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If you’re searching for Mia name meaning, its popularity over the years, and the name’s etymology, this post is what you need. You’ll find detailed information about the name Mia and a wide range of suggestions for middle and sibling names.

Many parents choose the name Mia for children since it’s short and easy to pronounce. However, not everyone knows where this name comes from or what it conveys. Now, let’s figure out if Mia is a good name like you thought.

Still Vague
Most parents are still vague on the meaning of the name Mia.

The Overview Of The Name Mia

To give you an overview of the name Mia, I’ve included the main information in the table below. Keep reading for more details.

MeaningMia has various meanings such as “bright”, “friendly”, “mine”, “dear”, “bitter”, and more.
OriginMia comes from many origins, including Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew. Besides, it can be a nickname for Mary, Amalia, Amelia, Emily, etc.
GenderMia is predominantly a feminie name.
PopularitySince 2019, Mia has been among the top 10 most common girl’s names. The name was in 8th place in 2021.
VariationsAmalia, Amelia, Emelia, Maria, etc.
NicknamesMai, Mir, Mimi, Maja, etc.
Similar NamesMila, Mira, Marisa, Melanie, etc.
Middle NamesCeleste, Pearl, Astoria, Rylee, etc.
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Mason, Max, Parker, Jude, etc.
For Girls:
Avery, Sofia, Zoe, Jamie, etc.

What Does The Name Mia Mean?

The name Mia (pronounced mee-uh) has multiple meanings in different origins. Mia is well-known for the meaning “bright” or “friendly”. In addition, it refers to “mine” in Italian and Spanish or “dear, darling” in Slavic.

There are still many explanations for the meanings of this name. Some said it originates in Ancient Greek and indicates “beloved”. Also, since Mia can be derived from the name Mary, it can convey “bitter”, “drop of the sea”, and “rebellion”.

The Origin Of The Name Mia

Mia can have its origins in Italian, Spanish, and Hebrew. In Scandinavian countries, this name is frequently used as a variant of Maria. Many also think Mia is a nickname for Amalia, Amelia, Emily, Salome, and Maya. (1)

Is Mia A Boy’s Or A Girl’s Name?

Because Mia is mostly derived from feminine names, parents usually choose this name for baby girls rather than boys. Some masculine versions of the name Mia can be Mio, Micah, Miano, Miao, etc.

The Popularity Of The Name Mia Over Years

The name Mia is more and more common in the United States. In just ten years, this name rose from 100th place among the most common girl names in 2000 to 10th place in 2009, based on the Social Security Administration data.

Mia peaked as the 6th most commonly chosen female name from 2013 to 2017. Even though the number of newborns with this name has slightly declined, Mia still ranked 8th in 2021. (2)

Name Variations For Mia

The name Mia has many name variations originating from different languages. Here are a few of them.

  • Amalia (German)
  • Amelia (English, Spanish)
  • Emelia (Italian)
  • Maria (Hebrew, Egyptian)
  • Mary (Hebrew, Egyptian)
  • Michal (Hebrew, Iranian)
  • Miryam (Hebrew, Egyptian)
  • Mariam (Amharic, Arabic)
  • Salome (Hebrew)

Nicknames For Mia

The name Mia is pretty short but if you are looking for cuter ways to call your child, let’s consider these nicknames.

  • Mai
  • Mir
  • Mimi
  • Maja
  • Mim
  • Miami
  • Mira
  • Maia

Similar Names For Mia

Lovely And Graceful
What names can be as lovely and graceful as the name Mia?

Here is a collection of names starting with the letter M or having a similar sound to Mia. Let’s check them out!

