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I have received many questions about the Lucas name meaning. Therefore, I release this article to give helpful information related to Lucas’s meaning, sibling names, and middle names to parents who are about to welcome their newborn babies.

Knowing the meaning of the name Lucas is essential if you want to come up with a name that suits the expectations and dreams of your babies. Keep scrolling down to discover why this name will be awesome for your little angel.

Meaningful Name Commonly
Lucas is a meaningful name commonly used in many regions worldwide.

Check The Overview Of The Name Lucas

Before entering the main sections, it is better to follow the overview information about this name in the table below.

MeaningLucas means “man from Lucania” in Greek and “bringer of light” in Latin
OriginThis name originates from the Greek name “Loukas”
GenderParents commonly give it to boys
PopularityLucas ranked 8th among the most common baby names in the US in 2021
VariationsLuca, Loukas, Lukus, Loukas, Luka, Luc, Lukasz, Ghukas, Luqa, etc.
NicknamesLou, Louie, Luca, Lucy, Lukie, Luke, Lucky
Similar namesLucian, Lachlan, Lucius, Louis, Albus, Brighton, etc.
Middle namesAlexander, Andrew, Benjamin, Charles, Gabriel, etc.
Sibling namesFor boys: Antonio, Daniel, Mark, William, Nicolas, etc.
For girls:
Larissa, Emily, Nancy, Holly, Rose, etc.

Find Out The Actual Meaning And Origin Of Lucas

Does Lucas Mean
What does Lucas mean? Where does it come from? Let’s find out right now.

Do you plan to give the name Lucas to your baby boys? In case you do not know the meaning and origin of this common name, scroll down for some interesting facts!

In short, Lucas is one of the long-standing names that originates from the Greek name “Loukas”, meaning “man from Lucania”.

For those not in the know, Lucania was a historical region in Southern Italy that appeared in antiquity and the Middle Age. Its name stemmed from a word that is translated to “shining” or “light”.

But that isn’t the only meaning of the name Lucas. It also means “bringer of light” in Latin. Well, that may sound like Lucifer (“lightbearer”), but there is no connection between the two. Lucas is a suitable name for your son who will bring shine and light into his family in the future.

You may wonder about the similarity between the two versions. For more information, the Latin form Lucas was derived from the Greek name “Loukas” around 100 BC because of the Latinization of the language in Italy.

This name has variations in many languages, such as Spanish, French, English, Dutch, and Portuguese.

Do you know the proper way to pronounce this name? People often pronounce this name as “loo-kus” or “loo-kas”. It is a little different in France, where people pronounce it as “loo-kah” without the “s” sound.

Is The Name Lucas Common?

Lucas was one of the 10 most popular male names in America in 2021, earning the 8th position (1). In fact, Lucas has kept a place in the list of 10 most common names from 2018.

Indeed, this name has consistently been in the top 100 common names for little boys since 1993. Its popularity reached its peak in 2020 since there were about 11281 babies named Lucas this year.

In 1969, the name Lucas was not popular in the US since it had just ranked 706th for male names. But that year marked the consistent rise in popularity of the name. Since that period, more and more people in the country have chosen “Lucas” as the name for their babies.

Most importantly, the release of the famous 1977 film Star Wars directed by George Lucas had a substantial influence on the popularity of the name Lucas, helping it become one of the most popular names in the US.

The effect is also felt in other countries. Besides the US, the name Lucas is widespread in the Netherlands, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia.

Is The Name Lucas For Male Or Female?

Lucas is a masculine name, so parents tend to save it for their baby boys rather than little girls. This name has never been on the list of 1000 top names for American baby girls. Luciana, Lucinda, and Lucia are its feminine versions for your daughters.

For some comparison, the number of little boys named Lucas was 11501 in 2021, while only about 5 baby girls were born with this name in the same year (2).

What Are The Variations Of The Name Lucas?

The Name Lucas
There are many variations of the name Lucas for your little boys.

In different languages and cultures, Lucas has many variations. Let’s see some other versions of this common name in different nations.

