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There are some nice things about Milo name meaning that help it become a common name these days. If you’re considering it for your next one, the good news is it has picked up steam in recent years.

Another great point is it’s quite a multicultural item with its presence in several languages. This means that the name allows for more ways of interpretations, and chances are Milo also lets you honor more than one family’s heritage!

It sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? See if this flexible moniker is the ultimate choice you’re searching for!

Milo Name
Are you curious about the name Milo and its hidden significance? Keep scrolling down!

Let’s Have A Brief Look First!

For a summary, here’s the common knowledge about the name Milo before diving further into the comprehensive analysis below!

Meaning “Merciful”, “soldier”, and “yew-flower”.
OriginOld German and Latin
GenderWith its powerful connotations, Milo has long served as a masculine name throughout history. 
PopularityMilo was the 127th most chosen name in the US in 2021, with 2890 births bearing it. It was also the most impressive performance of the name so far. 
VariationsEmilio, Mila, Malia, Marlo, Maya, etc. 
NicknamesLo, Mo, My, Mi, Mimi, Mize, Lo Lo, Meelo, Melo, etc.
Similar NamesFor Boys: Emilio, Mario, Marley, Miko, Miller, etc. 

For Girls: Mila, Miley, Mitchell, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Aidan, Chase, Otis, Trevor, Weston, etc. 

For Girls: Alice, Iris, Melody, Summer, Vivian, etc. 
Middle NamesAlbert, Anthony, Francis, Jason, Walter, etc. 

Etymology, Origin, And Meanings Of Milo

The name Milo, alternatively spelled “Mylo”, is rooted in the Latin word “miles”, whose primary meaning is “soldier”.

However, there are other possible etymologies for Milo worth considering as well. Of Slavic origin, Milo supposedly arises from the root “mil-” and thus, adopts the meanings like “beloved” and “dear”.

Another widely-accepted possibility is the Slavic word “milu”; in this case, Milo has a gentler meaning – “merciful”. There is also a belief that this masculine comes from the ancient Greek “milos”, meaning “yew-flower”.

Milo should be categorized into a group of old names since it dates back to ancient Greece. It even predated the name “Miles”, which didn’t appear until Milo was brought to the British Isles by Normans in the 11th century.

The best-known bearer of this name around the era is Milo of Croton – an ancient Roman wrestler. The legendary man won many victories at major athletic contests, so it came to pass that the name Milo inherited powerful vibes from him.

Early uses of Milo in the English-speaking world were also recorded in the 19th century. Besides the US, this Germanic name is also in frequent circulation in countries like Sweden, Holland, French, etc.

The Popularity Of The Milo Throughout Centuries

Milo is a relatively neglected choice among American parents. Milo was in moderate use from the 1900s to the 1960s.

It fell off the radar from 1965 to 2000. Specifically, Milo stopped appearing in the popularity chart by the Social Security Administration (SSA) during this timeframe. The name returned to the chart in 2001, and it has performed better than ever since then.

In recent years, Milo has started to take off in popularity. In 2015, the number of births with this name was enough to earn Milo a spot in the top 300 most-used boy names that year.

It has been an upward trajectory for Milo to head to the number 134th place in the US in 2020 (1). This is also the highest ranking that the name has achieved since 1900 so far.

What Is The Gender Of The Name Milo?

Milo is a traditional name for boys, and the long list of famous male bearers of this name helps reflect that. Milo is rarely come across as a choice for girls; at least in the US, it has never made it to the most popular girl name chart.

Spelling Variants Of Milo Across Cultures

Spelling Variants Of Milo Name
The closest related form of Milo is Miles.

Unlike many other popular German pals, Milo only has a few spelling manifestations in some languages. Its most popular kindred spirit is “Miles” (from German or Irish), sometimes spelled “Myles”.

Take a look at other versions to see if there are any belonging to your mother tongue:

  • Emilio (Spanish)
  • Mila (Slavic)
  • Malia (Hawaiian)
  • Marlo (English)
  • Maya (Sanskrit)
  • Myla (German)

How About These Nicknames And Similar-Sounding Alternatives?

Are you looking for unique and interesting ways to call your little Milo? While Milo sounds like a perfect nickname for itself, as parents, I bet you always want more. Here are some catchy pet names for a boy named Milo:

  • Lo
  • Mo
  • My
  • Mi
  • Mimi
  • Mize
  • Lo Lo
  • Meelo
  • Melo

If you’re having your eyes on Milo, these masculine names, all starting with M and with similar sounds, should be on your radar as well.




