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Whether you want to know Yeshua name meaning out of curiosity or think about it for your next kid, this article is all you need! Let’s dig deeper to know what lurks behind this special and sacred name of many cultures.

Yeshua is a name that holds great significance in the Hebrew Bible. You might have heard about it as the real name of God or Jesus Christ. However, how did Yeshua start, what is the name’s role in the Bible, and are its meanings still relevant in modern times?

Yeshua, like many other names of Jesus, is not simply a means of identity but also reveals his calling, character, and destiny. And below is a detailed look into this name!

The Name Yeshua
There are many exciting facts behind the name Yeshua.

A Brief Look At The Name Yeshua

Make sure to browse through this summary first before jumping into the detailed analysis of the name Yeshua:

Meaning “the Lord is my salvation”, “to rescue”, or “to deliver”.


GenderYeshua is historically and predominantly a male name. 
PopularityYeshua is a rare male name in the States. It hasn’t broken into the top 1000 most-used names since 1900. This makes it a wonderful choice for parents who seek something unique for their boy.
VariationsIsa, Jozua, Lesous, Jeshua, Jesus, Joshua, Josiah, Shuah, Yahshua, Yehoshua, Yeshu, etc. 
NicknamesYa, Yeh, Shu, Shua, Yesh, Eshu, Eshua, Yeshu, Shuah, etc. 
Similar NamesElior, Ewan, Jason, John, Lucian, Seth, Solomon, Yusef, Yusuf, Zachariah, etc. 
Sibling NamesFor Boys: Aaron, Josquin, Levi, Owen, Yosef, etc. 

For Girls: Ariel, Mia, Naomi, Sharon, Theodora, etc. 
Middle NamesCole, David, Elijah, Matthew, Paul, Ray, Simon, etc. 

History Of Yeshua & The Meanings Behind It

Yeshua is regarded as the late version of “Yehoshua” or “Joshua”. In Hebrew, the name is a verbal derivative of “to deliver” or “to rescue”.

Yeshua also took on the definition of “He saves” from Matthew 1:21. This is in accordance with the text that reads: “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus because he will save his people from their sins”.

For this reason, Yeshua is normally regarded as the real name of Jesus Christ – God’s promise to humankind. Before his arrival, Jesus was mentioned by the prophets of Israel and in Hebrew history.

The name Jesus was born out of the translation that the New Testament has undergone. The original Yeshua became “Iēsous” in Greek and then “Jesus” in English spelling.

Yeshua, however, was not exclusive to Jesus in the biblical time. Yeshua and Yehoshua appeared 30 times in the Tanakh, also called the Jewish Bible, as the title of five different figures.

Yeshua and Yehoshua are also mentioned interchangeably in later Tanakh books and by Jews of the Second Temple period.

Is Yeshua A Male Or A Female Name?

With its association with Jesus, Yeshua is predominantly a male name across cultures. There are no records of newborn girls given this biblical name.

How Common Is The Name Yeshua?

The fact that Yeshua is the real name of Jesus Christ makes it highly recognizable across cultures. However, it has been rarely used throughout millennia of its existence.

Between 1900 and 2021, as per the Social Security Administration data, Yeshua has never been in the top 1000 most used names in the US.

While Yeshua is of irregular use, its English translation, Jesus, is a fairly common male name in the US. It was in the top 100 choices between 1990 and 2011. In 2021, the name ranked 170th on the SSA’s chart.

Popular Spelling Variants Of Yeshua

Variants Of Yeshua
Yeshua is such a significant biblical name that it has many spelling versions in Hebrew.

As a significant biblical name, Yeshua has many equivalents across cultures. In the Hebrew language alone, Yeshua has developed several versions throughout history!

  • Isa (Arabic)
  • Jozua (Dutch)
  • Lesous (Greek)
  • Jeshua, Jesus, Joshua, Josiah, Shuah, Yahshua, Yehoshua, Yeshu (Hebrew)

Nicknames And Similar Options To Yeshua

Yeshua is an amazing name, but it might sound a bit formal to use at home all the time. With that in mind, the followings are some spunky alternatives to call your little Yeshua:

  • Ya
  • Yeh
  • Shu
  • Shua
  • Yesh
  • Eshu
  • Eshua
  • Yeshu
  • Shuah

Besides Yeshua, various similar-sound names or names that are deeply rooted in Hebrew are worth being on your radar:

