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Understanding Ezra name meaning is important. It is obviously a special name for your children, but what does it imply, and why do people pick it for their babies?

In this post, you will have a comprehensive view of this name. You can learn the origin, meaning, gender, how popular it is, and most important, name suggestions of siblings or middle names for Ezra.

So keep reading for more insights!

Baby Boy
Will you name your kid Ezra? What is the true meaning of this name?

The Overview Of The Name Ezra

Check the following table to have an overview of this name before going to the main part with detailed explanation.

MeaningEzra means “help” or “helper” in Hebrew.
OriginDerived from a Biblical name of Ezra the Scribe’s figure – a Jewish priest who was a leader in bringing Jewish exiles back to Jerusalem and reintroducing the Torah bible books in their homeland.
GenderMore prominent in males. Ezri is a feminine version. 
PopularityEzra is a very popular name in the present time, which was ranked the 37th most picked name for baby boys in 2021 in the USA. 
VariationsAzra, Uzair, Ezrah, Ezri, Esra, Ezer, or Esrah
NicknamesEzzy, Ez, Zee, Ra, Ray
Similar NamesAzria, Elias, Silas, Ezar, Ezell, Azrael, Noah
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Oliver, Adam, Milo, Noah, Asher, etc.
For Girls: Elizabeth, Abigail, Hannah, Rebecca, Esther, etc.
Middle NamesFor Boys: Michael, James, Dean, Jonathan, Benjamin, etc.
For Girls: Kate, Aurora, Faith, Alexandra, Danielle, etc.

The Origin and Meaning Of The Name Ezra

Ezra (pronounced ez-ruh) is a Hebrew-origin given name. This is a Biblical name from Ezra the Scribe’s figure.

He was a Jewish priest and scribe who led several Jewish exiles from Babylon back to their homeland, Jerusalem, and rebuilt the ancient city. King Artaxerxes empowered Ezra to teach God’s laws to the citizens, so he reintroduced the Torah – the Hebrew bible books in Jerusalem.

Ezra and his helper – Nehemiah, also built a wall in Jerusalem to protect people. In addition, Ezra the Scribe is a greatly-respected figure in Chazalic literature.

Moreover, Ezra derives from the word “azar – ע-ז-ר”, meaning “help” or “helper” in Hebrew. It might come from the longer name “Azaryahu – עזריהו”, which can be translated as “Yahweh helps”. For more information, Yahweh is the God of ancient Judah and Israel.

Therefore, it is clear to see that this Hebrew-root boy name is powerful and precious that many parents choose for their babies to honor the heroic Biblical ancestor or imply spiritual tradition.

Is Ezra A Male Or Female Name?

Based on the origin and meaning analysis above, you can already define the gender of this name, right?

Yes, Ezra is traditionally a Biblical masculine name. However, in modern days, many people use it for their daughters. On the other hand, an ideal feminine variation of this name is Ezri.

The Popularity Over The Years

According to the Social Security Administration, Ezra name was not too popular before the 2000s. However, its popularity has risen after that, reaching the top 100 most common names in 2015 and the top 50 names in 2021.

For more specifics, the name Ezra was the 37th most popular masculine name in the USA in 2021(1). Though it is traditionally a boy name, Ezra can also be a girl name and has been in the top 1000 most common names in 2018 for baby girls.

In general, the popularity of the name Ezra has significantly fluctuated over decades, and it has been moving upward recently.

This trend shows that more and more parents love to choose biblical names for their kids. That’s why it is extremely well-loved in religious communities, such as Mennonite, Orthodox Jewish, and Amish.

Name Variations

Cute Happy Baby
Ezra is truly a meaningful name for your baby, and you can find other variations of this name in different languages

There are several alternative names for Ezra since the Bible has been translated into 700 languages (2), and each language has distinctive variations.

