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Most French boy names are melodic and convey special meanings. That’s why not only French parents but also non-French-speaking families want to choose these names for their children.

Whether you are looking for popular, unique, modern, or old-fashioned French names, this list is what you are in search of. Besides, I’ll give you an overview of each name so you can learn about its meaning, origin, and other details.

French Masculine Names
Here is an extensive collection of French masculine names for parents to choose from.

Cool French Names For Boys

These French names are attractive and convey great meanings. You’ll surely want to pick one of them for your little boy.

Cool French Names
Everyone will love these gorgeous French names for boys.

1. Julien

Julien is a French variant of the Latin name Julian. Its meaning conveys “youthful”, “shiny”, and “juvenile”. Besides, it’s also common in Italy as Giuliano, in Russia as Iulian, or in Portuguese as Juliano or Julião.

2. Travis

Rooted from the word traverser in Norman French, Travis indicates “to cross over”. The name refers to toll collectors collecting the toll payment on a bridge or a toll road. Travis Scott is a well-known American rapper using Travis as his stage name.

3. Algernon

Algernon (pronounced as al-juh-nuhn) originates from the Norman-French Aux Gernons, indicating “with mustaches”. The name is associated with Algernon Blackwood, the writer of many best ghost stories.

4. Sorrel

Sorrel is an unsex name that means “reddish brown” and has its roots in French. The color reddish brown is described as brown with a tinge of red. The word sorrel also usually refers to the reddish coat color of a horse and is the synonym of the term chestnut.

5. Kylian

Many say Kylian is a French spelling of the Irish name Cillian derived from Ceallach. You’ll find this name has various meanings, including “little church”, “bright-headed”, “strife”, and “war”.

6. Émile

Developed from the Roman family name Aemilius, Émile is a masculine given name that conveys “rival”, “eager”, “to strive”, or “excel ”. The variations include Emil and Emile. Additionally, its feminine version is Emily.

7. Alain

There are plenty of explanations for the meaning and the history of the name. Some said that Alain is a French variant of Alan, referring to the name of the Alans (Iranian people). In the Early Middle Ages, the Alans lived in neighborhoods of modern-day France.

Additionally, the name can convey “deer” or “young deer” in Breton and Welsh. It also can be “rock” in Irish or “beautiful” in Scottish Gaelic. Alain is associated with a French chef who operates numerous Michelin-star restaurants, Alain Ducasse.

8. Philippe

Philippe is the French variation of the name Philip, derived from the Greek word of Philippos. The name Philippos is well-known for the meaning “horse-loving” and “fond of horses”. The most notable person named Philippe is Philippe of Belgium, King of the Belgians.

9. Aimé

Aimé is of French origin and the masculine version of Aimée. These two names also translate to “beloved”. Aimé has a connection with the eminent Genevan physicist Aimé Argand who invented the Argand lamp (a type of oil lamp) in 1780.

Unique French Names That Parents Can Consider

If you are looking for an uncommon name for your son, these unique French names are my recommendations.

Unique French Names
Giving a child a unique name will make others easy to remember him.

10. Lucien

Lucien is a derivative of the Latin Lucius, which translates to “light” and “shining”. In the TV series The Originals, Lucien Castle, who appears in the third season, is a vampire portrayed by Australian actor Andrew Lees.

11. Vespasian

Vespasian can be either a derivative of vesper, meaning “west” and “evening” or of vespa, mentioning “wasp”. It also relates to the name of a Roman emperor who founded the Flavian dynasty, Vespasian (born Titus Flavius Vespasianus).

12. Benoît

Benoît (pronounced as behn-wah) is mainly used as a French masculine name to imply “the one who says the good” or “blessed”. Its variant in English and Romanian is Benedict. Aside, the female version of the name is Benoîte.

13. Nicéphore

Nicéphore is a rare name interpreted as “carrying victory” or “bringer of victory”. There was a French inventor named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce or Nicéphore Niépce. He was the father of heliography, an early instrument that helps with the photographic process.

14. Octave

Shortened from the Latin name Octavius, Octave means “eight” or “eighth”. The name Octavius was historically given to an eighth child or referred to a child’s birth month. However, today people can choose this name for every child regardless of its meaning.

