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Is the Logan name meaning impressive enough to become your next newborn’s name? This article will help you address this concern.

Whether you know the name by chance or are a big fan of the X-men’s hero, the Wolverine (also known by his code name Logan), I bet you’ve added this to your roster.

However, like with other potential choices, understanding the meanings behind “Logan” is a must-do task. After all, the best choice for your baby not only has to sound pretty but also should carry the meanings you love.

Heroic Name
What’s hidden behind this X-men’s heroic name?

A Brief Look About The Name

First, check out basic facts about this name before exploring detailed information:

Meaning Little hollow, dweller at a little hollow, the descendant of Leochán

GenderLogan is a gender-neutral name. Yet, it’s mostly known as a boy’s name.
PopularityLogan is a fairly common name for newborn boys and girls in the US. However, it’s obvious that the name is preferred for boys in modern times. 

The latest rankings of Logan (recorded in 2021) are 310th for girls and 21st for boys.
VariationsLogen, Loggan, Logon, Logun, Logyn, etc.
NicknamesLo, Logey, Loey, Lo-man, Logie-bogie, Logie, Logster, Loganberry, etc.
Similar NamesDuncan, Ethan, Leighanne, Leighna, Leland, Lisanne, Louisa, Lucien, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Charles, Ethan, Gavin, James, Liam, etc. 

For Girls: Abigail, Alexis, Emma, Morgan, Noelle, etc. 
Middle NamesFor Boys: Daniel, Gregory, Howard, Maxwell, Theodore, etc. 

For Girls: Anne, Christina, Madeline, Marie, Marie, etc.

Logan: Roots, Histories & Meanings

Logan started as a Scottish surname, which comes from a place name. While the exact root of the place name is still uncertain, it is believed somewhere near Auchinleck, in Ayrshire.

Etymologically, the name is a derivative of the Scottish Gaelic “lagan” and, therefore, of “lag”. Logan ultimately means “little hollow”. Sometimes, it is interpreted loosely as “dweller at a little hollow”.

Another root of Logan is from Irish culture. This name supposedly originates from the Gaelic “Ó Leocháin”, meaning “descendant/son of Leochán”. Derived from the Gaelic “laoch”, Leochán is a word for “warrior”.

Logan’s use as a surname dates back to 1204 when the resignation of the lands of Ingilbristoun occurred. The best-known bear is perhaps Sir Robert Logan or Robert Logan of Restalrig. He was a son-in-law of King Robert II of Scotland.

Not until the 18th century did Logan transform into a given name. Like with many original surnames around that time, it was used as a way to pay tribute to a godparent.

Which Gender Is The Name For?

Logan is currently used for both boys and girls. As mentioned, the name as a female title is not as widespread as it was in the mid-nineties. On the other hand, as a boy’s name, Logan has been among the favorites of American parents in recent years.

The Popularity Of Logan Over Time

Back to its homeland Scotland and Wales, Logan certainly takes the cake. In the US, the name also enjoys considerable popularity.

Logan showed up on the SSA’s chart as early as 1900. However, it was neglected for a long stretch of time until the middle 1970s. As per SSA data, the name shot from 889th in 1975 to 94th in 1991.

From 1991 onward, Logan’s popularity has grown remarkably. It broke into the top 20 in 2006 and then the top 5 in 2017. In 2021, the name was the 21st most-used boy name in the country.

As a female name, Logan arrived on the SSA’s chart much later than its male counterpart. The name gradually climbed to peak at 257th place in 1996.

However, from then, Logan’s use was on a constant decline, slipping out of the top 500th in 2011. It has recovered considerably and ranked 310th in 2021 (1).

Most Common Variants Of Logan

There are a few spelling variations of Nathan in some cultures, including. You can take a look if there’s another version from your own language:

  • Logen, Loggan (Gaelic)
  • Logon, Logun, Logyn (Celtic)

Popular Nicknames And Similar Names

Lovely Nicknames
There are some lovely nicknames for Logan you can use at home!

Logan doesn’t ask for a nickname, considering how cool and cute the name sounds. Yet, it won’t be redundant to pick out one or two options to call your little Logan at home affectionately. Below are lovely pet names to use at home that you’ll love: 

  • Lo
  • Logey
  • Loey
  • Lo-man
  • Logie-bogie
  • Logie
  • Logster
  • Loganberry

If Logan strikes you first with its sound, here are also similar names for boys and girls that you can consider:



Dark-skinned warriorScottish, Gaelic

Safe, strong, firm, safe, solidHebrew
Leighanne/l-iy-ae-n/Shining light, the bright one, dweller by the wood, graciousBritish, Hebrew
Leighna/leigh-na/Respelling of LenaAmerica


Meadowland, fallow landBritish


God is abundance, God is my oath, favor, graceEnglish, Hebrew, Dutch

Famous warriorGerman


Light, illuminationFrench

What Are Perfect Sibling Names For Logan?

