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For all the inquisitive minds who want to know Megan name meaning or related information about the name, this post is what you’re searching for! Megan is both pretty and feminine at the same time, making it a fantastic choice for a baby girl.

Nevertheless, naming a little human being is such a significant task that it’s better not to rush. Check out Megan’s meanings, roots, histories, and other facts before choosing it for your new arrival!

Megan Meanings
Give Megan’s meanings a check before putting it on your name roster!

An Overview Of The Name Megan

You shouldn’t skip this section if you want to take a glance at the name Megan before getting to know it from the inside out!

Meaning “Pearl” or “strong and capable”.
OriginWelsh, Hebrew


GenderMegan goes as a predominantly girl name across cultures. 
PopularityMegan enjoyed a long run of popularity from the mid-80s to the end of the 90s. The name is still common these days, though it was pushed back to 612nd in 2021. 
VariationsMaigan, Maygan, Maygen, Meigan, Meigen, Meagan, Meagyn, Megen, Meggan, Meggen, Meghan, Megyn, etc. 
NicknamesMeg, Mae, Eggie, Mega, Meggie, Meggy, Megs, Megsy, Mugg, Peggy, MeeMee, etc. 
Similar NamesKeagan, Madison, Maggie, Mags, Maison, Margaret, Maysen, Reagan, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Evan, Brendan, Dennis, Dylan, Logan, etc. 

For Girls: Emily, Bethany, Katie, Sydney, Vivienne, etc. 
Middle NamesBrooke, Isabelle, Jacqueline, Penelope, Victoria, etc. 

What Does The Name Megan Mean?

Megan is a familiar name for American parents. Yet, the name was a Welsh invention as a variation of “Margaret”.

Margaret is a name connected to various cultures. It’s a derivative of the French “Marguerite”, which, in turn, is from the Latin “Margarita” and the ancient Greek “margarítēs”. Its ultimate meaning is “pearl”.

Megan previously went as a popular pet name for “Margaret”. Yet, with time, people prefer to adopt it as a stand-alone given name. Welsh is considered the first culture to adopt Megan as an independent given name before other nations followed suit.

Besides, Megan is sometimes associated with the Hebrew word מגן (Magen), which translates to “shield”. Therefore, Megan can be interpreted as “strong and capable”.

Is Megan An Exclusively Girl Name?

Since it’s a version of the feminine name “Margaret”, Megan is widely used for baby girls. According to the Social Security Association (SSA) data, Megan rarely goes with boys. Newborn boys named Megan are too scarce to earn the name a spot in the top 1000 boy name chart.

Popularity Trends Of Megan In The US

Like many Welsh names, Megan has seen its rise and fall in the States. Before the 1950s, Megan was well under the radar of American parents. It was not until 1952 did Megan appear in the top 1000 most-chosen girl names, debuting at 844th place.

Since then, the name has been on a constant rise in popularity, entering the top 50 in 1978 and the top 20 most common names in 1984. Megan’s golden era spanned until the end of the 20th century, with its highest ranking at 10, recorded in 1994.

From 2000 onwards, its popularity started to wane. The latest statistics (recorded in 2021) show that this Welsh name was the 612th most common name for girls in America (1).

Though this ranking is an improvement compared to the previous year, it’s hard to tell that Megan will get back on its feet soon (at least for now).

Different Spelling Alternatives To Megan

Alternatives To Megan
Megan can exist in various spelling forms, especially in the Welsh language.

With an extra “h”, Meghan is a stylish variant of Megan commonly used in Wales and England. Rachel Meghan Markle, better known as Meghan – the Duchess of Sussex – is the most famous bearer of this variation. Besides Meghan, there are also numerous spelling alternatives to Megan:

  • Maigan (American)
  • Maygan (Welsh, American)
  • Maygen, Meigan, Meigen, Meagan, Meagyn, Megen, Meggan, Meggen, Meghan, Megyn (Welsh)

Similar Names And Nicknames For Megan

Megan once functioned as a nickname in the past. Therefore, it’s up to you to use it at home or pick out one or two nicknames from the pack below to call your little one:

  • Meg
  • Mae
  • Eggie
  • Mega
  • Meggie
  • Meggy
  • Megs
  • Megsy
  • Mugg
  • Peggy
  • MeeMee

For some similar options to Megan, take a look at these feminine monikers below. Whether you love the ending “-gan” or fancy M-starting name, these options might surprise you!



