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Do you want more insights into the Rose name meaning? I’m glad you’ve come to the right place! If you’re among the millions fascinated by the beauty of roses, you may also want to name it for your newborn.

Rose has long been a symbol of love, passion, and romance. It is no surprise that there is a huge list of timeless names that directly refer to roses or play on words.

Of all the gorgeous, rose-inspired names, “Rose” is still a strong, classic candidate. So, if “Rose” is currently on your rosters of baby names, let’s see if it’s worth your consideration!

Might Love The Name Rose
If you love the charming flower, you might love the name Rose, too!

A Summary Of The Name Rose

Before getting into the details here is basic information about this adorable girl’s name:

MeaningRose, flower, famous type.
OriginLatin, Germanic. 
GenderAs an epitome of femininity, the name Rose is primarily used for girls. 
PopularityIn the early half of the 20th century, Rose was constantly in the top 50 favorite girl names in America. Despite some downwards, the name had been enduringly in the top 500 since 1900.

Rose, as a feminine name, has made a comeback to the top 200 in 2014. It’s currently the 116th most popular name in 2021, according to the SSA chart. 
VariationsRhodē, Roos, Róisín, Rosa, Rosalía, Rosalie, Rosaria, Rozalia, Rozália, Roze, Rosalie, Rosarie, Růžena Roze, Roza, Rozālija, Rozīte, Rozália, Remmie, Ružena, etc. 
Rosy, Rosa, Rosalina, Rosaria, Rosalia, Rosie, Rosina, Rosalie, etc. 
Similar NamesAzalea, Daisy, Iris, Jasmine, Lily, Marigold, Rosalind, Rosanna, Rosemary, Rosetta, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Eden, Edward, Elliot, Charles, Ezra, Owen, etc. 
For Girls: Avery, Charlotte, Hazel, Ivy, Lucia, Maisie, etc. 
Middle NamesCassie, Elena, Emily, Jacqueline, Mae, Olivia, Samantha, etc. 

Origin & Meaning Of The Name Rose Explained!

Parents can seek great inspiration from flowers for their baby girl’s name. One classic example is roses – a flower that has been a symbol of romance and beauty for a long time.

As a derivation of the Latin “Rosa”, the name “Rose” directly refers to this woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa (1).

Besides, “Rose” is also a variant of the Germanic name “Hrodheid”. Started as “Roese” or “Rohese”, this feminine name was introduced by Normans to England, France, and Italy during the Middle Ages.

The German word “Hrodheid” has two elements: “Hrod” for fame and “Heid” for “type”. When combined, they mean “famous type”. “Rose” sometimes goes as a surname. However, it has an independent etymology, which won’t be discussed within the scope of this article.

Is “Rose” For Females, Males, Or Both?

Rose Is  Little Princesses
As you might guess, Rose is meant for little princesses. However, it goes well as a boy’s name, too.

The name is traditionally chosen for girls, thanks to its floral attachments and inherent femininity. Nevertheless, it’s by no means that “Rose” is exclusive for females. In fact, “Rose” frequently appeared in the popular boy name chart until 1937.

Although not as popular as a girl’s name, “Rose” broke into the top 500 in 1907. This is impressive for such a floral name (compared to Jasmine.

How Popular Is This Feminine Name In America?

At the turn of the 20th century, Rose was a greatly popular girl name among parents in the US. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA) data in 1900, it landed the chart in the 18th spot. The name was consistently in the top 50 until 1943.

The most popular year for the name “Rose” is 1913. That year, Rose ranked 14th in the popularity chart, with 6171 newborn girls given this name. From 1944 onwards, this floral name witnessed a steady downward trend in popularity. By 1997, it declined to the lowest position of #392.

Yet, over the next three years, this name rose to 297th, 278th, and 299th. This is likely due to the blockbuster movie “Titanic” released in 1997. “Rose”, portrayed by Kate Winslet, was the main character and love interest of Jack in the movie.

The year 2014 marked the name’s comeback to the top 200 on the chart. “Rose” has shown positive signs ever since, ranking #116 in 2021 (2). As a male name, Rose frequently had a spot in the top 1000 until 1937. Its most impressive ranking was #484 in 1907.