15. Romain

Romain is the French variant of the boy’s name Roman. The name also denotes a member of the Roman Empire. Among famous name bearers, Romain Rolland is a French writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915.

16. Pacome

Pacome is rooted in the name Pachomius, referring to Saint Pachomius the Great. Christians know him as the founder of cenobitic monasticism in Egypt. As for the name meaning, Pacome can translate to “of strong nature” or “pacifier”.

17. Aurélien

Aurélien is thought to have French origin and indicate “golden”. Besides, there is a novel of the same name written by Louis Aragon. In 1999, the Paris newspaper Le Monde and the French retailer Fnac voted the novel as number 51 among the top 100 Books of the Century.

18. Constantin

Constantin is usually a male name that comes from the name Constantinus in Latin. The meaning refers to “constant” or “steadfast”. Another popular name variation is Constantine, which can be given to both boys and girls.

19. Ferdinand

Ferdinand is a Germanic name that indicates “brave in peace”. Besides, the name can be the combination of fardi, referring to “journey” and nand, translating to “ready”. So it’s also interpreted as “adventurous”, “bold journey”, or “bold voyager”.

Some French people having this name include Fernand Braudel (an historian), Ferdinand Foch (a general and military theorist), and Ferdinand de Lesseps (a developer of the Suez Canal). Moreover, Ferrand, Fernand, and Fernandel are some French variants of Ferdinand.

20. Alphonse

As a variant of the name Alphons, Alphonse conveys “noble”, “brave”, “eager”, and “ready”. Alphonse Bertillon is a French police officer and biometrics researcher. He invented the first anthropometric identification system used to identify criminals.

21. Janvier

Janvier is a French term to indicate the month of January. This name is a good fit for babies born this month. As a given name, January is originally developed from the name of a Roman god, Janus.

According to Roman mythology, Janus possesses two faces and is the god of beginnings, transitions, gates, doorways, endings, etc. The month of January is also well-known as the month of Janus.

22. Beauregard

Some explain that Beauregard compounds beau (“beautiful”) and regard (“glance or gaze”). As a result, “beautiful gaze” is what the name conveys. Beauregard can be a French surname, placename, and first name for boys.

As a placename, several locations having the name Beauregard include Beauregard (a commune in the Ain department, France), Beauregard Parish (a parish in Louisiana, U.S), and more.

Popular French Names Parents Shouldn’t Miss

These lovely French names are given to many baby boys. Not only in French, but these names are also popular in other regions.

Popular French Names
Let’s find out the most frequently used French names for boys.

23. Timéo

Timéo is a French shortened version of the Greek boy name Timotheus. Many interpret the name as “honoring God”. Although Timéo is quite popular in France, the name isn’t common in English-speaking countries.

24. Baptiste

This French name means “baptist” and can be taken from Jean-Baptiste (John the Baptist). He was a mission preacher in the early 1st century AD. In Christianity, he is called John the Forerunner, while he is well-known as Prophet Yahya in Islam.

25. Noel

Noel, which means “Christmas” or “Christmas carol”, has Old French roots in the word Noël. Noel is a gender-neutral name traditionally given to babies born on Christmas. Moreover, people have used the name since the 12th century.

26. Laurent

Laurent is of Latin origin and is popular in French-speaking countries. It’s derived from the Roman surname Laurentius, indicating “from Laurentum” or the Old Greek “Lavrenti”, meaning “the bright one, shining one”. Its feminine version is Laurence in French.

27. Lionel

With the meaning of “lion”, Lionel is a diminutive of the French Léon, derived from the Greek word “Leon”. According to Greek mythology, Leon was a Giant defeated by the hero Heracles.

On top of that, this name reminds people of the world-famous Argentine footballer, Lionel Messi.

28. Darrell

Derived from Norman-French d’Airelle, Darrell indicates people living in Airelle in France. Nevertheless, today you can’t find any place named Airelle in France. So people understand that this name means “huckleberry”, since airelle signifies “huckleberry” in French.

29. Olivier

Olivier is a standard French form of the name Oliver. This name derives from the Germanic Alfhar, meaning “elf army” or “elf warrior”. Olivier Giroud is a French professional footballer playing for AC Milan and the France national football team.

