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This Evelyn name meaning analysis will reveal interesting facts about the name. Has your little Evelyn ever asked you about her name’s meaning? Or you’re just a parent-to-be wanting to name your kid Evelyn but don’t know what it indicates?

Either way, rest assured, as below is everything you need to know about this moniker. Even when you’ve, more or less, known about it, this post surely has something to surprise you here. So, let’s scroll down!

The Perfect Name
Let’s see if “Evelyn” can strike you as the perfect name!

A Breakdown Of The Name Evelyn

For parents in a rush, below is a summary for you to grasp all the ins and outs of the name Evelyn:

Meaning Desired, wished for, water, island, beauty, radiance, living, and life. 
OriginEnglish, Norman French, Irish.

GenderGender-neutral but most often used as a feminine name in modern times. 
PopularityEvelyn is among the most-often-used girl names in America in the past few decades. It rose to 9th in the SSA chart in 2020 and 2021. 
VariationsAveline, Avelina, Evaline, Evalyn, Eveleen, Evelin, Evelina, Eveline, Evelien, Evelyne, Evelynn, Ewaline, etc. 
NicknamesAva, Ellie, Eva, Eve, Evie, Evy, Lina, Lyn, Lynnie, etc. 
Similar NamesAmelia, Ashlyn, Carolyn, Eleanor, Eloise, Emily, Evangeline, Gwendolyn, Kaitlyn, Marilyn, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Benjamin, Ethan, Franklin, Joseph, Michael, Noah, Owen, Robert, Samuel, William, etc. 

For Girls: Amelia, Elizabeth, Emma, Delilah, Lillian, Lorelai, Morgan, Rebecca, Rose, Sophia, etc. 
Middle NamesAurora, Birdie, Elyse, Faye, Harper, Irene, Krystal, Rosalie, Scarlett, Teresa, etc. 

Evelyn – Origin & Meaning Revealed!

The origin of Evelyn leaves many gray areas for debate. For the most part, people lean towards English origin. The name is thought to be a diminutive of “Aveline”. The name “Aveline”, in turn, is a feminine Norman French derivation of the name “Ava”. 

Unfortunately, Ava is a Germanic pet name of unknown origin. Anyway, Ava is associated with the Germanic word for “water”, “island”, “desired”, and “wished for”.

There is also a belief that Evelyn has an Irish root, stemming from “Éibhleann” or “Aibhilín”. The first word – “Éibhleann” – is a variation of “Aveline”, with the same meaning discussed above. 

Alternatively, the origin of “Aibhilín” is still uncertain. Some believe it comes from the Irish word “Óiph”, which signifies “beauty” and “radiance”.

Another widely-accepted root is the Latin word “Eve”. The name “Eve” itself means “life” or “living” since it comes from the Hebrew word “hawah”. According to Genesis 3:20, “Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living” (1).

What Is The Gender Of The Name Evelyn?

Evelyn is both a feminine and masculine name. Interestingly, it initially served as a boy’s name. Not until the 1800s did its dominance in the boy name stage come to an end. 

It is when the number of girls named Evelyn started to rise. Evelyn made an impressive debut as a girl’s name with the 70th ranking on the SSA’s chart. 

Evelyn’s Popularity Over The Years

Evelyn Popularity
Evelyn is quite a sought-after girl’s name in the US.

As a male name, Evelyn’s popularity peaked in 1907, ranking #787 on the popularity chart. This was also the last time the name appeared in the top 1000 boy names, closing its heyday in the past. 

On the other hand, Evelyn, as a female name, has performed pretty well over the years. Except for a brief downfall (from the 1950s to the early 2000s), the name was enduringly in the top 100 most used names. 

Evelyn has obviously been a favorite among the US’s parents in the past few years. The name occupied the 9th spot in the chart for two consecutive years, 2020 and 2021 (2). This is also the highest position of the name so far.

