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Have you ever heard about the Ava name meaning? This post’s incredible and specific information will help you have profound views about this name. And I guarantee that all your questions related to this name will be solved after reading this article.

Finding a suitable name is an important thing that all parents have to do before welcoming their babies. Therefore, if you are about to name your child Ava, here are several things that you should know.

Ava The Best Name
Is Ava the best name for your baby girl?

Overall Information About The Fantastic Name Ava

You can have overall information about the meaning, origin, or popularity of the name Ava via the table in this section. Let’s find it out!

MeaningIt has many different meanings in different languages. It means “guarantee” in Germanic, “voice” or “sound” in Persian, “lively” or “life” in Hebrew, and “bird” or “birdlike” in Latin
OriginIt might come from Latin, Germanic, Persian, Hebrew, or Russian languages
PopularityIt was ranked 5th most common names for girls in 2021
VariationsAvah, Aveline, Avery, Evelyn, Eden, Eva, Anna, Ada, Amelia, Aurora, Aria, etc.
Similar namesLily, Rose, Olivia, Hailey, Aspen, Hazel, Arabella, etc.
NicknamesAy, Avis, Ave, Avie
Sibling namesFor brothers: David, Liam, Jake, Oliver, Martin, etc.

For sisters: Mila, Violet, Amanda, Scarlet, Audrey, etc.
Middle namesAllison, Jennifer, Jane, Catherine, Stephanie, Kate, etc.

What Is The Meaning Of The Name Ava?

Meaning Of The Name Ava
Ava has various meanings depending on the different languages, origins, and cultures.

The name Ava has different meanings in different languages. Many people believe that this name originates from the word “Aval”, which means “guarantee” in the Germanic language. Also, it is interpreted as “voice” or “sound” in the Persian alphabet.

Another theory said that it is tied to Hebrew origin. It is considered a form of the widespread name “Eva” or “Eve”. In fact, these names are derived from the name “Havva”, translated as “lively” or “life”.

Moreover, it is believed to be a Latin-root name. For those not in the know, many people said that the Latin word “Avis”, meaning “bird” or “birdlike”, is the origin of this cute name. Also, it has other meanings, like “island” or “water”.

The amazing name (pronounced as Ah-vah) was used as a cool and lovely nickname for the name “Aveline” in medieval times. Plus, this name might be a simple version of feminine names, like Avenira, Aventina, or Aviafa in the Russian language.

Is Ava A Popular Name?

Ava is a common name in the United States. It started becoming popular in this country in the mid-1990s. Ava has still been on the list of the top 10 most common female names in America since 2005.

In 2016 and 2020, the name Ava reached the 3rd most popular name for little girls in America. According to the Social Security Administration, Ava was among the top 5 baby girl names in the US in 2021 (1).

Apart from the US, this name has been popular in Ireland, Scotland, Australia, and New Zealand for a long time.

Ava’s Gender: Males Or Females?

Ava Is A Feminine
Ava is a feminine name given to many girls worldwide.

Is Ava good for males or females? The name Ava is widely used for baby girls rather than boys in many countries. Although you can find some males named Ava, it is not common.

For more information, the US witnessed about 12759 newborn baby girls bearing the name Ava in 2021. Meanwhile, only 8 babies named Ava were sons in 2021. Specifically, one of 139 newborn girls named Ava in 2021 (2).

How Many Variations Of The Name Ava?

This part will show the popular alternatives of the cute name Ava in different languages. If you are finding them, please take a look right now!

  • Avah, Aveline (English)
  • Avery, Evelyn (French)
  • Eden, Eva, Anna (Hebrew)
  • Ada (German)
  • Amelia, Aurora (Latin)
  • Aria (Italian)

What Are Ava’s Nicknames And Similar Names?