Most of them share the same pronunciation, but some are different. One of the most common variations is Esdras, which comes from the Greek-Latin form. There are other variations, such as

  • Azra, Uzair (Arabic)
  • Ezrah, Ezri, Esra, Ezer (Hebrew)
  • Esrah (Australian)

Nicknames And Similar Names Of Ezra

Ezra is already a short name, but if you need a cooler way to call it, here are a few nicknames you can use.

  • Ezzy
  • Ray
  • Zee
  • Ra
  • Ez

On the other hand, there are some names that sound like Ezra or similar to Ezra. Some of them have different meanings. Below are some similar names of Ezra

Azriaazri-aHelped by GodHebrew
Eliasel-eye-as Yahweh is GodGreek
Silassigh - lissWood or forestGreek 
Ezar eh-za-arHelp or aidHebrew
Azraelaz-ray-uhlHelp from GodHebrew

Suggested Sibling Names

The following are more options to find sibling names for Ezra. I also provide the meanings of these names so you can pick the best one for your baby-to-be.

For Son

If your baby is a boy, you can choose one of these. They have different meanings, but these names are attractive and strong.

  • David : This is a Biblical Hebrew-rooted name that means “beloved”.
  • Adam: It is another name of Hebrew origin. Adam derives from the word “adama”, meaning “soil” or “earth”. The overall meaning of Adam is “son of the red Earth”.
  • Noah: Coming from the Hebrew word “noach”, this name means “rest” or “repose”.
  • Milo : This name has a similar meaning to the name David, which is “beloved” in Slavic languages. But in Latin, it is “soldier”.
  • Asher : If you wish for your baby boy to always feel blessed or happy, Asher is an outstanding choice. It comes from the word “osher”, which means “happiness”.
  • Oliver : Oliver is a charming male name, meaning “ancestor’s descendants”. It also derives from a Latin and French word to refer to an olive tree.

For Daughter

A charming name is a great gift for your baby girl. Here are some female sibling names for Ezra.

  • Abigail: This one might not be a common name, but its meaning is impressive. It is a meaningful Biblical name for girls (internal link biblical girl names) as Abigail refers to a smart woman. In the Hebrew language, it is “joy of the father”.
  • Elizabeth: It is a widely-used feminine name, meaning “God is my oath”.
  • Grace : This name’s origin can be traced back to a Latin word meaning “goodness” or “generosity”, making it a beautiful female name.
  • Rebecca: Pronounced as re-bec-ca, this Hebrew name means “bind” or “to tie firmly”. The name Rebecca also has a strong biblical connection and represents the beauty in the Bible.
  • Hannah: It is another beautiful name for girls, which means “grace” or “favor”. In the Hebrew Bible, Hannah is the name of the prophet Samuel’s mother.
  • Esther: This is an Old Persian name that means “star”. Esther is primarily used for girls but sometimes can be found as a boy’s name.

Ideal Middle Names For Ezra

If you are looking for the best middle names to pair with Ezra, I can help you with these names below. This collection contains both old-fashioned and contemporary names for your baby boys or girls.

Baby Girl Wearing Cute
Ezra was mainly a masculine name, but today, it is also a good name for your daughter.

For Son

Naming a baby has always been a struggle for many parents-to-be. But if you are interested in the name Ezra, I have a few middle names to go with it excellently.

  • Michael : Michael means “who is like God” in the Hebrew language. The name conveys the strength and bravery of a boy.
  • Jonathan: Jonathan’s root is the Hebrew name “Yehonatan”. The meaning of Jonathan is “God’s gift” or “God has given”.
  • Benjamin: In Arabic and Hebrew languages, Benjamin means “son of the right hand”. This biblical name is very popular in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish families.
  • Leo: Leo simply means lion – a powerful animal in the wild. Therefore, it conveys a strong and brave image of a boy.
  • James: James is a classic male’s name, meaning “supplanter”. In fact, this is an English version of the name Jacob.
  • Dean: Dean is an Old English name primarily used for males. It comes from the word “denu”, which means “valley”.

For Daughter

Ezra was an exclusive name for males. However, more and more parents have chosen it for their daughters so that it can be seen as a unisex name at the present time.

