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If you don’t know about Hannah name meaning, you’ve come to the right place. Besides explaining its meaning, I’ll provide more information about its origin and some excellent name suggestions.

Hannah is no longer a rare name since it does appear not only in real life but also in many movies and films. However, there is a Biblical tale behind the beautiful name that not everyone knows.

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How does the name Hannah impact your child’s opportunity in the future?

An Overview Of The Name Hannah

This part is a short description including the main information about the name Hannah. Keep scrolling down for further details.

MeaningThe name Hannah means “grace”, “favor”, and “God has favored me with a child” in Hebrew.
OriginThe name Hannah is derived from the Hebrew name Channah. In the Old Testament, Hannah was the wife of Elkanah, and she asked God for a child.
GenderHannah is popularly a feminine name.
PopularityHannah has remained among the top 50 commonly picked names for girls since 1989. The name was on the 44th spot in 2021.
VariationsHanna, Chana, Chanah, Channah, etc.
NicknamesHan, Holy, Hanns, Annie, etc.
Similar NamesHennessy, Hayley, Harper, Rebekah, etc.
Middle NamesLouise, Jane, Amy, Catherine, etc.
Sibling NamesFor Sons: Elijah, Ivan, Alex, Matthew, etc.
For Daughters: Olivia, Sarah, Bethany, Helena, etc.

What Does The Name Hannah Mean?

Hannah (pronounced as ha-nuh) is a Hebrew feminine name and carries the meaning of “grace” and “favor”. Besides, the name is also interpreted as “God has favored me with a child”. This meaning has an association with the figure Hannah in the Old Testament.

Origin Of The Name Hannah

That said, the root of the name is Channah in Hebrew. It’s also a Biblical name referring to Hannah, the wife of Elkanah and the mother of the prophet Samuel in the First Book of Samuel.

According to the book, Elkanah had two wives, Hannah and Peninnah. Even though Peninnah had borne many children, Hannah hadn’t. But the husband always favored Hannah more than the other wife.

Hannah prayed for a son and vowed that she would give her child to God. Later, her wish was granted, and she gave birth to Samuel. These details may help to explain why the name Hannah means “favor”.(1)

The Popularity Of The Name Hannah Over Years

The name Hannah hasn’t dropped out of the top 50 most common female names since 1989. Moreover, it peaked as the second most popular name for three years (1998, 1999, and 2000).

Although the ranks have slightly fallen recently, it still seems to be a popular girl’s name. With 4546 baby girls named Hannah in 2021, it was ranked the 44th most frequently picked name (2).

Can Parents Choose This Name For Boys?

Hannah is well-known as a name for baby girls. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with parents choosing it for a baby boy.

Name Variations

The name Hannah can be written in many languages, such as Hebrew, German, Dutch, French, and more.

  • Hanna/Chana/Chanah/Channah (Hebrew)
  • Hanne (German/Scandinavian/Dutch)
  • Ann (English)
  • Anne (English)
  • Anna (French)

Nicknames For Hannah

Many parents choose this name for their children since they like its lovely pronunciation. Besides, you can use these cute nicknames to call your babies.

  • Han
  • Holy
  • Hanns
  • Annie
  • Han Han
  • Nan
  • Hanny
  • Nany

Similar Names To Hannah

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Here are some other choices for parents looking for names that are similar to Hannah.

This list includes some names that sound similar or originate from the Old Testament, like the name Hannah.

Hennessyhen-ness-seeOne strength or energyIrish
Hayleyhay-leyHay meadow or hay clearingEnglish
Harperhahr-perHarp playerEnglish, Scottish, and Irish
Rebekahreh-beh-kuhCaptivating beauty, to tie, or to bindHebrew
Tamar ta-mahrPalm tree or date palmHebrew
Abigailab-i-gaylMy father's joyHebrew

Suggested Middle Names Go Well With Hannah

Are you wondering what good middle names for Hannah are? These name suggestions can’t go wrong with the first name Hannah.

  • Louise: As a female version of Louis, Louise is considerably a strong girl name with the meaning “famous warrior”. The name is commonly a given name in England, France, Sweden, etc., while American parents frequently choose it as a middle name.
  • Jane: Jane is originally derived from the Hebrew name Yochanan, which means “Yahweh is merciful”. Besides, Jane can be understood as “Grace of God”. In the middle of the 16th century, people used the name Jane as a substitute for Joan.
  • Amy: The name’s root is from the French Aimee, meaning “beloved”. On the other hand, Amy can be a shortened form of Amanda, Amelia, or Amita.
  • Catherine: Catherine, also spelled Katherine, means “pure”. The name originated in the Greek word katharos in the early Christian era. One well-known name bearer is Saint Catherine of Alexandria.
  • Victoria: The name Victoria is of Latin origin and indicates “victory”. In Roman mythology, Victoria was the goddess of victory. Today, you can see many Roman coins, artworks, and jewelry depicting the goddess.
  • Alice: The widespread influence of the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has contributed to the popularity of the name Alice. Some believe Alice is the Old French name meaning “of nobility”.
  • Agatha: The meaning of the Greek name Agatha is “good”. It’s also associated with Saint Agatha of Sicily in the third century. She is the patron saint of breast cancer patients, bell-founders, and other localities.
  • Caroline: Caroline originates from the masculine name Charles, meaning “freeman”. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the name was commonly used by royalty like Caroline of Ansbach (wife of King George I), Caroline Augusta of Bavaria (empress of Austria), etc.
  • Chloe: “Fertility” and “blooming” are the meanings of the Greek name. The name Chloe is common in Greece, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Australia, and the United States.
  • Emily: Emily is renowned as a Latin name and refers to “rival”. In the 19th century, there was a notable woman poet bearing this name, Emily Dickinson. In pop culture, this name links to a famous Netflix series Emily in Paris.