Calling babies with lovely nicknames is popular. For kids named Ava, you can use the cool options below:

  • Ay
  • Avis
  • Ave
  • Avie

You can confuse the name Ava with its similar names because they can have similar meanings, origins, or even spellings. Here are some common examples:

Lilylil-leePurity, Innocence, rebirth, or God’s abundanceEnglish
Roser-oh-zRose or a flowerLatin
Oliviaoh-liv-ee-ahOlive tree or oliveLatin
Haileyhay-leeHay’s meadow, hayfield, or hay clearingOld English
Aspenas-puhnQuaking tree or shaking treeOld English
Hazelhai-zuhThe hazelnut treeEnglish
Arabellaarr-uh-bel-uhYielding to prayer, prayerful, answered prayer, or beautiful lionLatin
Daisyday-zeeDay’s eyeOld English

What Are Middle Names To Go Along With Ava?

After reading this part, you can get some meaningful middle names to go with Ava. Check and pick your favorite one!

  • Allison: This Scottish-origin name is a common variation of the name Alison. It means “kind”, “divine fame”, or “noble”. Plus, Allison is translated as “honest” or “truthful” in Irish and Greek languages. Alise and Alicen are other widespread variations of Allison.
  • Jennifer: This feminine name originates from the word “windo-seibrā”, which means “fair one” in the Proto-Celtic alphabet. Jennifer existed in the 18th century, and it was a common name for baby girls in English-speaking nations in the 20th century.
  • Jane: The name (pronounced as “jayn”) was in the top 265 most popular names for females in the United States in 2021. It gained popularity in the mid-16th century. The English-based girl’s name means “God is gracious”. Furthermore, it is said that this name stems from the name “Jehanne” of French root. For extra information, “Jehanne” comes from the name “Yochanan”, meaning “Yahweh is merciful” in Hebrew.
  • Catherine: The Greek word “katharos”, meaning “pure”, is the root of the name Catherine. Instead of calling your babies Catherine, you can use nicknames like Cat, Cate, Katie, or Kay. Many famous people take this popular name, including Catherine Tate (an English actress), Catherine Zeta-Jones (a Welsh actress), and Catherine Parr (English Queen).
  • Stephanie: This girly name is derived from the Greek female name “Stephanos”, which is interpreted as “garland”, “crown”, “victorious”, or “wreath”. Stephan is its masculine version. In the US, Stephanie reached peak popularity in the mid-1880s.
  • Paige: It is a Latin origin given name, which means “page to a lord”, “young helper”, or “mate of young nobles”. The word “Págius”, originating from the Greek word “Paidion”, is the root of this name. In fact, it was picked by many parents in North America in the mid-20th century for their little princesses.
  • Kate: This is a Greek and English origin name. People interpret Kate as “pure”. Kate is a diminutive version of “Katherine” and “Catherine”. The Latin word “Katharina” is considered the origin of this cool name.
  • Blair: This wonderful name stems from the word “blár” in the Scottish Gaelic language. “Meadow”, “plain”, “battlefield”, and “field” are the common meanings of this name.
  • Juniper: The feminine name, Juniper, will carry youthfulness and beauty to your daughters because it means “young” and “evergreen”. In fact, this name originates from the word “Juniperus” in Latin.
  • Trinity: This Latin root name implies the son, the father, and the holy ghost. Trinity means “triad” and is a Christian name. It was one of the best-loved options of many parents in 1999 due to the popularity of the character named Trinity in The Matrix movie.

Give These Amazing Names To Ava’s Siblings

Ava Siblings
The list of fantastic sibling names for Ava is diverse, so please feel free to choose.

This section is for those who have trouble finding suitable names for brothers or sisters of Ava. In case you are one of them, here are some ideal names you should not miss.

For Brothers

You can choose one of the masculine names below for your other little princes. They signify strength and bravery to your sons in the future.

  • David: This name comes from the Hebrew masculine name “Dawid”, which means “beloved” or “to love”. This biblical name was used by King David, the greatest king of Israel.
  • Liam: “Guardian”, “helmet of will”, and “determined protector” are the translations of Lima. Ireland is the birthplace of this masculine name. In fact, it is used as a nickname for William.
  • Jake: The Hebrew name refers to “supplanter” or “may God protect”. Many people believe that it is a variation of the popular names “Jack” and “John”.
  • Oliver: It is a medieval name that is widespread in England, France, and other nations. This name roots in the word “Olivier”, which originates from the Late Latin word “olivarius” and means “olive tree” in French.
  • Martin: This name, meaning “Dedicated to Mars” or “God of war”, stems from the name “Martinus” of Latin origin. You can use Martin as a given name or surname. Alexander Martin (American politician) and Alphonse Martin (Canadian musician) are notable people named Martin.

