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Here are Naomi’s name meaning, popularity, gender, and other information. This post will help parents learn about the name and answer the question of whether it is worth picking for their child.

Naomi may be one of the names you have heard many times. It is the name of a famous supermodel or some neighborhoods worldwide. More than that, there are many facts about the name that you didn’t expect.

Name Naomi Indicate
What does the name Naomi indicate? Is it a strong name?

The Overview Of The Name Naomi

This section gives you an overview of this name. You can quickly scan the information before moving to the next detailed parts.

MeaningNaomi indicates “pleasantness” in Hebrew and “straight” or beautiful” in Japanese.
OriginIt both originates in Hebrew and Japanese. Naomi is also an important character in the Book of Ruth.
GenderIt’s primarily a girl’s name. Besides, it’s a unisex name in Japan, but girls named Naomi are also predominant.
PopularityNaomi has remained in the top 100 common names for girls since 2010. It ranked the 52nd most often used name in 2020.
VariationsNáoimí, Noémi, Nahomie, Noémia, etc.
NicknamesNomi, Noma, Noam, Nonna, etc.
Similar namesNatasha, Daphne, Noelle, Nova, etc.
Sibling namesFor Boys: David, Aiden, Shayne, Ezra, etc.
For Girls:
Celeste, Beau, Isla, Maisie, etc.
Middle namesFor Boys: Mackenzie, Arden, Ashley, Hayden, etc.
For Girls:
Amber, Bethany, Jade, Lavinia, etc.

What Does Naomi Mean?

Naomi (pronounced as nay-oh-me) is a well-known given name appearing in many cultures. With Hebrew origin, the root Nam in the name Naomi can be translated to “pleasant” and “beautiful”. Also, Naomi is frequently a female name.

On the other hand, Naomi originates in Japanese, meaning “straight” and “beautiful”. It is usually a Japanese girl’s name but can also be given to boys. Naomi has many writing variations in kanji, hiragana, katakana, etc.

Asides the meanings listed above, some sources also interpret Naomi as “above all”, “beauty”, “pleasant one”, “ lovely”, and “winsome”.

What Is The Origin Of Naomi?

Naomi is a biblical female name of a central character mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. According to the Book of Ruth, Naomi is Ruth’s mother-in-law and is portrayed as the one challenging and complying with patriarchal expectations.

The book was about the challenges Naomi and Ruth have to deal with in a patriarchal environment. She used to be a wife and a mother. However, since her husband and two sons died, she changed her name from Naomi (pleasant) to Mara ( bitter). (1)

There are different assessments of the character Naomi. Her story shares valuable lessons for Christians that they should never lose faith in God.

Is Naomi A Boy Or A Girl Name?

Even though Naomi is traditionally a female name, it can also be unisex. For example, Naomi Uemura, a male Japanese adventurer, was the first person to reach the North Pole solo.

Popularity Of The Name Naomi

The number of newborns named Naomi has fluctuated but has always remained one of the most frequently used girl names in the United States. Based on the Social Security Administration data, this name has become more and more popular in the last decade.

The name has started to appear in the list of the top 100 most common girl names since 2010. Specifically, until 2021, 4248newborn girls were born with the name Naomi, which placed 54th overall. (2)

The popularity of well-known celebrities like supermodel Naomi Campell, actress Naomi Watts, etc. may have contributed to the name Naomi’s rise in popularity.

Variations Of The Name Naomi

The name Naomi is popularized in many regions worldwide. Therefore, its variations are numerous. Here are some different forms of Naomi:

  • Náoimí (Irish)
  • Noémi/Noémie/Noemy (French)
  • Nahomie (Haitian)
  • Noémia (Portuguese)
  • Noomie (Finnish)
  • Noemi (Czech)

Nicknames For Naomi

Naomi has many shortened nicknames to connote a special intimacy between parents to their child.

  • Nomi
  • Noma
  • Noam
  • Nonna
  • Mims
  • Mimsy
  • Mimi

What Are Names Like Naomi?