Milamee-lahGracious, dear, and miraclesSlavic, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Persian
Miramee-rahMother earth, peaceful, beautiful, helpful, prosperous, etc.Arabic, Japanese, Latin, Sanskrit, etc.
Marisamuh-reh-suhOf the seaLatin, Spanish, or Italian
Melaniemel-uh-neeBlackness or darkGreek
Monicamon-i-kuhTo advise, unique, alone, nun, solitaryPunic, Berber, Greek, and Latin
Piapee-uhPious, devout, or reverentLatin
Evaee-vuhlife or living oneLatin and Hebrew

Recommended Middle Names For Mia

Mia can complement plenty of names. I’ll give you some recommendations for Mia’s middle names below.

  • Celeste: Celeste (pronounced as suh-lest or suh-les-tee) originally comes from the Latin word caelestis. It can refer to “heavenly” or “celestial”. Some variations are Celine, Calista, and Celestina.
  • Pearl: The name Pearl is an English name derived from pearl (a roundish object used to make jewelry). Pearls also represent the birthstone for June or innocence and modesty. Some believe that pearls can relate to water and the moon.
  • Astoria: Astoria is a female version of the Occitan name Astor, meaning “hawk”. The masculine name Astor is well-known as the surname of the richest person in the United States during the 1840s, John Jacob Astor.
  • Rylee: Rylee or Riley combines two elements: ryge, meaning “rye” and lēah, meaning “wood” or “clearing” in Old English. That’s why you can understand the meaning of the name as “rye clearing”.
  • Evelina: Evelina can come from the name Eve, indicating “life” or “living one”. On the other hand, it’s also a variant of Avelina, which means “little bird” or “strength”.
  • Belle: Belle is an Anglicized form of Bella and conveys “beautiful”. Besides, Belle reminds people of the name of the famous Disney Princess, Belle, in the animated film Beauty and the Beast.
  • Madeline: Madeline is a variant of the Greek name Madeleine. The common meaning of this name refers to “from the city of Magdala”. Magdala, in this case, was an ancient Jewish city. Madelin is also associated with a figure in the New Testament, Mary Magdalene.
  • Sage: Sage is an English unisex name with the meaning of “herb” or “prophet”. It’s also a nickname to call a wise person. Other alternative spellings are Saige, Sange, and Sayge.
  • Brooklyn: Brooklyn can be the combination between Brooke, meaning “water”, “stream”, or “one who lives near a brook” and the suffix -lyn. Besides, some assume that giving the name to a child is a way to honor the New York City borough, Brooklyn.
  • Emerald: Emerald is a modern name for girls and has an association with a type of green gemstone. A famous person bearing this name is Emerald Fennell, an English actress, writer, and filmmaker.

Sibling Names For Mia

Which names are good fits to give to Mia’s siblings? If you haven’t found any perfect choice, here are some recommendations.

Names Parents Should Choose
Discover the names parents should choose for Mia’s brothers and sisters.

For Boys

These masculine names are as short and simple as the name Mia. Besides, I’ll also include general information about each name.

  • Mason: Mason originates from the Scottish and English surname referring to “one who works with stone” or “someone who performed stonemasonry work”. It had been the second most popular boy’s name for two years (2011 and 2012) in the United States.
  • Max: Max can be a shortened form for Maximilian, Maxim, Maxwell, Maxence, etc. However, in most cases, it’s derived from the Latin name Maximus. Its meaning indicates “greatest” or “largest”.
  • Parker: Parker is of Old English origin. It’s also an occupational surname meaning “park keeper”. As a surname, it’s associated with the name of the superhero Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Peter Parker.
  • Jude: In the Hebrew Bible, Jude is shortened from Judas, the name of one of the Apostles. The most common meaning of the name is “praised”. Moreover, some said it can indicate “servant of Jesus Christ”, “judge”, “mayor”, “minor ruler”, and “prince”.
  • Sasha: Sasha is a unisex name originating in Eastern and Southern European countries. It’s a short form of Alexander and Alexandra, conveying “defender” and “helper of mankind”. The name variations include Sacha, Lasha, Sancha, etc.
  • Sam: shortened from the name Samuel, Sam is a Hebrew male name meaning “God has set” or “God has placed”. Also, Sam can be a nickname for Samson and Samantha. One of the renowned namesakes is Sam Brownback, a former member of the United States Senate.

