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Many families wonder about Olivia name meaning, its roots, and its popularity. In recent years, the rise of many celebrities like Olivia de Havilland, Olivia Newton-John, Olivia Rodrigo, etc., may contribute to the huge popularity of the name.

Nevertheless, the history of this name is much longer than you expected. Olivia was also associated with various characters in famous creations in popular culture. Now, let’s explore every detail relating to the name Olivia.

Olivia as your child name
Let’s find out whether you should choose Olivia as your child’s name!

The Overview Of The Name Olivia

Read this before moving to the next part. The overview below will help you gain general knowledge about the name Olivia.

MeaningOlivia is well-known for the meaning “olive”, “olive tree”, and “peace”.
OriginOlivia has Latin roots and comes from the word oliva. It has appeared in English-speaking countries since the 13th century.
GenderOlivia is predominantly a girl’s name.
PopularityOlivia has been in the top 10 most common girl’s names since 2001. It was the most popular feminine name for three years 2019, 2020, and 2021.
VariationsAlyvia, Olyvia, Lyvia, Livie, etc.
NicknamesLiv, Ollie, Livie, Loly, etc.
Similar NamesArianna, Oakley, Amelia, Stella, etc.
Middle NamesCharlotte, Elizabeth, Adelaide, Isla, etc.
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Tyler, Alexander, Jack, Matthew, etc.
For Girls: Hannah, Eva, Evelyn, Ophelia, etc.

The Meaning Behind The Name Olivia

Olivia (pronounced as oh-liv-ee-ah) is a feminine version of the name Oliver, meaning “olive” or “olive tree”. In addition, because in Ancient Greek mythology, the olive tree or olive branch carried symbolic connotations of peace and friendship, the name Olivia also means “peace”.

The Origin Of The Name Olivia

The name Olivia comes from the Latin word oliva used in English-speaking countries in the thirteenth century. However, Olivia only gained popularity as a female name after people had known the character Countess Olivia in William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. (1)

The Popularity Of The Name Olivia

In English-speaking countries, the name Olivia has been popular since the middle of the 19th century. In recent years, the popularity of the name Olivia has remarkably increased in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

Based on Social Security Administration, this name has never been dropped out of the top 10 most commonly chosen girl’s names for the last two decades. It was the most popular female name for three years in a row starting from 2019. (2)

Many believe that the success of the TV series Scandal 2012 has contributed to the rise of the name. The fictional character Olivia Pope, starring Kerry Washington, was also seen as a fashion trendsetter.

Name Variations

The name Olivia has some variations written in various languages. This list includes a few notable ones:

  • Alyvia/Olyvia/Lyvia (English)
  • Livie/Olivie/ (Latin)
  • Livia (English, Latin)
  • Olive (Irish)

Nicknames For Olivia

Olivia is quite a long name, but you can shorten it in many ways to make it simpler and cuter. Here are a few nicknames for Olivia.

  • Liv
  • Ollie
  • Livie
  • Loly
  • Libby
  • Oli
  • Ova

Similar Names For Olivia

Similar Names For Olivia
Are you finding other name options that sound similar to Olivia?

These suggested names below are pronounced similarly to the name Olivia. Plus, they are different in origins and meanings.

Ariannaarr-ee-an-uhMost holyGreek
Oakleyohk-leeOak clearing or meadow of oak treesEnglish
Ameliauh-mee-lee-uhIndustrious or strivingGermanic
Stellastel-uhStar, pillar, or celestial starLatin and Greek
Bellabel-uhBeautiful or God is my oathItalian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, and Latin
Mayamah-yah or mai-yuhIllusion, magic, mother, courage, water, or from GodSanskrit, Tupi, Māori, Greek, and Hebrew

Middle Names For Olivia

Because the name Olivia has four syllables, it can match well with one-syllable middle names. Moreover, old-fashioned girl names or ones starting with a vowel also seem to be perfect.

  • Charlotte: Charlotte is a female form of the name Charlot, meaning “freeman” and “petite”. It’s a French name commonly used by royalty, such as Charlotte of Belgium, Charlotte of Bourbon, Princess Charlotte of Wales, etc.
  • Elizabeth: Derived from Elisheva in Hebrew, Elizabeth means “my God is an oath” and “my God is abundance”. In modern life, it’s well-known as the name of the Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II.
  • Adelaide: Adelaide (pronounced as ad-ud-layd) originates from Old High German Adalheidis. Its meaning refers to “nobility” or “noble natured”. Queen Adelaide, the wife of King William IV, is one of the renowned name bearers.
  • Isla: Isla is developed from Islay, the name of an island in Scotland. It is primarily used in Scotland as a female name but has been recently popular in English-speaking countries. In Spanish, the name also refers to “island”.
  • Violet: It gets inspired by violet flowers. That said, violet flowers represent innocence, eternal love, faithfulness, etc. Some variations of the name include Viola, Violette, and Violetta.
  • Elle: Elle (pronounced as el or ell-ee) is of French origin and indicates “she”. It can also be a short form of Elizabeth, Eloise, or Danielle. Several notable namesakes are Elle Fanning (American actress) and Elle McLemore (American actress).
  • Rae: Shortened from the Hebrew name Rachel, Rae refers to “ewe”, “female sheep”, or “one with purity”. Also, this name is another version of the masculine name Ray.
  • Everly: Everly has its roots in a location and family name. Its meaning can be “boar” or “woodland clearing”. In England, Everly or Everleigh is a civil parish and village located in Wiltshire.
  • Linean: Linnea is a Swedish name for girls inspired by the twinflower Linnaea. Its meaning is also “linden tree” or “twinflower”. This type of flower was also named to honor the famous Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus in the 18th century.
  • Adalynn: Adalynn is a variant of Adeline originating in French. This feminine name means “noble” or “nobility”. Moreover, parents can also consider other name spellings like Adelita, Aline, Ada, etc.
  • Sophia: Sophia or Sofia is of Greek origin and explained as “wisdom”. Some royalties bearing this name are Sophia Palaiologina (Grand Duchess of Moscow), Princess Sophia of the United Kingdom, etc.

