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Isabella name meaning is fascinating. It’s time to discover it right now. I hope you will love the name Isabella and give it to your babies after reading this helpful article. Also, I expect this name to bring great things to your babies’ life.

Besides the meaning, you can understand more about where it comes from and the fantastic middle names to pair with Isabella. Also, you can know other short ways to call the baby Isabella. So, keep reading, please!

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Take A Look At The Name Isabella’s Overview

The first thing you should do before entering the main parts of this post is to look at the table below to get an overview of the name Isabella.

MeaningIsabella means “God is my oath” or “devoted to God”
OriginIt originates from the name “Elizabeth”. “Elizabeth” is derived from the word “Elisheba” in Hebrew. Elizabeth and Isabella appeared in English in the 13th century. Also, it might be a Latinized version of the name “Jezebel”
GenderBaby Girls
PopularityCurrently, Isabella ranks 7th in the list of most popular female names
NicknamesBella, Bell, Belle, Ella, Ellie, Bells, Izzie, Izzy, Isa, etc.
Similar namesAngelina, Aurora, Gabriella, Annabelle, Isla, Sophia, Olivia, etc.
VariationsElizabeth, Elisheba, Isabele, Isabelita, Isobell, Isobelle, Ysabel, Ysbella, Ysabelle, Ysabell, Isabelle, etc.
Middle namesBlake, Grace, Nicole, Rose, Gianna, Amie, Maria, Irene, Clara, Colette, etc.
Sibling namesFor sons: Isaac, Samuel, William, Joseph, Ethan, etc.
For daughters: Lily, Layla, Victoria, Aliya, Brielle, etc.

What Does Isabella Mean?

Fantastic Meaning
It is exciting to discover the fantastic meaning of the name Isabella.

Before giving this name to your babies, let’s find out the meaning, origin, and other information related to Isabella.

Isabella is a popular name of Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew origins. This name is derived from the common feminine name “Elizabeth”. For those who don’t know, “Elizabeth” originates from the name “Elisheba”, which means “God is my oath”, or “devoted to God” in Hebrew.

Elisheba is associated with the Hebrew Bible. It was the name of the wife of the prophet Aron and sister-in-law of Mose. You can find her name in the Book of Exodus.

Another theory said that Isabella is a Latinized form of the names “Jezebel” and “Elisheba”, translated to “Where is the Prince” in the Hebrew alphabet. Plus, Jezebel appeared in the Hebrew Bible as the name of Ahab’s wife.

In addition, this name can bring beauty to your baby girls in the future since the word “Bella” is literally interpreted as “beautiful” in Italian.

Is Isabella A Masculine Or Feminine Name?

If you have a son and daughter, please give this name to your little princess because it is a feminine name. Also, the origin of Isabella, “Elizabeth”, is a nice name for baby girls. It’s hard to find a boy bearing this name worldwide.

Isa is a neutral-gender variation of Isabella, and it is used for some baby boys. Nevertheless, it’s still a rare option.

For comparison, the number of baby girls named Isabella was 11201 in 2021. Meanwhile, there were just 9 newborn baby boys with this name simultaneously (1).

Is Isabella A Rare Name?

Many parents in the US, UK, Scotland and other regions love to give this nice name to their babies. Nowadays, this name earns 7th place in the checklist of most popular names for little princesses in the United States (2).

Nevertheless, this is not the highest rank that the name Isabella ever reached. Its popularity peaked in 2009 with 1st place because of the appearance of the Twilight books with a heroine named Bella Swan.

Interestingly, Isabella was an uncommon name before 1990. Though the popularity of Isabella has slightly declined recently, it has been a hot name in the United States, maintaining its position as one of the top 10 names for girls from 2010 to now.

Popular Nicknames And Similar Names Of Isabella

Babies Named Isabella
There are many incredible nicknames you can use for babies named Isabella.

Do you know other ways to call your baby named Isabella? Below are some short nicknames you can use instead of Isabella.

  • Bella
  • Bell
  • Belle
  • Ella
  • Ellie
  • Bells
  • Izzie
  • Izzy
  • Isa

In addition, if you are searching for similar names to Isabella, the table below will be a valuable reference for you. Let’s check it now!