For Sisters

The list of impressive feminine names for Ava’s sisters is varied. Below are some popular suggestions.

  • Mila: If your baby is a girl, the name, translated as “miracles” in Spanish, is an ideal suggestion for her. It traces back to the name “Milagros”. Furthermore, this name means “dear one” or “gracious” in Russian. You can find Mila in the English meaning of “helper to the priest”. Also, it is a short form of the name “Camilla”.
  • Amanda: If you want to teach your babies about the value of love, giving the Latin root girl name Amanda to them is a great idea. It means “loveable” or “worthy of love”. This name was widespread from the 17th to 18th century in England.
  • Scarlet: This Middle English and Old French root name means “red”. In fact, Scarlet is a color that represents wealth, passion, and luxury. It is a trendy and hot name in Wales, England, and the US.
  • Violet: The Latin word “viola” is the root of this girly and charming name. It can be translated as “purple”. Indeed, this is the name of the famous violet flowers.
  • Audrey: It is derived from the Old-English name “Aethelthryth”. It can be interpreted as “noble strength”. This given name has existed since the Anglo-Norman period.

The Appearance Of Ava In The Popular Culture

Ava is a popular name, so you can encounter it in famous novels, movies, or TV shows as the name of characters. The common examples will be revealed in this section!

  • Ava Ayala: a character in the Marvel comics
  • Ava Gregory: a character in the TV series Summerland
  • Ava Peralta: a character in the American soap opera Guiding Light
  • Ava Morgenstern: a character in the popular series Girl Meets World
  • Ava Lord: a character in the famous film Sin City
  • Ava Hartman: a character in the British soap opera EastEnders
  • Ava Wilson: a character in Supernatural season 2

Well-Known People Taking The Name Ava

The Name Ava
Ava is the name of many notable people who are famous for wonderful films, books, or novels.

Many celebrities bear the outstanding name Ava. You can see them on TV via their famous movies or performances. I believe that you can find your idols below.

  • Ava Lowle Willing (1868-1958): an American socialite
  • Ava Gardner (1922-1990): an American actress
  • Ava DuVernay (born in 1972): an American film director
  • Ava Barber (born in 1954): an American country singer
  • Amanda Ava Koci (Ava Max) (born in 1994): an American singer
  • Ava Alice Muriel Astor (1902-1956): an American socialite
  • Ava Kolker (born in 2006): American actress


Are you searching for the answers to the frequently asked questions? Let’s widen your knowledge with the other detailed information in this part.

Besides the meanings I have mentioned in the above part, Ava is a biblical feminine name and means “iniquity” in the Bible.

As you know, Ava is one of the top popular names in the US and many countries. And Ava Gardner, who was Hollywood’s leading actress between the 1950s and 1970s and was famous for The Killers film, was one of the reasons that made this name popular.

Typically, people taking the name Ava are often steady and balanced. Also, they are smart and creative. They always focus on what they do and try their best to achieve their goals.

Although Eva and Ava might have the same pronunciation. Ava is more common in the English language, while Eva is used widely in Europe and other regions.

In 2021, Ava was in the top 5 most popular names for girls in the US, but its ranking might rise in 2023. Currently, Ava is predicted to become 1 of the 4 most common baby girl names in this country.

Is Ava An Ideal Name To Give To Your Baby?

If you receive questions about the meaning of the name Ava from other parents, you can introduce this article to them. Besides, do not forget to like this post and show me other ideas about this name via comments.

I hope you are happy with the information and meanings I have provided in this article. If you find it meaningful, please name your newborn baby Ava. Thanks for reading and I hope your babies have a happy life!


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