Eager, rivalLatin, Spanish





Manly, MarsItalian




Pleasant seaside meadow, marshy meadow, marten wood, pleasant woodBritish



Who resembles God?, chiefHebrew, Chickasaw




One who grinds grain, grinder of grainsBritish

Are you searching for something feminine for your little girl? These lovely M-starting monikers have something akin to the masculine name Milo to consider! It’s worth noting that “Miko” can be a female name in Japanese, too, with “beautiful child” as its meaning.



/m-ee-lah/ /my-lah/


Dear one, miracle, gracious, favoredItalian, Russian, Spanish




Vine, merciful, soldierAfrican, Hawaiian, American


/mich-uh l/


Of Saint Michael, who is like GodBritish

Great Middle Name Name Choices If You Love Milo!

Milo has been around since ancient Greece. This means that there are many tested-and-true options for the middle names to match, too. With time, parents have figured out many combinations, and here are some of the best ones:

Middle Name Milo
Milo will create a great duo with any of these complementary middle names.

Albert: While the name Albert is far behind its glory days, its association with great minds like Einstein, Schweitzer, and Camus is still a major advantage. Of German origin, Albert means “bright”, “famous”, and “noble”, which are what these figures have lived up to.

Anthony: Will the baby occupy an irreplaceable place in your heart? Then, consider this middle name, meaning “priceless one” or “highly praiseworthy”.

Alongside popular “David” and “Michael”, Anthony also belongs to the category of classic names. The name ranked 43rd in 2021, as per SSA data.

Francis: This Latin masculine name comes with diverse definitions: “frank”, “free man”, or “from France”. Saint Francis of Assisi, one of the major figures in Christian religions, was a notable bearer of this name in ancient times (2).

Francis carried to the modern world with its timeless charm, and I believe that a boy with this name will find the freedom to express himself.

Jason: Once the first runner-up on the popularity chart (from 1974-1978), Jason has now shared the spotlight with the similar-sounding “Mason”.

Yet, its beautiful meanings – “the Lord is salvation” and “healer”- still resonate with many parents’ preferences. In the Bible, Jason was an early Christian believer who sheltered Paul and Silas in Thessalonica.

Walter: Walter exudes an old-world sophistication and powerful meanings – “commander of the army”. If you want to channel a spirit of leadership and decisiveness into your little one, then Walter is a fantastic choice.

Matching Sibling Names For Milo That Parents Will Adore!

If you have many kids, you’re faced with the same important decision of naming choices more than once. The good news is that there’s no lack of sibling names for Milo. The decision is still on your part, but this list might make it far easier!

Sibling Names For Milo
Narrowing down your sibling name lists for Milo by considering these options!

For Sons

If a baby boy is coming after Milo, you might want to skip the arduous online search by simply choosing any of these monikers!

Aidan: Irish boy names have been on the rise in the American name pool. Are you hopping on the trend? Aidan, ranking 286th in 2021, is a sweet choice. “The fiery one” or “little fire” are the common ways to interpret this name.

Chase: This neutral-gender pick means “huntsman” or “hunter”, and comes from Old French. Choosing Chase means your little one will have to share it with the banking conglomerate Chase Manhattan. “Chace” is another lovely spelling alternative that you can consider.

Otis: “Son of Ode” and “wealth” are the translations behind this male title. The name pays tribute to James Otis – a strong vocal for racial equality for African-Americans. Whether you hope your kid will stand up for the weak or wish for abundant life for him, Otis is a great way to start.

Trevor: Trevor started as a surname that Celtic/Welsh people used to describe where they lived. It then evolved into a given name that carried the original connotation – “great settlement” or “from the large village”. If you’re of Celtic descent, Trevor is worth considering.

Weston: This British original literally translates to “from the Western town”. While the name took quite a long time to cross the Atlantic, it has been on the rise to enter the top 100 choices in 2021. In the meantime, Weston also adopts an American Western cowboy vibe.

For Daughters

These feminine sounds downright gorgeous when paired with Milo. Haven’t you been convinced yet? Why not say them out loud? I bet you will be hooked!

Alice: Alice’s huge popularity in the modern world is owed to Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. The American actress Tina Fey also helped to spread the name further by choosing it for her daughter.

Even without these literary and celebrity ties, I bet that you’ll also fall in love with its meanings – “noble” and “exalted”. This sweet-sounding name comes from German.

Iris: Iris is a girl name of mixed identities. The most notable root is Greek, where it was borne by the goddess of the rainbow. This Greek deity is believed to be a messenger of the gods and connects the earth to heaven (3).

