Let’s hear it for the big kids!

IMSCommunityDay2014 BigKids

When people ask me how I survived the years when we had two children under the age of two, and later three children under the age of five, my answer is always that it was (and is) in part because of my wonderful oldest daughter Jillian. We did not … [Continue reading]

Three to Five: Playful Preschool – launch price won’t last!

Parents and caregivers of preschoolers, have you heard the news about the Three to Five: the Playful Preschool ebook? Full of creative, hands-on learning - including math, language, science, art, and play ideas, this new ebook collaboration from … [Continue reading]

Come follow, follow us to … Community Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

IMSCommunityDay2014 |SimpleKids.net

I'm so happy to introduce another new series here on the blog, all about our family field trips and adventures:  Come Follow, Follow.  Do you recognize one of the littlest Fleck's favorite songs? Today the kids and I wanted to share with you our … [Continue reading]

Did you know? The Luna moth

Did You Know? All about the Luna moth | SimpleKids.net

Welcome to a new series here on Simple Kids: Did You Know? In this series the kids and I will be exploring all kinds of topics that interest us and sharing with all of you a few of the fun facts and ideas that we are learning. Ready to jump … [Continue reading]

Unplugged Play: Solar Oven S’mores

Pizza Box Solar Oven S'mores {SimpleKids.net and the At-Home Summer Nature Camp from A Natural Nester and Friends}

This was one of our favorite activities last summer and since the kids and I are preparing to kick off Fleck Family Backyard Summer Nature Camp 2014, I thought I'd rerun this post and share this great Summer resource with all of you in case you'd … [Continue reading]