Ideal Names For Hannah’s Siblings

If you need a name for Hannah’s siblings but haven’t found a suitable one, I’ll give you some recommendations for both sexes below.

Sister Baby Brother Lying
It’s best to pick one of these names for Hannah’s future sibling

For Boys

As for Hannah’s brothers, let’s consider these classic masculine names. They all pair well with the name Hannah.

  • Elijah: The name Elijah (pronounced as uh-lai-juh) is of Hebrew origin and refers “My God is Yahweh”. In the Books of Kings, Elijah was a prophet and a miracle worker in the 9th century BCE.
  • Ivan: Ivan is a Slavic name meaning “God is gracious”. It can come from the Greek name Ioannes, originating from the Hebrew Yohannan. Bulgarian tsar Ivan Vladislav is the first person to bear this name.
  • Alex: Alex is a shortened version of the Greek name Alexander, implying “defender” or “protector of man”. Alex can also be a variant of the unisex name Alexis or the feminine one Alexandra.
  • Sam: Sam is a given name and also a nickname of Samuel. In Hebrew, the prophet Samuel was Hannah’s son, whose name means “God has set” or “God has placed”.
  • Jamie: It’s a gender-neutral name and a diminutive version of James. The name Jamie indicates “supplanter” or “may God protect”. Some notable actors with the name Jamie include Jamie Bamber, Jamie Bell, Jamie Dornan, etc.

For Girls

Choose one of these options If Hannah’s future sibling is a little girl. They are somewhat related to the name Hannah.

  • Olivia: Olivia is a Latin female name derived from the word oliva. Besides the meaning “olive tree”, people also interpret it as “peace”. The name has been the most common girl’s name since 2019.
  • Sarah: It is another Hebrew feminine name associated with an important figure in Abrahamic religions, Sarah. She was a prophetess and matriarch. Her name is interpreted as “princess” or “noblewoman”.
  • Bethany: This feminine name originates from a Biblical place name Bethany. It’s a Palestinian town located at the foothill of the Mount of Olives, near Jerusalem. In addition, the meaning of this place name is “house of affliction” or “house of figs‘.
  • Helena: Helena is Latinized from the Greek feminine name Helen. The meaning refers to “light” and “bright”. The name has associations with several Roman empresses like Helena (mother of Emperor Constantine) and Helena (wife of Emperor Julian).
  • Heidi: Meaning “nobility”, Heidi is a Germanic name popular after the publication of the famous Swiss children’s book, Heidi. In English-speaking countries, the name rose its popularity due to the success of the movie adaptation Shirley Temple in 1937.
  • Rachel: Rachel means “ewe” or “one with purity” and relates to the name of Biblical Rachel (Jacob’s wife). In addition, the name is fairly common in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and Israel.

Hannah In Popular Culture

The name Hannah often appears in many famous TV series, novels, or opera soaps. Here are a few of them.

  • Hannah Abbott: A Hufflepuff student in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series
  • Hannah Baker: A sophomore in the young adult novel and Netflix original series Thirteen Reasons Why
  • Hannah McKay: A character in the American crime drama TV series Dexter
  • Hannah Ashworth: A character on the British Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks
  • Hannah Martin: A character on the Australian soap opera Neighbours
  • Hannah Montana: A teen sitcom centering on Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) aired on Disney Channel

Hannah – Namesakes

There are many notable name bearers born with the name Hannah around the world. Let’s check them out!

  • Hannah Brown (born 1994): American television personality and former beauty pageant titleholder
  • Hannah Dakota Fanning or Dakota Fanning (born 1994): American actress
  • Hannah Hart (born 1986): American internet personality, comedian, author, and actress
  • Hannah Hodson (born 1991): American journalist and actress
  • Hannah Miley (born 1989): Scottish swimmer
  • Hannah Witton (born 1992): English YouTuber, author, and broadcaster


Before ending the article, I’ll answer some commonly asked questions from readers about this name.

According to some sources, the name Hannah didn’t appear in the Quran (the religious text of Islam). However, there was a figure unnamed and identified as Hannah. She was the Virgin Mary’s mother and also asked God for a child.

As a result, Hannah can be considered an Arabic Muslim name for girls, and its meaning is explained as “affection”.

Hannah is a lovely name for children. It not only has a charming sound but also carries a special meaning and an emotional story behind it.

Children born with the name Hannah possess strong leading spirits and gentle hearts. They are independent decision-makers and risk-takers. As for future professions, they tend to work as teachers, engineers, presidents of societies, etc.

It is a frequently asked question of many fans of Korean pop culture. In Korean, Hannah or Hana means the number one and is written as 하나. Some notable Korean actresses bearing this name are Park Hana, Han Hana, Lee Hana, etc.

Before the name Hannah became well-known, it was thought to be used as a first name in the 1600s by the Puritans. After that time, it has quickly become a common feminine given name.

Do You Think Hannah Is A Good Name?

You’ve read detailed information about the name Hannah. Let’s comment below to let me know your thoughts about this name. Besides, in case you want more name options, you can click on other related posts on the website.

If you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to spread this information to other parents by sharing it. Thank you for always supporting me. I will see you soon in the next posts and bring you much interesting knowledge. Goodbye!


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