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Whether you’re curious about the exact Luna name meaning, or why the name is getting so popular these days, all your concerns will be addressed here!

The simple, two-syllable name Luna seems to garner a lot of love. Yet, behind its resurgence, there are also a few drives behind it. Is it about the meaning or history behind it? Or is it celebrity influence or viral events that propel Luna to greater fame?

If that’s also what leaves you wondering while considering this name, check out this detailed analysis.

Is Luna A Worthy
Is Luna a worthy choice for your next one?

A Quick Look At The Name Luna

Before diving into the detailed breakdown of the name Luna, let’s give this summary table a quick look:

Meaning Moon, enjoyment, pleasure, happiness


GenderLuna is traditionally given to baby girls. 
PopularityLuna is a rising star in the US at the moment. It secured 11th place as a girl’s name in the 2021 popularity chart. 
VariationsLouna, Luneth, Lunetta, Lunette, etc.
NicknamesLu, Lou, Lulu, Una, Louie, Na, Un (Oon), etc. 
Similar NamesAliyah, Amaris, Diana, Lena, Liviana, Luana, Mona, Selena, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Archer, Asher, Finch, Samson, etc. 

For Girls: Celestia, Katie, Lucza, Miley, Stella, etc. 
Middle NamesAlexandra, Dawn, Isabelle, Quinn, Romina, Sandrine, etc. 

What Does Luna Mean?

Luna is a celestial name that means “moon”. Of Latin origin, the name comes straight from the name “Luna” or “Lūna” – a goddess who embodies the moon in Roman mythology. The name consistently has this interpretation across several languages, notably Italian and Spanish.

Luna is regarded as the divine complement of “Sol” – the Roman God of the Sun. Both are categorized as visible gods, as opposed to invisible ones and deified mortals. In addition, Selene is the Greek equivalent of Luna.

The Goddess is also a huge source of inspiration in Roman art. She was often depicted alongside the symbolic two-yoke chariot and crescent moon.

However, Latin is not the sole root of this dazzling name. A less widespread origin is the Hawaiian word “luana”, which can translate to “enjoyment”, “pleasure”, and “happiness”.

In some cases, Luna also serves as a surname. Yet, with this role, it’s often accompanied by a prefix, like Deluna and de Luna.

Is Luna A Boy Or Girl Name?

The name Luna is inextricably attached to the Roman goddess. Therefore, it’s primarily a feminine title and has been on the rise with this role in recent years.

It’s also used for newborn boys, in some cases, although the number is not substantial enough to compete for a spot on the top 1000 masculine names.

How Common Is Luna In America?

Luna In America
Luna has had its moment in recent years, thanks to many influences!

Luna has long been a common name in the US’s name pool, arriving at the Social Security Administration (SSA) chart at the 651st spot.

However, over the following decade, its popularity plunged remarkably, to the bottom at 950th place in 1921. From that time, the name slipped out of the chart and didn’t return until 2003.

Luna performed better after rejoining the top 1000 choices. There are a few factors for its resurgence. The biggest one is perhaps the spread of the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and the following movie series.

Luna Lovegood is a favorite witch in this saga (1). Her first appearance was in the fifth book “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, published in June 2003. It’s no coincidence that this is also the year that marked the name’s spectacular comeback.

Celebrity influence also gives Luna a significant boost. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen chose this moniker for their little daughter in 2016. The decision is not inspired by Harry Potter, but the blood moon appeared around the child’s birth.

Over the past few years, the name made a leap to the top 100 (2016) and then the top 50 just one year later. In 2021, Luna attained a solid footing on the girl’s name chart, at the 11th spot – also the highest ranking of the name so far (2).

Some Phonetic Variations

There are not many variations of the name in other languages. Luna, for the most part, is preferred in its original form. However, if you’re curious about other spelling variants, here are some common options that might interest you:

  • Louna (French)
  • Luneth (Latin)
  • Lunetta (Italian)
  • Lunette (French, Latin)

Popular Nicknames And Similar Names

This short name comes with only a handful of letters, so there are only a few pet names developed out of it. Anyway, they all feel adorable that can put a smile on your face when saying it:

  • Lu
  • Lou
  • Lulu
  • Una
  • Louie
  • Na
  • Un (Oon)

If you fancy this beautiful name but still want to diversify your name roster, consider these options, too. Some similarly represent the moon, whereas others akin to Luna regarding sound or appearance.