With the following middle name for Ezra, you just give your daughter the greatest gift ever, even though she wasn’t born yet.

  • Aurora: This name sounds so romantic, right? Indeed, aurora is a natural light that is only visible in the North or South Poles. Aurora also refers to “dawn” in the Latin language.
  • Kate: Kate is a short cute middle name for your daughter. It comes from the name Katharina, and it means “pure” to wish your baby’s future life is clear as a slate.
  • Danielle: “God is my judge” is the meaning of Danielle in the Hebrew language. It is a charming biblical name to imply the intellect and beauty of a girl.
  • Jane: Jane is an English-origin name that means “God is gracious”. This is a feminine alternative name to John.
  • Faith: This is an English girl’s name popularized by the Puritans during the 17th century. The meaning of the name Faith is “trust in God”.
  • Alexandra: Alexandra is a feminine version of Alexander. It is a Greek-origin girl’s name, which can be translated to “defending men”.

Ezra in Popular Culture

Ezra is also a well-loved name in pop culture. It appears in many movies, TV shows, or comic books. Here are some examples.

  • Ezra: character in Sean O’Reilly’s comic books
  • Ezra Friedken: character in TV’s series “Higher Ground”
  • Ezra Mason: character in “Illuminae Trilogy”
  • Ezra Fitz: character in the series drama “Pretty Little Liars”
  • Ezra: title of a 2007 movie
  • Better Than Ezra: name of an American alternative rock band
  • Ezra Standish: character in the film “The Magnificent Seven”

Renowned People Who Bear The Name Ezra

The popularity of Ezra is notable. Therefore, many well-known people have this name. In addition, it can be used as a given name and surname.

With Ezra As A Given Name

There are a lot of famous people named Ezra. Here are some examples.

  • Ezra Weston Loomis Pound (1885 – 1972): an American poet
  • Ezra Booth (1792 – 1873): an American religious leader
  • Ezra Cornell (1807 – 1874): an American founder of Cornell University
  • Ezra Jack Keats (1916 – 1983): an American author with a famous book “The Snowy Day”
  • Ezra Booth Taylor (1823 – 1912): an American politician
  • Ezra Matthew Miller (born 1992): an American actor

With Ezra As A Surname

The surname Ezra is not popular compared to the given name Ezra, yet there are some famous people who bear this family name, such as

  • David Ezra (born 1947): an American judge
  • Hen Ezra (born 1989): an Israeli footballer
  • Edward Isaac Ezra (1883 – 1921): a rich Jewish businessman and a Shanghai hotelier
  • Nissim Elias Benjamin Ezra (1883 – 1936): a founder of the Shanghai Zionist Association and Israel’s Messenger


Before ending this article, let’s quickly look at these frequently asked questions to ensure this name is perfect for your kid.

Recently, Ezra has been a popular name in several Western countries. In the USA, it was the 44th most popular boy name in 2020.

Yes, it is a favorite name of many people, especially those in religious families. It is a strong yet lovely name, mostly for boys, but please feel free to name your daughter Ezra.

As Ezra has been on the top 100 masculine names and its popularity has risen recently, it might still be popular in the future. However, it is more important that you like Ezra’s meaning and want to call your baby by this name.

Ezra was the most significant leader who led Jewish exiles to return to their homeland in Jerusalem. So the name signifies the adventurous, energetic, brave, and independent individual.

Today’s lifestyle seems to be more open with gender-neutral names. Ezra used to be a primarily male name, but nowadays, it can be a girl’s name. However, if you still prefer a more feminine name that is similar to Ezra, Esera, or Esrah is ideal.

How Do You Feel About The Name Ezra?

In short, the name Ezra is a symbol of bravery and immeasurable support, which is shown through the image of a heroic legend in the Bible.

If you still have other questions about this name, please let me know in the comment section. And if you find this article useful for your future reference, do not forget to like or share it with other parents-to-be. Thank you!


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  2. biblesociety.org.uk. 2022. Full Bible translation tops 700 languages for first time.
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