Looking For Great Names
Are you looking for great names that are similar to Naomi?

There is a wide list of names similar to Naomi with special meanings. Let’s discover what they are.

Natashanuh-tash-uhBorn on Christmas Day or birthday of the LordRussian
Daphnedaf-neeLaurel treeGreek
Rubyru-beePrecious red stoneLatin
Chloeklo-eeBlooming, fertility, or young green shootGreek
Tabithata-by-thaGazelle, graciousAramaic

Suggested Sibling Names For Naomi

Choosing sibling names is important since some believe it creates a bond among family members. Find out cool sibling names for Naomi below.

For Brothers

If you haven’t got any name ideas for Naomi’s younger brothers, let’s consider these recommendations.

  • David: David is of Hebrew origin and refers to an important figure in the Bible, King David. It’s a very common masculine name with the meaning “beloved”.
  • Aiden: It’s a strong boy’s name meaning “little fire”, “born of fire”, “the fiery one”, “intelligent”, or “help”. The origin of the name can be Irish, Scottish Gaelic, and Welsh.
  • Shayne: Shayne is an English variant of the Irish name Shane, indicating “God is gracious”. Some notable name bearers include Shayne Graham (American football placekicker) and Shayne Mallard (Australian politician).
  • Ezra: Ezra (pronounced as ez-ruh) is rooted in Hebrew and indicates “help”, “helper”, “aid”, or “protector”. The name also refers to a biblical character Ezra the Scribe, a Jewish scribe and priest.
  • Gordon: The English given name is derived from the Scottish surname Gordon. Its meaning is “spacious” or “fort”. Shortened names for Gordon are Gord and Gordie.
  • Carson: From a surname of Scottish and Irish origin, Carson can indicate “son of the marsh-dwellers”. It has remained in the top 100 most frequently picked names for boys since 2006.

For Sisters

The sibling names of Naomi’s sisters are various. Here are a few great name options with unique meanings that parents can pick.

  • Celeste: Celeste comes from the Latin word caelestis with the interpretation of “heavenly” or “celestial”. Renowned people bearing this name can be athletes, writers, and performers, notably Celeste Holm (an American actress).
  • Beau: It can be a girl’s and boy’s names meaning “beautiful” or “handsome”. In English, the name means “admirer” and “sweetheart”. Also, Beau is a short name originating in the French language.
  • Isla: Isla is commonly a Scottish name for baby girls. Rooted from the word “Islay”, it’s also associated with the name of two rivers and an island Scotland. Besides, Isla can indicate “island” in Spanish.
  • Maisie: With the Scottish root, Maisie or Maisy is a variant of the name Margaret, meaning “pearl”. Additionally, they have found this name has been used since the 16th century.
  • Ruth: Ruth is perfect to be a sibling name for Naomi. Ruth means “friend” and was among the top 10 most common girl names in the early 20th century.
  • Nina: With plenty of origins, Nina is a well-liked name universally given to baby girls. In each language, Nina bears a different meaning, such as “little girl” in Spanish, “nice” in Persian, “flower” in Greek, etc.

Perfect Middle Names For Naomi

There are hundreds of options for middle names for Naomi. Also, parents should base on their last name to choose a suitable one.

Brilliant Recommendations
What are brilliant recommendations for Naomi’s middle names?

For Sons

As mentioned, Naomi can also be a unisex name, although it’s popularly a feminine name. Let’s see what middle names are for boys named Naomi.

  • Mackenzie: This is a derivative version from MacCoinnich. The name translates to “pleasant to look at” and “born of fire”. Also, it can mean “son of Coinneach/Kenneth”.
  • Arden: Arden is a gender-neutral name and also an English surname. It can come from the Yorkshire North Riding, Cheshire, or the Forest of Arden (England). Some explain the meaning as “great forest”, “valley of the eagle”, or “high”.
  • Ashley: Combining two elements æsc (ash) and lēah, the name Ashley means “dweller near the ash tree meadow”. The name was first a surname in Old English.
  • Hayden: This given name has its origin in Old High German. Hayden is rooted in the name Haydn indicating “heathen”. Plus, Haydn connected with a gifted Austrian composer, Joseph Haydn.
  • Frances: “France” or “free man” is what Frances conveys. Besides, it’s also well-known as the name of Saint Francis of Assisi. He is the founder of the Franciscans.

