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Learn about David name meaning, history, and other details in this post. Although it is a fairly popular name, many parents frequently don’t fully understand information related to David.

Everyone recognizes David as the name of the professional footballer known as “Golden Balls,” David Beckham. However, more than the name of a notable person, David has appeared for a long time. The name even refers to a famous figure in the Bible.

David A Good Name
Is David a good name for baby boys? What does David mean in the Bible?

A Brief Overview Of The Name David

I’ve compiled what you should know about the name David in a tabular form so that you can look at all the information here.

MeaningDavid means “beloved” or “to love”.
OriginDavid is derived from the name of a legendary king in the Bible. He is Israel’s second king, King David. The name also comes from the word dôwd, figuratively meaning “beloved”.
GenderDavid is predominantly a masculine name.
PopularityDavid was ranked first as Ireland’s most common boy name in 1975. It was also one of the top 30 most popular masculine names in America in 2021.
VariationsDawid, Davido, Daveed, Daihbi, etc.
NicknamesDavy, Dai, Dav, Dave. etc.
Similar NamesFor Boys: Daniel, Diego, Donald, Dennis, etc.

For Girls: Mary, Diane, Donna, Judy
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Jacob, Luke, Jonathan, Adam, etc.

For Girls: Sophia, Audrey, Mariel, Rebecca, etc.
Middle NamesMichael, Alexis, Leo, Benjamin, etc.

What Does The Name David Mean?

David (pronounced as day-vihd) is primarily a masculine Hebrew name. It is derived from the word dôwd, which means “to boil”. Nevertheless, it’s widely accepted with the meaning of “beloved” or “to love”.

In addition, David is also a word to indicate “uncle” or “a lover” in Biblical Hebrew. From a very early time, they found David as a Christian name, such as David of Wales in the 6th century, David I of Iberia in the 9th century, etc.

Does The Name David Relate To A King?

David is the name of King David, an important figure in the Bible and major religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. For instance, in Christianity, David is a symbol of the divinely-ordained monarchy during the Middle Ages.

King David is the second King of Israel. He started the Judaean dynasty and united Israel under one monarch.

The King is notable for conquering the city of Jerusalem and making it the capital of Israel. He is credited with defeating the giant Philistine Goliath with a slingshot when he was a shepherd to protect the security of the Israelites.(1)

Can You Name Your Daughter David?

The answer is definitely yes. David is a historical male name, but today there is no barrier between male and female names. Naming a girl David is uncommon and tends to make her easily recognizable by others.

How Popular Is The Name David?

Thanks to the well-known King David, the name is greatly popularized, especially in the United Kingdom and the United States. According to the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, David was the most popular boy’s name in North Ireland in 1975. (2)

In the United States, the statistic shows approximately 11 million people named David. In 1960, the name was on the top of the list of the most frequently used boy’s names but dropped to the 30th spot in 2021. (3)

Though David has recently dropped in rank, it is still a much-loved masculine name with historical meaning.

What Are Other Name Variations For David?

Variations For David
Let’s find out variations of the name David that are suitable for your little prince.

David is a favored name with many variations that originated in various languages. If you’d rather choose a variant of David, these are some options you can consider.

  • Dawid (Afrikaans)
  • Davido (Esperanto)
  • Daveed (Russian)
  • Daihbi (Irish)
  • Daoud (Arabic)
  • Davide (French)

What Are Good Nicknames For David?

David is already a short and lovely name, but you can call your sons by these nicknames to express affection or amusement.

  • Davy
  • Dai
  • Dav
  • Dave
  • Dewey
  • Dovi
  • Davo
  • Dato

Similar Names To David With Different Meanings

Look for names that sound similar to David. Here are some sound-alike names for David that convey various meanings.

Danieldah-nee-ul“God is my judge” and “beautiful”HebrewBoy
Diegodye-go“Supplanter” or “teacher” (in Greek)SpanishBoy
Donalddahn-uhld“Proud chief”, “world-ruler”, or “world-wielder”ScottishBoy
Dennisden-isFollower of Dionysius (Greek god of wine)GreekBoy
Dariusduh-ra-y-eh-sHe who holds firm the goodPersianBoy
Marymair-eeBeloved, bitter, marine, etc.HebrewGirl
Dianedi-aneDivine, valleyLatinGirl
Judyjoo-deeWoman of JudeaHebrewGirl

What Names For David’s Siblings?

For David’s brothers or sisters, parents can base on these suggestions, which go well with the name David.

For Brothers

Jacob: Jacob is a Hebrew name given for males and can be interpreted as “to follow”, “seizing by the heel”, or “may God protect”.

Luke: It’s a variant of the Latin name Lucas and is usually given to boys. Besides the meaning of “light”, you can also understand it as “man from Lucania” in Greek.

Adam: Deriving from the Hebrew word adamah, which indicates “earth” or “soil”, Adam is a common name in many countries, particularly Christian and Muslim majority ones.

Noah: This cute name comes from the Hebrew word “Noah” conveying “rest” or “repose”. Some variations of the name are Nooa, Noa, and Noak.

Charlie: Charlie is a unisex name rooted in German. Some explain its meaning as “free man” and “warrior”. Parents usually use Charlie as a nickname for Charles and encourage their children to be independent.

Jonathan: You can understand Jonathan as “God has given” in Hebrew. Plus, Jonathan was the son of King Saul, a friend of King David.

For Sisters

Parents can pick names that have similar meanings to name siblings. If David’s siblings are girls, these recommended feminine names suit them perfectly.

