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Check out Amari name meaning and its etymological history to better understand this name. Amari is a newly embraced name in the US, but how popular is it across the States? Is it intended for boys or girls, or whether parents can use it for both?

If you naturally gravitate towards beautiful things, I bet Amari can easily catch your eyes with its appearance. However, visual appeal is just part of the big picture to know exactly whether it’s a perfect fit for your kid.

So, let’s dig deeper into its meaning, history, and other interesting facts before deciding.

Amari Lovely Sound
Amari has its visual charm and lovely sound. But how about the meaning behind it?

General Information About Amari

First, below are essential facts about the name before you can get into the details:

Meaning “Eternal”, “immortal”, “pious”, “alive”, “God has said”, “promised by God”, “loved”, “to be loved”, and “strength”.
OriginHebrew, Latin, African-Yoruba, Arabic


GenderAmari is generally a gender-neutral name. However, it has been preferred for boys over girls. 
PopularityAmari is a fairly common name in America. In 2021, it ranked 199th as a masculine name and 333rd as a feminine name, per Social Security Association (SSA) data.

All in all, it’s a familiar name with moderate usage for both genders. 
VariationsAmariah, Amaris, Damari, Jamari, Kamari, etc. 
NicknamesAma, Ammi, Ari, Mar, Mari, etc. 
Similar NamesAdrian, Aiden, Amory, Ariel, Armani, Jamie, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Aubrey, Caleb, Evan, Omar, Tristan, etc. 

For Girls: Aaliyah, Anna, Leah, Miriam, Rihanna, etc. 
Middle NamesFor Boys: Aston, Earl, Curtis, Kai, Mason, etc. 

For Girls: Elle, Francesca, Camryn, Jennifer, Sarah, etc. 

The Origins & Meanings Of Amari

Amari is a poetic-sounding name that typically means “eternal” and “immortal”. There are a couple of possible etymologies of this name, though.

The widely-accepted one is from Hebrew. There is an assumption that it comes from “Amariah” and its variant, “Amaris”. In this case, Amari adopts the meanings of “God has said” and “promised by God”.

In addition, Amari can come from Latin, meaning “loved” or “to be loved”. This word appears in the Latin phrase “si vis amari ama”, translated as “If you want to be loved, love”. In the Yoruba language (mainly spoken in West Africa), the name Amari denotes “strength”.

Finally, Amari presumably derives from the Arabic male name “Ammar”. Therefore, “pious”, “alive”, “eternal”, and “immortal” are all accepted as its definitions. With this Arabic root, the name can loosely be interpreted as “one who lives a prosperous long life”.

What Gender Is The Name Amari For?

Parents can give Amari to babies of any gender. Nevertheless, it’s more often used as a boy’s name. Therefore, the name is a wonderful choice whether you’re having a boy or girl on the way, with its lovely sound that suits both genders.

The Popularity Of Amari In America

This multicultural name started to draw attention in the US in the 90s. As a girl name, Amari was one of the top 1000 choices in 1996 and joined the chart as a boy name one year later.

Amari has been a slow but steady boy name in America for the past two decades. It witnessed an upward trend to land at the top 200 in 2021 (at 199th place, specifically).

As a female title, Amari started with a humble spot of 889th in 1996. At the turn of the century, the name rose to the top 500 most chosen names.

Its highest ranking was recorded in 2019. In that year, there were over 1000 babies named Amari, putting the name at the 310th place on the chart. With such rankings in 2021, Amari can be considered a familiar but not heavily-used unisex name.

Amari & Its Spelling Variants

Amari is known for many spelling variations across different languages and cultures. Some of the most common are listed below!

  • Amariah, Amaris (Hebrew)
  • Damari (Greek)
  • Jamari, Kamari (Arabic)

Nicknames And Similar Names To Amari

Similar Names To Amari
A great nickname is an affectionate way to bond with your little Amari.

Slightly altering the name Amari results in various adorable nicknames to use at home. Yet, you don’t have to invent a new one; check out the common options right below:

  • Ama
  • Ammi
  • Ari
  • Mar
  • Mari

If you appreciate the cool sound of Amari, you might also enjoy some of these similar-sounding male names:



Son of Adria, from Hadria, man of Adria, richLatin, Greek


Little fireGaelic, Irish

Warrior, soldier, wish, hope, son of ArmanoItalian


He who supplants, supplanterHebrew, British

There are also many wonderful options that resemble Amari for girls. All start with the letter “a” and sound effortlessly as charming as Amari:



Beloved one, adore, she worships, a giftLatin

Man of Adria, from HadriaLatin


To love, grace, immortal, everlastingCambodian, Latin


Home ruler, diligent ruler, home strength, industriousBritish, German

/air-ee-uh l/

Lion of GodHebrew

Amari & Matching Sibling Names

For all the next children after Amari, parents will want equally thoughtful name choices. Things can get simpler if you have Amari as a starting point. You can select some matching names in the section below:

For Sons

If you’re having a boy, any of these male names will sound great with Amari. Names that complement each other will give your kids a good start in building their relationship.

