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You might want to check over the Brandon name meaning because it is such a perfect name inspiration. Is it a powerful name for boys? You will find the answer after reading this article.

On the other hand, you will also learn the origin and other useful information regarding the name Brandon. It might sound like an old-fashioned name, but is Bradon still popular currently? Let’s find out!

Brandon A Good Name
Is Brandon a good name for your son-to-be? Yes, indeed.

The Overview Of The Name Brandon

You can check the brief below to find a quick answer about the meaning of this name.

MeaningBrandon derives from a place name with an English influence. It means “beacon hill” or “hill covered with broom”.
OriginStem from the Old English elements “brōm” (meaning “gorse”) and “dūn” (meaning “hill”). It can translate to “chieftain” or “prince” in the Old Welsh language.
GenderFor males primarily
PopularityIt used to reach its peak in popularity in the period from 1991 to 1994. In 2021, it was the 181st on the list of most common boys’ names. 
VariationsBran, Brennan, Brando, Brandin, etc. (for boys); Brandy, Brandie, Brenda, Brandi, etc. (for girls)
NicknamesBrand, Brany, Benny, Don, Donnie, Bran, Brant
Similar NamesBenjamin, Bradley, Branson, Bernard, Rhys, etc. 
Sibling NamesStefen, Joseph, Cooper, Nicolas, etc. (for boys); Cara, Zara, Kayla, Taylor, etc. (for girls)
Middle NamesTyler, Dylan, Adam, Lee, Edward, etc. 

The Meaning Of Brandon

It has several meanings based on the language. And one of the most well-known meanings of Brandon is “beacon hill”, which stems from an Old English language.

It was originally a surname and came from place names that can be translated to “hill covered with broom” in England. That’s why if you have been to England, you can find some towns/villages named Brandon. Nowadays, it is more popular as a given name.

Brandon – Is It A Boy’s or Girl’s Name?

Brandon is prominently used as a boy’s name. There are feminine versions of this name, including Brandy, Brandie, Brenda, or Branwen. However, only the name Brenda has the same origin as Brandon.

The Origin Of This Name

There are different origins of the name Brandon. It can be traced back from 2 or 3 different sources, including Anglo-Saxon and Celtic.

In terms of Anglo-Saxon origin, the surname Brandon derives from 2 words “brōm” and “dūn” in the Old English language, where the first element means “gorse” or “broom”, and the latter means “hill”.

In the Old Irish language, Bradon is a given name that comes from the name Bréanainn. This name has no meaning in the Irish language, but many people believe its root is the Old Welsh word “breenhin”, which means “chieftain” or “prince”.

Others also think this name is a descended version of an Old Welsh name Brân, translating to “little raven” or “crow”.

How Popular Is It In Different Countries?

Some of you might wonder how popular the name Brandon is around the world. Here are some statistics recorded in America, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

Brandon Is A Well Loved
Brandon is a well-loved name for baby boys in many countries, especially in America.

In The USA

Based on the Social Security Administration statistics, Brandon first appeared in the top 1000 boy names in America in 1950. Since then, the name’s popularity has risen significantly, especially from 1991 to 1994, as the 6th most chosen name registered for births.

Sadly, its popularity has fallen since then. In 2009, Brandon was at no.38 most popular names, and in 2021, it was ranked 181st for boy names (1) .

It is typically a masculine name, but many people have chosen it to name their daughter. Of course, it is not too popular, but Brandon has been in the top 1000 most common baby names for girls since the 1980s.

In Other Countries

Below are some examples of the popularity of the name Brandon in other countries. 

  • Canada: It is one of the most widely-used names in this country, especially in British Columbia province, where Brandon ranked as the 65th most popular name for baby boys in 2009 (2)
  • The United Kingdom: Overall, the popularity of this name has increased since the mid-1990s. However, it has fallen since the 2000s in England and Wales, where this name ranked 70th most common masculine name in 2008 (3) .
  • Australia: The names used to be in the top 100 most chosen names in New South Wales, especially from 2001 to 2005 (4)

Brandon Variations

The variations of this name are numerous for both genders. Let’s take a look at the table below for more details.

For Boys


For Girls


Nicknames For Brandon

Choosing a short or cute nickname for your Brandon is easy with these options, such as

  • Brand
  • Don
  • Donnie
  • Bran
  • Brant
  • Brany
  • Benny

What Are Similar Names To Brandon?

You can find a lot of sound-similar names with Brandon. But if you are looking for stylish and charming alternatives, here are common choices to consider.