Exalted, go up, supreme, rising, ascendingHebrew

Child of the moon, said of God, promised by God, given by GodHebrew, Spanish


Divine, perfect, luminous, fertileLatin, Greek, Indo-European


Ray of light, torch, bright, beautifulPersian, Scottish, English, German, Dutch, and Scandinavian
Liviana/li-viana/White moon, enviousHebrew, Latin

Enjoyment, lion, graceful battle maidenHawaiian, German

Noble good, noble, aristocraticItalian, Irish

The moon, moon goddessGreek, Latin

Sibling Names That Sound Amazing With Luna

As a celestial name, Luna finds perfect companions with other names of the same theme or generally related to nature. That said, many other fantastic options make nice coordination with Luna. Let’s take a look:

For Sons

Wondering what works best for Luna’s brothers? Let’s see if these matching names can spark your interest:

  • Archer: Archer was once an Anglo-Saxon surname or occupational name and didn’t become a given name until the 19th century. In the Middle Ages, it was given to skilled archers. This connotation is carried to modern days, and the name similarly means “bowman”. Archer’s got a cool pet name, too, which is Archie.
  • Asher: Having a baby in your life is such a blessing, so you can call him “Asher”, meaning “blessed” and “happy” to express the feelings. These meanings derive from the word “osher”, which appeared in the Old Testament. The name also has a separate, non-religious meaning in England, which is “one who lives by an ash tree or ash grove”.
  • Finch: Finch is a name with diverse etymological history. It can be regarded as an English surname, a nickname (for those gifted with a beautiful voice), and an occupational name (denoting the one selling songbirds). There are various ways to interpret Finch, too. The options include “to swindle”, “songbirds”, and “one who catches finches”.
  • Samson: Samson is a biblical boy’s name that translates to “sun”, “sun child”, or “of the sun”. In the Bible, Samson was an Israelite warrior and a judge with supernatural power from his hair (3).

However, he later unveiled the secret to Delilah, his love interest. Delilah betrayed Samson by having a Philistine cut his hair and, thus, drained his power.

As mentioned, Luna has a significant tie to the Roman God of the sun. Therefore, a sun-related name like Samson is a wonderful option.

For Daughters

Haven’t you nailed the perfect name for your little girl after Luna? The good news is Luna can sound like a team with any of these monikers:

  • Aurora: Like Luna, Aurora is also a name stepping out of Roman mythology. It is the title of the Goddess of dawn and means “dawn”. In science, an aurora is a gorgeous display of dancing waves of light across the sky – a feast for the eyes that can only be seen in high-latitude areas.
  • Celestia: This Latin moniker is a variant of Celeste. Representing “of the sky” and “heavenly”, Celestia is a nice match with Luna.
  • Katie: If Katherine or Catherine appear a bit formal to you, their diminutive Katie might be a friendly and equally meaningful choice. Of British origin, Katie means “pure”.
  • Lucza: Lucza is a form of the well-known “Lucy”. A girl bearing this name will shine through on every journey in life, as the name purely means “light”.
  • Miley: Famous modern bearer of this name must be Miley Cyrus, an American singer-songwriter. She’s also a teenage girl in the sitcom Hannah Montana – a character who can remind many people of their childhood. Miley has just been invented in modern times. The name is believed to come from America as a variation of the word “smiley”.
  • Stella: Stella caught on following the publishing of the poem collection Astrophel and Stella by Philip Sidney in 1590. As you might guess, this Latin name simply means “star”. Can you think of a better name that matches the dazzling moon? I’m afraid not.

Great Middle Names To Pair With Luna

Pair With Luna
An amazing middle name will accentuate Luna and the full name further!

A perfect middle name for Luna will blend nicely with it. Fortunately, there’s no lack of matching options for Luna; below are some outstanding examples:

  • Alexandra: As you might guess, this name is a feminine version of the wildly popular “Alexander”. With the meaning “defender of mankind”, Alexandra oozes mightiness and strength. The name also has its own place in Greek mythology. Alexandra is the byname of the Greek Goddess Hera.
  • Dawn: Like Luna, Dawn also has celestial symbolism, meaning “daybreak” and “the first appearance of light”. Dawn represents golden sunrise and a good, new beginning. It’s also linked to the Greek goddess of the dawn.
  • Isabelle: Isabelle always has a dash of romantic appeal. The name is a French alternative to the Hebrew “Isabel” or Elizabeth. Thus, it similarly means “pledged to God” or “devoted to God”. Shared by many European princesses and prominent actresses like Huppert, Adjani, and Fuhrman, it’s bound to empower and inspire.
  • Quinn: Quinn is a name with varied roots. It can be considered an Irish, Celtic, or Gaelic name. The interpretations are flexible, too, including “wise”, “counsel”, and “intelligent”. I bet that many parents are fond of wisdom-related names.
  • Romina: The primary root of Romina is Arabic, which gives it the meaning of “from the land of Christians”. Romina, therefore, is a noteworthy choice for a baby born into a Christain family. This title is supposedly an equivalent of the Latin “Roman” – the 75th most popular name in 2021. So, it can translate to “citizen of Rome”.
  • Sandrine: As a French variant of the above “Alexandra”, Sandrine comes with a touch of individuality and sophistication. The name also translates to “defender of mankind”.