  • Aubrey: Aubrey can be an English, German, or French name. It emerges from the Old High German name “Alberich”, meaning “king of the elves” and “elf ruler”.
  • Caleb: The name Caleb has solid footing in the Hebrew Bible and on today’s baby name chart. The Bible identifies Caleb and Joshua are the two Israel spies sent to scout the land of Canaan. On the SSA’s chart, it has been sitting in the top 100 for over decades so far. “Whole-hearted”, “faithful”, and “devotion to God” are the beautiful meanings behind this name.
  • Evan: As the Welsh form of the classic “John”, Evan similarly refers to “God is gracious”. When traced back to Greek, it means “good man” and “good messenger”. Evan’s popularity is not confined to its homeland Wales. It also graces the baby name charts in French and America.
  • Omar: Like Amari, this male title also carries well wishes for the kids. It means “long-lived” and “flourishing” in Arabic. Yet, its beautiful connotations in other cultures are worth mentioning, too. Omar represents strength with its German meaning “wealthy spear” and linguistic flair with the Hebrew meaning “eloquent”.
  • Tristan: Tristan is a Celtic name that means “sorrowful” or “melancholy”. The meanings tie to the touching love story of Tristan and Isolde in Celtic legends (2). Actor Chris Hemsworth chose Tristan for one of his twin sons in 2014, which drew more attention to the name.

For Daughters

In the overwhelming girl name pool, these options stand out as matching names for Amari. They elevate each other but also have their own characteristics.

  • Aaliyah: The Arabic translation of Aaliyah is “exalted” and “high”. Meanwhile, it refers to “rising” and “ascend” in Hebrew. With the latter root, the word points to the immigration of the Jewish people to the Promised Land. The name was popularized by the late American singer Aaliyah, who was affectionately called “Princess of R&B”.
  • Anna: Anna derives from the Hebrew word חַנָּה (for “Ḥannāh” or “‎Chanah”). This name is tied significantly to Virgin Mary’s mother, Saint Anna, making it a huge favorite among Christians. Even when you’re not a parent of faith, you will likely love its favorable meanings of “grace” and “favor”.
  • Leah: This Hebrew-rooted girl name comes from the word “la’ah” and means “delicate” and “weary”. Leah was one of the two wives of Jacob, a prominent patriarch of the Israelites (3). Despite its somewhat unfavorable meanings, Leah is a well-loved biblical name in the US. It has been in the top 100 since 2000.
  • Miriam: For a child long waited in the family, the name Miriam can be the right fit. One of its common meanings is “wished-for child”. Rooted from the Hebrew “Maryam”, it also translates to “drop of the sea”, “bitter”, and “beloved”.
  • Rihanna: Rihanna is also an Arabic feminine name that means “sweet basil”. In modern times, the best-known bearer is the Barbadian singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty, professionally known as Rihanna.

Charming Middle Names To Flow With Amari

Flow With Amari
Any middle name below will make for a striking duo with Amari!

If you’ve chosen Amari, don’t forget to pick a great middle name that matches and complements the name, too.

For Sons

Try pairing Amari with these masculine names, and you’ll soon find a nice combination for your newborn.

  • Aston: Derived from the Old English “Æsc”, Aston translates to “ash tree settlement” or “eastern settlement”. It began as a place name before evolving into a given name. Ash trees hold considerable weight for the Vikings and Old English which signifies protection and nourishment. In the James Bonds film series, Aston Martin is the luxury car brand that its titular character drives.
  • Earl: Many can be easily struck by the vintage charm of Earl. However, its regal interpretations of “prince”, “nobleman”, and “warrior” are another strong point, too. Once a very popular name during the first half of the 90s, Earl is something you don’t usually hear of these days. This is good news for parents who prefer rarity.
  • Curtis: Curtis is among the names brought to England during the waves of the Norman Conquest. Of French origin, the name reflects the courtesy of people in its homeland, meaning “polite” and “courteous”.
  • Kai: Arguably the most popular Hawaiian boy name in the States right now, Kai straightforwardly denotes “sea”. Yet, the name also boasts other roots worldwide. Possible definitions span from “shell” in Japanese, “warrior” in Frisian, and “keeper of the keys” in Welsh, Scandinavian, and Greek.
  • Mason: Mason was previously an English word to depict tradesmen or artisans who worked in stone. It still carries the meaning of “stone worker” after transforming from a surname to a given name.