Benjaminben-juh-minSon of the right handHebrew
Bradleybrad-leeBroad meadow or broad woodEnglish
Aidenaye-denLittle fireIrish
Bransonbran-suhnSon of BrandEnglish
Bernardbur-nuhdBearGerman and French
Connorkon-uhLover of hounds/wolvesIrish
Campbellkam-buhlCrooked mouthScot Gaelic
RhysreesArdor or enthusiasmWelsh

Sibling Names

Choosing a harmony sibling name for Brandon is another concern of many parents. Keep reading to find a suitable name for brothers or sisters of Brandon.

Sibling Names
Let’s find out a harmonious name for siblings of Brandon.

For Brothers

Are you looking for a boy’s name for Brandon’s brother? I have a few suggestions here.

  • Joseph: It is a masculine name that means “God will add” in Hebrew. It stems from the name Yosef. 
  • Cooper: Cooper is of Old English origin, and it means “barrel maker”. In fact, Cooper can be a good name for both girls and boys.
  • Ryan: Ryan is an Irish-origin given name that can be translated to “little king” in Gaelic. Similar to Coope, Ryan is also a gender-neutral name. 
  • Stefan: Stefan (or Stephan) is a Greek-root name. It stems from the word Stephanos, which means “crown” or “garland”.
  • Nicolas: As the meaning is “victory of the people”, Nicolas is obviously a very masculine name for baby boys. The shorter form of this name is Nicky or Nicole as a feminine version.

For Sisters

Similarly, there are several name options for sisters of Brandon. 

  • Kayla: This is a beautiful native American name for your baby girl with many meanings. It can be “god-like” or “crown of laurels” in Hebrew, “slim and fair” in Irish, or “pure” in Greek. 
  • Cara: Another feminine name for Brandon’s sibling is Cara. This name is of Latin origin, meaning “friend”, “dear”, or “beloved”. 
  • Taylor: Taylor’s meaning is “clothed with salvation” to imply eternal beauty, making it an attractive name for both boys and girls. It comes from the word “tailleur” in French.
  • Fiona: The name derives from the word “fionn”, meaning “white” or “fair”. It is a girl’s name of Scottish origin. 
  • Zara: It comes from the Arabic word “zahrah”, which means “blooming flowers”, to convey the beauty of a girl. Zara also has a close association with the name Sarah. 

Middle Names To Pair With Brandon

Brandon is a classic name that can go with various middle names. So you can be creative in choosing an impressive and meaningful name for your child. But if you have no idea about choosing the right middle name in this case, you can check these suggestions.

  • Lee: Lee is both given and surname stemming from the Old English word “leah”, which means “clearing, meadow”.
  • Tyler: It is an Old French name stemming from the word “tieulier”, which means tile maker. 
  • Austin: Austin is a very sexy masculine name that can be translated to “majestic” or “great”.
  • Dylan: As the meaning is “son of the sea”, Dylan is mostly used as a boy’s name. It is of Welsh origin. 
  • Edward: The name comes from the Old English word “Ēadƿeard”, in which “Ēad” means “rich” or “fortune” and “ƿeard” means “protector” or “guardian”. 
  • Adam: Adam is a widely-used given name with the Hebrew root, meaning “son of the red earth”. 

Notable People With Brandon Name

How many famous people bearing this name have you known? Here are some instances.  

  • Brandon Chang (born 1985): Taiwanese actor and musician
  • Brandon Lee (1965 – 1993): American martial artist and actor. He is the son of Bruce Lee
  • Brandon James Routh (born 1979): American actor
  • Brandon McClelland (born 1992): Australian actor
  • Brandon Tyrone Marshall (born 1984): American NFL player
  • Brandon Flowers (born 1981): American musician, singer, songwriter

Brandon in Pop Culture

Brandon is also a familiar name in popular culture, such as

  • Brandon Stark: Character in TV series “Game of Thrones”
  • Brandon Mayhew: Character in TV series “Breaking Bad”
  • Brandon Walsh: Main character in “Beverly Hills, 90210”
  • Brandon Lake: Character in novel series “The Invisible Detective”


Are there other concerns about this name that you want to know? Perhaps these questions and answers will untie your knot.

The numerology of the name Brandon is 5, which refers to a freedom-loving, spiritual, strong, and independent person.

It was first used as a place name in England in 1060. After that, it became a surname of people in the Anglo-Saxon tribes.

People with the surname Brandon are mostly White and African American.

It sounds pretty much the same as English, with a little more emphasis on the “r” and “o”.

Brandon – A Classic Yet Beautiful Name

I hope this post just helps you comprehensively understand this name and feel more confident in choosing it for your baby. 

Indeed, a good name can drive a person to lead a life that you expect them to have. And the name Brandon never goes wrong. Finally, do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comment. Your likes and shares are also a big motivation for me to create more useful articles like this.

Thank you!


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