30. Antoine

“Beyond praise” or “highly praise-worthy” is what this French name indicates. It comes from the Latin name Antonius and is popular in many regions such as France, Switzerland, the Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, and more.

31. Remy

Remy means “oarsman” or “rower” and originates from Remigius. Parents can pick this name for babies of any gender. Some variations of the name include Rémy, Rémi, and Remi.

32. Maxence

Originally developed from the Latin name Maxentius, Maxence means “greatest”. It’s associated with many French football players like Maxence Carlier, Maxence Caqueret, Maxence Derrien, Maxence Flachez, Maxence Prévot, etc.

33. Clement

Clement is a French family name and first name rooted in the Late Latin Clemens. Its interpretation can be “merciful” or “mild”. Besides, Clement is also the name of fourteen real Popes, starting with Pope Clement I, a bishop of Rome in the 1st century AD.

34. Régis

The Occitan name Régis refers to “king” or “ruler”. One of the celebrities bearing this name is Regis Philbin, an American talk show host who received the Guinness World Record for Most Hours on Camera.

35. Achille

Achille is a French and Italian name for Achilles, the name of a legendary hero in Greek mythology. He is well-known as the greatest of all the Greek warriors. Some explain the meaning of the name may be “thin-lipped” or “pain”.

Old-Fashioned French Male Names

These classic names won’t disappoint your expectations. They appeared a very long time ago but are still well-liked now.

French Male Names
What French names for sons have been used for a long time?

36. Pascal

Pascal is used commonly in French-speaking countries and other countries. It comes from the Latin paschalis, which signifies “relating to Easter or Passover”. The feminine versions of the name are Pascale, Pascalle, and Pascalina.

37. Étienne

Étienne relates to the name Stephen or Steven, meaning “wreath”, “garland”, and “crown”. It’s also the name of numerous scientists, inventors, politicians, intellectuals, etc. One of them is the notable French naturalist Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire.

38. Jacques

Jacques, James, and Jacq are noble French family names from the Middle Ages in Brittany, France. Besides, Jacques stems originally from the Hebrew male name Yaakov, which mentions “one who follows” or “to follow after”.

39. Lancelot

Lancelot may be a derivative of an Old French word L’Ancelot. In this case, it means “servant”. On the other hand, this name can come from a Saxon name of “Wlanc” and refer to “the proud one”. In other languages, Lancelot also conveys “land”, “Alan of the Lot River”, etc.

40. Corneille

Stemming from the name Cornelius, Corneille is explained as “horn” or “of the Cornelii family”. Also, Corneille is a French word translated to “crow”. Corneille de Lyon, a well-known Dutch painter of portraits, worked in Lyon, France, from 1533.

41. Dieudonné

Only a few people know that Dieudonné is the nickname of Philip II of France and the name Louis the Great (born Louis-Dieudonné). Today, Dieudonné is also a commune in Oise, Northern France. The meaning of this male name is “gift of God”.

42. Dorian

This cute name mentions Doris (a district of Ancient Greece) or Dorus (a hero in Greek mythology). In the history of Greece, the Dorians refer to an ancient Hellenic tribe. The name Dorian can also mean “child of the sea” if derived from Dorios.

43. Orville

Orville (pronounced as aw-vil) can be the combination of the Frankish name Ausric (meaning “auric”) and the Old French word ville (meaning “town”). Since auric relates to “gold”, the meaning of this name is “gold town”.

44. Mercer

Mercer is from the Old French word “mercier” or “merchier”, which refers to “a merchant” or “one trading in textiles”. It’s common as an English and Scottish surname and a given name. Mercer Ellington, who bears this name, is a talented jazz trumpeter in America.

45. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is Romanized from the Hebrew name Immanuel, which means “God with us”. Immanuel has a connection with a character mentioned in the Book of Isaiah. Its feminine variant in French is Emmanuelle.

46. Isidore

Isidore is an English and French name from the Greek “Isídor”. The literal meaning of the name is “gift of Isis”. For those who don’t know, Isis is a great goddess in ancient Egyptian religion. She played roles of a wife, mourner, mother goddess, goddess of magic, etc.

47. Odilon

With the meaning of “fortunate” and “prosperous in battle”, Odilon has Old German and French origin. Traced back to the 19th century, Odilon Barrot was a Prime Minister of France and served under President Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (the first president of France).