Thus, Iris primarily means “rainbow”. In addition, Iris is also known as the name of a colorful flower. Each petal of this blossom is believed to represent faith, wisdom, and hope.

Melody: Got a baby born into a musical family? Then this name, rooted in English and Greek, couldn’t be more fitting. As you can easily guess, the name Melody signifies “music”, “song”, and “melody”. Melody is not a stranger in the US, however. It was the 113th most chosen name in 2021.

Summer: Of four seasons, Summer ranked second on the popularity name chart for girls, just behind “Autumn”. If you want to keep the sunshine near your kid, Summer, literally denoting the second season of the year, is the way to go.

Vivian: Vivian is not only cheerful in the way it sounds but also in its interpretations. Originating in Latin, this V-starting name means “lively” or “life”. If you believe that your life has become more lively and interesting than ever since her birth, this one will help express the feeling.

Is Milo A Common Name In Pop Culture?

Pop culture is one aspect that can greatly influence the name-picking process. For the name Milo, you might want to look at these fictional characters to make a more informed decision:

  • Milo: a fictional character in the children’s fantasy novel The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.
  • Milo: a Cenozoic animal in the animated series The Land Before Time.
  • Milo Minderbinder: a Lieutenant in Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22.
  • Milo Murphy: the titular protagonist in the 2016 Disney series Milo Murphy’s Law.
  • Milo Peck: a thief played by Tom Sizemore in the 1993’s film Heart and Souls
  • Milo Pressman: a fictional character in the show 24.
  • Milo Rambaldi: a philosopher and mystic in the American thriller series Alias.

Notable Namesakes Of Milo

For a long-standing name like Milo, it’s no surprise that numerous of its bearers leave a mark on this world. They’re all talented, successful individuals who might empower your kid to be just as awesome!

  • Milo Aukerman (born 1963): American singer-songwriter and biochemist.
  • Milo Butler (1906-1976): the second Governor-General of the Bahamas.
  • Milo Cawthorne (born 1983): New Zealand TV actor known for his role in Power Rangers RPM.
  • Milo Hamilton (1927-2015): American sports commentator. He is known for his play-by-play commentary on Major League Baseball.
  • Milo Hrnić (born 1950): Croatian pop singer.
  • Milo M. Acker (1853-1992): American politician and lawyer.
  • Milo Manheim (born 2001): American actor known for his role in the Disney-made televísionfilms Zombies.
  • Milo O’Shea (1926-2013): Irish actor nominated for Tony Award with his roles in Mass Appeal and Staircase.


Are you falling in love with Milo? You might want to spend a few more minutes looking at related information about this German name!

Is Milo a nickname?

While Milo is a beautiful name standalone, its sweet sound and brevity make it a perfect nickname. For names with similar vibes, such as Miles, Emil, Emilio, and Camillo, modern parents can opt for Milo as a cool way to call their kids.

Yet, the best example is the Slavic male title Miloslav, which can be abbreviated to “Milo” to become a nickname.

Is Milo a popular dog name?

Milo is among the favorites for dog owners to call their puppies. They might not be aware of the connotations behind it but are struck by its lovely sounds. Translating to “merciful” and “soldier” simultaneously, Milo can imbue strength and gentleness into your furry buddy.

What is the personality of a person bearing the name Milo?

According to numerology, the number of people with this name is 22. So, what does this number indicate, you might ask? 22 is associated with leadership and boundless potential in a man.

Those named Milo, or any other name related to this number, are bound to leave a mark in this world. They have the wisdom, organization skills, and action-oriented nature, all of which can complement their leadership capabilities to achieve greatness in their chosen paths.

Does Milo have any biblical ties or meanings?

No, it doesn’t. There’s no known presence of the name Milo, or any of its forms, in the Old or New Testament. This means that Milo is not a biblical name.

Is Milo a rare name?

Milo might not be the best choice if you’re searching for something exotic that your offspring won’t have to share with many kids. The name occupied the 127th ranking on the SSA’s chart in 2021. This means that it’s a familiar option across the States.

Milo: A Strong And Gentle Name All At The Same Time!

While Milo adopts various meanings from its diverse roots, the name is perhaps most known as “merciful” and “soldier”. These two virtues build a great leader: strength will help your kid win the battles, yet being forgiving is the way to win people’s hearts.

If you’ve already been sold after finishing this article, you can share with me what’s the most impressive fact about this name in your opinion. As usual, don’t forget to hit the share button before leaving, as each share will let me know if this post is useful to my readers!


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