For boys and girls born after “Logan”, of course, the options are sky-limited. Yet, instead of starting a clean slate, why not choose a perfect one based on the name Logan? Here are the matching sibling names you’ll need:

For Sons

Start with matching names if you want to build an amazing team from Logan and his brothers. Here are some options (with their meanings) that you might love.

  • Charles: Originating from the Old English word “ceorl”, Charles means “free man”. The name can hark back to the reign of Charlemagne, the first Charles the Great. The King was famed for uniting most of Central and Western Europe under his rule (2). Besides its royal and warrior ring, Charles also helps to nurture an independent spirit in your kid.
  • Ethan: Ethan sounds incredibly in sync with Logan, thanks to its “-an” cluster. It’s a name with diverse meanings to choose from, including “safe”, “strong”, “solid” and “firm”. As a parent, you’ll want your kid to be safe and sound growing up, won’t you?
  • Gavin: The masculine name Gavin is of Welsh origin and means “God send” and “white hawk”. It hails from the ancient name “Gawain” or “Gwalchgwyn”. White hawks symbolize different virtues across many cultures, including wisdom, bravery, and strength. This Welsh name is famously linked with Sir Gawain, a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table (3).
  • James: A name with a strong religious connection like James is likely preferred by parents of faith. Specifically, it comes from the Hebrew name Jacob”. The interpretation is “supplanter”, pointing to something that supersedes something else.
  • Liam: Strong warriors are championed in ancient and modern times. Consider “Liam” if you want to channel strength and boldness to your little one. This Irish moniker means “protector” and “strong-willed warrior”.

For Daughters

These feminine names are equally pretty and meaningful for Logan’s sister, so it all comes down to your preferences:

  • Abigail: This lively Hebrew name means “cause of joy” and “father’s joy”. It’s a nice choice if your family believes her arrival will brighten your life. With such definitions, your little Abigail will, hopefully, find joy and happiness in everything she does in life.
  • Alexis: Alexis is a neutral-gender name, but it’s slightly more widespread as a feminine name in the US. Greek in origin, Alexis represents “protector” and “defender”.
  • Emma: This mega-popular name was the first runner in the SSA’s chart in 2021, just behind Olivia. The name is classic, trendy, and feminine, all at the same time. Rooted in German, it means “universal” or “whole”.
  • Morgan: With “-gan” at the end, Morgan will sound like a team with Logan effortlessly. Formed by two Welsh words: “mor” and “cant”, this girl’s name means “sea-song”, “sea-born”, or “sea circle”. It’s an apt choice for a baby girl born in a coastal city or simply a family with a strong love for the vast ocean.
  • Noelle: Does this moniker remind you of a joyous Noel? Noelle stems from the old French word “noël”, meaning the “Lord’s birthday”. Whether she was born to a religious family or around this cheerful season, the name is a way to celebrate her arrival.

Recommendations For Middle Names

For Middle Names
Put some thought into choosing a perfect middle name for your little Logan, too.

Becoming a parent usually turns a person into a perfectionist. When picking a baby’s name, many want to build a perfect title that accompanies their little one throughout his life.

And that usually means middle names are by no means an afterthought. For Logan, these pretty choices are bound to impress:

For Sons

If you’re welcoming a baby boy, Logan is a nice choice considering its heroic connections in the movies. Among the middle names that match Logan, these options stand out:

  • Daniel: Daniel is a biblical male name that means “God is my judge”. When your boy loses his bearings in life, he can turn to faith for guidance.
  • Gregory: Of Greek origin, Gregory means “watchful” and “vigilant”. As a title shared by sixteen popes and fifteen saints, Gregory also boasts certain credits in the spiritual world. Your kid will love this fact, too: Gregory Goyle is a wizard in the famous Harry Potter series.
  • Howard: This retro-sounding name can originate in both English and German. Whether you interpret it as “high guardian” or “brave heart”, the name sounds incredibly amazing. Howard is the title of many successful men. Examples include tycoon Howard Hughes, politician Howard Dean, director Howard Hawks, etc.
  • Maxwell: Maxwell is a British boy’s name that appeared around 1144. The name refers to those near the River Tweed called Maccus Well, also known as Clan Maxwell.
  • Theodore: Consider this masculine name if you believe your boy is a gift sent from above. It translates to “gift of God” and “divine gift” and comes from Greek.