Sibling Names For Olivia

Finding sibling names may be tough sometimes. That’s why I’ve listed elegant and beautiful names that pair perfectly with the name Olivia.

Sibling Names For Olivia
Which names for Olivia’s siblings would be the best fit?

For Boys

Whether you’re looking for short, Hebrew, strong boy names, you can find them all in the list below.

  • Tyler: Tyler is predominantly a male name derived from the Old French word tieuleor, meaning “tile maker”. On the other hand, its meaning can also be “doorkeeper of an inn” and “owner of a tavern”.
  • Alexander: Alexander is originally from the Greek name Alexandros, conveying “protector of man” or “defender”. Well-known rulers bearing the name are Alexander the Great, Alexander I of Georgia, Alexander III of Russia, etc.
  • Jack: Jack is a Middle-English male name derived from John. Many believe its meaning refers to “God is gracious” or “supplanter”. Nicknames for Jack can be Jackie and Jacky.
  • Matthew: Matthew is a variant of the Hebrew male name Matityahu. The name translates to “gift of God”. It has increased in popularity because of Saint Matthew or Matthew the Apostle, one of Jesus’s twelve apostles.
  • Ethan: The origin of the name Ethan is Hebrew. It’s well-known for the meaning of “firm, enduring, strong, and long-lived”. In the famous series Mission: Impossible, Ethan Hunt is the protagonist portrayed by Tom Cruise.

For Girls

These sibling names, which have similar sounds to the name Olivia, complement each other perfectly.

  • Hannah: Hannah, means “favor” or “grace”, originates in Hebrew. Another meaning of this name is “God has favored me with a child”. In the Book of Samuel, Hannah is the name of the prophet Samuel’s mother.
  • Eva: Eva is a Latin and Hebrew name implying the meaning “life” and “living one”. This name reminds people of María Eva Duarte de Perón, former First Lady of Argentina.
  • Evelyn: Evelyn can be a variant of the Old French name Aveline. The meaning is uncertain, but many think it is “desired”, “wished for”, or “strength”. Besides, this name has many variant forms like Eveleen, Evelina, Evaline, etc.
  • Ophelia: Ophelia has Ancient Greek roots, meaning “help” or “benefit”. The name is also associated with a fictional character in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.
  • Alicia: Alicia is derived from the Spanish name Alice or the Old High German Adelheidis. Its common meaning is “noble natured” or “nobility”.
  • Isabella: Isabella is Latinized from the Hebrew name Elisheba or Jezebel. The name conveys “God is my abundance” and “God is my oath”. It’s also the name of many queens, such as Isabella I of Jerusalem, Isabella of France, etc.

Olivia In Popular Culture

Besides Olivia in the play Twelfth Night, there are also tons of fictional characters having this name in other creations.

  • Olivia: A pig character in the book series for children by Ian Falconer
  • Olivia Barber Winters: A traveling lecturer portrayed by Tonya Williams in the soap opera The Young and the Restless
  • Olivia Benford: A surgeon starred by Sonya Walger in the TV series FlashForward
  • Olivia Castle: A survivor of the North Bay bridge collapse in the Final Destination series
  • Olivia Dunham: An FBI Special Agent starred by Anna Torv in the TV series Fringe
  • Olivia Falconeri: A character portrayed by Olivia Falconeri in the soap opera General Hospital

Celebrities With The Name Olivia

The number of notable people with the name Oliva may shock you since it’s numerous. Most of them are notable and successful women.

  • Olivia Anderson (born 1987): South African former cricketer
  • Olivia Barash (born 1965): American actress started her career when she was 11
  • Olivia De Berardinis (born 1949): American artist known for her painting of women
  • Olivia Borlée (born 1986): Belgian sprinter winning a gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics
  • Olivia Breen (born 1996): Welsh Paralympian athlete winning gold in 2018 and 2022 Commonwealth Games
  • Olivia Buckley (1799–1847): English harpist, composer, and organist
  • Olivia Munn (born 1980): American actress and former television host


Besides the information mentioned above, I’ll give readers answers to frequently asked questions about the name. 

Many people assume William Shakespears is the father of the name. However, they found that this name had been used since the 13th century, before the time the play Twelfth Night was written around 1601-1602 (the 17th century).

Olivia doesn’t refer to “victory” but “olive”. In addition, an olive wreath is traditionally a symbol of victory and fruitfulness. In ancient Olympic Games, the champions wore olive wreaths as a prize.

Olivia is mentioned in the Bible but briefly. Instead, olive is mentioned more frequently. It made its first appearance in Gen.8:11 when a dove came back to Noah’s ark with an olive branch. An olive branch thus becomes a symbol of peace.

According to some sources, Olivia can come from the name Alfihar in Lower German. It combines alf, meaning “elf” and hari, meaning “army”. However, this meaning is quite less common.

The meaning of Olivia in Islam is also “olive”. Besides, since Arabic (the language of Islam) doesn’t have the letter representing the V sound, it’s pronounced as Olifia.

What Do You Think About This Name?

In general, Olivia is a beautiful name for every little girl. Many parents want to choose this name for their children probably because they love how feminine it sounds and its meaning of “olive” or “peace”.

Write a comment below to express your opinions about the name Olivia. Also, you can share this post on social media to spread this information to other parents. Lastly, click on other posts to discover the meaning of other baby names. Goodbye!


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