For Girls

These simple and graceful names are ideal for Mia’s sisters. Many of them include the same letters in the name Mia.

  • Avery: Derived from the Old French name Alfred or the Ancient Germanic Alberich, Avery translates to “elf counsel”, “ruler of elves” or “elf king”. In England, Germany, and France, Avery is popular as a boy’s name. But it’s commonly given to girls in the U.S and Canada.
  • Sofia: Sofia or Sophia is a Greek girl’s name that means “wisdom”. This name first appeared in the 4th century. Also, Sophia Loren is one of the best female stars of Classical Hollywood cinema.
  • Zoe: Zoe means “life” and has Greek roots. One of many notable name bearers is actress Zoe Saldaña who performed Neytiri in Avatar and Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She was also the second highest-grossing film actress.
  • Jamie: Jamie is a gender-neutral name with Scottish and Hebrew origins. Since Jamie comes from the name James, it can be interpreted as “supplanter”. In 2021, this name ranked as America’s 698th most popular female name.
  • Ava: This feminine name has various origins. In the Persian and Urdu languages, the name refers to “voice” and “sound”. Besides, many say its meaning is also “bird”, “island”, and “water”.
  • Maisie: Maisie comes from the name Margaret, indicating “pearl”. People found that the name Maise has been used in Scotland since the 16th century. Maisie Williams, who portrayed Arya Stark in the series Game of Thrones, is one of the famous actresses with this name.

Mia In Pop Culture

Mia appears in various movies, TV series, soap operas, etc. Here are some notable characters named Mia you may know.

  • Mia: An animal lover who likes to be sarcastic in Lego Friends
  • Mia: A fictional actress in the film La La Land 2016
  • Mia: A ballet teacher in the American sitcom Two and a Half Men
  • Mia Fey: A fictional character in the visual novel adventure game Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
  • Mia Jones: A teenage mother in the TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Mia Elliott: A fictional character in the daytime soap opera Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

Notable People Named Mia You May Know

Renowned people with the name Mia come from different regions worldwide. They can be politicians, actresses, sportswomen, etc.

  • Mia Davies (born 1978): Australian politician and 36th Leader of the Opposition
  • Mia Hagman (born 1979): Finnish breaststroke swimmer
  • Mia Kirshner (born 1975): Canadian actress, social activist, and writer
  • Mia Michaels (born 1966): Emmy Award-winning choreographer and So You Think You Can Dance’s judge
  • Mia Pojatina (born 1995): Croatian model and Miss Universe Croatia 2018
  • Mia Strömmer (born 1974): Finnish hammer thrower
  • Mia Wasikowska (born 1989): Australian actress and filmmaker


There are still many interesting facts about the name Mia. I’ve listed some common questions and given my readers satisfactory answers.

The name Mia doesn’t appear in the Bible. However, Mia is derived from the Hebrew name Maria so you can associate the biblical meaning of the name Maria with the name Mia.

Mia was only used as a given name in the 1960s in America, so it doesn’t seem to be a traditional name. Before that time, people mostly used Mia as a shortened version for other names.

Mia is also a Japanese girl’s name. This name can be written in many ways, and each variation carries a different meaning. One of the variations is 心愛, meaning “heart” and “love”.

In Korean, Mia is written as 미아 and indicates the meaning “missing child”. In K-pop, Mia refers to the name of a member of a girl group named Everglow. She is known as the main vocalist and main dancer in the group.

In Muslim, Mia also means “beloved”, “mine”, and “beauty”. It’s popular in some Muslim-majority countries such as Afghan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Algeria, etc.

Mia Is A Short And Pretty Name

If you are looking for a simple, cute, and meaningful name for your baby, you can consider the name Mia. It is not only pronounced easily but also complements perfectly various middle names.

Let me know what you think about the name Mia in the comment section, and share this information with other parents-to-be you know. Before you leave, ensure not to miss other related posts to get more name options for your baby.


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