Ardent, fiery, or descendant of AodhagánIrish


Son of Matthew, son of MaudeBritish

PearlGreek, English

Stone worker, bricklayer, houseBritish, French

Maysen/may-sen/Stone workerBritish

/rey-guh n/
Little ruler, regal, royal, little kingIrish

Sibling Names For Your Little Megan

Little Megan
Choosing great sibling names might help build better bonds among the kids!

There’s no steadfast rule when naming Megan’s siblings. You can go with the flow and choose what strikes you most at the moment. However, why not intentionally have matching names for those kids behind Megan?

For Sons

Still have no ideas for boy names that complement Megan? Here are some wonderful options to consider!

  • Evan: Despite being visually different, Evan is a Welsh manifestation of “John”. The name carries the spiritual meaning of “God is gracious”. However, Evan is incredibly flexible if that’s what you want. It’s also stand-alone as a Hebrew word for “rock”. Besides, the Greek language also interprets the name as “good messenger” or “good man”. And did I mention that Evan is equally cool for girls, too?
  • Brendan: This is a choice of the actor Mark Wahlberg for his son in 2008. Like many Irish boy names, Brendan is deeply rooted in Irish legends as it was borne by numerous saints in the country. Your little Brendan should be the one who aims high in his life, as the name has such a mighty meaning of “prince”.
  • Dennis: Dennis, sometimes spelled Denis, comes from the Greco-Roman name “Dionysius”. The name, therefore, means “follower of Dionysius”. Yet, who exactly is Dionysius, in case your kid might ask? He was the Greek god of fertility, debauchery, and, above all, wine-making (2).
  • Dylan: Dylan carries coastal vibes, meaning “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean”. Since 1991, the name’s popularity has seemingly never cooled down. It has been solidly in the top 50 most-used names in the US. Originating in Welsh, the name gained a spotlight thanks to Welsh poet Dylan Thomas and, later, legendary superstar Bob Dylan.
  • Logan: Logan, or Wolverine, is a beloved hero of numerous X-men fans. The name began as a Scottish surname but eventually transformed into a widely-used given name today. It is primarily interpreted as “little hollow”.

For Daughters

When naming a daughter after Megan, there are various ways to narrow down your choices. But instead of doing thorough research once or twice again, here are some solid recommendations for Megan’s sisters!

  • Emily: As a variant of the Latin name “Aemilia”, Emily refers to “eager”, “rival”, and “laborious”. A girl born with this moniker will surely be a real go-getter.
  • Bethany: Bethany started as a place name in the New Testament. It points to a village near Jerusalem, where Jesus Christ stayed following his entry into Jerusalem (3). This Hebrew feminine name mainly refers to the “house of figs”. It’s a lyrical name that is not heavily used these days.
  • Katie: Katie is a jaunty and adorable take on the classic “Catherine”, meaning “pure”. One famous bearer is American actress Katie Holmes, who can be a role model for your little one.
  • Sydney: Despite being the name of a bustling Australian city, Sydney actually comes from Norman-French. It began as the name of a famous saint, after whom a settlement in Paris was named. It is now the name of a French region. Therefore, you can interpret it as “Saint Denis”. In addition, Sydney supposedly stems from Old English, meaning “wide meadow”.
  • Vivienne: As a French variant of “Vivian”, this sweet-sound moniker translates to “lively”. Vivienne had a good start in popularity when American comedian Rosie O’Donnell chose it for her offspring.

Yet, the real momentum for the name must be credited to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who used it for their twin daughter.

Middle Names To Go With Megan

Go With Megan
A fantastic middle name can become integral to your kid’s identity.

A middle name can serve many purposes. It can be a way to honor a family’s heritage, add extra character to the first name, or help round out the sound of the whole name. Whatever your intention, you’ll find these middle names a perfect match for Megan!