Elior/eh-lee-ohr/My God is my lightHebrew



/yoo-uh n/
Born of the yew tree, youth, God is graciousWelsh, Scottish


/jey-suh n/
Healer, to heal, the Lord is salvationGreek, Hebrew

God is gracious, graced by YahwehHebrew
Lucian/loo-shuh n/

LightLatin, British
Seth/s-eh-th/Appointed, placedHebrew, Egyptian

/sol-uh-muh n/

Man of peace, peaceHebrew

Jehovah increasesArabic
Yusuf/y-oo-s-uu-f/God will increaseArabic

The Lord recalled, God has remembered, Jehovah has rememberedHebrew

Beautiful Sibling Names To Go With Yeshua

There’s no need to sift through all the online sites for ideal sibling names to go with Yeshua. Hopefully, these matching names can spark your (and your partner’s) interests:

For Sons

Are you welcoming a little monster into your family? These male names, which all reach back to biblical times, will be a nice pairing for Yeshua.

  • Aaron: While the etymology of Aaron is uncertain, it’s usually interpreted as “exalted”, “high mountain”, “enlightened”, “strong”, and “teacher”. This name is tied to the Hebrew Aaron, a prophet and the elder brother of Moses (1). Aharon, with the extra “h”, is the Hebrew spelling alternative of this name.
  • Josquin: Josquin is still far off the beaten track and has yet to join the top 1000 names since 1900. This variant of “Joachim” means “established by God”, making it a noteworthy choice for religious parents, too.
  • Levi: The name Levi is way beyond just a global brand of jeans. This cute and short name was borne by the son of Jacob and Leah in the Old Testament. Levi translates to “joined in harmony”. Through this name, the unloved wife of Jacob hopes that he’ll feel affection for her.
  • Owen: Owen is a name of nobility and bravery. The brave Welsh prince​​ Owain ap Urien was who fought with his father to defeat the Angles of Bernicia. Owen has a strong religious tie, too. St. Owen was a legendary Benedictine monk who followed St. Chad. You can interpret this Irish/Welsh name as “noble”, “well-born”, or “young warrior”.
  • Yosef: If you’ve ever heard of “Joseph”, Yosef is among its various derivatives. Therefore, Yosef means “God shall add” or “Jehovah shall add”.

There’s also a belief that Yosef derives from the two Hebrew elements “yadah” for “fame” or “praise” and the word “asaf”. Thus, Yosef can go with the meaning of “fame taken away”. Being not heavily used and with a continental vibe, Yosef is a nice alternative to the classic Joseph.

For Daughters

Options for girls born after Yeshua can be extremely overwhelming, too. While not all monikers below share the same Hebrew roots with Yeshua, they still make for lovely coordination:

  • Ariel: This adorable name evokes the image of the strawberry-haired mermaid with an amazing voice. You’ll likely love its definition, too – “lion of God”. In modern times, Ariel is mostly a male title in Hebrew cultures. Yet, it has adopted a feminine nature in the English-speaking world. However, you can use it for both genders regardless of where you’re from.
  • Mia: In Spanish and Italian, Mia refers to “mine”, whereas it means “beloved” in Egyptian. Mia does connect to Hebrew. As a derivation of “Miryam”, this name means “star of the sea” or “bitter”. By any definition, however, this multicultural name is short and sweet that will serve your girl well.
  • Naomi: Translating to “gentle” and “pleasant”, this Hebrew moniker celebrates the sweet natures of any baby girl. Naomi also has a separate etymology from Japan, which means “straight and beautiful”.
  • Sharon: Sharon is another name that appeared in the Old Testament. It points to the fertile plain near the coast of Israel, and thus, means “plain” or sometimes “fertile plain”. The name is mentioned in the erotic poem the Song of Solomon (from the Old Testament). The phrase “rose of Sharon” was used to appreciate the beauty of the Shulamite woman.
  • Theodora: Theodora is the feminine equivalent of the Greek “Theodore”. It means “gift of God” and “divine gift”. Theodora boasts an old-fashioned appeal and is borne by several saints and royals. This includes Theodora I, wife of Justinian I, and later Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark.

Top Middle Names For Yeshua

Names For Yeshua
If your baby is named Yeshua, any of these middle names will make a perfect match.

Landing a middle name for Yeshua is an equally important decision. If you are still open to suggestions, here are some nice names that sound great together with this biblical name!