Angelinaan-juh-lee-nuhAngel, messengerGreek
Gabriellagab-ree-el-uhDevoted to God or God is my strengthItalian, Hebrew
Annabellean-na-belle or an-uh-belFavored grace, beauty, or lovingHebrew, French
Islaeye-laIslandSpanish, Scottish
Sophiaso-fee-uh or so-fee-yaWisdomGreek
OliviaOh-liv-ee-ahOlive, olive treeLatin
Avaeh-vahBirdlike, to live, to breathe, or livelyGerman, Persian, Latin, Hebrew

How Many Variations Of The Common Name Isabella?

Isabella is a meaningful and beautiful name, so it appears in many different countries. Due to the different languages and cultures, you can find many other forms of this name.

  • Elizabeth, Elisheba, Isabele, Isabelita, Isobell, Isobelle (Hebrew)
  • Ysabel, Ysbella, Ysabelle, Ysabell, Isabelle (French)
  • Izabella (Italian)
  • Isabel (Spanish)
  • Sabella (Latin)

What Excellent Middle Name Goes With Isabella?

There are a lot of excellent middle names to pair with Isabella. Below are some recommendations you can love:

  • Blake: The British-root name, meaning “dark”, “black”, shining”, “son of the lake”, or “bright” is a great suggestion to pair with Isabella. This excellent name comes from an auto-antonym “blac” in the Old English.
  • Grace: This feminine name is translated as “charm”, “generosity”, and “goodness”. This elegant name originates from Latin. You can call your daughter Grace with nicknames, such as Gray, Gracee, Gracie, or Gracie Boo.
  • Nicole: It is a girly version of the masculine name “Nicolas”, which is derived from the name “Nikolaos” in Greek. Nicole refers to “victory of the people” or “victorious people”. The peak popularity was in the 1980s. It was one of the top 7 popular names for baby girls in the United States in 1980.
  • Rose: It is a pretty and meaningful name for baby girls since it means “famous flower” or “rose”. This timeless name is popular for little princesses, but some boys who lived from the 1800s to the 1900s had this great name as well. In addition, Rose was the priority choice of many parents at this time. Rose Hobart and Rose McGowan (American actresses) are the notable people who get this nice name.
  • Gianna: The name (pronounced as GEE-ah-nuh) is interpreted as “God is gracious”. Gianna is a diminutive version of the name Giovanna. Plus, Gianna has a connection to the manly name “Giovannia”, which stems from the name “John” in English.
  • Amie: “Beloved” or “friend” is the meaning of the Latin-root feminine name. Amy and Aimee are the popular variations of this name. Typically, a person named Amie always focuses on what she is doing.
  • Maria: The Latin word “Mare” is the origin of this great name. “Star of the sea”, “wished for child”, and “bitter sea” are the translations of this name. It was in the top 200 most popular names for little girls in America in 2020.
  • Irene: This name will bring your babies a peaceful and happy life. Irene comes from the word “eirēnē”, meaning “peace” in Greek. It was the name of the goddess of peace in ancient Greek.
  • Clara: You can translate this name as “bright” or “famous”. Clara stems from the Latin-origin word “Clarus”. This great name gained popularity in the 19th century. Clara is the name of many fictional characters, like Clara Clayton in the Back to the Future film and Clara Durrant in Jacob’s Room novel.
  • Colette: The feminine French name is an ideal recommendation for your girls. This name roots in the name “Nicole”, meaning “people of victory”. A famous person named Colette I love the most is Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, who was the author of the well-known Gigi novel.

The Fantastic Names For Your Other Sons And Daughters

Suitable Name
It is not complicated to find a suitable name for the siblings of Joshua.

Finding a suitable name for siblings of Isabella is essential. You can pick one of the masculine and feminine names below for your sons or daughters if you like.

