and Latin, which translates to “precious”, “pearl”, or “precious gemstone”.

In astrology, the pearl is a birthstone for June, so parents with a baby arriving this month might want to take note.

Penelope: This Greek girl name is having its best moment ever. Translating to “weaver”, Penelope has gone from complete obscurity during the 1990s to the 23rd spot on the baby name chart in 2021.

Penelope was a wife with unwavering infidelity to her husband in Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey (3). It’s a meaningful old tale you’ll love to tell your kid.

Romina: Perhaps unsurprisingly, Romina is a Latin girl name that means “Roman” or “from Rome”. Meanwhile, in the Arabic language, it also means “from the land of Christians”. Romina is a sweet name that is befitting both little girls and grown-up women.

Eden Is Not Just A Garden Name In Pop Culture

In the fictional world, Eden goes beyond the name of the heavenly garden. Many authors have used the name for their characters in novels and TV series. Let’s check them out if there are any familiar names to you:

Eden: a character in the 2002 sports movie Blue Crush.

Eden: girlfriend of Genie in Disney’s Aladdin television series.

Eden Gelb: Becca Gelb’s daughter in the drama series The Society.

Eden Lord: a character in the American drama series Nip/Tuck.

Eden McCain: A character in the Heroes.

Eden Moore: a fictional character in the 2012 sci-fi movie Upside Down.

Eden Standish: the main character in Patrick White’s novel The Living and the Dead.

Male And Female Celebrities With The Name Eden

Eden has been just adopted by American parents recently, so the name doesn’t boast as many namesakes as other long-standing monikers. Besides, you’ll see many celebrities sharing the name below belonging to younger generations.

Eden Ahbez (1908–1995): Also known as “eden ahbez”, an American musician.

Eden Bleazard (1855–1946): New Zealand visual artist.

Eden Espinosa (born 1978): American singer and actress.

Eden Hazard (born 1991): Belgian professional soccer player who plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid.

Eden Phillpotts (1862–1960): British author, dramatist, and poet.

Eden Rebecca Sher (born 1991): American actress who plays Sue Heck in The Middle sitcom.

Eden Riegel (born 1981): American actress.

Eden Taylor-Draper (born 1997): British actress.


Below are some of the most common concerns about Eden that parents who love this name share. You might want to check it out before leaving!

Is Eden a flower name?

There is a cultivar named Rosa “Eden” that comes from France. This flowering plant can go by many other names like “Eden Rose 85”, “Eden Climber” or “Pierre de Ronsard”.

Known as one of the popular nostalgic roses today, the flower and the name “Eden” itself can be a lovely choice for any baby girl.

Is Eden a good name for a girl?

As mentioned, Eden is a unisex name with its usage more leaning toward girls. That’s not to say Eden sounds feminine; it’s more about parents’ preferences. Eden is a great name for both boys and girls.

Is Eden a flower name?

It’s true that Eden is not an old name choice in the States; however, it’s by no means a rare name. This Hebrew name ranked 121st on the girl name chart in 2021.

Is there any celebrity who gave the name Eden to their baby?

One of the two daughters of American actress Marcia Cross is named Eden. Marcia Cross is a familiar face in soap operas like The Edge of Night and One Life to Live and the TV show Knots Landing.

Why is the Garden of God called Eden?

The general belief is that Eden arises from the Akkadian term “edinu”, translating to “plain”. Biblical texts often describe this garden as a place of luxury and pleasure. Therefore, it is also called the Garden of God.

Many scholars also claim that “Garden in Eden” is otherwise a closer translation of the Hebrew text about this earthly garden. In this case, Eden is considered an extraterrestrial destination resided by gods.

Eden: From A Paradise Lost To A Lovely Name

Eden is a heaven created by the hands of God in the Scripture. This lost paradise can give everyone an idea of what eternal life will be like. For the most part, the name Eden carries positive imagery and can also inspire your kid to yearn for a better life.

So, is there anything about this Hebrew name that impresses you? Are there any exciting facts about this name that you would like to share? Feel free to write your comments. Finally, please hit the share button, so this article can get read by more parents interested in Eden like you!


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