48. Télesphore

Télesphore originates from the name Telesphorus or Telesphoros in Greek. The name combines télos (“completion, accomplishment”) and phérō (“bring or carry”), so the widely accepted meaning is “bringing fulfillment” or “bearing fruit”.

In Greek mythology, Telesphorus is also the name of a minor child-god of healing. People usually depict him as a dwarf with a cap covering his head. He is well-known for protecting and guarding childbirth.

French Names Associated With Saints

Do you know that many French names have associations with renowned saints? Here are a few of them.

French Names Associated
Figure out French masculine names that are reminiscent of famous saints.

49. Maurice

Maurice is originally rooted in the Latin male name Mauritius. Also, Mauritius was a given name of the Roman Empire period and had the meaning “one from Mauritania”, “the Moor”, “dark”, and ”swarthy”.

The popularity of the name is thanks to Saint Maurice, an officer of the Theban Legion of Rome in the 3rd century. He is also the patron saint of Alpine hunters, French, Swiss, American infantry, etc.

50. Boniface

Boniface can be a given name and a surname meaning “good fate”. It is also the name of many religious figures, rulers, soldiers, and politicians. Saint Boniface, known as the Apostle of the Germans, also bears this name.

51. Quentin

Quentin (pronounced as kwen-tin) is a boy name coming from the Latin Quintus. Its meaning translates to “the fifth”. In Christianity, Saint Quentin or Quentin of Amiens is the patron saint of bombardiers, tailors, surgeons, etc.

He was martyred in the 3rd century. Later, the French named the city where he was martyred Saint-Quentin to honor him. Its current location is the Aisne department, Hauts-de-France, Northern France.

52. Gwenhael

Gwenhael refers to a sixth-century Breton saint, Saint Gwenhael. He was also the second abbot of Landévennec Abbey, France. His name consists of two parts: gwen, which means “white, fair, blessed” and hael, indicating “generous”.

53. Hubert

Hubert stems from the name Hugubert in Old High German, which is composed of hugu (“mind”) and beraht (“bright”). That’s why Hubert translates to “bright-minded”. Besides, it links to Saint Hubert, a patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, etc.

54. Alban

Alban means “white” and is an English, Albanian, French, and German boy’s name. It’s reminiscent of several saints, like Saint Alban of Mainz, Saint Alban Roe, and notably Saint Alban of Verulamium.

55. Francis

You can find many variations of this name, including Francesco, Francisco, Frank, Frances, Franco, etc. Some claim this name means “free man”, “Frenchman”, and “frank”. In Christianity, Saint Francis of Assisi is the founder of the Franciscans.

56. Joachim

Joachim (pronounced as yoh-uh-kim) is Hebrew in origin. The interpretation of the name is “raised by Yahweh” or “he whom Yahweh has set up”. In Christian beliefs, Saint Joachim is the father of Saint Mary, the mother of Jesus.

57. Armel

Armel is inspired by the Old Breton name Arthmael, which combines two elements: arth (“bear”) and mael (“prince”). So, the name signifies “bear prince”. There is a Breton holy man called Saint Armel, who is also seen as a Breton prince.

58. Firmin

Firmin is a French name of Latin origin. The name represents “firm” or “steadfast”. Besides, the name links to a holy man and martyr, Saint Fermin. He is also the co-patron saint of Navarre, Spain.

59. Landry

Landry may originate from the old baptismal name Land-rick which translates to “land-powerful” or “country-powerful”. It’s also the name of three notable saints, including St. Landry (Bishop of Seez), St. Landry (Bishop of Paris), and St. Landry (Bishop of Metz).

60. Nicolas

Nicolas is common in France, Brazil, Spanish-speaking countries (as Nicolás), and Italy (as Nicola). Its root is from the Greek name Nikolaos, composed of nike (“victory”) and laos (“people”). So its interpretation is “victory of the people”.

Saint Nicolas, who bears this name, was a Christian bishop of Greek descent. He is famous for secretly giving gifts and is considered the traditional model of Santa Claus. Saint Nicolas is also the protector saint of children, sailors, unmarried people, etc.

61. Philibert

Most people will think of Saint Philibert when mentioning the name Philibert. He was born in Gascony (a province of France) and became an abbot and monastic founder, particularly the first abbot of Jumièges Abbey located in Normandy, France.