For Bothers

If your newborn baby is a little prince, here are some manly names you can give to him:

  • Isaac: This name originates from the Hebrew word “Yitzhak”. Isaac can be interpreted as “one who rejoices” or “one who laughs”. Isaac was the name of Abraham’s son, who was a biblical patriarch in the Old Testament.
  • Samuel: This great biblical name is a fantastic gift to your sons. This Hebrew-root name means “God has heard”, “God has placed”, or “name of God”. Samuel was an intelligent prophet and leader in ancient times who gained love from Christians, Jews, and Muslims.
  • William: This is a long-standing name since it has existed for almost a thousand years. This English-origin name means “strong-willed warrior”, or “resolute protector”. The feminine variations of equal popularity are Wilma, Willamette, and Willow.
  • Joseph: The name “Yosef” in Hebrew is the root of this masculine name. This name, which means “Jehovah shall add”, “God will increase”, or “to increase”, appeared in both the Old and New Testaments. For more information, it was the name of a son of Rachel and Jacob in the Old Testament. The Virgin Mary’s husband got this name in the New Testament as well.
  • Ethan: If you wish your son to become a strong and manly person, the Hebrew-root name Ethan is an ideal option since it implies “strong”, “safe”, “firm”, and “solid”. Ethen, Eitan, Ethyn, and Eytan are other common variants.

For Sisters

For charming and gorgeous sisters of Isabella, these are some potential options you should consider:

  • Lily: This elegant English-based name is suitable for your charming little princess. This nice given name originates from a beautiful, showy, and white flower “lily”. The name Lily simply means “pure”.
  • Layla: This girly name, meaning “night” or “dark” stems from Arabic and Hebrew origins. It is a common choice for baby girls who are born at night.
  • Victoria: This classy name, which means “victory” is the girly form of the male name “Victor”. For more information, this Latin-root girl’s name was the name of the goddess of victory in Roman mythology.
  • Aliya: “Rising”, “heavens”, “highborn”, and “exalted” are the translations of the Hebrew and Arabic root name. Aaliyah, who was an R&B singer in the late 1990s, made it more widespread.
  • Brielle: The Hebrew name “Gabrielle” is the root of this feminine name. “God is my strength” or “heroine of God” are the meanings of Brielle. Brielle Barbusca (an American actress) and Barielle Lacosta (an American model) are renowned people bearing this name.

Notable People Having The Word Isabella In Names

In case you are curious about the famous people taking the name Isabella, let’s immediately find out their names in this section.

  • Isabella Rossellini (born in 1952): an Italian actress, model, and filmmaker
  • Isabella Blake-Thomas (born in 2000): a British voice actress
  • Isabella Acres (born in 2001): an American actress
  • Isabella Santoni (born in 1995): a Brazilian actress
  • Isabella di Morra (1520-1546): an Italian poet
  • Isabella Andreini (1562-1604): an Italian actress and writer
  • Isabella of Aragon (1470-1498): Princess of Asturias
  • Isabella I of Castile (1451-1504): Queen of Castile

Fictional Characters Named Isabella

Aside from the renowned people named Isabella, there are many fictional characters with this name. Explore them now!

  • Isabella Parigi: a character in the movie The Lizzie McGuire
  • Isabella Mongoose: a character in the comic series Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Isabella: a character in the video game Crash Bandicoot
  • Isabella Garcia-Shapiro: a character in the Disney series Phineas and Ferb
  • Isabella Thorpe: a character in Northanger Abbey of Jane Austen
  • Isabella: a character in the Italian comedy


If you want to learn more about this name, please do not miss any frequently asked questions in this section.

There are many ways to pronounce this popular name in many different languages and nations, but the pronunciation “I-zuh-beh-luh” is the most popular one.

Yes, Isabella is a royal name. Indeed, this is the name of many royals in the United Kingdom, Hungary, France, and Portugal.

Normally, a person bearing the name Isabella is intuitive, intelligent, psychic, and graceful. Also, if you have this name, you might not be friendly and don’t want to talk too much with others.

The name Isabella is one of the oldest names. It appeared in the 12th century and gained popularity in the 13th century in the British.

Yes, this name is a Scottish version of the popular feminine name “Isabel”. You can find it in other spellings like Isobel or Isabel in this country.

Are You Interested In The Name Isabella?

Isabella is a timeless and trendy name you should give to your newborn baby. I hope this name will bring a happy life and great health to your newborn little princess in the future.

Many other parents are about to welcome new members of their families. Therefore, sharing this post with them is great to give them some ideas for babies’ names.

Finally, let me know your questions via comments, and I’ll respond as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!


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