  • Brooke: Brooke derives from the Old English word “bróc” translating to “water” and “small stream”. Such a connection to water will help your little one to go with the flow in her life.
  • Isabelle: As a French version of “Isabel”, this adorable-sounding name means “pledged to God” or “devoted to God”. Isabella is another fantastic option if you prefer the “ella” ending. Many medieval queens, such as Isabella of Angoulême and Isabella of France, lend this name a dash of royal.
  • Jacqueline: Jacqueline is an offshoot of “Jacques” – the French version of the name “James” and, thus, “Jacob”. All of these words mean “supplanter”. Jacqueline boasts charming and elegant qualities, borne by notable figures like Jacqueline Kennedy, the former first lady of the United States.
  • Penelope: Penelope has seen its renaissance in the States, climbing from 941st to 23rd over the last two decades. The name is borne by a faithful wife in Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey”. While awaiting her husband to return home, she resisted her suitors by weaving a burial shroud. Yet, this is a never-ending task as she clandestinely undoes her work every night. Thus, Penelope means “weaver”.
  • Victoria: Translating to “victory”, this Latin name is attached to many honorable and successful women throughout history. The most noteworthy one should be Queen Victoria, who ruled the United Kingdom, Great Britain, and Ireland for around 64 years.

How Common Is Megan In Pop Culture?

Once very common in the mid-80s throughout the 90s, Megan has made appearances in many works of art. If you’re familiar with pop culture, you might know some of these fictional Megans:

  • Megan Adams: a character in the Australian drama series Upright.
  • Megan Carter: an investigative reporter in the 1981 film Absence of Malice.
  • Megan “Meg” Griffin: A character in the American sitcom Family Guy.
  • Meghann “Meggie” Cleary: the central character in the novel The Thorn Birds and the miniseries of the same name.
  • Megan the Monday Fairy: A cheerful fairy in the Rainbow Magic series by Daisy Meadows.
  • Megan Parker: An antagonistic heroine in the American teen sitcom Drake & Josh.
  • Megan Voorhees: A movie character in the Scary Movie franchise.
  • Megan Williams: A protagonist in the animated series My Little Pony: Pony Life.

Famous People Bearing The Name Megan

People bearing the name Megan, or any of its several forms, are talented individuals. Here are some noteworthy examples of successful Megans that you might know:

  • Megan Cunningham (born 1995): Scottish football goalkeeper.
  • Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (born 1981): American former actress and a member of the British Royal Family through her marriage to Prince Harry.
  • Megan Fearon (born 1991): Irish politician and a former member of the Legislative Assembly of Northern Ireland.
  • Megan Fox (born 1986): American model and actress.
  • Megan Jovon Ruth Pete (born 1995): Known by the stage name Megan Thee Stallion, an American-born rap artist and singer-songwriter.
  • Megan Lloyd George (1902-1966): Welsh politician, also known as the first female Member of Parliament of the UK.
  • Megan Rapinoe (born 1985): American professional footballer.


Finally, if you’re interested in Megan, here are some useful questions related to this Welsh name that you shouldn’t miss:

The name Megan dates back to the mid-16th century. Its very first use was recorded in Welsh. However, it was not until the early 20th century did Megan rise to popularity.

Around this time, the Prime Minister of the UK – Lloyd-George, chose Megan for his daughter, drawing more attention to the name.

Megan can be seen in different forms like “Meghan”, “Meagan”, and “Meaghan”, which are commonly heard outside Wales. The Irish language influences these spelling alternatives.

None of the above is the root of Megan. The name is a Welsh-rooted girl name. However, Meghan is a variant of this name that is more commonly adopted in Irish cultures. It also stands in its own right, denoting “bold” or “brave”.

Yes. A lesser-known root of this name is the Hebrew word מגן (Magen), which gives Megan the meaning of “strong and capable”.

Megan is a beautiful female name choice. Representing “pearl” – a sought-after and precious gemstone, the name is a perfect source of inspiration for your new arrival.

Megan – A Welsh Name Traveled Around The World!

Megan is undoubtedly a highly recognizable Welsh name worldwide. It’s pretty and feminine and comes with flattering interpretations. Although the use of this name has waned lately, it still packs many appealing factors to make it a strong contender on your roster.

So, what do you think about Megan? Share your thoughts with me by writing a comment. If you’re still looking for more options, browse this site for other analyses of name meanings. Last but not least, please share this article if you love it!


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