Evelyn Spelling Alternatives

The name Evelyn has spread across many countries and languages, so there are different spellings available. The most common variant of Evelyn in the US is “Evelynn”, with an extra “n” at the end. Beyond that, below are many of its alternate spellings and their origins: 

  • Aveline (Norman French)
  • Avelina (German, French, Latin, English)
  • Evaline (English, Hebrew, German)
  • Evalyn (Hebrew)
  • Eveleen (Hebrew, Irish)
  • Evelin (English, French)
  • Evelina (Latin)
  • Eveline (English)
  • Evelien (Dutch)
  • Evelyne (Norman)
  • Evelynn (British)
  • Ewaline (Polish)

Similar Names And Nicknames For Evelyn

Here are some short and cute ways to call your Evelyn:

  • Ava
  • Ellie
  • Eva
  • Eve
  • Evie
  • Evy
  • Lina
  • Lyn
  • Lynnie

Besides nicknames, there are countless versions akin to Evelyn that parents can consider for their little monsters:

Amelia/Uh-mee-lee-uh/Work, industrious, strivingLatin
Ashlyn/Ash-lin/Dream, visionAmerican, Irish

Freeman, strong, joy, happy songGerman, English
Eleanor/Eh-luh-nor/Shining light, light-hearted, God is my lightFrench, Greek
Eloise/El-oh-eez/Wide, healthy, famous warriorFrench, German
Emily/Em-uh-lee/Rival, hard-working, eager, excelLatin
Evangeline/ih-van-juh-leen/Good news, messengers of good newsGreek
Gwendolyn/Gwen-duh-lin/Blessed ring, white ring, fair bow, blessed bowWelsh
Kaitlyn/Kait-lyn/Pure beautyGreek
Marilyn/Marr-i-lin/Star of the sea, the drop of the sea, rebellion, a sea of bitterness, tempestuous sea.British

Sibling Names

When your beloved Evelyn becomes a sister, you’re in for another (or more) naming dilemma. What could be a meaningful and lovely way to name her sister or brother? The answer is right below:

For Son

If it’s the blue color at the baby–gender reveal party, then here are some best ways to name Evelyn’s brother. 

  • Benjamin: Ranked #7 in the 2021 name chart, Benjamin, which stems from the Hebrew language, is no stranger in the US. The name translates to “son of the right hand” and is borne by Benjamin Franklin – the Founding Father of the US.
  • Ethan: Do you wish your child to be “strong”, “firm”, “enduring”, and “long-lived”? Ethan, Hebrew in origin, will bear those blessings for you and deliver them to your little one. 
  • Franklin: This is a male name that means “free-born landowner”, originating from the English word “francoleyn”. American President Franklin D. Roosevelt is perhaps the best-known bearer of this name.
  • Joseph: This masculine name is of great importance across the Christain Bible. It originates from the Hebrew word “Yosef”, which translates to “Jehovah shall add” and “God will increase”. 
  • Michael: With a Hebrew root, Michael is also linked to Christianity with the meaning of “gift from God” or “who is like God?”. Mentioning this name, the legendary King of Pop of all time – Michael Jackson, is perhaps the first to spring on everyone’s mind. 
  • Noah: This is a Hebrew boy name that just rolls off the tongue. It also ranked high in the boy name chart (the 2nd spot in 2021). With the meaning of “rest” or “repose”, those named Noah might tend to pursue peace and tranquility in their life. 
  • Owen: This two-syllable name is derived from Welsh and Irish origin, denoting “youthful”, “well-born”, and “noble”. With a lengthy history, Owen finds its way into American culture with many iconic fictional characters, like Owen Hunt in ABC’s drama TV series. 
  • Robert: Here comes another classic name for traditional parents, which is of German origin. The name comes from the ancient Germanic name “Hrodebert”, meaning “shining glory” and “bright fame”. Whoever named Robert might be destined for stardom. Scottish king Robert the Bruce and The King of Comedy star Robert De Niro are shining examples. 
  • Samuel: Samuel steps out of the Old Testament with the meaning of “name of God” and “God has heard”. With its ancient Greek root, the name also refers to “the one who listens to God”. 
  • William: If there’s a timeless, never-out-of-style name, it must be William, with the 6th spot on the 2021 SSA chart. Even the Royal Family named Prince of Wales William. The name can be traced back to virtually a thousand years, meaning “strong-willed warrior” or “resolute protector”. 