For Daughters

If you’ve decided to choose “Logan” as your daughter’s given name, these middle names will help to elevate it, too:

  • Anne: Anne is an adorable name that has not been overexposed recently. It’s a name of multiple origins. Rooted from the French name “Anna”, this name means “grace”. Meanwhile, derived from the Hebrew “Hannah”, it takes on a spiritual definition of “God has favored me”.
  • Christina: From the strong vocalist Christina Aguilera to Mad Men actor Christina Hendricks, your little one will have huge inspirations to achieve her own success. This Greek/Latin name means “follower of Christ”.
  • Madeline: This girl’s name is a British form of the Hebrew “Magdalen”. It denotes “woman from Magdala” or “high tower”. In the Bible, Magdala village near the Sea of Galilee, where Saint Mary Magdala was born. This girly name has been in the top 100 choices since 1994.
  • Marie: Arising from the Latin “stella maris”, this French moniker got the pretty meaning of “the star of the sea”. Marie is also closely attached to the Bible, making it a wonderful choice to honor the family’s faith. It’s a French variant of the name “Mary”, the holy virgin mother of Jesus. Five other biblical female figures also share the name “Marie”. For this reason, the name is thought too sacred and had not entered common use until late in the Middle Ages.
  • May: As you might guess, this English name points to “the fifth month”. The month is connected to “Maia”, a Roman fertility goddess. Therefore, this middle name can signal fertility and abundance in its bearer’s life.

Logan As A Fictional Character

Of course, the popular X-men movies aren’t the only place where Logan is used. There are many TV series and films that feature this name.

  • James Howlett, Logan: A fictional character, also known as Wolverine in X-Men comics and film series.
  • Logan Bruno: A fictional character from the comedy-drama The Baby-Sitters Club, aka BSC.
  • Logan Cale: A fictional character who is known by his pseudonym of Eyes Only in Dark Angel.
  • Logan Echolls: A fictional character from the mystery comedy-drama film Veronica Mars. He’s the husband of the titular character, Veronica.
  • Logan Fell: A fictional character from The Vampire Diaries, a supernatural teen drama TV series.
  • Logan Hayes: A fictional character from General Hospital, an ABC soap opera.
  • Logan Huntzberger: A principal character from the American comedy-drama series Gilmore Girls.
  • Logan Keller: A character from the video game franchise Tomy Clancy’s Rainbow Six.
  • Logan Reese: A fictional character from the 2005 sitcom Zoey 101.
  • Logan Swift: A character in the mystery crime drama series The Edge of Night.
  • Logan Roy: A fictional character in Succession.

Best-Known Celebrities Named Logan

Wondering what notable figures share the name? From movies, social media, sports, and many other spheres, there are many famous Logans that your kid can look up to:

  • Logan Green (born 1983/1984): The co-founder and CEO of ride-share company Lyft.
  • Logan Marshall-Green (born 1976): American director and actor.
  • Logan Paul (born 1995): American social media personality and Youtuber.
  • Logan Bailly (born 1985): Belgian former professional footballer.
  • Logan Browning (born 1989): American actress.
  • Logan Henderson (born 1989): Also known as Logan Phillip Henderson, American actor and singer.
  • Logan Lerman (born 1992): Born Logan Wade Lerman – is an American actor.
  • Logan Mankins (born 1982): American football guard in the National Football League.
  • Logan Miller (born 1992): American actor.
  • Logan O’Brien (born 1992): American child actor.


Last but not least, here are a few common queries about Logan to help you better understand the name:

Logan appears incredibly masculine and strong thanks to the long -o sound. It sounds trendy, too, as with other popular names right now, such as Owen and Brody.

In Ireland, the name hails from the Gaelic “Ó Leocháin”, referring to “descendant of Leochán”. As mentioned, “Leochán” represents “warrior”, so you can interpret Logan as the “descendant of the warrior”, too.

Accounts for the first use of Logan were recorded in 1204. This means that the name has been in circulation for a long time.

However, Logan seems to age pretty well. It still ranks high on the popularity chart. The X-Men comics and associated media have given the name a futuristic and heroic touch.

No, it’s not. On the contrary, Logan is quite a well-loved name in Scotland, Wales, and the US. Logan, as a boy’s name, has been in the top 100 chosen names, as per SSA, for around three decades.

There’s no proof that the name appears in the Bible. Logan is a quintessentially Scottish name and is mostly interpreted as “little hollow”.

So, Do You Want An X-Men Hero In Your House?

As the number shows, Logan is currently in vogue as a boy’s name in the US. Choosing a baby’s name is a huge responsibility, so it’s worth spending time thinking about your options.

So, now you’ve known the inside out of the name, I hope you can make your decision. Feel free to share with me what you think about this name or your concerns that I have yet to address. Anyway, please click the share button if you love the content!


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