The name Philibert can come from Ancient Germanic Filuberht, which include fila (“very”) and berht (“bright”). Its meaning thus is “very bright”.

62. Toussaint

This French personal name refers to “all saints” or All Saints’ Day (celebrated on November 1st). Parents usually pick this name for their boys because they were born on All Saints’ Day or parents ask all the saints to bless the babies.

Nature-Inspired French Names For Sons

Most of the names below are inspired by nature. Their meanings can convey trees, nature creations, animals, etc.

French Names For Sons
Nature-loving parents usually give these names to their sons.

63. Sylvain

As a French variant of Silvanus, Sylvain relates to “of the woods/forest”. According to Roman religion, Sylvain is the protector of the forest and a god who guards the boundaries of fields, protects castles, wards off wolves, etc.

64. Florian

Many parents love this adorable name and want to give it to their children since it means “blooming”, “flowering”, or “blond”. Along with France, the name is widely used in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Spain, etc.

65. Montague

Montague is pronounced mon-tuh-gyoo and is an English surname in Old French. It can usually be given to boys as a personal name and carry the meaning of “pointed hill” or “steep mountain”.

66. Corentin

Corentin means “hurricane, tempest” and stems from the Breton language in Brittany, part of modern-day France. It’s also the name of a Breton saint, Corentin of Quimper. He is the patron saint of Brittany and seafood.

67. Percival

Most people know this name because it’s the name of a hero in the tale Perceval, the Story of the Grail, written by the French author Chrétien de Troyes. Some common meanings of this name are “through this valley” and “pierces the valley”.

68. Yves

Yves is no longer a rare name for French boys. Its meaning is “yew” (a coniferous tree bearing red berrylike fruits), but the name’s origin is still debatable. Moreover, Yves is globally famous as the name of a French luxury fashion company, Yves Saint Laurent.

69. Forest

Forest or Forrest is a habitational name derived from the Old French with the meaning “forest”, “of the wood”, or “dweller near the woods”. Famous namesakes are Forest Evashevsk (American footballer), Forest Whitaker (American actor and director), etc.

70. Fabien

Rooted from the Roman boy’s name Fabianus, Fabien bears the lovely meaning “bean” or “bean grower”. The name is written differently in many languages, such as Fabian in English, Fabián in Spanish, and Fabio or Fabiano in Italian.

71. Renard

Renard, also spelled Reynard, refers to a fox appearing in a literary cycle in Northwest European literature, Reynard the Fox. It is an animal tale written during the Middle Ages and became popular in the Late Middle Ages.

72. Rónán (Anglicised as Ronan)

Ronan is another name inspired by animals. It is of Irish and Breton origin, conveying “little seal”. Behind the name is a tale about the love of a fisherman and a mother seal trapped in a human form. She gave birth to children called ronans, meaning “little seals”.

French Male Names Derived From Surname

Many given names are rooted in family names. They were used by many noble families that you may know.

Male Names Derived
Let’s discover French names that are derived from surnames.

73. Russell

Russell comes from the Old Norse rossel, meaning “red-haired”. Although the name refers to redheaded persons, parents can choose this name for their sons regardless of their hair color.

It’s also commonly used as a nickname for Russ and Rusty. As for famous name bearers, Russell M. Nelson was an American religious leader born in 1924. Or the British mathematician Bertrand Russell, who bears Russell as a surname.

74. Warren

Warren is rooted in the Norman surname de Warenne, derived from the hamlet along Varenne river in North Western France. Some interpret its meaning as “to protect or defend”. The American business Warren Buffett is one of the notable people having this name.

75. Lebron

There are many different explanations for the origin of the name Lebron. It can be derived from liebre, meaning “hare” in Spain. On the other hand, Lebron may have its root in the French surname Lebrun or Le Brun, which means “the brown”.

76. Gaston

This name was first recorded as a surname for medieval French aristocracy. It means “a man from Gascony”. Gascony can refer to a province located in South Western France.

Gaston is connected with Gaston, Duke of Orléans (a French nobleman) and Gaston d’Orléans (a French prince and military commander). In popular culture, this name reminds Disney fans of the main antagonist Gaston in the film Beauty and the Beast.