Some Common Spelling Variants

In my search to find spelling alternatives for “Rose”, I didn’t expect to face such a huge variety across cultures and languages. Yet, to make things easier on your part, here are some of the most common Rose’s variations:

  • Rhodē (Greek)
  • Roos (Dutch, Estonian, Low German, and Swiss German)
  • Róisín (Irish)
  • Rosa (Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican, Italian)
  • Rosalía (Spanish, Galician)
  • Rosalie (French, German, Dutch, Danish)
  • Rosaria (Italian)
  • Rozalia (Polish, Romanian)
  • Rozália (Hungarian)
  • Roze (German)
  • Rosalie, Rosarie, Růžena (Czech)
  • Roze, Roza, Rozālija, Rozīte (Latvian)
  • Rozália, Remmie, Ružena (Slovak)

Adorable Nicknames Or Similar Names For Rose

Choosing a catchy nickname for your little Rose doesn’t have to be challenging. Although “Rose” is pretty short, calling her by any of these nicknames shows extra affection to your kid:

  • Rosy
  • Rosa
  • Rosalina
  • Rosaria
  • Rosalia
  • Rosie
  • Rosina
  • Rosalie

If you’re open to more options, I also included some other names that sound or mean like “Rose”. There are many flower-inspired names to consider, too.




Azalea (a flower name), dryGreek




Day’s eyeBritish






Gift from God, fragrant flowerPersian




Innocence and purityBritish



Golden flower, 

resplendent Mary




Gentle horse, pretty roseSpanish, German



Rose, gracious roseBritish



Dew of the sea, rosemary (herb)Latin



Splendid, magnificentItalian, Persian

Sibling Names That Sound Great With Rose

Whether you’re naming Rose’s brothers or sisters, the shortlist below will have your back.

For Son

What is a great name for Rose’s brother? It should be something you (and your partner) love, special, and, equally importantly, will work together with “Rose”. Browse through some of the recommended options right below:

  • Eden: The Garden of Eden was gifted to Adam and Eve, which denotes “place of pleasure and delight”. Eden steps out of this biblical root, and itself is of Hebrew origin. Although Eden was once prefered as a girl name, it’s now quite gender-neutral, and can be used for both genders.
  • Edward: This England name comes from “ead” for “wealth”, “fortune”, or “prosperous”, and “ƿeard” for “protector” or “guardian”. It means “wealthy guardian”. This name is borne by two notable kings: Edward, the King of Portugal, and Edward I, the King of England. The famous British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran shortened his name from Edward Christopher Sheeran.
  • Elliot: “The Lord is my God” or “Jehovah is God” is the meaning behind this Hebrew-rooted name. This spiritual boy’s name is a nice way to honor your faith with your newborn.
  • Charles: Derived from the Germanic name “Karl”, Charles translates to “freeman”. This masculine name boasts royalty flair, which can be traced back to the Carolingian dynasty – Charlemagne, the first Charles the Great (3). It was also a popular choice for many other monarchs in England, France, Spain, Hungary, and Portugal.
  • Ezra: Ezra, pronounced “ezz-rah”, is a boy’s name rooted in Hebrew. It has a divine meaning of “help” and “helper”. In the Bible, Ezra is a Jewish priest who guided the way for Jewish exiles back to Jerusalem from captivity in Babylon and Persia. Anyway, do you need a little helper in your life?
  • Owen: As an anglicized form of the Welsh name “Owain”, the name means “young warrior” or “noble born”. Meanwhile, when traced back to the Celtic origin, Owen also represents “youth” or “born of yew”.

For Daughter

Also, if you’re expecting a baby girl, check out sibling name inspo right below:

  • Avery: Avery was once a dominantly male name but is now in the top 19th most favored girl’s name in 2021. This name comes from English and French and means “ruler of elves”.
  • Charlotte: This French female name is derived from the “Charles” above. Thus, it represents “freeman”. The name infuses your kid with the idea of independence and freedom, which can positively influence her life. Charlotte can also mean “petite”, which lends it extra femininity.
  • Hazel: Dreaming about a garden of love in the family? Then, consider this plant-inspired name for Rose’s sister. This nature-inspired name can help your little one feel more connected with the natural world. As an English-originated word, Hazel straightforwardly refers to “the hazel tree”.
  • Ivy: The name has both England and Greek origins. For the English root, Ivy denotes the well-loved climbing evergreen plant. Meanwhile, in Greece, newlyweds traditionally wear ivy wreaths to show faithfulness. Hence, Ivy’s meanings are “eternity” and “fidelity”.
  • Lucia: Lucia sounds pleasant to the ears thanks to its -cia ending. Beyond that, it carries pretty meaning, too. With the Italian translation of “light”, Lucia will remind your kid of her inner light during darkness in life.
  • Maisie: This Scottish name means “pearl” or “bitter” as it is a diminutive of the name “Margaret”. Maisie is one of the most beloved names in the UK. It has considerable longevity, too, which is traced back to the 16th century or earlier.