  • Luca (Italian)
  • Loukas, Lukus, Loukas (Greek)
  • Luka (Slavic)
  • Luc (French)
  • Lukasz (Latin)
  • Ghukas (Armenian
  • Luqa (Arabic)
  • Lukasz (Polish)
  • Lukauskis (Lithuanian)

Some Suitable Nicknames And Similar Names Of Lucas

Babies with the name Lucas can have many cool and lovely nicknames. Here are some options for cute names to call your little ones:

  • Lou
  • Louie
  • Luca
  • Lucy
  • Lukie
  • Luke
  • Lucky

This table will show some similar names to Lucas. Please take a look at it to explore their meanings, origins, and pronunciations right now:

Lachlanlahk-lənFrom the land of lakesIrish
Louislou-eeFamous warriorFrench
Brightonbry-tuhnBrighton townBritish
Orano-rahnLittle green oneIrish

Ideal Middle Names For Lucas You Should Consider

Lucas is a common and meaningful name, so finding a suitable middle name for Lucas is simple. You can refer to the recommendations below to get a perfect name for your kids.

Alexander: It’s an ideal name for your son since it means “defending men” in Greek languages. The root of this name is the word “Alexandros”. This name has been one of the top 25 popular names since 1991. Alexander is popular in Scotland as the royal name.

Andrew: This name is suitable for manly boys since its meaning conveys the strength and masculinity of a man. It is a Greek root derived from the name “Andreas”. In fact, Jesus’ first disciple got this name.

Benjamin: The name Benjamin is derived from the name “Binyamin” in Hebrew origin, in which “bin” means “son” and “yamin” means “right hand”. In short, Benjamin can be translated as “son of the right hand”.

Charles: The Old-English and French origin name, Charles, means “free man”. You can call a man named Charles “Chip”, “Charlie”, or “Chad”.

Edward: If you want your babies to have a rich and fortunate life when they grow up, you can give the English-based name Edward to them, as its meanings are “wealth” and “guardian”. They come from the Old English roots “Ead” and “wear” of this name.

Javier: The name Javier is a great companion with Lucas. This Spanish origin name is translated to “new house”. It is a variation of the name Xavier derived from Saint Francis Xavier, who took the name after his birthplace.

Leonardo: “Lion-hearted” or “brave as a lion” is the meaning of the masculine German root name Leonardo. Leonardo comes from the Germanic name “Leonhard”. Besides Germany, this name is common in Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

Gabriel: This is a neutral-gender name of Hebrew root, which means “God is my strength”. Gabriel is the archangel in Abrahamic religions who plays many important roles.

Michael: This common name is interpreted as “who is like God” or “gift from God”. The Hebrew root boy name is derived from the Old Testament. Michelle, Mila, and Michaela are the feminine versions of the manly name Michael.

Diego: This name, meaning “supplanter” comes from the name “Santiago” in Spanish languages. The Latin form of Diego is “Didacus”, which originates from the word “Didache”, which means “teaching” in Greek.

Impressive Names For Siblings Of Lucas

Incredible Ideas
There are many incredible ideas to give Lucas’s siblings great names.

Do you know the ideal sibling names for Lucas? This section will offer a lot of fantastic names with wonderful meanings for your son’s brothers and sisters.

For Boys

Here are some great recommendations for your sons. I hope you can get a suitable option from this list.

Antonio: In Latin languages, the name Antonio is attached with the meaning “priceless”. But it means “flourishing” in Greek alphabets. Antonito has been in the top 200 most popular names for boys since 1960, though its popularity has decreased in recent decades.

Daniel: The blend of the words “din” and “el”, meaning “to judge” and “God” is the origin of the Hebrew name Daniel. You can use the girly versions, like Danielle, Daniella, or Daniela, for your daughters.

Mark: Originating from the name “Martkos” in Latin languages, the masculine name Mark means “consecrated to the god Mars”. This name has been popular since the 19th century.