77. Delano

Delano is of French origin and can have various meanings. Some assume Delano is from the French surname de la Noye, meaning “from the marsh or swampland”. Others said it could come from de la nuit or de la noix that conveys “nighttime” or “nut tree”.

More importantly, when mentioning this name, people usually link it to the Delano family, a prominent political family in America. The 32nd president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was also a member of this family.

78. Lafayette

Lafayette (pronounced as Lah-fah-yeht) comes from a French surname with many variations, such as Lafay, Lafee, Fay, etc. Its meaning is “a beech tree” or “faith”. Ages ago, a beech tree was where people gathered for court hearings.

Strong French Names For Little Prince

Are you finding strong boy names in French? There will be an extensive list for you to consider.

Names For Little Prince
Consider the ideas if parents are in search of powerful French names.

79. Rainier

Rainier is equivalent to Rainer; both names stem from Raginheri in Germanic. The element ragin in the name means “advice” and heri means “army”. Thus, you can interpret the meaning of the name as “army advisor” or “judgment warrior”.

80. Raoul

The French name Raoul can be derived from Ralph (meaning “wolf counsel”) or Rudolph (meaning “fame-wolf” or “glory-wolf”). In French popular culture, some characters bearing this name are Raoul Diop (TV series Lupin), Raoul (animation A Monster in Paris), etc.

81. Andre

Andre or André is a French and Portuguese version of Andrew and a variant of the Greek Andreas. Andre is a great name that means “warrior” or “man”. Besides France, the name is also popular in Quebec, Canada, Norway, etc.

82. Leroy

Leroy is one of the names that mean “the king”. In Northern France, it’s common as a family name of Normandy origin. Today, the Norman French phrase “Le Roy le veult”, meaning “The King wills it” is used as royal assent in the British parliament.

83. Sacha

Sacha, a French variant of Sasha, is shortened from Alexander and Alexandra. It’s a unisex name indicates “defender” and “helper of mankind”. There is a wide range of name variations, such as Sașa, Sasza, Sascia, Sasja, etc.

84. Thierry

“Power is mighty” and “the ruler of the people” are what the name Thierry refers to. One of the well-known name bearers is Thierry Breton, a French business executive and European Commissioner for Internal Market.

85. Florimond

Florimond reminds people of Prince Florimund, who finds the princess in the famous fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The name is the combination of florens (“prosperous” or “flourishing”) and mund (“protection”).

86. Gérard

Gérard is a common male name in many French-speaking countries, meaning “strong and brave spear-wearer”. Its variations also appear in many languages like Gerard (English), Geraldo (Portuguese), Gearóid (Irish), and more.

87. Henri

Henri is a French version of the English Henry, which mentions “home ruler”. Various French noblemen bear this classic name, such as Henri I de Montmorency (Marshal of France), Henri de Lorraine (Count of Harcourt), Henri d’Orléans (Count of Paris, Duke of France), etc.

88. Tanguy

Tanguy signifies “fire dog” or “warrior” and originates from the Breton name Tangi. Tanguy et Laverdure is a French comic book about the two pilots, Ernest Laverdure and Michel Tanguy. Though they are opposite personalities, they work well together to defend their country.

89. Alexandre

Alexandre is another form of the name Alexander and refers to “defender of man” or “warrior”. Alexandre is usually used in French, Portuguese, Galician, and Catalan. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel is a French civil engineer best-known for the Eiffel Tower.

90. Marceau

There are several ways to explain the meaning of Marceau. It can convey “little warrior” or come from the ancient Roman word mars, which means “male”. Plus, the name can also be a variant of the Latin name Marcellus, which denotes “hammer”.

Simple Yet Cute French Names For Sons

French names are likely hard to pronounce sometimes. Nevertheless, these short names are not only easy-to-spell but also bear excellent meanings.

Cute French Names
These short French names are easy to remember and pronounce.

91. Louis

Louis has long been famous as the name of various Kings of France and royalties. Scholars explain the meaning as “famed warrior”, “loot bringer” or “famous in battle”. Some feminine variations of the name are Louise and Luise.

92. Loup

Borrowed from the Latin word “lupus”, this short name translates to “wolf”. There are many cute spellings of this name in other languages: Lupu or Lupescu (Romanian), Lupo (Italian), Lobo or López (Spanish), and Lobo or Lopes (Portuguese).