Sophia: Sophia or Sofia is well-known as “wisdom” in Greek. It’s also a timeless name because they found that this name first appeared early in the fourth century.

Audrey: Coming from Old English, Audrey is a strong name for little queens as its meaning is “noble strength”.

Mariel: With English and Spanish origins, Mariel conveys “star of the sea”. Mariel Hemingway, an actress and the granddaughter of author Ernest Hemingway, is one of the famous name bearers.

Rebecca: The explanation for the name Rebecca can be “to bind” or “to tie firmly” in the Hebrew language. Rebecca also refers to the name of the wife of the patriarch Isaac in the Bible.

Daniella: Daniella is a feminine form of Daniel and means “God is my judge”. You can also call her cute nicknames such as Dani and Ella.

Sarah: What can be better than calling a king’s sister Sarah, meaning “princess”? I’m sure they will become as notable as real royal members.

What Options Are Ideal For Middle Names Of David?

Choosing great middle names is also important to make your son’s full name great. This name collection is matching with the given name David.

Middle Names Of David
Parents should use middle names that sound great with the given one and also convey excellent meanings.

Michael: Rooted in Hebrew, Michael is a masculine name conveying “who is like God” or “gift from God”. There are also plenty of famous Davids with the middle name Michael like David Michael Hasselholf, David Michael Letterman, etc.

Alexis: This is a unisex name that originated in Greek with the meaning of “defender” or “protector”. The name also refers to Saint Alexius of Rome.

Leo: Similar to Lionel, Leo is a Latin name meaning “lion-hearted” and “brave”. It’s a shortened form of Leon or Leopold in German.

Benjamin: In Hebrew, Benjamin translates to “son of the right hand”. Some cute pet names for Benjamin include Benjie, Ben, and Benny. It’s originally a male name, and Benjamina is its feminine variation.

Lionel: It’s a strong baby boy name indicating “little lion”. This French name is suitable for brave and energetic sons.

Robert: Robert is an old Germanic name meaning “bright fame”. It combines two elements: hord (meaning “fame”) and beraht (meaning “light”). In 2021, it was on the top 100 most widely picked names for boys in America.

Ford: “Dweller at the ford” or “River Crossing” is what the name Ford refers to. It originated in English and has links to an American industrialist, Henry Ford.

Paul: Paul is a Latin male name interpreted as “small” or “humble”. Paul can be a great middle name for Christians since it can refer to Saint Paul the Apostle.

Edison: The name is associated with the surname of a prolific American inventor, Thomas Edison. Also, the meaning of the name is “son of Edward”.

Scott: As a Scottish name for boys, Scott means “Scotsman” or “from Scotland”. It’s also one of the most popular surnames in Scotland.

David In Popular Culture

As a centuries-old name, David is not only the name of the legendary King but also appears in many works of art, including paintings, sculptures, films, etc.

David and Goliath: an oil painting by Caravaggio painted in 1599

David: a Renaissance sculpture created by Michelangelo during 1501–1504

David and Bathsheba: a historical epic film starring Gregory Peck as King David in 1951 

King David (film): an American epic film based on David’s life in 1985

Of Kings and Prophets: a TV drama starring Olly Rix as David in 2016

King David (musical): a modern oratorio by Tim Rice and Alan Menken based on Biblical tales

Famous People Bearing The Name David

There are more renowned people with the name David than you expected. Let’s check how many of them you know on the list below!

As A Surname

Check out the successful people with the last name David around the world.

David family: a Hungarian noble family

Alki David (born 1968): Greek businessperson and actor

Anna David (born 1984): Danish singer

Constantin David (1908–1941): Romanian communist activist

Craig David (born 1981): English musician

Hermine David (1886–1970): French painter

As A Given Name

There is no need to introduce these people because you may already know them.

David Beckham (born 1975): an former English footballer

David Letterman (born 1947): an American television host, comedian, and producer

David Bell (born 1972): an American former third baseman

David Cameron (born 1966): a British politician and lobbyist

David Tennant (born 1971): a Scottish actor

David Hasselhoff (born 1952): an American set a Guinness World Record as the most watched man on TV


This section answers frequently asked questions I’ve compiled from many readers about the name David. I hope it will help you learn more about the name.

Is David a strong name for boys?

Since David indicates the name of one of the greatest kings, many parents believe their sons will grow up strong and bravely. Through centuries, David is still a timeless and meaningful option for every little prince.

What is feminine variants of David?

Daveigh, Davina, Davida, and Davetta are some female forms of the name David. They carry the same meaning as “beloved” but sound more womanlike.

What is the personality of the name David?

Boys bearing the name David tend to become confident and intelligent gentlemen. They are determined, energetic, and dominant. Nevertheless, their only disadvantageous trait is stubbornness.

What other names mean “beloved” for boys?

If parents want more masculine name ideas with a similar meaning as David, here are some options: Amado, Darrell, Jed, etc.

What other names mean “beloved” for girls?

As for girl names that have the meaning of “beloved”, they are Amie, Annemae, Carine, Cherie, etc.

David Is Always A Classic And Charming Masculine Name

David has appeared for a long time, but it’s always a beloved name choice for many families. If you have decided to give this wonderful name to your child, don’t forget to comment below to let me know.

Besides, you can help other couples learn the meaning and interesting facts of the name David by sharing this post. Last but not least, there are still a ton of articles that will inspire you with fantastic baby-naming suggestions on the website.


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