Nicolas: “Victory of the people” is the meaning of this Greek-based name Nicolas. Nicolas Cage (actor), Nicolas Kiefer (tennis player), and Nicolas Sarkozy (French politician) are notable people named Nicolas.

William: One of the timeless English names you can consider for your boys is William (as in William the Conqueror). This name has been well-liked for at least a millennia, and it is still popular these days. It is derived from the name “Wilhelm”, which means “resolute protector”.

For Girls

For gorgeous and lovely daughters, there are some beautiful options you should consider. Let’s see what they are.

Larissa: It is a common given name of Greek root in Eastern European countries of Orthodox church heritage. Larissa is interpreted as a “citadel” in Greek languages.

Emily: Its root is the name “Aemilia” in Latin languages. Emily is the English form of this word, meaning “rival”. Emily is primarily given to girls, but it also has masculine versions, such as “Emil” and “Emilio” for your sons.

Nancy: The name meaning “favor” or “grace” is an ideal suggestion for your daughter. Nancy originated from the French and Hebrew origins and appeared in England in the 1200s. Anne and Ancy are some cool nicknames for Nancy.

Holly: The name (pronounced “Hol-ee”) was a common option for many parents in the 80s. This name is a later version of the Old English word “holegn”, which means “resilience and eternal life”.

Rose: Do you want your daughters to become beautiful and shine as a flower when they grow up? If yes, the name Rose is a great option. The word “rosa”, which means “a flower” in Latin alphabets, is the root of this name.

Fictional Characters With The Name Lucas

Lucas is the common name of many fictional characters in many well-known and incredible films, books, stories, or video games. Here are some examples you might know:

Lucas: a character in the video game Mother 3

Lucas Gottesman: a character in Pretty Little Liars

Lucas Hay: a character in the soap opera Hollyoaks

Lucas Johnson: a character in BBC soap opera EastEnders

Lucas Scott: a character on One Tree Hill

Lucas Sinclair: a character in the series Stranger Things

Lucas Kane: a character in the video game Fahrenheit

Who Is The Famous People Name Lucas?

Famous People Have The Lucas
Many famous people have the Lucas word in their name.

If you want your babies to become famous and successful people when they grow up, Lucas is a good idea because this is the name of many notable ones like actors, singers, or politicians.

Lucas Bryant (born in 1978): a Canadian-American actor

Lucas Grabeel (born in 1984): an American actor

Lucas Hedges (born in 1996): an American actor

Lucas Wong (born in 1999): a Hong Kong rapper, singer

Lucas Atkinson (born in 1981): an American politician

Lucas Biglia (born in 1986): an Argentine football player

Lucas Hernandez (born in 1996): a French football player

Lucas Moura (born in 1992): a Brazilian football player

Lucas Vazquez (born in 1991): a Spanish football player

Lucas Miedler (born in 1996): an Australian tennis player

Lucas Martins (born in 1988): Brazilian mixed martial artist


Do not miss the frequently asked questions in this section since you can get more knowledge from these questions. Let’s explore them right now!

Is Lucas a Biblical name?

Yes. The name Lucas is one of the Biblical root boy names, which means “white” or “luminous”.

Is the name Luke short for Lucas?

No. It is not a short version but rather the English version of the Latin name Lucas. This is a common male name. Fun fact: Similar to Lucas, it became a favorite name in the US thanks to “Star Wars” and its hero Luke Skywalker.

What is the personality of people with the name Lucas?

People named Lucas are often gentle, psychic, diplomatic, or cooperative. They are great storytellers since they can appeal to you with their stories.

Is the name Lucas a unisex name?

It is primarily popular for baby boys in many countries. Some parents use this name for their baby girls as well, but it is not common.

How Do You Feel About The Name Lucas?

In general, the babies named Lucas will become their parents’ hope, light, and dream since they are expected to bring light and wondrous things into their family. So, it is an incredible idea you should consider.

Many parents are looking for the answer to the Lucas name topic as well, so do not forget to share this valuable article with them. Are you satisfied with this post? Let me know your thoughts and opinions via comments after reading this article. Thanks a lot!


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