  • Cole: There are two separate ways to interpret this moniker. Cole goes as an iteration of the word “Nicolas” and means “victory of people”. Thus, the name can set your baby up for success and triumph on his chosen paths. Alternatively, it connects to the British word “Cola” and typically denotes “swarthy” and “charcoal”.
  • David: Thanks to its deep biblical connection, this classic name enjoys a high status in the US. It has been solidly in the top 50 most-used baby names since 1900. David was the second king of Israel in the Old Testament. As a young boy, he was known for defeating the giant Philistine Goliath in just one combat. This biblical figure is highly revered by Jewish culture, and the Star of David is the symbol of Judaism and Jewish identity (2).
  • Elijah: Elijah also stepped out of the Old Testament of the Bible. It belongs to a prophet carried to heaven in a chariot of fire. “My God is Yahweh” or “Jehovah is my God” is the meaning behind the name. These interpretations reflect his devotion to defending the worship of the Hebrew God.
  • Matthew: Matthew means “gift of God” or “gift of Yahweh” and was also the name of one of the 12 disciples of Jesus. Matthew has sat comfortably in the top 50 most chosen names in the US for boys for almost six decades.
  • Paul: Paul symbolizes modesty, meaning “small” and “humble” in Latin. This humble moniker has left a huge mark, however. Paul the Apostle, originally called Saul of Tarsus, was the one who spread the teachings of Jesus in the 1st century.
  • Ray: The primary root of Ray is from the Old French “rei”, meaning “king”. This name will inspire your kid to be a successful leader one day. Ray also supposedly comes from “regin” – an Old German spelling for “wise protector” or “counsel”. Either way, Ray is meant to empower an extraordinary man.
  • Simon: While Simon dates back to the times of the Old Testament, it carries a modern appeal and a sophisticated British vibe.

Simon Peter, also called Peter the Rock, is a disciple of Jesus Christ. The name is rooted in both Greek and Hebrew languages and means “to hear”, “be heard”, “He has heard”, or “reputation”.

The Name Yeshua & Pop Culture

Unlike its mega-popular Jesus, which has appeared almost everywhere in pop culture, Yeshua is rarely featured in the fictional world. Here are two notable instances where Yeshua is mentioned:

  • Yeshua Hamashiach: a song by Nathaniel Bassey.
  • Yeshua ben Yosef: mentioned in Kushiel’s Legacy – a series of fantasy novels by Jacqueline Carey.

Notable Figures With The Name Yeshua

It’s apparent that Yeshua is not for common use, with only two prominent figures in biblical times:

  • Yeshua bar Yosef: the Aramaic name of Jesus Christ.
  • Yeshua ben Sirach (born 190 BC): Known shortly as Ben Sira, a Jewish sage, scribe, and the author of the wisdom book Sirach, or the Book of Ecclesiasticus.


This section is dedicated to answering some related concerns about Yeshua and Jesus Christ’s names. You might want to check them out!

Yes, Yeshua is the Hebrew name of God. Among many names in reference to Jesus Christ, Yeshua is the most significant one. Yeshua is the only name used by Jesus’ disciples to call Jesus.

Simply put, “Jesus” derives from “Yeshua”; the former is widely used in English-speaking countries.

Yet, how did Jesus end up being called “Jesus” instead of “Yeshua”? When the Old Testament was being written (translated from Hebrew to Greek), Yeshua happened to turn into “Iēsous”, which is the root of the English spelling “Jesus”.

This Hebrew name is greatly favored by people following Messianic Judaism. In the English-speaking world, however, Jesus is more popular.

There are 198 names and titles of Jesus Christ found in the Bible. Each of God’s names reveals different aspects and characteristics of him. The more his followers understand the names, the better they can learn about God.

Yes, Yeshua can be a great way to connect your new arrival with the family’s long-standing faith. Jesus is also a nice, more popular alternative to consider.

On a side note, “Jesus Christ” is considered an illegal name in the US by courts. Therefore, if you go for Jesus, you should be mindful of the middle name choice.

Yeshua: A Hebrew Name With Profound History!

I hope you can grasp all the basic information about the meaning and history behind Yeshua. All Gospels use this sacred name to refer to Jesus Christ, so the name is of great importance among religious people.

Feel free to write down your thoughts about this Hebrew name. Please click the share and like button if you love this post. If you’re interested in Hebrew names, don’t forget to check other naming analyses on this website.


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