The fact that it hasn’t been in the top 1000 choices is also a strong point if you seek something unique.

Luna – A Common Name In The Pop Culture

Luna is a name with widespread use, not only in reality but also in TV series, animation, and other fictional works:

  • Luna: A talking cat in the Sailor Moon media franchise.
  • Princess Luna: a fictional character in the animation My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Luna Garza: American drama series True Blood.
  • Luna Hale: A fictional character in the Addicted book series.
  • Luna Kom Floukru: a fictional character in the third and fourth seasons of The 100.
  • Luna Lovegood: a witch in the “Harry Potter” series by J. K. Rowling.
  • Luna Maximoff: A daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal from the Marvel Comics universe.
  • Luna Mothews: a fictional character in the animated series Monster High.
  • Lunafreya Nox Fleuret: A fictional character from the action role-playing game Final Fantasy XV.
  • Luna Valente: titular character in the American show Soy Luna.

Famous People Named Luna You Might Know

Unsurprisingly, the name Luna is shared by many celebrities and successful individuals across many nations:

  • Luna (born 1993): The stage name of Park Sun-young, South Korean idol of girl group f(x), in September 2009.
  • Luna Blaise (Boyd) (born 2001): American singer and actress.
  • Luna Haruna (born 1991): Japanese fashion model and singer from Tokyo, also known for her gothic-Lolita fashion style.
  • Luna Leopold (1915-2006): Luna Bergere Leopold, an American scientist.
  • Antonio Manuel Luna Rodríguez (born 1991): Spanish professional footballer.
  • Luna Maya (born 1983): Also known as Luna Maya Sugeng – she is an Indonesian model, singer, and actress.
  • Luna Vachon (1962-2010): American-Canadian professional wrestler.


Here are some related FAQs about the name Luna. You may want to give them a check to make a more informed decision:

Luna is a charming girl’s name. It’s associated with the Roman goddess of the moon, who rode a white chariot across the sky. This deity is also highly revered by ancient Romans, as she helped calculate time.

As a divine embodiment of the Moon, Luna offers many spiritual interpretations of the planet. Many experts believe this Roman mythological figure plays an important role in time.

Plus, Luna is also among the 12 major agricultural deities. Together with Sol, the God of the sun, Luna’s courses have a big impact on planting and harvesting. So, Romans also associated the goddess with abundance.

Luna is not only of regular use in Latin-speaking nations and English-speaking nations. Japanese people love it, too. It is also the name of many anime and manga characters.

Luna, as a Japanese name, not only means “moon”. It can also be interpreted as “lovely”, “purity”, and “flower”. The name “Runa”, which is an equivalent of “Luna”, is available in a variety of kanji.

A girl with this moon name has a witty mind. She’s gifted with communication, persuasion, and leadership capabilities. Luna is also a girl who inspires and cheers up people around her.

Yes, Luna in Arabic is written as لونا. It’s a pretty moniker for Muslim baby girls with different interpretations like “moon”, “lovely”, “flower”, and “purity”.

Well, the moon isn’t always regarded positively. “Lunatic” is considered an offensive word, normally used to indicate a mentally ill person (not for technical use).

As you might guess, the cluster “luna” derived directly from the Latin “luna”, meaning “moon”. Meanwhile, “-atic” is a suffix meaning “of the kind of”. In the past, people believed certain types of insanity were caused by the phrases of the moon, hence the word “lunatic”.

Luna: A Name For Moon Loving Parents!

Luna is undoubtedly a beautiful celestial name. Stepping out of Roman mythology, Luna has a certain divine appeal to it. It’s also associated with a Harry Potter character known for charisma, lovable eccentrics, and loyalty to her friends.

If you’ve already fallen in love with this heavenly name, don’t forget to let me know what interests you most about Luna. As always, please like and share this post if you like it, too! See you soon!


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