This masculine title has been on the rise recently, making it a great choice for those after a fashionable choice.

For Daughters

If you plan to give Amari to your little girl, here are the best ideas for her middle name. Let’s take a look:

  • Elle: As a French pronoun, Elle is typically interpreted as “she”. Elle – the title of the reputed French fashion magazine – goes with this meaning. Alternatively, Elle also has a strong connection to the Hebrew language, meaning “God is my light”, “my God is my oath”, or “sun ray”.
  • Francesca: Francesca is a gorgeous and feminine Italian name that means “free”. The name’s spirit will help nurture a sense of freedom and independence in your baby girl.
  • Camryn: Camryn is a feminine equivalent of the Scottish/Gaelic “Cameron”. The name bears an exotic meaning – “crooked/bent nose”. While not as popular as the original, Camryn also enjoys a considerable spotlight on the screen. This is hugely thanks to Camryn in the 2005 movie Twitches and actress Camryn Manheim.
  • Jennifer: For 15 years straight from 1970, Jennifer was the number 1 choice in America. Stemming from the Welsh “Gwenhwyfar”, it can mean “fair one”, “white enchantress”, and “blessed spirit”. While Jennifer’s heyday is far behind, it’s still too early to question the name’s staying power. This name is still among the choices that are hard to go out of style at the moment.
  • Sarah: Sarah was a major figure in Abrahamic religions. She was Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother in the Old Testament. Its interpretation also hails from this ancient root, meaning “princess”.

The Name Amari In Pop Culture

Amari has several appearances in different books, movies, and video games. Here are some fictional Amaris you might have heard of somewhere:

  • Amari: The main character in B.B. Alston’s book series Amari and the Night Brother.
  • Amari: A fictional character in the drama-thriller animated series Joker Game.
  • Amari: A fictional character in the novel Copper Sun by Sharon Draper, published in 2006.
  • Amari Katasumi: A fictional character in the action mobile game Idol Land PriPara.
  • Amari Olúborí: Also known as princess Amari, the main character in the fantasy fiction Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi.
  • Ana Amari: A character in the action video game series Overwatch.

Famous Amari-Something Namesakes

Of all lines of work, Amari’s strongest presence is in the world of sports. Below are the most famous people who help spread the name further:

  • Amari Aaron Morgan-Smith (born 1989): English professional footballer currently playing for Kidderminster Harriers.
  • Amari Bailey (born 2004): American basketball player.
  • Amari Cheatom (born 1986): American actor starring in Django Unchained and Crown Heights.
  • Amari Cooper (born 1994): American football wide receiver.
  • Amari Rodgers (born 1999): American football wide receiver.
  • Amari Spievey (born 1988): American former NFL football safety.


If you like this gender-neutral name, you might want to spend a few minutes on some related questions about it:

The lucky number associated with Amari is 6. People with the number 6 are usually known for their sensibility and maturity. Many of them also stand out with artistic talents.

Those people with this number are willing to help others. However, sometimes they might be too generous that these good things come at their own expense.

With 2021’s rankings of 199th and 333rd on the most popular male and female name charts, respectively, Amari is a fairly popular name in the US.

One potential root of Amari is the Hebrew word “Amariah”, which was mentioned several times in the Bible. However, Amari is not considered a biblical name due to its absence in biblical texts.

In America alone, 972 baby girls born in 2021 were given this name (compared to 1908 baby boys born in the same year).

Yes, Amari is a strong feminine name in Africa. The name can be traced back to African Yoruba, where it carries the interpretation of “strength”.

Do You Love This Multicultural Name?

As Amari has just joined the chart for a short time, it’s hard to tell whether it’s a fleeting fad or something that can stick around longer.

However, this transcultural name has so much to offer regarding interpretations. If you seek something flexible and not overused over the past decades, then Amari deserves a spot on your baby name roster.

If you’ve already fallen in love with it, feel free to share your opinion about the name. Finally, a big thumbs-up and a share of this article are always highly appreciated!


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