For Daughter

Is your family expecting a baby girl after Evelyn? I also have some feminine names to match:

  • Amelia: Amelia comes from the Latin word “Amal”. It is a lovely name translated to “work”, but the interpretation leans towards “fertility” and “hard-working” instead of “labor”. 
  • Elizabeth: Name your little one after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to honor the longest-reigning monarch; why not? This pretty Hebrew name refers to “God is my oath,” “pledged to God,” or “God’s promise”. 
  • Emma: The runner-up in the popular girl name chart of 2021 goes to “Emma”, which is an English name meaning “whole” and “universal”. Who pops up in your mind first when mentioning this name? It’s perhaps Emma Watson, with her worldwide recognition as Hermonie in the blockbuster Harry Potter. 
  • Delilah: This Hebrew-originated name stands out with a melodic sound and means “delicate”. In the Old Testament, Deliah was Samson’s love interest.
  • Lillian: The Latin-originated name means “lily” and “purity”. It comes from the floral name “Lilium”, which signifies innocence, beauty, and purity. These gorgeous traits are also what your bundle of joy possesses.
  • Lorelai: Of German origin, Lorelai means “alluring enchantress” or “alluring temptress”. Legend has it that Lorelai was a maiden living on the rock and luring fishermen to death with her song, hence its enchanted meaning (3).
  • Morgan: Morgan, derived from Welsh origin, represents “sea-born”, “sea-song”, or “sea-circle”. Whether you’re a sea lover or want something close to nature for your kid, this name will hit the right spot. Morgan has a touch of masculinity as it was originally a male name. Now, the name is quite gender-neutral, though it’s more popular as a girl’s name in the US since the 1990s.
  • Rebecca: Its origin can be traced back to the Hebrew language, translating to “to bind” or “tie”. Rebecca was also the name of a notable biblical figure. In the Bible, Rebecca was Isaac’s wife and the mother of Esau and Jacob. Rebecca is a noteworthy choice if you seek a tight bond with your kids. 
  • Rose: The name is self-explanatory for its meaning. As a derivation of “Rosa”, this name celebrates the beauty of one of the most beloved flowers on earth. This girly name also has another Germanic root. It’s derived from “Hrodohaidis”, which means “famous type”. 
  • Sophia: Of Greek origin, Sophia, alternatively spelled Sofia, means “wisdom”. Who doesn’t want a smart little princess like Sofia The First (a character in a Disney animated TV series)?

Middle Names For People Named Evelyn

People Named Evelyn
Picking a good middle name will add meaning and uniqueness to the baby’s name.

Though not compulsory, middle names are good places to add a personal touch (or extra depth) to the overall meaning. Options to pair with the given name “Evelyn” are almost endless, and below are just a few shining examples: 

  • Aurora: Few names illustrate femininity and romance as much as “Aurora” does. Translating to “dawn” in Latin, the name honors the charm of the sunrise. 
  • Birdie: This German middle name means “bright”, “famous”, and “delicate”. It’s also an English and Swedish name that represents “bird”.
  • Elyse: Derived from the Hebrew name Elisabeth, it represents “God’s promise”. This melodious name is a nice choice to honor the family’s faith. 
  • Faye: Faye means “fairy” in English and “faith”, “loyalty” and “belief” in French. Both are meaningful middle names for your little kid.
  • Harper: This is another English-rooted girl name, meaning “harp player”. David and Victoria Beckham chose this occupational name for their youngest daughter – Harper Seven.
  • Irene: This is a beautiful name from Greece, denoting “peace”. 
  • Krystal: This twinkling name comes from the ancient Greek word “krystallos”. It has a straightforward meaning – “ice”. Calling your girl Krystal shows that she’s as precious as crystal gemstones like emeralds or diamonds. 
  • Rosalie: While not as straightforward as the name “Rose”, “Rosalie” also refers to the same flower. This is a French-rooted name that also means “rose garden”. So, go for it if you hope your girl will grow up and bloom like a gorgeous rose.
  • Scarlett: This is a wonderful match for girls with vivid red hair. French in origin, Scarlett is translated to “red”. The bright hue symbolizes heat, passion, and courage.
  • Teresa: Was your little one born in summer? Give Teresa a try, as it means “summer” in Greek or “harvest” in Portuguese.