93. Jules

The meanings that this gender-neutral name signifies are “downy-bearded”, “devoted to Jove”, and “youthful”. The name Jove in this case, refers to the god of the sky and thunder and also the king of the gods in Roman mythology.

94. Serge

Even though Serge means “servant”, many parents still give this name to their children. That may be because they love its cute pronunciation and simplification. Besides, Serge is also a variant of the name Sergius, which means “protector”.

95. René

In French, this simple boy’s name represents “reborn” or “born again”. Not only is it common in French-speaking countries, but the name René has gained popularity in Spanish-speaking and German-speaking regions.

96. Côme

If you wonder how to pronounce this name, it’s likely how you pronounce the word comb in English. Côme is predominantly given to boys and bears the meaning of “order” or “decency”. Without the circumflex, it changes to Come, which is also a common variant.

97. Soan

Some sources mention that Soan can originate from the Indian and Arabic male name Sohan or the name Joan. That’s why Soan can refer to “good looking”, “star”, and “Yahweh is gracious”.

98. Chase

Chase is an English name coming from the word chacier in Old French. Besides the meaning “to catch” or “to seize”, the name can indicate “hunter” or “huntsman”. Chase is a unisex name; other lovely variations are Chasey and Chaser.

99. Guy

Don’t misinterpret this name as the word referring to gender. The name Guy has its origin in the Germanic and Italian masculine name Guido, meaning “forest” or “guide”. On the other hand, it can be Anglicized from the Hebrew name Gai, which translates to “Ravine”.

100. Mael

Mael, which means “chief” and “prince”, is a commonly picked name for baby boys in France. It’s reminiscent of the name of a Breton saint in the fifth century, Saint Maël, and the High King of Ireland, Máel Sechnaill mac Domnaill.

101. Blaise

Blaise stems from Blasius, implying “stammerer”, “stutter”, or “lisping”. However, this meaning is still uncertain. In the hit series Harry Potter, Blaise Zabini is a supporting character who is a Slytherin student in Harry’s year.

102. Gaël

This one-syllable name can refer to “joyful” or the ethnonym Gael (descendants of the ancient Celts in Scotland). Or it can be derived from the name of a 6th-century Breton saint, Gwenhael, meaning “blessed” and “generous”.

103. Jean

Jean and its female version Jeanne are both derived from the Hebrew name John. Their meanings convey “Yahweh / God is Gracious”. As for famous persons having this name, Jean Pierre de Batz (Baron de Batz) is a French royalist and businessman.

104. Noam

With the meaning of “pleasantness”, “beautiful”, or “good-looking”, Noam is the masculine version of Naomi. However, today, the name Noam can be given to both boys and girls.

105. Loïc

Some think this name is a Breton version of Louis, so the name means “famed warrior”. Furthermore, it can also be a variant of the Greek name Loukas, referring to “one from Lucania”. This name is common in Brittany and the Breton community.

Which French Names Do You Find The Most Impressed With?

I’ve introduced you to outstanding French names suitable for every little prince. Many of them do not only bear special meanings but also are associated with the names of famous saints or rulers in the past.

Which names do you decide to give to your child? Leave a comment to let me know your answer. Don’t forget to spread this list to other parents-to-be by hitting the share button. Besides, check out other articles if you want more name ideas.

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1. University of Social Science and Humanity, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Program: Bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Literature and Journalism
  • Focus: In-depth knowledge of Literature, knowledge and skills to perceive, create literature or work in related fields; Basic knowledge of communications.

2. University of Social Science and Humanity, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • Program: Bachelor’s degree in Education Faculty
  • Focus: Core knowledge of social sciences and humanities – the root for the development of progressive values of education, Multicultural communication in education, Contemporary education in the context of globalization, Learning in the digital technology era, Basic issues of STEAM education, Classroom Management, Special education.

3. Oregon State University, Oregan, US

  • Program: Bachelor’s degree in Faculty of Human Development and Family Sciences – Child Development
  • Focus: Different stages of development, from infancy to adulthood; Develop a strong foundation for a career in early childhood programs or classrooms; Learn strategies for supporting young children’s development in early childhood settings.

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