For Daughters

Here are some middle names for baby girls with the given name Naomi. They all bear great meanings and can excellently pair with Naomi.

  • Amber: Amber is a Persian girl name and also refers to amber – a hard and transparent substance formed from resin and used to make jewelry. The name can be understood as “yellowish-orange color”.
  • Bethany: It’s a Biblical feminine name derived from the place name Bethany – a Palestinian town. Its meaning can be explained as “house of affliction” or “house of figs”.
  • Jade: Taken from a stone used to make jewelry, Jade indicates “precious green stone” and originates from British. Besides, jade (stone) also implies purity, bravery, honesty, or everlasting life.
  • Lavinia: Parents love to choose this Latin girl’s name for its meaning “legendary mother of the Roman people”. According to Roman myth, Lavinia is the daughter of a king of Latins, Latinus.
  • Yasmin: It’s another name inspired by nature. Yasmin is a Persian word that mentions Yas flower or jasmine. Other variants include Yasaman, Yasman, Yasami, etc.
  • Angela: Angela is a girl’s name with Greek roots, meaning “messenger of God” or “angel”. Some similar names to Angela can be Angeline, Angelina, Angel, Angelle, etc.

Naomi In Popular Culture

Notable people bearing the name Naomi come from various regions worldwide and work in many professions.

  • Naomi McDuffie: A title character in the TV series Naomi
  • Naomi Armitage: A protagonist of the anime Armitage III
  • Naomi Dorrit: Characters in the TV series Lost
  • Naomi Julien: A character in the soap opera EastEnders
  • Naomi Lapaglia: A character in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street
  • Naomi Clark: A socialite in the CW primetime drama show 90210
  • Naomi Hunter: Characters in the Metal Gear series

The Most Famous People Named Naomi

Notable people bearing the name Naomi come from various regions in the world and work in many professions.

  • Naomi Chazan (born 1946): Israeli academic and politician
  • Naomi Oreskes (born 1958): American science historian
  • Naomi Klein (born 1970): Canadian journalist, author, and social activist
  • Naomi Shihab Nye (born 1952): American poet and author.
  • Naomi Scott (born 1993): English actress, singer and musician
  • Naomi Sims (1948-2009): African American model, businesswoman and author
  • Naomi Long (born 1971): Leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
  • Naomi Osaka (born 1997) Haitian-American-Japanese professional tennis player


Before wrapping up the article, I will answer some often asked questions for readers concerning the name Naomi.

Every name is unique from each other, and so is Naomi. However, from my perspective, the thing that makes the name Naomi outstanding is its pronunciation and origin relating to Japanese.

People with the name Naomi are knowledgeable and graceful. They have a strong intuitive sense and get attracted to spirituality and mysticism.

According to some sources, Neoma is an alternative spelling of Naomi in Greek and means “new moon”. It’s a celestial-inspired name encouraging the baby’s curiosity about the universe.

There are numerous people named Naomi who don’t have Japanese nationality. It’s a popular name in the world, not only in Japan.

Although its meaning doesn’t relate to “warrior” or “strength”, Naomi refers to a courageous woman in the Bible. As a result, my answer is Naomi can also be a strong name.

Will You Name Your Child Naomi?

I bet the information in the article will help you gain more knowledge about this name. Whether in the past or the future, Naomi is always a great and meaningful name for all babies. Do you feel the same way? Comment below to let me know.

If you like this post, you can hit the share button or send it to new parents who are wondering what to name their children. Besides, make sure to discover related posts to have more name ideas. Goodbye and see you later!


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