The Presence Of “Evelyn” In Popular Culture

As popular as it is, “Evelyn” undoubtedly leaves many traces in American culture. Below are a few examples:

  • Evelyn Deavor: a character in the animated superhero film Incredibles. 
  • Evelyn “Eva” Leland: character in Martha Finley’s book series Elsie Dinsmore.
  • Evelyn “Evie” Carnahan: character in the horror-adventure Mummy movies.
  • Evelyn Harper: a character on the American TV sitcom Two and a Half Men.
  • Evelyn Johnson: fictional character in the Pearl Harbor Movie.
  • Evelyn Napier: character in TV show Downton Abbey.
  • Evelyn Robin: major character in Disney feature film Christopher Robin. 
  • Ted Evelyn Mosby: character in the American sitcom How I Met Your Mother.

Renowned Bearers Of The Name Evelyn

There is a long list of famous people sharing the name Evelyn. Have you ever heard of any of these personalities somewhere?

With Evelyn As A Given Name

Evelyn is popular as a given name, and these famous people are some examples:

  • Evelyn Ashford (born 1957): an American Olympic sprinter.
  • Evelyn Laye (1900-1996): English actress. 
  • Evelyn Lincoln (1909-1995): personal secretary to President Kennedy from 1953 to 1963. 
  • Evelyn M. Anderson (1899-1985): An American biochemist and physiologist who co-discovered adrenocorticotropic hormone in 1934.
  • Evelyn Margaret Ay (1933-2008): Miss America in 1954.
  • Evelyn Nesbit (1884-1967): American chorus girl, model, and actress.
  • Evelyn Owen (1915-1949): Australian inventor.
  • Evelyn Stevens (born 1983): American professional cyclist.
  • Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966): English author.

With Everlyn As A Surname

As Everly is a beloved moniker, it’s no surprise that parents can alternatively choose it as a surname, too. Notable bearers of this surname include: 

  • Deborah Evelyn (born 1966): a Brazilian actress.
  • Edward Evelyn (1626-1692): English politician.
  • Frederick Evelyn (1734-1812): Best known as Sir Frederick Evelyn, 3rd Baronet, British aristocrat. 
  • John Evelyn (1620-1706): English writer.
  • Leya Evelyn (born 1937): Canadian artist.
  • William Evelyn (1822-1908): Also known as William John Evelyn JP DL, a British member of Parliament. 


If you want to grasp more interesting info about this charming name, don’t skip these commonly asked questions:

If you’re looking for a more masculine version of Evelyn, you might want to consider Everett or Evan.

Those named Evelyn are associated with story-telling talent. They are skillful, creative, and diplomatic individuals. These people can be good leaders, as they can take new approaches to solve old problems.

For sure! The name itself boasts a meaning of “beauty”. It also manifests both classic appeal and modern touch.

Yes. The name has been around since the 17th century as a masculine name. Evelyn joined the girl’s name group around the 1900s, and has enjoyed major popularity ever since with this status.

In 2021 alone, 9 baby boys and 9434 baby girls named Evelyn were recorded, according to SSA’s statistics.

The Bottom Line

I hope this post provides enough details about the name “Evelyn” so you can decide. If you go for it, refer to my suggestions of middle names and sibling names for the name, too! 

While the roots of Evelyn might be somewhat obscure, there are many pretty meanings that come with the name.

Does “Evelyn” sound like a good choice for your bundle of joy? Comment in the section below to let me know, and don’t forget to share this post with your fellow friends who are on the family way.


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