In the US, the name is still catching up with the 405th spot in 2021’s SSA chart.

Middle Names That Pair Well With “Rose”

Rose With A Middle Name
It’s also a good idea to pair “Rose” with a middle name to complement the meaning.

Modern parents are getting incredibly creative with middle names. For the name “Rose”, it might be hard to pin down the best choice as there are various middle names that pair well with it:

  • Cassie: Originated in Greek, this name means “shining over man”, “purity”, or “unheeded prophetess”. Cassie is a diminutive of “Cassandra”. In Greek mythology, Cassandra was King Priam’s daughter and also a Trojan prophetess. Her prophecies about the fall of Troy were unheeded as Apollo cast a curse on her.
  • Elena: Representing “shining light”, this melodious name is meant for soon-to-be stars. In addition, Elena also has a close tie with the Greek name “Selena”, which connotes “moon”.
  • Emily: Emily is among the classic names in America. It enjoyed a long reign over the popularity chart from 1996 to 2007. The name is thought to originate from “Aemilius” – a medieval Roman name. It translates to “hard-working”, “industrious”, “excel”, and “rival successfully”.
  • Jacqueline: This three-syllable name comes from French. It can be interpreted as “holder of the heel” or “may God protect”. With such a religious connection, Jacqueline is favored across the US, UK, Canada, French, Australia, and more.
  • Mae: Mae represents the name of the month of May. It is also the namesake of the Roman Goddess of motherhood and growth – Maia. Mae was previously regarded as a pet form of Mary or Margaret. Thus, it can also indicate “pearl” or “bitter”, though these meanings are less preferred recently.
  • Olivia: This earthy, nature-inspired name has owned the stage for three years straight, 2019, 2020, and 2021. The name has a Latin root and simply means “olive tree”.
  • Samantha: “name of God”, “God has heard”, or “blossom” are all the charming meanings of this English girl name.

The Name Rose In America Culture

This ornamental flower is adored by Americans, and so is the name “Rose”. Rose has appeared in various fictional stories and TV shows, and here are some of the most famous characters:

  • Rose DeWitt Bukater: the main protagonist in the 1997 film “Titanic”.
  • Rose Henderson: a character on the ABC’s TV series “Lost”.
  • Rose Nylund: the main character in the American TV series “The Golden Girls”.
  • Rosie the Riveter: the allegorical cultural icon in the US who represents working women during World War II.
  • Rose Tyler: a character in the British science fiction TV series Doctor Who.
  • Rose Granger-Weasley: an English half-blood witch in Harry Potter.

Well-Known People With The Name “Rose”

Wondering about renowned figures who share this name? Check out these people who help familiarize the name further to the wide public:

  • Rose (stage name) (born 1978): also known as Keren Meloul, a French songwriter and singer.
  • Rose Byrne (born 1979): an Australian actress
  • Rose Cleveland (1846–1918): The First Lady of the United States from 1885 to 1886.
  • Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (1890–1995): Mother of the US president John F. Kennedy, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, and Senator Robert F. Kennedy of New York.
  • Lady Rose Gilman (born 1980): The younger daughter of the Duke of Gloucester.
  • Rose Henderson (1871–1937): also known as Rose Henderson née Wills, Canadian social reformer and political activist.
  • Rose Hill (1914–2003): also known as Rose Lilian Hill, a British actress.


The name Rose has gorgeous meanings attached to it. One of its popular interpretations is “the flower rose”, which has long been a symbol of beauty and love.

A woman named Rose is gifted with wittiness and creativity. She is a dignified person who shows great commitment at work. People sharing this name are also kind-hearted, honest, and gentle.

Rose usually possesses a creative mind and persuasion skills. This means that she can succeed either in the art or business careers

Choosing this name for your kid is also a way to honor the family’s faith. Rose is a Christian symbol, with each petal representing each Christ’s wounds from the crucifixion.

Different hues of the bloom mean differently, too. White shows Christ’s innocence and purity, while red is for sacrificial blood.

No, Rose has no roots in the Irish language. The name derives its meaning from Latin and German.

If you’re looking for a masculine form of Rose, consider “Rosalio” (Spanish) and “Roseo” (Italian and Spanish).

Is “Rose” Charming Enough For You?

Different languages are rich in names that mean “rose” or celebrate the alluring beauty of the flower.

Nevertheless, the simple yet classic “Rose” is still a popular choice thanks to its effortless originality. If you’ve decided to name your baby “Rose”, you can refer to the list of middle and sibling names above.

Also, feel free to share this guide with parents still choosing the perfect name for their girls. If there are any concerns that this post has yet to address, please drop them in the section below!


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